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This is the Transpositive server, a place where allies and members of the LGBTQ+ can come together and make a peaceful, loving community. If you wish to join, you will be asked to answer a few questions, please have patience with our staff as we approve you!

We also have a modded minecraft server! If you want to play along with some of the people on the server, join today!
we are a fun, open minded, active server! as long as you are respectful to everyone, their opinions, and their lifestyle you are welcomed with open arms! we are growing quite quickly as well, there's always new members and we are constantly adding and improving. <3

here are some things we offer in Davy Jones Locker:

-friendly staff/members
-cool bots
-voice channels
-plenty of chatrooms and things to do
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Hi there! Are you part of the LGBTQ+ community or even a supporter?🏳️‍🌈

Do you suffer from anxiety and/or depression or another mental disorder? Or are you just looking for someone to talk to and make friends with?🤗

No matter your reason, Rainbow Friends is the perfect server for you! Come on down for advice, fun, and the comfort of a safe and non-judgemental place. We talk about different Fandoms, games, and also struggles we have to deal with! We hope you join us and enjoy your stay!💓
Hello and thanks for looking at our server. We're a LGBTQ+ server and we're here for everyone. We want you to feel comfortable and welcome. We won't judge you, but instead welcome you. We encourage you to join us and help us grow as a community! We have tons of fun things from NSFW to roleplay. We look forward to seeing you!
This is a support and talk server for lgbt teens and kids along with allies Feel free to ask questions about the community or to talk about your feelings! The people here so friendly and along a spectrum of ages.
Music Maniacs is a safe community where everyone is welcome. This server is mainly a place to help people who are struggling figuring out music-related things and need help or want their questions answered. Though this server is mainly about music, we also talk about unrelated topics. Everyone in this community is safe and kind, so don't worry abut bullying or harassment of any kind. We hope to see you there!
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This is a server that me and a couple of my friends have made. Anyone is welcome! We want to make new friends! We are also a very supportive group if you need support or help. The server isn't completely finished, but we're working on it :) Join and have some fun!
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┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ˚✩ ⋆。˚ ✩

┊ ┊ ┊ ✫

┊ ┊ ✩

┊ ⊹ ✯

·̇·̣̇̇·̣̣̇·̣̇̇·̇ •๑♡๑•୨୧┈┈┈୨୧•๑♡๑• ·̇·̣̇̇·̣̣̇·̣̇̇·̇

welcome to: ❝ 𝒍𝒊𝒕𝒕𝒍𝒆 𝒔𝒖𝒈𝒂𝒓 𝒍𝒂𝒏𝒅 ❞

·̇·̣̇̇·̣̣̇·̣̇̇·̇ •๑♡๑•୨୧┈┈┈୨୧•๑♡๑• ·̇·̣̇̇·̣̣̇·̣̇̇·̇

in this server, we offer:

୨୧ a 100% sfw safe place for all littles, cargivers, and switches !

୨୧ DID safe place, with pluralkit bot !!

୨୧ many self-assignable roles + colors !

୨୧ many voice chat topics and no-mic !

୨୧ babysitter ping !!

୨୧ channels for specific headspaces !

୨୧ many cute bots !!

୨୧ and more to come !

·̇·̣̇̇·̣̣̇·̣̇̇·̇ •๑♡๑•୨୧┈┈┈୨୧•๑♡๑• ·̇·̣̇̇·̣̣̇·̣̇̇·̇

we are a new cglre/DID server, and we are 100% sfw. please do not join if you are involved with/take part in ddlg/any variant of ddlg, or intend to trigger anyone with DID !! come join and have fun here !

·̇·̣̇̇·̣̣̇·̣̇̇·̇ •๑♡๑•୨୧┈┈┈୨୧•๑♡๑• ·̇·̣̇̇·̣̣̇·̣̇̇·̇
Welcome to Babysitters n Babies, a safe place for all! We welcome you with open arms and promise to provide a haven for those who feel as though they don't belong.
We have an age limit of 19, and are very active!
this server includes great fun, social people, people that will help with your problems, its a judgmental freezone, open minded, very understanding, and a get me up. even though the server title sounds goofy and immature i can assure you we are very serious when it comes to helping people we offer 24/7 help and always there to help others that are in trouble. we have a safe place where you can confess anything that you have if you want of course and we wont judge you or mock you 100% and if we do please let the server owner know and the'll deal with the person that harmed you.

so what do you say want to try it out and see if you like it? of course you do so what are you waiting for click that join button and get socializing. hope to see you soon
This is a group dedicated to helping you or anybody with problems you might have or a place to become a therapist and help others
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Hi! Welcome to Minorities Unite! We are a caring team of friends with the simple goal of making the internet a more enjoyable space. We welcome all types of people provided you follow our anti-bullying rules. Need a safe place to get away from all the troubles of life? Need somewhere to vent to? Or maybe you need someone to talk to. Or perhaps you just wanna come say hi. Whatever the reason, feel free to come join us and be a part of an ever growing community!
*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙˚hi welcome to the pink sky!*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙˚ 
✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋*˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧
*•.¸we are a ddlg and bdsm server, we are here to make friends and help make friends.
we are here to make you feel welcome and ok. We are SFW server not a NSFW.
We want all littles, brats, mommies, daddies, to feel safe. This is a 14+ server, we what make sure we are safe from Anything bad if possible.¸.•*
✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋*˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧
*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙˚we have*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙˚ 
🌷self roles
🌷color roles
🌷fun bots
🌷three pokemon bots!
🌷dom, little, switch chats
🌷little chats
🌷 emotional support chat
🌷babysitter chats
🌷roleplay chats
🌷fun games
🌷many channels to chat in and be
🌷owo not
🌷neko bot

✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋*˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧
We welcome anymore ideas and fun things!
Come join and come feel safe.
✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋*˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧
Now having staff applications up now!
The Gay Getters
new friendly server hoping to make friends ;3

Hi everyone , we are a -LGBTQ+/Hangout server.
We are a new server so we are still trying to build
a bigger community.We have countless colors and
descriptive roles. We also host giveaways quite often.
Movie and game nights weekly. Daily roleplay and more!

❁ -LGBTQ+!
❁ Movie and Anime nights to get people together!
❁ Very regular giveaways!
❁ Over 60 color roles and descriptive roles!
❁ (24/7)Roleplay!!
❁ Gaming nights- !

A mental health server but it is also a server to make friends and find people you can relate to and a safe place where you wont be judged
Come on over to wasabi land!
Here you can meet new people and make some friends! We are a small server wanting to get somewhere. We hope you'll join and help get the server active! The more people the better ❤️
13-21 only!
Just a place to hang out, it's SFW but has a NSFW chat, selectable roles and we host game nights so pay attention to the announcements ^-^
Hello! ThePeaceful Palace is a safe small community. We like to build the server based on the members likings. There is a small catagory of personal rooms, we want to see you and your daily thoughts, likings, activities. Whether they come depressed or happy. There are some channels based on things such as NSFW, furries, gamers, artists. Its all role access to see so dont sweat wanting to join but not wanting to see some things. We hope to see you soon!
Nouveau !
hello and welcome to artists are artists! this is a safe place for artists to simply enjoy being...well artists!

our staff have noticed how people tend to ask a lot from creators and constantly ask for things out of your comfort zone.

upon some discussion it was decided we make a server simply for artists to enjoy doing what they love! with no pressure or constant pushing to do things you dont want to.

are you a creator? do you want to expand and grow your skill? well come on by! this is the perfect place for you!
Welcome new travelers! to Haunted Camp Pokemon is a ddlg/cgl pokemon themed server! we have:
100+ self assignable roles!
Headspace channels
Support channels for venting and advice
Friendly owner and staff!
Media channels for pets, food, selfies and more!
LGBTQ+ friendly
Furrys Welcome!
events every week!
Server mods: @Smol Ferret#5952 @Parker#5389 @Lonk Is Spooky#5234 A҉̦̇̽n͍̐T҉̟̆i̠̗̻#7777
Server helpers: @LostNotFound#2496 @Tina’#3036 @i make weird choices sometimes#2372
Server Owner: @¿IvyMistt?#6770
come in and join and enjoy!

pssssttt hey! ||where doing "stuffie winners" every week! and next month November 4th were gonna hold two contests! one for coloring and one for animals!||
Hello! We are a lovely server who is a safe place to talk about whatever you please as long as it follows the rules.
✼ Catch pokemon in our pokemon field!!
✼✼ LGBTQ+ friendly!!
✼ QOTD!!
✼✼ Chat to rant on your confidence!! woo!!