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Hey, wir sind ein kleiner aufstrebender Discord Server der sich auf Gaming spezialisiert hat. Falls du einfach nur mit deinen Freunden in ruhe spielen willst und nette lustige User treffen willst bist du hier genau richtig.
⫸⫸⫸⫸⫸⫸Was bieten wir⫷⫷⫷⫷⫷⫷
-Kompetente Teammitglieder
-Nette User
-Viele verschiedene Sprachkanäle
-3 verschiedene Bots (Rythm, Dyno, Disboard)
This server is all about cars and motorcycles and you can discuss whatever you want to! (that's automotive-related, of course!) We have a lot of channels to discuss anything that you would like to, and we also have gaming channels that people can connect to and play a game together. We have really nice staff that can help you at if you aren't satisfied with anything in the server. I hope you have fun!!!! 😄
Welcome to our server Falcon Gaming Community.
We are a server that wants to bring people together to chat and game with each other.
In our server we talk mostly about gaming but other things too 😎

Everyone is welcome regardless of age or other things... 🤩

Why this server:
-Make new Friends
-Find people to play games with
-Share pictures from your life
-Support for Content Creators
-Gaming Competitions

Looking for partnership ? Please join it is always welcome!
We are also looking for more staff members so please join if you are interested!

What are you waiting for...?
Click on that join button 😉
Nouveau !
Discord server for finding squads for R6 on PS4, enjoying R6 Memes or getting Tipps. We have Squad Chats for Communication and People with lots of ingame experience and also some R6 related emotes. We are a new server so please don't expect that it will work as good as planned for now.
Hey, You Are Invited To The PINPAD !

We Are Chill, Friendly And Supportive
Always Looking For New Friends
Come On In, Don't Worry If You Are Shy

We Would Enjoy Your Company
➳ ➳ ➳ ➳
Reu's Cave
➳ ➳ ➳ ➳
We welcome you to our hangout, we talk about games and love to play on the Hypixel network. Come join us and chill and listen to music and WASH YOUR HANDS 😂🥰

We have

☁ Private channels

☁ Achievements Role

☁ Level up System

☁ Active Staff Members

☁ Games

Quack! Wpadnij do Kaczkistanu! Miejsca w którym szczególnym kultem otacza się kaczuszki!
Serwer już nie jest taki nowy więc mamy zapas aktywnych ludzi, skłonnych do rozmowy/pisania. Poza tymi cudownymi ludźmi mamy prywatny serwer Minecraft udostępniany zaufanym członkom, specjalny kącik dla graczy Ligi oraz nowość! - kanał przeznaczony do RolePlay.
Nie zastanawiaj się! Dołącz teraz!
Nouveau !
ayyy, this server revolves around art and shitposting, but anyone is welcome as long as you aren’t too much of a dick. some of us are gamers too B)
Your personal hub for all your music and hangout needs. Here we can talk about music , gaming , ect. Meet new friends and have fun at our events that we will have planned. Our goal is to bring together a community without harsh rules and regulations.
Nouveau !
Looking for an active GFX Server? Well, this is the server for you!
In this server, we make the kind of GFX you desire. For a cheap price, you could get yourself a Logo, banner any kind of gfx well suited for your needs.
Nouveau !
Welcome to LFG Kings:

We also do tournaments for prizes!

We are a server who thrive to make an engaging place for you are the community.

What is the server about?:

Can you not find someone to play with? Do you need a new duo? Would you like to have a laugh in creative?

We have the server for you! A simple, easy to use LFG System

Join Today!
Nouveau !
Natsukashii 懐かしい
| nostalgic, reminiscent of good memories, missed, longed for, yearned after. |
(Disclamer: This server isn't a dating server.)

|| Non-Toxic Chats

|| Nice and Friendly Staff

|| Self-roles

|| Nitro Giveaway at 100 Members

|| Mods Needed at 50

|| Taking suggestions

|| Many Channels to Talk In
Mungkin satu-satunya Discord JKT48 publik yang aktif :) English OK! 日本語もOK!
💮 Activities:
- Idol show/theater live-streaming (48 family dan Sakamichi series)
- Gaming together

💮 Features:
- Role oshi dan kami-oshi (more oshi-related channel soon™)
- Jadwal teater dan konser JKT48
- Pengingat ulang tahun oshi
- Auto-update Youtube dan Twitter JKT48 dan subchannelnya
- and more, maybe :)
Tired or uncomfortable in gaming discords which allow under minors in it? We understand, many people are looking for a place to be an adult and a gamer at the same time. This is why Adult Gamers was started, to create a comfortable space on the internet for gamers which are adults!

We have a VPS hosting games like Minecraft, Arma 3 Exile and others :D
-Hit the streets and sell some crack with some egirl hookers.
-NSFW allowed no pedo shit tho.
-E-DATING allowed with a channel dedicated to the craft.
-A active and amazing ownership/staff.
-Working economy and role shop with lvl roles and reaction roles.
-Join and have some fun in these streets
Welcome to The shire! It's also an mallu server! The shire is server based on gaming and memes, with giveaways, events, new friends and bots galore! Our server offers:

- A Positive Community
- music
- global chat
-RPG Games

And much more! Join today!
If you want to enjoy in discord you must join
Welcome to Jake’s Server! 👋
What we offer...
Lots of members and active chats! 🎁
☆○o。  。o○☆
We have tons of people to talk to if you’re ever bored!
Channels for all interests
Such as...
Video games! 🎮 ★
Music 🎵 ☆
Artwork 🎨 ★
Movies and anime 🎬 ☆
And lots more for everyone to enjoy!
Bots 🤖
We have lots of fun unique bots to use like...
-unbelievaboat 🍕 ☆
-pokecord⚡️ ★
-dank memer 🐸 ☆
And more!
We offer nitro giveaways as rewards for being active in the server! 🥳
We have a staff team always there if you need anything! 🔧
Still not convinced..?
We have frequent updates to the server! 🛠
And are always open to any suggestions!
We have a level 3 nitro boost and would love if you could boost us 💖
We have tons of roles so you can custom yourself 📌
Are you looking to grow your server?
Dm a partner manager and you can partner with us!
▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ ▉ ▊
We’ve gained 500+ members in only 3 months and are always looking for more people to chat with...
We hope you can join and come hang out with us! 🎉
Come join us at Eclipse of butterflies; we host an open-world Rp called “Littera”. We are mostly roleplay focused but we also have a place for gamers, anime lovers, and more!
This is the server of the Confederacy of Allied States. We are a close knitted community that discusses anything revolving US and world politics, culture and economics. We have screeching MAGA-retards, Rice growing Maoists and transhumanists and other degenerates. (JK) Despite our ideological diversity we are a cordial community that embraces individuals for their own unique traits and personalities.

We also do roleplays on nationstates, as we have our region on the website, so if you are interested in both a political server for discussion and to join a political simulation website and faction for roleplays, this is the place to stop by:

We are receptive and accepting of all people who are civil and decent. We are very welcoming and would like to extend an open hand to having you join our server. And if you like what you see, you will stick around and join us. Thank you.
We are a small Active Gamer Community trying to bring all gamers together in one unique place across every gaming platforms
This is a discord server for anyone who is interested in looking to meet new people to play games with or just hangout with. Feel free to swing by and say hi :D