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800.bc - The human race took over elven holy land warring multiple years with elves. The elves eventually "gave up" to gather a stronger force in the meanwhile the humans built a capital city called "Ocritarene". When the elf king “Riuy” heard about this he went mad and nothing else was ever heard about the elves, but lately there have been more and more sightings of elves. The human race got even more suspicious and feared another battle with the elves. After some time the human race decided to let other races into the city hoping they could form an alliance, Ocritarene got very popular amongst everyone and because of that another city for the poor was built underground. Every adventurer goes there because of the great quality of gear and because of the nearby great adventures awaiting them. It is now the year 600.bc and your adventure starts here!
Hello and welcome to Ypérocho~ Kingdoms at War! We are an original roleplay server, ready to start new adventures and make new friends in the land of Ypérocho!

🐉Create endless characters who rule over kingdoms or fight in battles. They can be any mythical being, ready to start their own journeys. From humans to dragons we have it all!

🧚‍♀️Meet new friends in character and out of character! Get tips on your character and enjoy your time in text channels outside of RP!

🧜‍♂️Participate in future events, and create stories with other characters!

🧙‍♀️SFW roleplays in a friendly environment. Accepting of all religion, race, and lgbtq community members.

🤴Semiliterate, literate, and non literate is accepted. All as long as you can speak English! (We do appreciate more than one line please!)

🧛Constant RP arcs that you can get your character into! For example, The Search For The Six Spell Books of Ypérocho.

🧝‍♀️Brief Lore Summary~ The Ischyrós Kingdom has been at war with the Gennaíos Kingdom for years. The other kingdoms in Ypérocho have either stood to the side, or have been asked to join. The Elven Kingdom wants no part in violence unless it comes to desperate measures, but also has some suspicious movement going on behind the scenes. The creatures in The Cloud Kingdom aren’t even bothered to observe, and live peacefully under the goddess Fae’s watch. No one left in the rubbled kingdom of Megaloprepís is even near trustworthy to join. The two kingdoms will either come to a peace, destroy each other in the midsts of trying to bring the other down, or perhaps stay distracted while the other kingdoms make their moves.

Un santuario para Rolplayers
Principalmente para aquellos que se iniciaron en el Rolplay hace unos años
Cuando el lugar donde se Roleaba no era nada excesivo como lo que encontramos ahora, Un lugar pequeño donde siempre puedes encontrar a alguien con quien seguir tu historia con un nexo principal (La taberna) lugar donde siempre había alguien activo con el cual pasar el rato, pero para explicar la temática, Les daré un trozo de historia

Una discusión, una gran ruptura, un mundo dividido
pero aun la esencia de este reino, No desaparece

Si, eso es un trozo de historia y su temática es:

Un mundo mágico donde diferentes especies proliferan pero los bordes de este aun son intransitables

Eso es todo


꧁❁¿Aceptas nuestra invitación?❁꧂

꧁❁ingresa a nuestro reino❁꧂

Representante: @Pnzvyn#5855 | @Nafka1#0399
Bienvenido seas a esta comunidad rolera, aquí podrás rolear tanto como hablar con los demás miembros del servidor. Se empezará como un simple campesino el cual se irá mejorando de a poco tras el transcursos del rol de ese personaje. Este mundo está situado en un mundo medieval fantástico, en el cual habrán más de 5 razas para elegir, entre ellas, humanos, enanos... Cada una de ellas con una historia por detrás. Podrás elegir profesiones con las cuales vivir.

¿Eres nuevo en esto? No te preocupes, los miembros del staff no dudarán en ayudarte con todo el tema del rol. Los miembros también ayudarán, somos como una familia.

Se utilizarán conocimientos narrativos para este servidor, aunque el balance económico y algunas decisiones se tomarán con el viejo método de los dados RPG.
Welcome to Fractured Kingdoms Rp

This server takes place in a fantasy land built with several kingdoms fighting to unite the land in their own vision, whether with incredible hero’s or terrible monsters, these kings and queens play the dangerous games of war and politics. Will you fight for your people? Rule in wisdom? Go to war for simple enjoyment? The choice is yours

In our server youll find a perfect blend of conflict treachury and general badassery

as well as a helpfull and friendly communitty
in the fractured kingdoms you can create your own unique kingdom and conquer the globe
or you can start small and build your way to the top the oppurtunitys are endless here
we will be adding in new lands for people to conquer and explore as our server grows
so their will always be new content for you to play through.
Original Lore. Unique RP. A friendly and active community.

Say Aloha to Blue Winter!

Magic is a staple of life. All who are born can use magic to some capacity, but alongside the countless uses of magic for good, there are even more for evil. As magic progressed more prominent users began to gather and form guilds. Guilds are places where mages can go and make the world better, alongside the other mages. People who can't use magic to a high degree, or those who are unable to do something, need help they come to guilds and submit their request so the task can be completed. While originally there were a few small guild there are now hundreds, with 11 guilds overseeing all. Blue Winter a minor guild overseeing the North.

Blue Winter is a community-driven RP server, where everyone plays a role in the world's progress. Blue Winter works in an arc based system, where users plan and run arcs for the server.
We hope to see you soon!
For thousands of years, a single king laid claim over all the land of Aerondor. Banishing criminals and the poor to a land known as the ‘outskirts’, an area lacking in the magic the rest of Aerondor was so abundant in, then walling them off. He was able to keep the kingdom in an artificial era of prosperity and power through this method, using his time to develop his own magic and ensure his unnaturally long lifespan.

While the outskirts still technically are a part of his kingdom, they developed their own unique culture and history over hundreds of years, the extreme pressures held over them becoming a crucible that forged gangs of warriors and breakthroughs in technology, notably gunpowder. Last year, the king was dethroned. A bastard son who he’d thrown out to the outskirts made his way back in and killed him, usurping the throne and the power that came with it.

The kingdom is in a transitional state. Despite its new leadership, schools still teach the outskirts as a statistic of why the walls are necessary, leading to plenty of tension. With the Titans that gave Aerondor it’s magic beginning to reawaken, the discovery of an advanced civilization underneath the kingdom, and revolution brewing in the outskirts, all it could take is one person to throw the ten-thousand year balance and history of Aerondor asunder.

-------------Roleplay Offers-----------

▪︎Open world with many growing and changing locations owned by members/oc’s depending on chat lore.
▪︎A system giving incentive for both questmasters and adventurers to roleplay.
▪︎Unique Shooting Mechanics and an accompanying Tier system to make oc’s stronger over time.
▪︎A choose your side system along with positives and negatives to both sides to allow unique character development.
▪︎In-depth bio system allowing for consistent growth and freedom of character.
▪︎Tons of planned events, games, tournaments, and cross-server events.
Plus More!

Long ago, before humans even existed, paranormals lived in peace among each other. The most prominent of the species being vampires, demons, angels, werewolves, and a variety of sea folk, although less prominent species existed they weren’t heard of much and tended to keep to themselves. Eventually, humans came into the picture. Paranormal offered peace but humans refused, killing and pushing the paranormals to one small island. Now, they are fighting for their right to exist.

Welcome to the Isle of the Cursed! Choose from one of our species to rp and a variety of positions to play at the castle, including resident, servant, or hunter. We hope to see you there!
Welcome to Drase! A roleplay server for those looking for a fun, fair PVE CRP experience with progression! Set in an expansive medieval fantasy with low power, magic is prevalent, but not world-destroying. We are a semi-literate to literate roleplay server that offers a hand-crafted PVE-oriented combat experience. We have well-defined character progression, fun, grid-based quests, balanced combat based on smart tactical decision rather than cheesy abilities.
And we are not a cliquey community either! We do our best to include everyone in our community, and teach them about our system instead of leaving you hanging. Don't want to fight and quest all the time? Slice of life roleplay that can offer rich character development and interactions is always an option!

What we offer:
TTPRG Inspired Character Building:
📜=> DnD-like perks allow you to customize and grow your character’s power with time.
🏹=> Unique Build System - Be a fighter, a tank, a battlemage, an archmage or anything in between - all supported by our system!
🏹=> Custom abilities and perks are allowed as well, as long as they remain reasonable within the world's power level.

A friendly, inclusive community!:
💗=> Professional staff & a non-toxic environment
✍=> Casual literate - No RP samples required!

A thoughtful, expansive world:
🐍=> Handcrafted, detailed, balanced races!
📚=> A world full of believable, varied nations inspired by real-world cultures

A comprehensive roleplay experience:
🏹=> Turn-based, detailed, semi-realistic diceless combat with magic!
🏹=> PVE Focus, immerse yourself in events crafted by GMs without worrying about PVP (optional)!

What are you waiting for? Join us today! We guarantee a unique experience!

DISCLAIMER: We rp on AMINO. Discord is used for ooc, lore, sheets, rules, recruiting, etc.

It is the 27th Century, Kingdoms still stand strong and the Medieval Era continues to roar. But now The Seven Deadly Sins have returned to destroy all life as we know it. Selodia has fallen, in shambles as the might and power of the Seven Sins slams through the earth. We hide now in a fort between two mountains hoping the Sins do not find us. Any and all help will be taken gratefully in this high and dangerous time of adventure and war....

Futuristic tech is allowed, but talk to an admin about it before doing so just to make sure its ok. Please do your best to be active we are aware of the circumstances of having an outside life. We're a good group. We can be fun and be serious, and well, our story had an amazing reputation back on Kik (seriously i have no idea how we got one, like even Prussia went to war with us cause we were so popular). Whether you join or not is up to you but with us you can make yourself something here.... If you play the right cards, of course. We would love to see you here!
Looking for a server to revive a long lost OC? Or are you looking for a place to set roots down for a brand new character concept? The Kingdom Of Simul may be what you are looking for.

A long running roleplay that is forever growing and changing. With lots of room to grow and lack of seriously in depth lore, this story based roleplay is perfect for new characters and tons of personal growth. Set in a late medieval fantasy setting, we have all sorts of beautiful sights to behold!

We have an incredibly in depth character approval process to make sure that all things are balanced out. We also offer tons of resources to perfect your characters including a customized Questionable Powers List, Easy to read Lore, and even an article on Roleplay Basics for those who are not familiar with how things work.

Come check us out and see if we would be a good fit for your OC! Want to take a peek at us before joining the server? Check out our website here:

World History is a discord server for people who live and breathe history.

The categories and channels move progressively along a timeline from emergence of early humans to the present day encouraging users to analyze historical events and develop a grasp of the chronology of human development. Moreover we are big friends of the circle culture and respectful communication to strenghen our community. Find, analyze, share, discuss, critique and improve your knowledge in this unique and friendly environment.

- Polls and Fruitful Debates on various history related topics with daily updates .
- Over 200 personalisation roles including Empires and States, Subjects of Interests, Political Ideologies, Time Periods, Religions and Philosophies in order to help express yourself.
- A levelling system with unique rewards and roles.
- Memes, Akinator and Radio channels including most famous historic speeches and anthems.
- Trivia and Quizzes to test your historical knowledge and get exclusive roles.
- Daily updates on History Articles (+PDF files).

And much more...
Saba's Roleplay is a Mount and Blade Warband roleplay server.

We use the Napoleonic Module of Warband for our 24/7 roleplay server, something everyone is welcome on.

We hold weekly events alongside daily casual roleplay, hosted by our active admin team.

Outside of roleplay we have an active discord and steam community, playing other games and taking part in discord roleplay.

So join today!
Dizune, Reborn

Welcome to the world of Dizune! We are a medieval fantasy role play. Join to enjoy all sorts of plots, from lighthearted storylines that are simple and fun to intense plots that’ll have you on the edge of your seat. You’re free to explore and have adventures as you please. Develop friendships, make enemies, get rich, or go broke. Fall in love or devote yourself to a religion. Join a guild, or make your own! So many choices, and so many ways to do them! Watch yourself... if you’re not careful, you may find yourself drawn into the endless chaos that plagues the world.

This server is perfect for all kinds of role players, whether you prefer to make small paragraphs or write novels for each individual post! We have a friendly team of administrators and moderators eager to get you started, and a lovely community that’d be happy to have you!

Join today to see what plots we're coming up with, or just join for a light, casual role play. You can do either, or you can do both! Whatever you choose, you're definitely going to have fun.

**Recognize the name?** We used to be a very strict role play, with enough rules to fill a book. We first opened up the server in January of 2018, but we eventually shut down sometime in late 2018 - early 2019, and since then the original owner hasn’t been very active. We recently banded back together, however, and decided to make some pretty drastic changes to how the server worked and to the timeline itself! We encourage you to rejoin and meet up with old pals, and engage in the RP for an all-new experience!
◆ We are a 18+ and literate server that is focused on roleplay and community! ◆

▸ We provide a more mature and quality focused RP server that offers a friendly OOC section where you can make friends and hangout.

▸ We offer creation freedom, with consistent lore and a species list to make sure characters within the RP setting is consistent and fun to create characters within.

▸ We offer creative freedom in regards to magical abilities, having no official list for allowed magical abilities, but we do expect reasonable techniques and abilities.

The two continents of Mithe and Iridia contain two major cities for each of them. The City of the Goblins, known as Wivere, a subterranean city of alchemy and cave tunnel traversal. The other city within Mithe is Azash, a primarily Orc controlled city with a long history of orc tradition and in-fighting that now has a chance of recovery and expansion. The two cities of Iridia is Etris, a human controlled city-state that has radically changed since a recent and successful usurping of its government has left it under the strict control of a Prime Human named King Miller. The second city of Iridia is controlled by three different types of elves, firstly the High Elves, Dark Elves, and Wood Elves. Each have carved a slice of the large city of Norhem, with the dark elves and high elves disliking one another, and with the wood elves trying to keep the peace between them, avoiding war at all costs.

The world is filled with monstrous creatures that are scored with a special system in mind. The land outside the walls of the four great cities is far from safe, and this is what mainly has stopped expansion, as these unnatural creatures that vary from very weak and small, to city-sized threats that lay either in a deep slumber, or are too far to care about any of the four major cities. In the end, you can create any character you'd like, as long as they fill one of the species in our list, but feel free to suggest a new species, and we will try to fit them in our world.

▸ Come and join us! :)
Ever find yourself pondering on if there is a place where all creatures and species of any kind, can come in peace to enjoy each other's company, get a job, have fun, and just make stupid choices?
Well the town of Riverend is the place for you! With all that goes around in the world, the small town of Riverend, home of the BEST tavern and Inn, Reverend, is a place to get away from the war that goes on outside. It's almost a bubble, sheltered and hidden. A place with harmony!
Hello! I'm Rae, the owner of the server, and I'd love to invite you to this wonderful community of people. We are small! But quality is better than quantity. I wish to see you there and personally meet you!
Ps. This is a literate rp server, meaning we request three lines or more as a reply while role-playing, and we'd like it if you were 13+. Thank you!!! I honestly appreciate you reading this!
Si la musique épique et le médiéval fantasy de manière plus générale vous tentent, nous vous invitons à venir faire un tour sur le Bastion, un serveur Discord francophone !

Retrouvez nos fiers aventuriers qui résident dans cette imprenable forteresse qu'est le Bastion. Notre communauté regroupe des voyageurs venus de tous horizons : gamers, artistes (dessin, musique, etc.), d'âges variés et de pays différents. Nous organisons de temps à autres des animations afin de nous divertir, une pinte en main, pour consolider les liens qui nous unissent.

Venez donc prendre l'épée ou la poêle pour faire prospérer cette cité avec nous, mettre en avant nos compositeurs, afin d'agrandir toujours plus notre grande famille et couler des jours heureux dans notre chaleureuse taverne !

• Arx, Lumen in Tenebris • Bastion, Lumière dans les Ténèbres •
Hey! Welcome to The Guilded Mug! This is a medieval themed discord that's centered around building a fun community to just hang out, chat, and play some games! Anyone is able to join as long as you are over the age of 13 like discord states.

Would you like to expand your character's story without the troubles of OP characters and one lined responses? Would you like to join a server with thought out and always developing lore that you can help impact? Go on quests and adventures that could lead to danger and misfortune? Want to avoid those RP’ers who only dodge and attack? A server that revolves around your character's development and self-pace? In a fantasy world where you can be who and whatever you want to be, where you can sail the great seas or ride a dragon. A place where you can hire an assassin and possess a demon. A server where almost anything is possible? Where life can be whatever you want it to be? Then join us in our magical fantasy world of Aebritia!


ஜ▬ Easy to follow lore for you to help impact

ஜ▬ Quests and adventures to go on

ஜ▬ Wide range of species and powers

ஜ▬ OOC channels to talk in

ஜ▬ Active and welcoming staff that will always help

ஜ▬ Literate-Semi Literate roleplayers

ஜ▬ Active plot and roleplay events
Server com temática medieval mas aberto a todos e todas, venha se juntar ao nosso reino soldado.
Interactúa con otros usuarios en un mundo de rol medieval, mágico, evolutivo a través de los cuatro reinos y el modo historia. ¡Sube de niveles, mejora tus profesiones y construye o domina imperios! Dirige un gremio o ejercito y aventúrate a la batalla!.
Tilia is a land of curiosities filled with creatures of all sorts. Humans are the most common to see, yet the planet is roamed by everything from elves, orcs, and giants to demons, merfolk and many more. Life in Tilia differs from region to region, and many areas still remain undiscovered. Join the adventures that lie within it today!

The server of Tilia has plenty of things to offer, such as:

- Several roleplay types! (Romance, Political, Combat, Horror, etc.)

- A ranking system based on your activity - higher ranks gain trust and are allowed to create stronger, more influential characters

- The ability to create your own lore!

- Side stories, guilds and quests!

- Character and Region Diversity - All types of characters are permitted and there are numerous regions of Tilia to roleplay in

- Events! - Including Art events, Movie nights, etc

- Partnerships with other servers!

Join us today and begin your adventure!
Firaulia is Medieval RP sever with a holy roman empire esque setting, we focus on a single city in a much larger kingdom.

The kingdom of Rovnia is in a state of turmoil, suffering form the after math of brutal war, the death of their king, a looming civil war and widespread famine in the south. The nation only exists on paper as unrest grows and despite all of this, the city of Firaulia thrives, a good place for merchants or craftsmen to start a business. However many fear that the good times are coming to a end.

We offer:
-Over 50 RP channels organized across several channels
-Semi literate Roleplay
-An RP economy
»»————- ♔ ————-««
This is a PC Minecraft server (Java) this server is not actually a realm.
»»————- ♔ ————-««
Join if you want to play in the Minecraft server :D

▅▄▃▁▁▁▁▁₪₪₪• • • ♛Medieval Realm♛ • • •₪₪₪▁▁▁▁▁▂▃▄▅

🎬 - Minecraft 1.16.2
🆓 - Free Ingame Ranks (You have to obtain them via crates)
💲 - Not P2W
🎯 - Per GameMode Ranks
⚔ - Kits for each Rank
📦 - Crates for more Loot
💯 - 100% uptime
🚫 - No Lag
😎 - Friendly Community
⏳ - Easy rollbacks
💽 - Server ranks = Discord ranks
»»————- ♔ ————-««
🌎 -Skyblock: Build your empire from scratch
🤺 -SkyPvp: Fight your friends!
🔪 -Survival: -Most popular- Survive against nature with your companions!
🏡 -Creative: The only limit is your imagination!
🏙 -CityBuild: Cities built from the ground up
»»————- ♔ ————-««
What you can get with a rank:
⛏ - Custom Kits
📜 - Special commands ( /fly, /enderchest, etc.)
💬 - Original Chat Prefix
»»————- ♔ ————-««
»»————- ♔ ————-««
»»————- ♔ ————-««