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❀ warning - This server isn't family friendly at all.
welcome to the Family Friendly
                   server! <3
*This server is a fun, kind community with admins and members willing to help out, admin power is NOT abused. We accept anyone into our community with open arms. We are currently looking for more active members and hope you are willing to come in. 
         our server provides -
❥ Self serving roles.
❥ A fun, chaotic community.
❥ Partnerships & Advertisement.
❥ Movie nights, music, etc.
❥ Art contests and game events.
❥ memes and cursed images
❥ venting and story telling
❥ photography and art

we welcome you into our group and hope you enjoy your stay here.❀
Servidor especialmente dedicado ao convivio com pessoal porreiro, calmo e tranquilo.
Temos BOTS de: Jogos, Memes, Diversão, Gaming, Música e NSFW.

Hey, are you looking for a discord server that widely involves the community? Look no further, Divine Esports discord server is a server with many concepts. We are an upcoming professional organization in Rocket League and we host weekly community events. Join Divine Esports to be apart of our new and growing community!
We are Dark City, a small server of anime fans and yugioh players, made to have fun.

We host events for the community and dont spam you with pings. We are a nexus-based server, but are not limited to only nexus. There are currently open positions so if you climb the ladder you can eventually become a mod. Fully open to improvements and suggestions.

• Expert Deckbuilders
• General Anime/Manga Discussions
• Small Tournaments
• Server Rankings
• Exclusive Game Bot (Actively Developing)
• Various Duel Related Bots
Hi its Julie! If you're looking for a server to make some easy friends, this is the one! Owner and Admins are active with members all the time!
- League of Legends
- Chill
- Welcoming
- Fun Channels and VC (NSFW included)
- Self Assigned Roles
- 0 Pings
Optimal means the best. Everyone should strive for being the best version of themselves so join this server and be a part of optimal and just hangout and have fun :).
This is a discord server meant for female Fortnite players only!
It’s a place where females can find other females to play with, chat and discuss the latest updates for Fortnite.
We also organize server activities and customs for the members.

Please note that before you become a member you are not able to see the channels untill you completed a short screening to check your gender and if you have good intentions. :)
welcome to my server
we are a lgbtq+ server
this is what we include
minecraft server 🎮
animal channel 🐱
vent channel to get ur feelings out if u are having a bad time 😭
art channel 🎨
question of the day ❔
selfies 📱
and more come check us out we accept all lgbtq+
we are a very friendly community <3
¡Hola!, [email protected] a... ¡¡¡Pizza Time 2!!! un server de temática libre, pero mayormente influenciado por memes y distintas culturas del internet en general, somos una pequeña comunidad masomenos activa, pero no es un impedimento para los más activos del server. Aceptamos todo tipo de usuario, desde los más tranquilos hastas los más imperativos.

PD: es un server de habla hispana por lo cual si no hablas nuestro idioma te recomiendo que no entres, pero si hablas nuestro idioma o si te importa tres pingos se bienvenido .
Just a circle of friends but everyone is welcome!

We're not a coven but we do have witches in the community that could give advice, tea recipes, and resources.

The witches and community alike bode together as one and see each other one in the same. We live up to this philosophy and hope you join!
A Minecraft Discord server! We do have a Minecraft server, but it's WIP.
We are currently a small server constantly growing in size and it would be appreciated if you could join too! Staff Applications are currently closed, but you can apply in the next season! We have a lot of different channels and bots, so feel free to explore our server! Upon joining, please read #rules, then you're good to go!
This is a community server for my channel and would love for you guys to hop on and get chatting or ask any questions you may have
comunidad para conocer gente, jugar y conversar (por chat o por voz)
bots interactivos 24/7
y mas
te esperamos!
Granko i rozmawianko na czilku :]


-Dużo ludzi, z którymi można porozmawiać na wiele tematów
-Dużo botów (w tym bot urodzinowy, chyba fajny bajer)
-Pomocną administracje
-Dużo wspólnego granka, i kręcenia beki na głosówce
-Jedyne miejsce na świecie, gdzie panuje autorytarny komunizm
-Wysokie stężenie techników informatyków, którzy zamienią ci kompa w laptopa
-Czasami jakiś serwerek w minecraft
- Regular non-toxic and beginner-friendly skribbl games (some other games as well)
- Lots of music
- Movie streams
- Lots of bots to chill and have fun (UNO, Dank Memer, Userphone)
- A great place to polish your skribbl and drawing skills.
- Cool roles
join the AWSEOME server we have BOOBS and sex... boob sex HOMER SIMPSON!! oh babey. yes oh yah. there is VERIFCATION required for you to send a AWESOME meme! be sure to join! for swag yoIo! memes!
Welcome to D͇̺̺I͙͓͠S̥̼͡C̷̳O̦̪͞Ŕ̻͕D̷̜͚ ͓̘̘S̜E͞R̟͇̮V̰͘ΙE̤̭͞R̵͍̰

We are a growing server, I have made plenty of channels to talk to other people in such as...
-A meme channel
-A general chat
-A music channel
-And much more!
I will try to greet you when you join.

Have a good day!
PewDiePie Nation is the largest community PewDiePie Discord server. Join the PewDiePie Nation Discord server and chat with 28,000+ other PewDiePie fans from around the world!

Nouveau !
────────── » || ♡ Nyan Paws ♡ || « ─────────
Wir sind noch ein recht kleiner Anime/Gaming Server und würden uns sehr über neue Mitglieder freuen.
Jeder ist Herzlich Willkommen vor allem Nekos ^^

◊ ─────────────── »♡« ────────────── ◊
「Was wir dir bieten」

» Nette Mitglieder
» Selfroles
» Anime stuff
» Gaming
» Art channels
» Roleplay

◊ ─────────────── »♡« ────────────── ◊
whelp if you want you can join this server im not making you there are pretty chill people here just relax have fun and talk about the things you love
Savage central 2 is the sequel to the server that started in 2019. As of now, that server is permanently closed. Come to Savage central 2 to chat and talk to the community as well as your friends. The server consists of a variety of channels to fit any topic you would like to share.
👉Want to become the next Runescape billionaire?
👉250k Bonus upon entry for new players!
👉Games include provably fair dicing, blackjack, mystery boxes, flower poker, and more!
👉Join our interactive and helpful OSRS and Runescape3 community!
👉Daily giveaways, prizes, and offers!