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"So you're saying that you come from another world, and that you used to travel between them...
But when you tried to leave this place, a mysterious god trapped you?"


Welcome, Traveler, to the lands of Teyvat!
It is a pleasure to see that you have taken interest in joining us on this journey through the world of Genshin Impact!

This server offers:

☆ Helpful, friendly staff members that are present around the clock.

☆ A nice place to hang out with fellow Genshin Impact fans, with a category dedicated to assembling parties.

☆ Strict, Anti-Toxicity rules paired with an age minimum of 18.

☆ A multitude of roles to express yourself, ranging from how many lines you write to whether you possess an OC or not!

☆ Tailored system that allows OCs without the use of dice!

What are you waiting for, Traveler? Come join us in this journey!


Invite Link:

𝕎𝕖𝕝𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕥𝕠 𝕥𝕙𝕖 ℂ𝕣𝕒𝕓 ℂ𝕦𝕝𝕥!

(First off, we are not actually a cult lol)

We are a very fun, chill, and easy going server! Were everyone can come together and just be themselves. However some topics/channels we have are in relation too a mobile game called “Sky : Children of Light” and Genshin Impact!

Great place to make friends and were everyone has a voice!

A lot of activities to part take in :
— Contests & Prizes
— Group Community Games
— Pretty Colors & Cool Self-Roles
— Creative Custom Emojis
— Fun Commands / Bots
— Support Systems
— Art Stuff

We would LOVE to have you!
Hope you come check us out!!

Crabs are life! ミ[°°]ミ
A server focused on information gathering and sharing, games of all kinds (mainly gacha games), and media of all kinds.
Looking for talkers, askers, and those who initiate conversation.
We advise against joining if you're under 18.

-Multiple game news webhooks and roles
-We have guilds for Azur Lane on the Washington and Sandy servers
-Server boost level 1
-Channel names are mine themed
-Self assignable roles
-Moderators and members normally reply to any questions you may have in a reasonable amount of time
-Owner is very active and voice chats often
-Wide array of channels for niche interests; general information/knowledge, animals, sports/extreme sports, motorized vehicles, visual and audio media, diy/crafts/restoration, survival/hunting/foraging/fishing, military history/weapons/armed combat vehicles.
-Tiered NSFW chats

🔴 Unique anime events!
🟡 Waifu-wars! (Join to see what it is about)!
🔴 Cute server design
🟡 Very cute emotes!
🔴 Simultaneously watch anime series/movies with others!
🟡 Introduction and Selfies channels!
🔴 Meme / Nsfw channels!
🟡 Animanga Bot!
✨✨ Hello and welcome to Yuu's Forsaken Realm! ✨✨

What is this server about, you may ask? It's basically just a server to support my streams I guess. A general community server that I own, let's keep it that way. Anyone and everyone is welcome of course. Feel free to make new friends and just have a good time chatting with one another.🙂

What do we offer, basically?:
🔰 Question of the day
🔰 Streamer channels
🔰 A friendly ambience
🔰 Anime and manga channels
🔰 Art channels

Other perks:
🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+ friendly

I'll also soon open a part of the server where I'll post stuff about something I'm writing at the moment - Twilight Star is a fictional fantasy story with multiple references and inspirations from other fictional works the I've been exposed to. These aren't the only things I'm promoting here - the server can be used to help out other steamers as well.

Hopefully you enjoy your stay! 🎉
Retrouve une communauté de joueurs sur Mobile ! ⭐

-Mobile Legends
-Genshin Impact
-Among US

Mais aussi Call of, Fortnite, Plato ect..

Zapraszam serdecznie osoby którzy szukają kogoś do wspólnej rozgrywki w Genshin Impact.
O to co oferujemy:
-Miła i ogarnięta administracja.
-Poradniku dla początkujących graczy.
-Strefa Memów
-Informację o najważniejszych Eventach i Updatach
Сервер по такой быстроразвивающейся игре, как Genshin Impact. Здесь вас встретит приятная атмосфера, дизайн, адекватная администрация, новости/слухи/инсайды по игре. Малышка Паймон тебя ждёт, заходи!
welcome to ꒰ ✰ vintage꒱ !

a small & growing vintage themed server for people to hang around in and make friends!

- enstarries and people who play idv get a special pass!
- many reaction and color roles
- lots of fun channels and bots like userphone, mudae, uno bot & mafia bot
- this an sfw server! no nsfw will be tolerated

Une nouvelle communauté française Genshin Impact ouvre son propre serveur !
Venez nous rejoindre aventuriers !
❀ Carbonari is a friendly and welcoming gaming community with super fun events and more! ❀

What we feature:
» level 3 perks & a ton of adorable emotes
» an active, chill and respectful environment
» channels for every aspect of gaming & social
» organized guides & firsthand game announcements
» movie nights & talent contests
» platform to host/watch awesome gaming streams
» supportive leadership team ready to help

❀ Come join us~! ❀
Un discord italiano basato sul nuovo gioco mmo Genshin Impact.
Server con persone attive sia in chat che nei vocali ;
Siamo sempre aggiornati riguardo le news i redeem code etc. ;
Aiutiamo tutti nessuno viene Ignorato ;
Se hai intenzione di creare scompiglio o di litigare questo non e il posto adatto.
Welcome to the 𝙆𝙖𝙩𝙨𝙪𝙢𝙞'𝙨 𝙂𝙖𝙢𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙃𝙪𝙗 !

―――»。˚ 🎮 WHAT WE OFFER 🎮 。˚«―――

✧ FRIENDLY, NONTOXIC and ACTIVE gaming/anime community!
✧ Create friendships! It's so easy to meet new people and become friends here.

✧ Gaming tournaments & fun contests!
✧ We play games with our members EVERYDAY!

✧ Pokémon bot (pokemeow)! There's a bunch of Pokémon lovers in here!
✧ OwO & Tatsu bot! many more bots to use and enjoy.

✧ Cool & Unique emotes to use (also meme emotes)!
✧ Aesthetically pleasing server, nothing's unorganized.

The server isn't too big at the moment, but we're growing rapidly. Please consider joining and help us out! We're all super friendly and we'd love to get to know you better! Let's all be friends and play games together ♡ 🎮
Hi fellow Genshin players!

We are a small community surrounding the Genshin Impact Universe with channels related to gaming, art, memes and more! We have self assignable roles, a level- up system, a lot of emotes and bots to check out.

If you are looking for people to play with or just wanna chat or want to help us grow this server, join us and stop by! :D

Looking To Get Flirty or Show Yourself Off?

Want To Play Among Us?

Want to display and show off your favourite anime’s?

Want To Game & Talk About You'r Favourite Anime's?

Want To Exchange Pics & Maybe Even Meet Up?



OPEN ENVIRONMENT For All Genders & Sexual Orientations

Join Now Become Part of The Community!
Looking to meet some new people to play games with?
Join the Kool Kids Club!

All are welcome, if you aren’t crazy about gaming, you should still join just to check out the server, meet some new people and talk about your favorite anime or other things
Welcome to KCG
I'm glad you managed to crawl your way into this hell hole of retarded people, This place is for people to Chill play games with each other, and have fun, but well that's about all that we could offer the rest is up to you if you want to try it or not.
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Werde ein Teil der größten, deutschen Genshin Impact Community! ❤️

👋 Ein Server für Alles und Jeden 😊
👋 Server Boost LvL 1 und 128 kbps Audio Qualität 🔊


💬🎮✨ Über 500 Personen tauschen sich heute schon aktiv über verschiedenste Genshin Impact Themen aus. Habt Spaß, respektiert euch gegenseitig und seid aktiv!

🤖🎶🐢 Viele verschiedene Bots (Musik, Leveling, etc.), vielfälltige Emotes, regelmäßige Community-Events!

Server von YouTuber K4iZEN

K4iZEN's Twitch Kanal
This Server is for fun, active members everyday, 300+ members, chill, giveaway, enjoy
Here u can make new friends And enjoy every day

>A place where people can find others to play Among Us with and hang out!
> Find a friendly and welcoming server
>Make friends and play Among Us together!
>Get colored roles
>a growing community of members who enjoy the game
>tons of emojis
>Listen to music!
Fun place to hang out. Chill people, Multiple voice-chats for different categories. Talk about your favourite anime or manga (and why shonen is overrated) or play games and have fun.

(Games:- genshin-impact,terraria,minecraft,chess,rocket-league,magic the gathering, among us, brawlhalla, csgo)