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We are a small chill server for gaming, study and hanging out with friends.
Hope you lot have fun!
We have:
Cool bots!
Cool people!
and memes...
Servidor de Minecraft que actualmente (26/09/20) cuenta con las modalidades: (1.7-1.12) (Todas las versiones entre medio)
◇─◇──◇───Join the community of Dicimo's!──◇──◇─◇
■□■□■□■□A place where gamers, weebs, and artists can hang out with others who share the same likes as you! We welcome all to join us this growing server.■□■□■□■□■
●・○・●・○・●Please abide by the rules!! Failure to do so will result in punishment by the Owners and Administrators.○・●・○・●
Hi, this server is pretty new. I hopw this will grow into a huge one, feel free to give suggestions and make the server better, you can hang out, chill and make friends as long as you follow all of discord's TOS and our server rules
This server (primarily a libertarian server) us for discussing politics (all political beliefs are welcome) in relaxed and non explosive manner. There is no tolerance for insulting someone for political beliefs, but other than that you have 100% freedom of speech in this server.

Welcome to The Quality Server!
We are a new server that focuses on it's quality! Though we are a small server, we have a bunch to offer:

- Self Roles: so that we know what you want us to know!

- Server Suggestions: so we can fix the server mistakes or turn the server into what you want!

- Color Roles: so you can customize the color of your name in the server!

- Giveaways: we do nitro giveaways from time to time, thanks to ꧁ 𝐻𝒶𝓉𝓋𝑒𝓇𝑒꧂#2947!

And different roles for different channels so you can choose what to see and what not to see!
We're trying to grow as much as we can so we can have both quality and quantity, consider joining!
`"Welcome to Café Chaos! What would you like today?"`

**__Daily Menu__**

Cafe chat #1 & #2 👍
- Our cafe specialty! Meet people and make some new friends! With vigilant cafe workers, we're certain that this would be your safe haven and place to stay!

- Comes with a side serving of laughs. No cafe is the same without laughter to fill its rooms, so come down and laugh at other's, and post your own!

- No talent required, just have fun! Share your art and quake at other's amazing art skills. You can slowly get better, and no one will judge, and soon, with our supportive community, you'll be the best of the best!!

`"You can get all this and more at Café Chaos, since this is only the preview menu! We're slowly growing to fit your needs, so don't hesitate to ask us if you have any issue. We'll see you there!"`
This is dylaneatsbeans' youtube community, He's an up and coming YouTuber with 121 subs as of now. this server has good/nice staff and a wholesome, fun, nice community.
1. No Racism, sexism, or any discrimination against age, race, groups, gender, etc.
2. keep cursing to a minimum.
3. must be 13 or older to be in this server.
4. Listen to staff, if you have a problem with a staff member, dm a higher up.
5. respect everyone here as you would want to be respected.
6. No NSFW content
7. No spamming, no abusing bots (spamming bots)
8.speak in correct channels do not do commands in main and such.

HI! I'm dylaneatsbeans, I have a youtube channel, and Twitch channel by the same name, I want to move over to pc content, and am trying to revive my server and make a great community! Please join me on this journey you won't regret it!

-Chill server to hang and vibe with other people and converse about anything you'd like!
-The people are very diverse, from all around.
-Has a very nice, supporting community full of wonderful individuals
-No discrimination/sexism/racism of any kind, everyone is welcome, except toxic people, they're no cool
-Bots like dank memer, pokecord, and a few music bots so multiple groups can listen to music!
-Self roles: Color roles, sexuality roles, gender roles, hobby roles, game roles, nationality roles
-Supporting community, and even more supporting owner (hehe me)
-Many text channels for all your needs!
-Soon to come: ANYTHING YOU'D LIKE!

I hope you decide to join me for this wild ride and enjoy the server along with the community

We the Uchiha, the strongest clan shall prove our strength and superiority to all
that dare disagree
-item help
-jin help
Akcja RP dzieje się po wojnie z Gają. Wszystko powoli się uspokaja i wraca do stanu sprzed bitewnych. W obozie herosów, Chejron jednak nie przestaje szukać razem z satyrami nowych twarzy, a obóz Jupiter cały czas rekrutuje nowe osoby, które z chęcią przyjmuje w swoje szeregi.

Zapraszamy na serwer roleplay, który jest pełny wspaniałych i pomocnych obozowiczów. Jeśli będzie to twoje pierwsze spotkanie z RP o nic się nie martw. Uczestnicy chętnie Ci wszystko wytłumaczą.

~ wspaniała administracja
~ tolerancyjna społeczność
~ Obóz Jupiter i Obóz Herosów
~ dużo autoroli
~ wiele kanałów do pisania wątków
~ serwer przyjazny osobom początkującym
~ nagrody za aktywność
~ łatwy kontakt z administracją


Uzun süredir kendimizi kanıtlayan bir topluluk olarak aile prensibi altında kızlı erkekli sohbet oyun vb. bütün aktiviteleri gerçekleştirdiğimiz bir topluluğuz senide aramızda görmekten mutluluk duyarız
yo! honestly, i made this server because every r6 server i join is dead af. so far, we're only pc but ps4 can join idc. just hopin' to meet some chill people to game with. we play other games too but r6 is the main game. pref 18+, sorry kids~

main language is english but we also speak french. :3
don't simp and don't be cringe that is all
stay rad


yo! honnêtement, j'ai fait ce server parce que tous les servs r6 que je join sont morts de ouf. j'espère juste rencontrer des gens chill avec qui jouer. on joue aussi à d'autres jeux mais principalement r6. pref 18+, dsl les enfants~

la langue principale est l'anglais mais on parle aussi français. :3
simp pas et sois pas cringe c'est tout
wesh voila
Seja bem vindo ao nosso servidor de RP, aqui você pode ser herói ou vilão e ambos podem ser estudantes da U.A. Caso possua alguma duvida entre no chat (#ajuda), mande sua dúvida e nós responderemos a pergunta assim que podermos e se tiver uma sugestões para podermos melhorar nosso servidor ao máximo, mande a mesma no chat (#sugestões) e o mais importante, se divirta e busque fazer novas amizades!

[1] • • • ➤ Respeite todos da Staff e os membros do servidor, sem racismo e preconceitos

[2] • • • ➤ Proibido divulgar servidores sem consentimento dos membros da Staff

[4]• • • ➤ Não divulgar fotos ou informações pessoais dos membros sem consentimento dos mesmos, isso não é legal e pode acarretar problemas

[5] • • • ➤ Proibido imagens pornográficas pois nem todos os membros do servidor são maiores de idade
Eğer din bilim felsefe gibi konulara meraklıysanız sunucumuza katılabilirsiniz!

Gün geçtikçe sunucu geliştirilecektir :)
Welcome to Coven of Moonlight, a community of witches dedicated to teaching the craft to young inspiring magick users.

Here you will find:
- Chatrooms
- Various bots
- A Book of Shadows with contributions from the community
- And so much more

Our server is still young, but we are set to growing the coven for all the witches and witchlings of this world.
The Land of Remnant is a RWBY rp where you can be a canon character or an oc. We'll loosly fallow the canon but stuff doesnt have to be exact. Were all just here to have fun!

we have every kingdom, every school, all with their own areas. ocs are welcomed.

Need a team? We can help you with that.

your oc already graduated? we can send you on missions

hate making your own characters? you can be a canon one if you want!

We cant wait for you to join us!
In this community, we want our members to have the best time here. We enjoy helping one another with questions in monster legends and upcoming events.

We do nitro giveaways time to time to let people that never had nitro experience the fun from it. We also do tournaments for fun and sometimes exciting prizes.

Interested in recruiting members to your team? Say less, you can promote your team in the recruit members channel and even put your social medias in the advertising channel.

We have channels that will help you get better at monster legends! How to maximize gold farm, how to get a lot of gems, and more!

Our newly added channels for among us!

We have so much in store and we will appreciate you joining. Hope you join!
her there! We are a red velvet {korean girl group} based server that supports them to our fullest. Aren't a fan? Its okay we'd love to have you either way.
Are you ready for this?
Hello, and welcome to FurHub! We are a furry community looking to bring furries together through the wild lands of Discord!
Anime Haven
゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚

What are we?

Well, we are a growing community of anime loving weebs. This is a friend community! Where people can connect and make friends worldwide, talk about anime, and other stuff!


Now playing:

1:05 ─⊙─────── 3:33

↻ ◁ II ▷ ↺

Volume: ■■■■■□□□


Lets get started!

───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
What do we offer?

⇥Anime bots
⇥Self assignable anime roles
⇥Self assignable color roles
⇥Fun meme bots
⇥Friendly staff + members
⇥Anime chatrooms
⇥Music bots

What are you waiting for?
Join today!
⊹ you’ve been invited to LYTHERA !

˞ ∶ dark aesthetic.
˞ ∶ welcoming any fandoms.
˞ ∶ different and unique channels

✦,, we hope you decide to join us! see you then.