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Hey there!
Looking for a welcoming, unique server for teens aged 13-21?
Feeling down and need to vent, or some friends to talk to?
Want to show off your artistic skills?
Or just want to make some friends and have a good time?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Minnt is perfect for you!
Minnt is welcoming to everyone from all kinds of backgrounds!
In Minnt:

》A large variety of channels including:
- Venting
- Pets and Animals
- Creativity (art, writing etc)
- Gaming
- Various Voice Chats

》Unique and self-assignable roles!
- Name Colours
- Personal Roles (including a LGBTQ+ role and more!)
- XP Levels & Roles (chat and VC)

- Each month, nominate a member and staff of the month!

》Lots of cool bots!
- An anonymous venting/confession bot!
- Dank Memer
- Birthday bot
- Music bot (Groovy)
- Starboard
- And more!

If you've made it to the end of this message... why haven't you joined yet? We're waiting for you!
🔥Her ay Nitro, Spotify, Netflix çekilişleri yapıyoruz.
🔥Yetkili alımlarımız açık ve büyük yetkili kadromuza seni de bekliyoruz.
🔥Diğer sunucular gibi isim yaş kaydetmek yerine dilediğin isimle kayıt ediyoruz.
🔥Aile ortamında bir sunucu arıyorsan buyur sen de aramıza katıl ve desteklerinle nitro kazanma şansı yakala
🔥Tagımızı alırsan ekstra çekilişlerimze katılabilirsin. Tagımız: ℭ
⏤ ⏤ ✎ .ೃ Information about this server!!

ˏˋ °•⁀➷

゚゚・:.·pαѕтι──── · · · · ✦·  ·  ·  · ♡

┌──── “✦ „

└➤ ゚゚・*:.·pαѕтι──── · · · · ✦· · · · ♡ Is a SFW non-toxic server! This is basically a hangout server. You can make new friends that can be close to you! This server might not be the best but me and the others tried very hard on doing them so yeah! Please make sure to be comfortable here.

﹏﹏﹏ ﹏﹏﹏ ﹏﹏﹏ ﹏﹏﹏ ﹏﹏﹏ ﹏﹏﹏ ﹏﹏﹏ ﹏﹏﹏ ﹏﹏﹏

˚✎ ﹏What does this server have?

⌢ : ♡: This server has:
*·70+ cute roles
*·50+ channels
*·alot of friendly people
*·mimu shop
*·level up roles

·˚✎ Extra:
⌢ : ♡:We worked really hard on this server we hope that you like it here! ❀
(omg new desc.😳)⭐️🌟BIS or Basic Intergalactic Series is a sci fi virtual reality show where species from across space battle in challenges to win which is all hosted by a virtual host!!!! there will be many seasons and season 1 is about to end omg 🌟⭐️
Un serveur tranquille autour d'un nouveau monde ! avec des events si on atteint les 30 membres ! venez vite !
Hello there, and welcome to Eternal Souls. This is a guild for a game called Swordburst 2 in Roblox. While most members play Swordburst 2, there are other topics and games to talk about. We also host in-game and real-life giveaways almost everyday!

We are a friendly community are always looking for new active members and staff. Come check us out!
No verification needed! - Rezuse is a fun and friendly social community server to meet other boys & girls. We have a active text and voice chat! ❤️ The average age is around 16-24

🏆 RPG Game Bot
🏆 Active - We love to meet you
🏆 Reaction Roles - Introduce yourself easily by picking some reaction roles!
🏆 Teens Friendly - But mostly 18+
🏆 DM's - Open or closed DM roles
🏆 Roles - Climb up the ladder and get the highest role
🏆 Art, photography, social media & other channels
🏆 Daily Questions - Old but gold, every day a fresh question to discuss!
🏆 LGBTQ Friendly - Everyone, no matter who you are are accepted <3
🏆 Memes - Share your favorite memes with us
🏆 Suggestions - You can help us to get the best result
🏆 Challenges - You may challenge others.. but they might challenge you as well

🏆 PLAY.REZUSE.EU - 1.16.2
Normal Survival - Custom Biomes/Dungeons/Advancements/Items – Jobs – Quests – TimeIsMoney – Rank Upgrades – Anti Grief/Cheat/Swear – Player Shops - Crates - VoteParty
Hey, we play a lot of siege. We aren’t toxic. We play a lot of games beside siege too. We are on a lot. Yes, I type like a four-year-old. And Yes, you should join
✴ Düzenli bir biçimde pagan ayinleri yapıp kafamıza keçi kanı akıtıyoruz.

✴ IQ puanı 110 ve üzeri olanlara ayrıcalıklı ortamlar.

❄ Rafine bir mülakat süreci sonunda sunucuya alınmış elit ve özel üyeler ile viski eşliğinde yapılabilecek bilim, kültür, sanat muhabbetleri.

❄ Bilim insanlarımız tarafından titizlikle hazırlanmış "mala anlatır gibi" kanallarıyla hayalinizdeki başarıyı elde etme fırsatı.

Adını unutabilirsiniz, tadını asla.

Regna Excidant
Best proxies in the market. Proxies with Unlimited Bandwidth and rotating for a cheap price. If you want to change your location or want to check some accounts you should get these proxies. They are high quality and cheap
Furry Royale is a discord that allows furs to do what they want, how they want (within TOS of Discord). Chat, gaming, drama, and art fill this server <3
A Homestuck drama-free server that is system friendly!! We have system bots and homestuck bots as well as color-chan!! Btw we're all anti-homestuck <3 /j
Hello There! Looking For Roleplay Server With A Lot Of Maps, Looking For Friends & Relationship, Friendly People, Create Your Own Characters, Events And A Lot More? Well, You At The Right Place!

Welcome To Ultimate Role-Play (Recreated), Here We Have Lot Things To Do! Here We Have :
~Friendly Members
~Self-House System
~Creating Your Very Own Characters
~Economy System (Money)
~Relationship System
~And More!

We Also Have :
~Verification (Simple)
~Friendly Staffs
~Hiring Staff (Every 100 Members Joined)
~Strong Rules
~Human & Non-Human Allowed
- We Don't Allow Non-Human Haters
& Human Haters
~Advertising Channels
~And More

What You Waiting For? Join Us Now! We Always Open For You! :D

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Dirakos Dirakos
Super Serveur
J'ai payer 10e pour le e-whoring et me suis remboursé de presque 20x plus en seulement 1 semaine. C'est vraiment un serveur génial !!
Vor 6 Tagen
polyphloisboisterous polyphloisboisterous
Weird but cool
Weirdest fucking server I've been in but in the best way possible... Good owner and good mods. 69/10 would recommend.
Vor 10 Tagen
eli eli
This server is doing so much giveaways daily and doing different types of events every now and then! I have won around 5 or more giveaways now and its like my second week here!! I definitely recommend this server if you play acnh and want to have fun (:
Vor 23 Tagen
Little Lili Little Lili
Best Animal Crossing Server
Other than the massive animal crossing server like Nookazon, i think Nook foundation is hands down the best community server for animal crossing, the staff team is very proffesionnal and there are many giveaways practically every minute that are legit ! 10/10 honestly didn't think it was possible to get this good with a server
Vor 26 Tagen
7 3
Lettuce Lettuce
Nice review
This server is very nice. The people are very nice. The mods are very nice. Really like the nice atmosphere that this nice server provides. Very nice!
Vor 109 Tagen
Doubee Doubee
Cenário de Amor
Posso dizer em palavras resumidas que o HooneyMoon é um dos grupos de Discord mais incrível que tive a sorte e oportunidade de conhecer. Desde a Administração que é completamente responsável, eficiente e amorosa e que reflete bem o cenário do grupo onde se dar e recebe carinho e amor com igualdade e respeito.
Vor 115 Tagen
Styles21 Styles21
An amazing server
A very robust server with many channels or users to post and interact in.

This server also has a wide variety of content both SFW and NSFW. It’s definitely worth checking out! All of the content sections are regularly updated.
Vor 158 Tagen
BlackHawk414 BlackHawk414
This server is amazing. Everyone is nice and chatty. Everyone is also supportive. Definitely a 10/10
Vor 179 Tagen
2 1
ben. ben.
this server is so scary i pee and i enjoy that a lot thank you totallytubular you should join :)
Vor 216 Tagen
dangitbobby67 dangitbobby67
Great Community
This community is the best community for roleplay out there by far in my opinion.
Vor 324 Tagen
6 3
Leo Kaye Leo Kaye
literally the safest multiple server ive been in
there's no evidence of that stuff happening in the negative reviews ._. usually you can figure out if a mods corrupt by using the search bar and seeing what their interactions are like, but theres literally nothing indicating the mods or owners are remotely abusive. theyre actually pretty good about keeping drama down and members safe. chances are, if you got banned, it was probably for a good reason. i hope i wont have to eat my words, but its looking like i probably wont.
Vor 444 Tagen
Coffee Coffee
Holy Moly!
I'm going to say the elephant in the room. Climax is THE next big thing. Gods? That's cool! And Atlantis! Like it's all that and a bag of chips! xD
Vor 508 Tagen