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Interactúa con otros usuarios en un mundo de rol medieval, mágico, evolutivo a través de los cuatro reinos y el modo historia. ¡Sube de niveles, mejora tus profesiones y construye o domina imperios! Dirige un gremio o ejercito y aventúrate a la batalla!
Alynthia: Rise to Power is a medieval fantasy roleplay server set in the year 1587. Despite being situated in the Renaissance Era and not the Middle Ages, there are still many aspects of the Middle Ages/Medieval Era that are incorporated/involved.

The Empire of Alynthia, or more formerly known by its common name, the Alynthian Empire, was an ever expanding and prosperous empire that reigned from its formation in 1357 up until its fall in 1530, resulting in the rotation of four different pairs of monarchs; all of them being from the same bloodline. Currently on the server, there are 6 monarchies (four kingdoms, two empires), one band of thieves, and a viking settlement.
The server is still a work-in-progress in terms of lore and a few other items such as flags and military counts for two of the monarchies, but is still active each and every day.

On Alynthia: Rise to Power, you will find:

» Roleplayers who have been roleplaying for at least 2+ years
» Developing lore
» A variety of characters and creatures; from royals, to knights, to satyrs, to dragons, etc.
» An ever-growing community of roleplayers from all over
Parseim, situado en los confines del nuevo continente de Umbar, es una tierra llena de magia, riqueza y aventura, un mundo donde las espadas y las varitas confrontan, un lugar donde dicen que si te esfuerzas, conseguirás hacer realidad tus sueños más profundos.

Según las leyendas, tres dioses benevolentes ayudaron a construir el mundo de Parseim, pero con el tiempo esa idea fue pervirtiendose, dando lugar a luchas ideológicas, al caos y al enfrentamiento entre las numerosas razas que habitan la región.

Humanos, Elfos, Enanos, Vampiros, Lycantropos, Ángeles, Demonios, Bestias, Gigantes, Parásitos, Goblins y Djinns conviven como pueden mientras trabajan entre ellos por llegar al futuro, pero sus propias diferencias no pueden evitar las luchas internas, pues el mal habita en el corazón de todos.

En Parseim, podrás crear tu aventura, podrás vivir como quieras y donde quieras, pues la ruta la trazas tú. Eligiendo entre cientos de combinaciones distintas, serás capaz de hacerte un nombre y de dominar tu destino, o por el contrario sucumbiras ante las garras del mal... solo tú podrás decidir, solo tú podrás escoger, solo tú tienes el poder así que, ¿a qué esperas? ¡Únete y comienza a jugar!
We are kind and excepting server for everyone between the ages of 13-25. We are always open to new suggestions so if you'd like to see something new in our server we'd love to hear it! You can roleplay has your favorite mythical creature or just a simple human. We have lots of OOC chats to meet people that are into the same things as you! We also do story arcs! The first arc is happening right now! Join if you want to know more!

In the land of Fabulosa lives many marvelous creatures. Elves, witches, dragons, you name it, Fabulosa has it. In the year 3022, most creatures live in peace, though some of them still believe the things their ancestors believed many years ago and hate any species that isn’t their own kind. Over time crossbreeds have emerged and aren’t super rare. One in three creatures are normally crossbreeds now. Humans can now live among these magical beings without fearing for their families’ safety. With the wars that started in 2087 having ended and the land once again at peace, more kingdoms have emerged. Though, no one has seen the rulers of these kingdoms for many years. At a loss of what to do, the creatures have began to make their own rules without betraying their leaders before them.
The war had set them back to a time period without technology. The most technology you’ll see nowadays is a robot here and there. Clothes back from 2020 still exist, all that has changed is people’s daily lives. Now people have to walk everywhere, hunt, farm, they don’t have factories to do that for them anymore.
Although the Northern Crusades are finally over, I fear more conflict is yet to come.

The Duchy of Alencon is a low-fantasy roleplay with a story dictated by its participants. With an open ended lore, participants are free to shape the outcome of the RP as they like. Wish to bring back Astral Beings through intense ceremonial worship? You can do it! Want to recreate the Yellow Turban Rebellion because the Duke is too drunk to manage the duchy? You can do it! At the moment we're looking for dedicated roleplayers who'd like a high-ranking position as one of the head noble houses, DM me or another moderator a detailed reason of your experiences and you'll be selected.

Join today!
Welcome to Cascadia! A fantasy/medieval roleplay server where all types of people are accepted. You can either roleplay here or just stay and chat with fellow members.

Whether you have an OC that is an orc, elf, some sort of mystical time traveler or a furry, even, we will welcome you with open arms! Any form of toxicity isn't allowed, so expect a generally peaceful server.

The server staff would be more than happy to help you out if you have an issue. Enjoy your stay here!
The Year is Mid 131 After the Crowning of Aegon

*Aegon the elder has died recently and his successor, Aegon the Younger chosen by Rhaenys supporter, is crowned King of the Seven Kingdoms, the Last and Smallest Dragon was killed suspiciously some say it was the act of Aegon the Younger due to his depression after the Civil War, the Kingdom has no more fear of Dragon and is in the process of rebuilding after the Blood Bath War, Known as the Dance of Dragons, Aegon has named his own brother, Viserys Hand of the King and with his help he tries to unit the divided kingdoms of Westeros, will they trust the Targaryens again or will they take another path, only time Will show.*
We are a SFW, fantasy rp server, priding ourselves on a friendly and welcoming community. We expect effort to be put into rp and characters, but allow a huge amount of creative freedom. But be warned, we de have a 5 sentence minimum for posting.

Florin is a SFW, text-based rp server. Our setting is a small, peaceful kingdom, based roughly off the medieval period. While combat is of course possible, it isn’t the focus of this server, and extremely powerful abilities are generally not allowed.

-💞Active and friendly community with dedicated staff💞
-📖Event coordinators to make things fun📖
-🔒We expect a minimum of five sentences per post, with good punctuation and grammar.🔒
-✉️Fairly relaxed rules with a huge range of freedom for characters, and easy to understand lore with plenty of added detail for those who want it✉️
-🌲Wide range of rp channels, from forests and mountains to taverns, streets and jails🌲
-⚔️User-made factions to enhance rp quality and potential stories⚔️
-💜Nitro Boosted💜
Nouveau !
What is the Midfest server?
We are a semi-literate to literate medieval fantasy horror server, taking place in the 1400’s within a country similar to Norway. The small and eerie country of Norvice, filled with disturbing traditions such as the Midfestivals, is trying to expand their land without angering the allied neighboring countries. Unfortunately for the people of Norvice, they already have.

We have player custom races, events, an interesting and uncomplicated economy, and an expanding world where the player decides who they are and happens next.
In a world born with violence and magic is a story waiting to unfold. Generations and centuries passed and the conflicts died down, allowing the people of the Vale to live peacefully amongst themselves. In present day, all is peaceful in the continent, allowing its citizens to pursue their interests, whether it be as a mage, farmer, apothecary, scholar, and much more. The Vale is welcoming to anyone who decides to live there, welcoming any and all races.

» Friendly non-roleplay channels available to everyone, as well as private NSFW channels for anyone interested.

» Medieval / fantasy-based role play, with loose lore and a general guideline to races, built to allow character development and future changes in the world. Races are based on D&D as well as my own personal design.

» Minimal requirements for role play responses, just try to keep it to at least two to three lines if on PC, if on mobile, do your best!

» Over time, I plan to update and change the server, possibly adding bots and extra fun non-roleplay channels. If you want extra information on the server, friend me! My Discord tag is victor#8888.

» First-time public server owner, but a veteran roleplayer for nearly 8 years.
****Cringe Kingdom****
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****༺═━━───What we have ───━━═༻****
『🎁』 **Giveaways** almost extremely often!
『💎』 We are **Nitro Boosted**!
『🎉』 Lots of **events, drops, and prizes** (we’ve given away nitro too!)

『🔥』 **Memes** - meme posting channels and more!
『👑』 **Unique Medieval theming** for the ultimate throwback!
『😎』 Laid back, but also **professional staff**

『⏫』 **Numerous updates** to stay entertained
『🤖』 **All your favorite bots** in one place!

『🌟』 **Fun** at every turn
『❓』 Want **more info**? DM <@197794050823290880>

🏳️ **Banner:**
🔗 **Join** ▶️ ◀️
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This is a Role-Play server, it's pretty much a demon vs. humans RP but with powers and mystical creatures that can be seen occasionally.


"Way back when I was just a young child, Spuyle was a peaceful continent. I thought that peace would last longer, but I was wrong. The earliest I remember the peace leaving was about a year ago when the volcano in the center of our continent erupted. It was a rather bizarre eruption, instead of lava spewing out of the volcano it was flames, demons, and a huge burst of magic energy. Many of my own people fear the demons as I do, but miraculously others worshipped their power and decided to make a deal with Satan. This deal that they made would force them to work and praise Satan, in return they got immense power, we call these people Cultists. I’m sure you’ve passed a few without even knowing it, but they weren’t the only ones affected by the demons coming to our world. Seems like we all are in one way or another. With all my years on the battlefield, I’ve never seen a foe as vicious and bloodthirsty as the demons are. Their intents were so grim that it drew out the creatures we thought were long gone. Seems as if our warriors are getting stronger too. Some warriors even getting mystic abilities that can be used without magic. I hope that one day you can know what it’s like to have an ability of your very own. Listen here boy, soon I will pass into the great beyond all I ask is you protect your people, find a way to beat the demons. Whether that means vanquishing the evil or negotiating. I’m sure new problems will arise that seem like they can’t be beaten, but you must persevere and fight for what you know is right."
-Altan Bolthec, a nomad who traveled the continent for most of his life.
Chronicle of Drase is a low-power, RPG-style fantasy server. Join us in the continent of Ramul Ta, full of different countries struggling for power. Sail north to battle for or against the slavers in East Silnaria, enjoy a cold mug of beer at the capital of Salvainia, visit a quaint village in Itchsunia, or climb the Phoenix Ridge, to hunt down fabled creatures…

Start as a humble adventurer, with a few abilities under your belt. Work your way up to the top of this world, and perhaps, one day, you can change the destiny of the world too…
Inspired by tabletop RPGs, Drase offers interesting character-building based on simple stats, custom abilities, enchantments, perks and mana. A one of a kind experience, blending fantasy with a logical, coherent world.

• Active, caring, professional staff
• Inclusive, non-cliquey community!
• Friendly, slur free, non-toxic environment

• 7 races, 22+ subraces – Handcrafted, well thought out races for you to be
• Character progressions! With our progression point system, you can grow stronger with time!

• Turn-based, detailed, semi-realistic, freeform (T1) combat
• Quests and events with PVE focus hosted by engaging, fair Game Masters.
• Magic, Hunting, Combat, Adventure and Slice-of-Life, all in one server
• Guilds to join, learn and socialize in!
• Semi-Literate to Literate roleplay

• Detailed nation lore
• A dynamic world, full of conflicts and opportunities

• Want a partner? We partner with any non-toxic RP server above 15 human members!

Come join us! We guarantee you've never seen something like Drase before.

Deep among the arid sands lies Akanthia, surrounded on all sides by rivaling city states and kingdoms, many of which wish to claim the oasis--the gem of the desert--for their own. Though Akanthia has largely shut itself off from the outside world, they will not be able to for much longer. As Akanthia's population booms larger by the year, their desperation grows in lockstep. Shadows of enemies loom larger over the withering city, and tensions within the walls near a breaking point. If the city means to survive, Akanthia possesses only one option: expansion. War, death, political intrigue, all driving forces of a new age for Akanthia, a new beginning, the dawn of an empire.

♔ Engage with ever-expanding lore and world
♕ Join a noble house and feud for power and influence, building alliances or challenging rivals
♔ Forge your own path with the help of experienced, helpful staff
♕ Control which server notifications you receive with unique news stream with separate subscriptions for different types of news
♔ Progress naturalistically through the world through an unobtrusive, holistic purchasing system
♕ Become a central piece to the expansion—or the fall of Akanthia’s ever growing empire!
Welcome to The Fields...

We are a small server, but quickly growing and quite active! With room for anyone skillful and respectable who likes to roleplay, this may be the perfect place for you! At this point, many features are ready to be explored, and that means you can build your own lore and follow the servers lore to your heart's content. Who knows, you just might leave your (Hopefully good) lasting mark on this server!

We allow many characters per person; everything from pets to enchanted weapons are allowed!
A land covered in fields. A world of mystery. A now anarchist country without leaders. It all boils down to the strong killing the weak to become stronger, and the chain continues.
Feel free to make up powers to your heart's content, just try not to be OP. We have no specific power system, but you get to make your own powers and abilities. Few powers are off-limits here.

What we offer:

*Some useful bots, including music, leveling systems, and dice rollers are added to keep it fresh, fun and fair! Mee6's level system is used to gradually make your characters more powerful and encourage you to roleplay often!

*Staff roles open, yet limited. (OOC)

*Many channels to use and RP with.

*A small, active community.

*Applicable Quests to gain loot to gain an advantage over others!

ERP is not allowed (to a degree). Please go to DMs or time skip.

Please join our community, you're welcome any time!
-The members of The Field
*Please only join if you plan on being active in both IRP and OOC Channels. We do not tolerate inactivity.
Welcome to Divinity. While the Earthmother Gaia sleeps, your soul has been reborn from a distant world, or perhaps a past time. You are divine now, powerful, and should fear nothing. What will you do with your abilities? Will you breathe life into the husk of the world? Or sit back and revel in your power?

Valleys can be carved, mountains can be formed, and lifeforms weaved into the lands. Your potential may be limited, but it is beyond that which mortals can comprehend. The clock never ticks, for time is but an abstract concept to you now, ever moving forward, but always at your pace. Patience is the key.

Do you wish to partake in this divine affair? To carve the world as you will? If so, hop on in! We're new and ready to grow!

⭐ Experienced writers keeping things detailed, descriptive and interesting.
⭐ Interactive bots to enrich your OOC and IC experience.
⭐ Very flexible character creation! Almost anything goes!
⭐ LGBTQ+ friendly!
⭐ Coloured roles so you can have that swanky name of your dreams.
The Remnants of Archime:

Centillions ago, there was a roaming goddess called Teyvīka. Her birth ruptured the balance of the world and destroyed the Earth as we knew it, swallowing the plant whole. Then, some eons later as she walked the empty planes of space, she learned of her nature and recreated the Earth. Archime became one of the first lands to be formed, its first kingdoms being Osko and Skorro. Every year, the kingdom of Osko held a banquet; a gathering with open doors for all and any to come, and it was then that a scream echoed throughout the lands. It was the birth of a new species called the Divine, who were descendants of Teyvīka, forced into existence by Arius (the people of the sky). It ensued a battle between Osko and Skorro that lasted for 20+ years, only ending when Skorro was finally demolished. The ruler at the time, King Brice, rewashed history of it's sins and wiped the year to 0000.


Welcome to Archime! A roleplay server with owners that strive to create a safe and friendly place for everyone.

We provide the essentials, of course~

- LGBTQIA+ safe environment.
- Optional-to-read lore that doesn't affect the way your character lives. Choose your own journey! We won't stop you.
- Medieval fantasy setting for all of those who love it for how it is.
- Willing and participating staff, who are always open to suggestions.
- A shop that has in-roleplay perks.
- Rumours and quests that can be made & roleplayed by our members.

We now have staff applications, many partnerships, and (soon) hierarchy applications!

Permanent Invite Link:

Partnership requirements: No slur usage, non-toxic and friendly environment, a server representative that stays on our server, no NSFW available to minors, and a non-triggering environment.
__**Night’s Reign Rp Server**__

June 1325, it’s a dark and dreary year just as those which have passed one by one the humans fell to the dark powers of the monsters.

Although young men and women come and sacrifice themselves to save others the onslaught still continues.

August 1325, A hope is born with the creation of the hero a beacon of justice and a light against the monsters. He became a flag to rally to and something they could use to push back the monsters. The hero’s existence has allowed for some of the population of humans to have supernatural abilities. This has counteracted the major disadvantage of humans and is giving them a fighting chance.

Society has begun reforming yet still a majority of the land is in the hands of the monsters. Vampires, Werewolves, Undead, and the Devils all make up those against the human race.
◇112+ RP Channels!
◇Rhythm Bot, Tupperware, and many more
◇A fun and interactive staff
◇Lots of Planned events
◇Open to Partnerships
꧁꧂ —(•·÷[ Contexte ]÷·•)— ꧁꧂

Situation : ✨

Bélumis est un continent (de la taille d'une région) d'une grande planète : Fédolia (habitat en langage ancien), elle possède un satellite naturel : la lune grise.
Fédolia ressemble parfaitement à la terre, pour ce qui est de la faune et la flore, mais les terres et les mers sont agencées différemment. Le système solaire n'est aussi pas le même.
L'avancement technologique de cet univers n'excède pas le moyen-âge.
Le continent est partagés par 5 royaumes : Deslao, Herole, Jumail, Lazra et Gasoc. Les habitants de ceux-ci, humains, nains, elfes, vampires ombre et loups-Garou ne sont jamais sortis de Bélumis.
Des monstres parsèment aussi ce continent, ils sont chassé par les courageux soldats appelés "Sauveurs". Les créatures ont une note de dangerosité sur 100, au dessus de 49 elles sont considérées comme monstre.
Les habitants des différents royaumes vénèrent 2 dieux : Taob et Epopée. Ceux qui prient Epopée sont très mal vu.
Les êtres vivants de ce monde sont tous liée à une énergie appelée le Néant, certains arrivent à le contrôler plus ou moins ce qui leur confère certains pouvoirs, avec le néant on à rien sans rien, on ne peux le contrôler sans quelques chose en échange. (pour ceux qui on vu The Witcher c'est presque le même principe que le Chaos). Les personnes capable de telles prouesses sont très rare et rapidement repérées par l'académie néantique pour être formées.
Les souverains des royaumes ont un mage en tant que conseiller, celui-ci sera choisis parmi ses semblables à l'académie néantique.

Pour ce qui est de l'histoire de Bélumis, voir la version officielle ci-dessous, seul Taob et Epopée connaissent la vraie version.

Version officielle :📜

Il y a bien longtemps, sur notre beau continent Bélumis, le couple de Dieu, Taob le grand et Epopée la maléfique s'affrontèrent dans un combat mortel, la déesse des ténèbres, après de nombreux jour de combat, fut vaincu par notre Dieu. Celle-ci mourut dans un lieu inconnu à ce jour.
Depuis cette sombre époque, le dieu de lumière et de création : Taob, règne discrètement sur les 5 royaumes. Malheureusement, un grand mage à prédit la résurrection d'Epopée, le 13ème jour de ce printemps, 500 ans après leur combat.
Avec ses filles, elle reprendra Bélumis et soumettra Taob, ses monstres dévorerons presque tout les vivants s'y trouvant. Alors un règne de terreur commencera.
Depuis quelques mois, les monstres se multiplient, la haine grandit dans le cœur des hommes, les guerres entre les royaume sont fréquentes... Et plus aucun signe du grand Taob depuis bien des années... Que va-t-il advenir de nous, pauvres paysans que nous sommes ?

Vraie version : 🔏

(Disponible sur le serveur)
Welcome to Tales of Kahfaren, a Dungeons and Dragons Style Roleplaying server! We have a complex system of factions, and quest the players can partake in, and I'm sure you'll be engaged in our gameplay!
Serveur Fr Roleplay sur un univer encore en construction.

C'est du rp plutôt libre vous avez le droit de faire se que vous voulez(dans la limite du possible étant donné que vous n'êtes pas des dieux absolu), mais en tant que MJ je ferais toujours en sorte qu'il y ais des choses qui se passe (sinon se serais vite ennuyeux) c'est un rp Fantaisy Medieval avec des choses plus ou moins encadré, la magie étant la chose la plus encadrée vu qu'elle peux vite devenir cheaté dans certaines circonstances, plein de stats de partout (car j'aime les stats) et la possibilité d'améliorer ses stats avec des séances d'entrainement ou juste en faisant des actions rp, des quêtes qui s'ajoutent au fur et à mesure, des ennemis de plus en plus forts bref du challenge en sois et beaucoup de choses à faire de quoi ne pas vous ennuyer de si tôt (le plus dur étant pour moi qui doit gérer toutes les actions des pnjs simultanément)

Bref c'était une longue description mais j'ai hâte de trouver de nouveaux joueur sur le serveur à la revoyure et merci d'avoir lu.
The Territory of Azhora has come to have Three Factions, hesitantly united long ago under a single banner: Valeris of the Sky, Nassen of the Sea, and Errion of the Earth.

Separate from Azhora-- which has come to a state of peace about two generations ago-- there is a land known as the Glade, known for its mysterious rumors, legends, and sheer size.

The land of Azhora is set in a time near the medieval period with a semi-modern twist. Its inhabitants take pleasure in some of the more modern technologies: more advanced medicinal practices, running water, and a lack of mass disease in smaller towns.

While the state of peace between the Factions is mostly approved of, there are a few power-hungry people who have been trying to push against it.

Though, with the rumors and old legends coming back from the children's tales where they came from, will peace and unison last the test of time? Or are they on the brink of collapse?

Join in a Fantasy roleplay with Shapeshifters, hints of magic, and plenty of roles to choose from! :D We'd be glad to have you!

° Fantasy, Semi-Medieval Roleplay
° At least a couple sentences and coherent grammar/spelling
° Maturity and Courtesy are required (ages 14+)
° LGBT+ Friendly
° Discrimination unwelcome
° Shapeshifters galore
Greetings, weary traveller!

You’ve searched long and far for a fresh, literate, low-fantasy medieval roleplay. Well, look no further; welcome to the “World of Marin!” We have been around for over six years and feature a welcoming community and an engaging, lore-rich world.

We welcome you to journey through this diverse universe, to achieve greatness and cement your legacy. Cleverness and creativity are rewarded, and the actions of our members greatly influence the world around them. All events that currently affect Marin have transpired in roleplay!

When it comes to making a character, a bio is essential. If you struggle finding where your character fits in the world or if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to join and ask us. Our staff are always excited to help you discover this universe and get you on your feet.

Will you be a high lord or lady, hungry for more power? Or a peasant farmer, simply looking to make ends meet? Will you fare in the cold north, rife with war, or try to survive in the south, where political acumen is a must? The World of Marin is filled with opportunity. You make your own choices and forge your destiny.

Learning about our expansive world is rather simple. Your pending questions can either be answered in the server, using our lore room, or on our wiki. We even have a map!

We thank you for taking the time to read this, and we hope to see you soon.

- The World of Marin staff