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Hey, you! We're the Wizarding Community, an unofficial community based around the books and movies of the wizarding world (Harry Potter). We accept anyone even if you do not like harry potter! Take a look at our server today.
Feeling bored? Join Wack-o-land today!! Fun games, raids, non toxic staff and more! You won’t regret joining this amazing server! (I will be doing mod applications at 45 members, so join now!)
En ces temps sombre qui sera capable de ramener une paix paisible! Tout est menacer de s'effondrer! L' harmonie qu'avait imposer le Roi des Rois est a présent en Miette dus a sa mort récentes de la faute des pirates! Ces dernier ont aussi déclenché une guerre civile a Aulinia dus au pillages des cotes d'argent! Les Bandits des Mont-Ciel autre fois ennemis vont t-il s'alliez dans le but de s'imposer ? Le Sombre Pays réussira t-il a devenir une véritable région de sagesse ou restera t-elle a jamais une terre d'Anarchie!! La passe Sanglante va t-elle s' effondrer? Des croisades venant du Deusexx vont t'elle commencer envers Sardirr dans le but de récupérer le sceptre?

Tout cela ne dépend que de vous ! Car effectivement vous êtes les héros de cette histoire! Le monde changera celons vos décision! Vos choix forgeron l'avenir de ce monde! Que vous soyez un Simple mercenaire cherchant des contrat, Un soldat travaillant pour le bien de sa patrie , Un marchand n'ayant que pour but de faire des profit, Un maître de guilde œuvrant dans l'agrandissement de cette dernière , un pirate pillant dans le but de s'enrichir ou tout simplement un seigneur ou noble cherchant a faire rentrer un équilibre dans votre patrie! Tout dépend de vous! Venez nous rejoindre dans se magnifique monde qu'est FATE OF WAR!!!

[Fate Of War est un univers Médiéval avec seulement quelque touche de fantaisie. Ce dernier simule un univers ou régis plusieurs faction avec comme seule but survivre et prospérer. Entre conflit d'état , guerre vous aurez de nombreuse activité a faire dans cette univers.]
We worship monkeys. That’s really not all we even got a large monkey city for some reason with a really messed up economy and all sorts of shenanigans and vibing. You should probably join us.
🌟🌟Come join our server, this is a fun server dedicated to playing with the bots and socialising. Chill with your favourite bots and meet new people. We also host bot related giveaways.🌟🌟

We are open to Advertise: YouTube channels, Social Media, and more. We have DAILY dank-memer giveaways and giveaways for other bots!

Don't feel restricted, all we ask is that you follow our rules and for everyone to have fun

Our server includes:
✨Dank-memer giveaways!✨
✨Bot related giveaways✨
✨Trusted dank memer traders✨
✨Active members✨
✨Leisurely grinding time✨
✨Rob is disabled so no risk of getting robbed✨
✨Special Nitro giveaways every 100 members✨
Time to stop reading and join NOW! NOW!! NOW!!!
:purple_heart: 𝗧𝗲𝗺𝗽𝗹𝗲 𝘁𝗼 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗦𝘁𝗮𝗿𝘀 :purple_heart:

Hello! Welcome to Temple to the Stars our server offers a space for witches and the alike to discuss and learn together, freely, and away from the stereotypical toxicity of the community. Things we offer include;

🧙‍♀️ Widespread witchcraft and occult information!

♥️ Safe space for support and venting!

📖 Channels and spaces for differing practices and beliefs, from Wicca and witchcraft, to Satanism and Luciferianism!

🎓 Classes in varying topics!

✔️ 110% LGBTQ+, POC, BiPOC etc.. friendly and managed!

💞 Open partnerships!

Saluut, voici « Subarashii » !

C’est un serveur basé sur le thème de l'animation avec:

✅ Des rôles exclusifs à gagner selon ton XP MEE6.
✅Tu peux également gagner d’autres rôles exclusifs en invitant tes amis !
✅ Des bots divertissants tels quel Mudae, Miyuu, Koya.
✅ Une communauté soudée, respectueuse avec de l’humour.
✅ Des salons afin de débattre à propos de vos animes du moment.

💌 Voici ton billet d’entrée : https://discord.gg/8QzGqtE

Do you want a server where you can talk about almost anything? Well Hazza's Server is just for you then!
We range from basically every game... including the most popular ones, Minecraft, GTA, Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite and lots more!
Things we offer :

► Tons of Fun Bots
► Kind and Helpful Staff
► Fun Server Events and Nitro Giveaways
► Large Variations of Video Played in the Server!
► Music Bots
► A place to post your art
► Unlimited Memes!!!
► Active Voice channels
► Variety of Text Channels
► An NSFW Chat
► & more!
Hey hey, this is my new fortnite server called creative kings. If you want to do anything in creative to 1v1's, wagers, clan recruitment, map creation join this server i'm looking for all the members I can get so please join me and become a king now!
‧͙⁺˚・༓☾Royale High Trading☽༓・˚⁺
Heres what we have :
✧*-Very friendly staff & members!
✧*-Royale High & robux giveaways!
✧*-A roblox group with new unique and aesthetic clothing!
✧*。-We listen to everyone’s suggestions!
✧*。-Self Roles!
✧*。-We host art contests , fashion shows & events!
✧*。-You can also apply to be part of the staff team! We’re looking for active staff members and we have quite a lot of staff positions!
We hope that if you join, you have an amazing time here!

Ищешь коммьюнити 18+ или стримеров? Тебе к нам. Найдется место как для опытных, так и для новичков. Амонг Ас 24/7. Играем, знакомимся, общаемся. Приятная атмосфера. Турниры, розыгрыши.
--------------------------- :blossom: ---------------------------
Welcome to the Blossom Trading Hub!
We offer..
-Cross Trades
-And Much More!

We have a loving staff community, who is waiting to meet you!
Join already >:o
--------------------------- :blossom: ---------------------------
We’re a new Rainbow Six Siege Community that’s active constantly recruiting and hiring. If you're new we will help you with Youtube, Editing, Support, Games anything that’s needed were all friendly! Please join!!


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Satanic sans the chicken wing Satanic sans the chicken wing
I almost died
My mom threaten to put me in a electric chair in a mental hospital because i am obsessed with this server. I'm kidding that didn't happen but it might as well though,this server is great.
127 dagar sen
Allemagne_ Allemagne_
Mon avis
Alors, nous ne dirons rien sur le titre je n’avais pas d’idée, ensuite, c’est un chouette serveur sans dictature....je crois ? Avec bien sûr une bonne ambiance et des gens très sympathiques...ce commentaire a l’air nul mais je sais pas commenté moi alors les jugements non merci hein et puis comme je l’ai dit c’est un chouette serveur avec une bonne ambiance après mon avis ne reflète peut-être qu’un aspect relatif et tout reste subjectif ... peut-être serait il préférable que tu viennes faire ton propre avis ?
142 dagar sen
Taco Taco
Its fun!
Its so fun to chat with other people and playing game with them!
There are also some funny bots in the server!
147 dagar sen
Yami Yami
o dono gosta
eu adoro meuus rps embora sempre que morre eu crio outro mais esse ta durando bastante
190 dagar sen
geminferno geminferno
Adore the Lore
TR has to be one of the most well-developed, nicely staffed, engaging server I've ever been on. And I've been in hundreds of servers over the years. The people are sweet and very inclusive!
229 dagar sen
TheDragonQween TheDragonQween
An awesome and very welcoming server!
When I first joined, I immediately felt welcomed. Many people began to chat with me and it felt like I had already been there for months! Now, it feels like people really connect here. 10/10 would recommend!
241 dagar sen
Curious Curious
Rude staff and 0 help
Rude all the time I was there! Listed as 'tech server' yet none of them could help me. 'XboxArts' told me I'm going to choke on stupidity when I was only looking for some help. The owner 'Kura' doesnt even know tech. AVOID AT ALL COST
327 dagar sen
AbsoluteTrashc_n AbsoluteTrashc_n
Work as an admin- Super fun!
I love the concept of this server! Its not too complicated, and its free for all to roleplay! Please go check it out!

Psst! I think the owner might need to improve on spelling and grammar, though. Haha!
365 dagar sen
Bird Bird
Great Server
Good community, lacks the toxicity that other servers have. They have a really nice staff team, and people are really nice in general. I love their events and tournaments, there's always plenty to do. Would strongly recommend this server!

PS: the owner is great :D
393 dagar sen
Biz Smif Biz Smif
Best internet fucks I've gotten
At least I can't call myself an internet virgin any more after I've been here for some time.

Also, really great staff, clear rules, and no furries that want to yiff me in dms~
408 dagar sen
Cloutary Cloutary
Really nice community
Yes this server can be toxic but it’s a really nice server. It’s kinda active. Many voice chats and media and music bots! Overall 5/5
507 dagar sen
Bioblade Bioblade
NSFW friendly
They allow and take seriously NSFW-related political talking points. If that isn't dope Idk what is. Their VC is insanely active as well, so you can always have sweedish-accented debating white noise in the background. Did I mention the NSFW? Lots of good stuff in there, very moist 💦👌
641 dagar sen