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If your new to youtube or your a small channel that doesnt get views or subs or your not growing, you have come to the right place because we 1000+ members will help you grow your channel and you can collab with any member in the server also we have self promos so you can promote your channel,server,or twitch and etc.
Invite link if the join button doesn't work:

Welcome to Riegel (new server), we're a casual/gaming community that both focuses people who'll join just to talk to the people in the server and people that are here to pick up others for games (CSGO, Destiny, COD, Overwatch, R6S, and Smash). Mixed games, of course but there's more than just one channel for those listed games. When you join, you'll have roles to choose from in a channel that list out the desired roles. Once choosing one of the roles, a number of channels will unlock, showing you part of the server that is made for the game of your choice. This part is up to you, without the game roles, none of the channels are listed out and the server is completely focused on casual chat with members/admins!

We do not support dating servers since it goes against the TOA for Discord. Our main goal is to create a non-toxic community that's opened for anyone to join in. We also do not have a NSFW channel(s).

Riegel is advertiser friendly, but with a few basic rules. For instinct, do not join if you only plan on putting ads for your servers. You must be well known in the server, along with being level 10+ with our MEE6. Other rules are listed in our rule channel.

There are no selfie channels or anything that are extremely personal. We do not ask for information about you at the slightest and introductions are option. You're allowed to have a persona here, all we do ask for is what to call you and what pronouns you would liked to be called by. This goes along with our roles (age role, gender role), you're not forced to choose these roles.

We have fun categories to choose from and read from. Reddit channels are set up and we have a few subreddits you can check out when someone posts there. Along with interest channels, such as art, music, memes, ect.

Partnerships are allowed if you speak to one of our partnership helpers or the owner herself. Servers we partner with must also follow along with our rules, or at least follow most of them!


Looking for other gamers or just wish to spread your memes? We're one click away. Create relations and discussions to our Community Members and enjoy some of our Discord Minigames whenever your bored and have nothing better to do.

:wave: Free Advertisements & Partnerships!
:camera: Free Stream advertisements
:musical_note: Music Bots!
:ok_hand: Automated Roles, Colors & Lvls
:speaking_head:️ Discussion Topics
:video_game: Game Channels
:frog: Memes

You don't have to be a gamer to enjoy your while, Join to find friends or create discussions!

Looking for people to play games with on Xbox One? Join the Xbox Social Club today! We are a growing community filled with Gaming News, Photography and most importantly Looking For Group channels along with memes, music and games!
Silver's Nerdhub is a small but growing community full of kind people(weebs). We are looking for more members to help grow our community even if a little. We provide a growing NSFW section on our server. We have pokecord, gaming channel, and many more!
We a new NSFW community aimed to provide sexual satisfaction only. No dating but we are thinking to add that feature on and also adult RPG near future. Join us and find your perfect lustful partner !

Everyone is welcomed BUT you MUST be 18+ only but if you are about 17 you can join us too !
Mods needed.
( Starting out! ) A small chill English/Japanese server for anyone who wants to make friends, post art, chat about anything, or play games!

❃Custom xp roles
❃Separate role for Japanese speakers/people who would like to learn!
❃No strict rules (except for being a non-nsfw server!)
❃Since we're a relatively new server, we are very open to suggestions as to how you would like to customize it to your tastes!
❃ Although we're still small, everyone is very friendly! Give our server a try, who knows, you might enjoy it here 😄
We are just a small family that welcomes anyone who wants to join!
We're a community of pc/console gamers and friends! - we've got lots of amazing people around here so come join us to play some games, watch movies or participate in events (づ◕o◕)づ
✨Hello!! ^^ Good Vibes Inc. is a small, friendly server. ✨
The staff looks out for our members and try to help out in anyway we can! We currently have:
•Music Bots
•A Rant Channel
•Self-Assignable and Color Roles
•Helpful Staff
•Level System
•Pokémon Bot
•Welcoming and Friendly Community

Come and join us and we’ll welcome you with open arms! <3

hello there

You have to confirm your face and age here or be met with a timed kick, just behave yourself here and be nice towards others, if you want a specific role or color you have to tell me otherwise I will keep you the same

o also it's encouraged to introduce yourself, and if you join dont say anything/dont pick a role you will most likely be kicked, among other reasons

enjoy your stay

With attentive admins and a relatively laid-back attitude, The Dragon Keep is a furry server that manages to have a welcoming community. We take pride in our flexibility and listen to our user base. If this sounds like the place for you, feel free to stop by and give us a quick look!
Originally for growtopia trading etc
Or just join in for chatting;)
Just Another Anime Server!
Perfect place to socialise and meet people from all over the world!
A fun and growing community for everyone.
Anime, Manga, Memes, Artwork and much more!
We are very new so we need some peeps to join! Hope you enjoy ya stay! c:
Snapchat community for sharing selfies, images and Snapcodes! Active #story channel with verified members.
💬 ₊✧─────₊˚. « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ ».˚₊─────. ∘₊✧ 🌸

poof! we are UwU Central ~
we have many channels with different topics for everyone! We strive to connect anime fans, gamers, and memers to interact with each other and build healthy relationships!

🍮 ∘₊✧─────₊˚. « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ ».˚₊─────. ∘₊✧ 🍰

So what are you waiting for? Join our server and see what we have to offer! •ᴗ•
Welcome to Alpha’s Den, we are currently a small community consisting of mostly Furries and Scalies, we have many great channels and there are so many nice people. Please, come check us out!
If you are a furry or just interested in the fandom, The Furry Nexus is the server for you! We have an active community of over 3,600 members, dedicated and unbiased staff members to assist you 24/7. Our channels include gaming, music, fursuiting, memes, art, roleplay, 18+ content and much more! We also have public Minecraft servers for our users! :D
Nexus Gaming is part of the Nexus Network, the Gaming Division.
It features channels and VC's for highly played videogames, such as Fortnite, R6S and COD. We are planning to have our own eSports Organisation in future. Please note, we are primarily for furries, but everyone is allowed to join!
Hello! & Welcome to Immortal Gaming! 🤗

We are close, small group of social gamers expanding into a community where people can meet others to game, socialize, and chill with. 🤗

We have:
༻▬▬⋙ 🌴 A chill environment to game & socialize in
༻▬▬⋙ 🏅 LoL Tournaments & series with cash prizes
༻▬▬⋙ 🤳 Self promotion channels
༻▬▬⋙ 🔊 Gaming & social voice chats
༻▬▬⋙ 😏 Memes
༻▬▬⋙ 🔞 NSFW channel available upon request
༻▬▬⋙ 🎲 Gambling/Games to play to win server currency with
༻▬▬⋙ 💰 Community shop to buy a variety of server items
༻▬▬⋙ 👑 Staff openings
༻▬▬⋙ 🎉 Raffles, minigames, tournaments, and prized events
༻▬▬⋙ 🌸 Anime nights
༻▬▬⋙ 🎤 Karaoke nights
༻▬▬⋙ 📽️ Movie nights
༻▬▬⋙ 💙 Partnerships

If you would like to join us here is an invite for you & your friends 💗
Hope to see you soon!
We're Whitepot Studios, Northern Ireland game developers.

Our server is for:
🕹️ our players and friends to talk about our games (mobile & PC)
🕹️ share their own indie dev creations (game jamming etc.)
🕹️ and just hang out :)

We also have daily chat tags, like #MusicMonday, #ThrowbackThursday, etc. - so there's always something to talk about!