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this server is friendly and kind, we'll welcome you to our server <'' currently looking for boosters!!
Aphelion eSports (AE) is a Multi-Platform Gaming and Esports organization built up of a number of communities and teams which all connect together to make up our growing network. AE was officially started on August 10th, 2019, and has shown continuous growth since. We at AE build, develop, and field competitive esports teams in a wide variety of games, while also building communities to encompass all levels of play in each game from casual to competitive. In combination with that we design and run unique tournaments, events, and leagues that aim to always bring a competitive edge to game-play and test all levels of a players abilities. Our mission is to enhance all aspects of the gaming environment for our communities, while also promoting self-accountability, respectful behavior, and positive personal growth. Our goal is to forge career paths in the field of gaming for both ourselves and all those that we work with.

This is why our motto is: Always Evolving
Somos uma comunidade Portuguesa de gaymers. Se és gamer, LGBTQ+ e português, junta-te a nós. Gaymers Portugal Unite.
Bun Palace is a cozy community server! A place where you can relax and make friends. Talk about your favourite games, anime or anything really. Feel free to come and relax in Bun Palace and maybe join in on some small events <3 (SFW Server allowing only 16 plus ages!)
hi hi !! we are a 13+ anime server ! everyone is welcome, we support all races and sexualities ! feel free to check us out, here are some things you can find in our server:

•friendly community
•nice staff
•anime and kpop lovers
•active members
•fun movie nights and streams
•anime recommendations
Cerberus is a new bedrock server created out of a desire to have a safe space where you can make friends (or don’t) have a dedicated Discord, participate in Minecraft/Discord competitions where you can actually win something IRL, and have a supportive community behind you.

Our bedrock server features commands such as:
/spawn – Return to spawn.
/home – Teleports a player to his/her bed.
/warp set “Warp Name” – Sets a players warp.
/warp to “Warp Name” – Teleports a player to his/her warp.
/tpa – Send a tpa request to players.
/tpaccept – Accept a teleport request.
/tpdeny – Deny a teleport request.
Join our community today :)
Eesti suurim Among Us Discordi server! Saame aru, et pole sõpru kellega Among Us mängida, meil ka pole. Liitu kohe!
Welcome to the Little Dreamhouse! We are a 13-25, sfw server geared towards age regression and all those who are involved in it.

Here's what we have to offer

*Cute theme
*Lots of bots to interact with
*Lots of chat and media channels
*Specific section for littles to roleplay and talk as they please
*Preschool for the little ones
*Lots of roles to decorate your profile with and tell us who you are
*Opportunities to be staff
*Friendly owners who are happy to help and make your experience comfortable and safe.

We hope you choose to join our dreamhouse and hope you have a dreamy time!
˖˚˳⊹˚ ɞ Welcome to our café it’s where; fun, happiness and chill people hang out.

❛❛❛ Take your time...
Take your heart... ❜❜❜
[SFW, English Only, 13+] Looking for a place to chill? Find Friends? Use active chats, and join active voice chats? Look's like you've found your place! Here we are a friendly LGBTQIA+ server (but allies are allowed)! We have monthly Game & Movie Nights! We hope to see you soon
welcome to cursed ₊˚.

a server made to meet new people Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

─ ;; what we offer

💉— welcoming community ☨
🍷— self roles & colors ☨
🥀—partnerships ☨
❤️—aesthetic layout ☨

come join us & don't be afraid to talk!

Community | Gaming | Anime
Tons of members but not overwhelming. Active chats and voice calls. Active but not too strict mods. We do constant events like weekly Karaoke and move-nights. Always welcoming new members and ideas. Join now and give us a try!
Make friends, in this non-toxic growing community!
I hope you enjoy your stay here!
Nouveau !
This is a giveaways server where u can win Dank Memer Coins and have fun with the community.
A server (unofficial) for all the MLB fans out there. We have roles for all 31 teams plus the Expos! We have unique emojis and are fairly new! The roles are self-assignable and we have an info channel to get familiarized with the server. We are a friendly community where you can talk about baseball, rant, and post photos of going to baseball games. We are looking for as many members as possible. All fans of baseball should join this amazing server!

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Dirakos Dirakos
Super Serveur
J'ai payer 10e pour le e-whoring et me suis remboursé de presque 20x plus en seulement 1 semaine. C'est vraiment un serveur génial !!
il y a 6 jours
polyphloisboisterous polyphloisboisterous
Weird but cool
Weirdest fucking server I've been in but in the best way possible... Good owner and good mods. 69/10 would recommend.
il y a 10 jours
eli eli
This server is doing so much giveaways daily and doing different types of events every now and then! I have won around 5 or more giveaways now and its like my second week here!! I definitely recommend this server if you play acnh and want to have fun (:
il y a 23 jours
Little Lili Little Lili
Best Animal Crossing Server
Other than the massive animal crossing server like Nookazon, i think Nook foundation is hands down the best community server for animal crossing, the staff team is very proffesionnal and there are many giveaways practically every minute that are legit ! 10/10 honestly didn't think it was possible to get this good with a server
il y a 26 jours
7 3
Lettuce Lettuce
Nice review
This server is very nice. The people are very nice. The mods are very nice. Really like the nice atmosphere that this nice server provides. Very nice!
il y a 109 jours
Doubee Doubee
Cenário de Amor
Posso dizer em palavras resumidas que o HooneyMoon é um dos grupos de Discord mais incrível que tive a sorte e oportunidade de conhecer. Desde a Administração que é completamente responsável, eficiente e amorosa e que reflete bem o cenário do grupo onde se dar e recebe carinho e amor com igualdade e respeito.
il y a 115 jours
Styles21 Styles21
An amazing server
A very robust server with many channels or users to post and interact in.

This server also has a wide variety of content both SFW and NSFW. It’s definitely worth checking out! All of the content sections are regularly updated.
il y a 158 jours
BlackHawk414 BlackHawk414
This server is amazing. Everyone is nice and chatty. Everyone is also supportive. Definitely a 10/10
il y a 179 jours
2 1
ben. ben.
this server is so scary i pee and i enjoy that a lot thank you totallytubular you should join :)
il y a 216 jours
dangitbobby67 dangitbobby67
Great Community
This community is the best community for roleplay out there by far in my opinion.
il y a 324 jours
6 3
Leo Kaye Leo Kaye
literally the safest multiple server ive been in
there's no evidence of that stuff happening in the negative reviews ._. usually you can figure out if a mods corrupt by using the search bar and seeing what their interactions are like, but theres literally nothing indicating the mods or owners are remotely abusive. theyre actually pretty good about keeping drama down and members safe. chances are, if you got banned, it was probably for a good reason. i hope i wont have to eat my words, but its looking like i probably wont.
il y a 444 jours
Coffee Coffee
Holy Moly!
I'm going to say the elephant in the room. Climax is THE next big thing. Gods? That's cool! And Atlantis! Like it's all that and a bag of chips! xD
il y a 508 jours