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Hub to meet foreign people and practice languages (chat/audio) inside a unique tower-structured server. Join in and talk with people from around the world. Our passion is to bring people together, Enjoy🌈
Tickling Haven is the international community that provides with your desire for tickling!
- A community around one of the most widespread fetishes👣
- Friendly people sharing the same fetish as you and exchanging on quality content 👥
- 70+ roles to choose from, and more that can be earned ✅
- An abundance of channels that acquaint with more than just tickling ❤️
- NSFW channels for the thirsty 💦
- French and Spanish areas for international communities
Feet Haven is the international community that provides with your desire for feet!
- Exclusive pictures from male, female and non-binary models 👣
- Friendly users to interact with and share quality content 👥
- 90+ roles to choose from, and more that can be earned ✅
- An abundance of channels that acquaint with more than just feet ❤️
- NSFW channels for the thirsty 💦
- French and Spanish areas for international communities
Hello guys! Hope you're having a nice day :3

Hoshi is a unique server for people who likes anime/manga and gaming.
What's unique about this server is that it is owned by a Japanese and Asian mods/members that likes to help and grow our understanding about different cultures together as a community.

Don't hesitate to give us feedback if you feel like there is something that should be added or something that should be fixed!
HEY guys!!! we are a budding new community and we are looking for more members. If you are looking for friends please do check us out :)
We are:
— not a very strict server
— ages 13-17+ here

* welcoming and friendly
* more fun when we’re active so be there when others are talking!!
This is a server for international exchange through Minecraft
I hope you can use it when you want to multiplayer with someone else
You can play with us 24 hours a day ‘cause the manager of this server has already purchased Realms of Java edition!
We look forward to your participation
Je to reinkarnace serveru s milou komunitou a skrytým diktátorským režimem. Je to server kde se mluví asi o všech tématech, ale pozor na pravidla ty se dodržují. Příjemný a-team (podle všeho ne, ale koho to zajímá) a taky tu je fuhrer ecchichi, který skolí celého gumového medvídka.
Popis napsal: Generál

It is the reincarnation of a server with a nice community and a hidden dictatorial regime. It's a server where you talk about all the topics, but watch out for the rules that follow. Nice a-team (apparently not, but who cares) and there's also a fuhrer ecchichi, which knocks down an entire gummy bear
Description wrote: Generál
Hi Everyone! :) The International is a group of friendly, kinky, sexy people who basically chat about all sorts of stuff, and like to mostly flirt and get naughty when they’re so inclined. We’ve got themes, gifs, nudes, roleplaying and we do it all on discord. Hope to see you sometime.

Our goal is to help you meet fun people to flirt with and find ways to satisfy your thirst. All we ask is that you be nice to everyone.

- The International Management
Today it's a Founder Birthday (as Illutorium of 26 August)
URL of Himself for Public: ""
Age Depends: ""
Categories: Aesthetic Categories (as Drawing stuffs ,Vaporwaves ,Greenscreens memes ,Music Stuffs ,Developing stuffs ,EXIF photographies ,Circuit Bents ,VCR's/Idents of TV's, DeviantART Muro Retro Drawing Picks), "All-of-This",IT Discussions (as Modern/Retro) etc.
Rules: Include at "#📃rules" if be will to Join
Bots: Mantaro (Music), (Roles/Information), NotSoBot, Tatsumaki (Ranking with Cloud Storage), Nitro Emoji Bot for Non-Nitro Users, EasyServerStats (Timecount of Incoming/Outcoming at Join Members), Time Zone Bot (Timezone Converter)
Backup Bumps: (4h), (6h|Manually only), Server Mate (Drops link on Random Groups)|Dropped: Open Bump (due Less peoples)
WCAG 2.0 comaptibile: Partly, cause Emoji for Non-verbals only.
︵‿୨・ 。゚ The Hoomans Server V.2 ♡:. ୧‿︵
◦・ ˚₊๑
And Companionship is our Custom ♡

୨୧ A server which commits to all people around the globe for empowerment, support and friendship !
୨୧ We allow Commissions to be sold and to be advertised inside the server!
୨୧ A human community that welcomes everyone who has a heart for family and friends!
୨୧ Disregards discrimination to all people of all races and gives motivation to those who have personal problems and those who needs a helping hand!
୨୧ Newbies are also welcome and treated as family!
୨୧ Toxicity and stressors, detected NEGATIVE!
Welcome to HossenB2's server hope you enjoy your stay.
We have a lot of channels including mudae, fortnite channels and many more.
We have an awesome community and roles come and get them by yourself!!
Organized server.

We have:
-Mudae bot
-VC channels
-Counting channel
-Memes channel
-Self promo channel
And many more!

Come join us and be a part of HossenB2's family and thank you so much!
AESIND :: Aesir Industries

We're an international gaming clan founded in 2017 by a set of dedicated people looking to make the 'Verse a better place.
As we started off as a Star Citizen organisation and as such it remains our main occupation, however we've since expanded well beyond those boundaries and evolved into a multi-gaming clan.
The games we play vary widely, ranging from FPS and simulations to MMO's and indie games.

Our member base stretches all over the world with the main core being primarily located in the EU and US.
As such English is our operational language.

We treat our members with equality and welcome all to join our little family. On top of having fun, we partake in a multitude of social events and meet up in real every year.

Sounds interesting? Come around and join our server for more info, grab a cup of mead and partake in our fun.

We hope to see you soon o7
Welcome to the International Socialist Club!


The most refined socialist/leftist server on discord, welcoming all forms of leftism, this server will fit your leftist needs regardless if you're new, old or just heard of socialism!

This server features:

☭ Memes, anime and all things related to humor and entertainment

☭ Many different forms of socialist media; propaganda, books, music, and even a movie night!

☭ Democratic polls and a much more user-based leadership to guide the server based on your accords!

☭ Partnerships with all other socialist servers

☭ Lots of reading material, historical myths debunked and a general invitation into socialism for all those interested in knowing, or just chatting

☭ Lots of new features to come, all by a democratic concensus of all users! Even you!


If you're looking to get into socialism, politics, debating, or just want to talk and chat about stuff, then this is the best server for you!
Join today!
Congratulations! On the behalf of Asian Academy, we are pleased to announce your admission to our school!

Here’s are a few benefits for enrolling to Asian Academy:

⇒ Kind faculty!

⇒ Friendly and welcoming students!

⇒ Fun bots to play around with!

We are mainly an asian server, but we accept everybody no matter your race, sexuality, gender, etc. We hope to see you there! ♡~
On serwer there are person who live in different countries. You can learn all languages.We are playing in different games and we talk about everything. You can meet nice people. This is big social server!
WELCOME TO THE GREATEST (i think so) AMONG US COMMUNITY! Join my server if you like among us. Pls. It's a good server. You can even get moderation roles if you're good!
As an archive-based, we aim to discover & promote underground metal bands.

Whether you are a neophyte or a connoisseur, Metalground-World welcomes you. We focus on underground bands & artists in order to promote them & give them the credit they deserve.
Speaking of promotion, we propose to our members, under the authorisation of our moderation team, to publicise their work. You can also follow us online & on YouTube (Metalground : Underground Source).
An educational community where everyone from any culture/race/beliefs is welcome. Hangout with people from different culture. Learn, Practice & Master new or your desired language. Meet foreign people and make new friends from all over the world. Also offers: 150+ self assignable roles + Much more
Welcome, Magic knight!!!

This is a Black Clover-themed Discord server where you can chat, enjoy, and mingle with your other fellow Magic Knights!! We have lots of things for you to enjoy and do!! We held various events that gives XPs!!
Bots such as:
-dank memer
And many more!!

We await for you, Magic Knight!! Come and join our discord server!!

*This server is based on the philippines*
Among Us is a multiplayer online party game. The game is developed and published by InnerSloth, an American game company, and released on 15 June 2018. The game has a group of players who each take on one of two roles in a space-themed world, most of them being crewmates and some being impostors. The server aims to provide a pool for Asian/Australian players to play with one another due to the small pool. Thank you for checking us out!
hello and welcome to: MAGNITUDE

make friends, find people with common interests and just chill here! we accept all kinds of people, be it lgbtq+, gamers, bookworms, anime fans or kpop stans!

we have many channels for different topics, so you can discuss with others about the same topic in the channel!

the more, the merrier, right? yes! we would love to have you here, so don't hesitate to join us! we have a variety of emojis, self assignable roles and more!

we hope you'll join us in the journey of growing this server!