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This community is for people who like to watch IRL and other livestreams and have a place to talk with other people.
We have a bunch of well known streamers who talk in our server and have bots dedicated to advertising other Live Streamers if they are popular enough.
We are a small gaming and anime server for gamers and weebs alike to chat and game with each other on xbox and pc. We look forward to seeing you!!
Reforged gaming is a community where gamers and streamers come together to support one another, gamers watch streamers and support their content, even game with them when they go live, streamers support one another and game with each other. This is our Garden of Eden, and your welcome to join us.
This is a server for 18+ It is designed for making friends while gaming, sharing experience and gaming strategies, and having a good laugh. We provide gaming help, team ups, game suggestions, promoting Twitch accounts, and weekend activities. We hope you enjoy your time here, we are a mulit-languaged, open-minded, non offensive, respectful community!
We have channels for :
Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Mobile Games
Lots of porn
Fun emojis
Mudae, Mantaro, Mudamaid 21, Yui, Dyno Bot, OwO
Roleplay Universes: DC, Marvel, Sonic, Nintendo, Multiverse, Anime/Manga, Capcom, NSFW and Gaming
Movie Nights
Monthly profile pic and banner themes
We are 18 and up exclusive, so if you wish to view the NSFW section, please verify with an admin.
Welcome To Creators Content

We are Primarily about Twitch, Mixer, Facebook Streamers but of course we deeply care for our Youtubers as well! We love to meet new people and really hope you give us a consideration for your needs!

🎁 Frequent Giveaways
💙Self Promotion is available | Partnerships
💝Feedback to help support YOU
💛Special designed community for Streamers
💜We Accept EVERYONE!
💪Get to collab with others
We are a Streaming Server that strives to help smaller streamers make it big on any platform, or maybe help someone lonely to find a nice big group of friends!
connect with other gamers that play the same Systems/games that you play! Advertise whatever it is that you do best! Post gamer memes, talk trash and connect with small streamers.
Hello there! This server’s purpose is to stream anime/cartoon series or movies at a weekly basis (Fri-Sat at 9PM PST)

Other purposes of the server are:
-Content sharing (social media, art, music, etc.)
-Gaming (Play with other members of the server)
-Anime (including cartoons, webtoons, manga) updates
Gamer R Us (18+ only please)

:one: Call us GRU for short!

:two: Like SASS? Join Us!

:three: Like Support? Join Us!

:four: Need new friends? Join Us!

:five: Just Join US! you know you want to

:star: We are a group of streamers and viewers that have come together to bring community BACK to streaming. We know how easy it is to do Follow4Follow, but what about Support4Support? That's the struggle. Why have 1000 followers, with only have less than 2 viewers? Our Community wants to help everyone grow, in a stress-free environment. We are full of SASS, however, but the STRESS and DRAMA...gtfo with that BS.

We help you, help us, help you...does that make sense? Wait. What?


Come Join won't regret it.

:small_blue_diamond: Open door policy regarding Suggestions, just ask our Staff, and it'll be considered

:small_blue_diamond: Our staff also aids in social networking as well, with our own Discord Twitter page

:small_blue_diamond: If our Staff, doesn't have the answer, they WILL FIND A SOLUTION to try and help every member

:diamonds: Join GRU...Help us, help YOU!
The Waiting Room, where all gamers get together to share content, play together, connect, and wait on The Doctor.
We're a community of pc/console gamers and friends! - we've got lots of amazing people around here so come join us to play some games, watch movies or participate in events (づ◕o◕)づ
A generic server for chilling, gaming and for twitch streams.
This server is for anyone who likes to chat and be social, however, just don't bring any beef into the server, no one likes beef.
👋Welcome to the KissMyGrits Server
Open to all Gamers!

😂A fun server with some great characters. The KissMyGrits server is the official server of
The KissMyGrits holds fun competitions and giveaways all the time, want a chance to win?
Join the server NOWW!!!!

Welcome to Jumpy's Lounge!
Chill server where you get to chill with new people.
🌸Constant giveaways :3
🌸Art/Creative Events
🌸Semi-active chat with cool people ouo
🌸Stream updates
🌸No Snowflakes!
Why are you still reading this? come join!
Gaming community.
We have LFG, Teams and livestreaming.. If you like teaming up, and tired of random PUG. This is the place. LF Social souls and game Managers.
What's on the server:
- Self assignable roles
- Voice chat rooms
- Memes, dank memes, cursed-images
- Getting to twitch affiliate
- Rewards for becoming a regular
- Building minecraft medieval SMP world

Join and see for yourself
Come chat and talk about your favorite anime's. We allow streaming too for anyone who wants to watch anime with their friends. You can listen to music and post memes and get slowly rank up by being active in the community. Be sure to read the rules though! :) Remember this server is a start so sorry if it isn't as good as you thought it would be. Have fun! :)
Do you want to find non-normie, fun, intellectual stimulant people? To be able to express your opinion and not having to be careful with what you say?

well besides the stream zone, you're good to go buddy. Become part of this new community now Anon!
Bienvenue sur la page du serveur pour Stream.
Bonjour ou bonsoir pour se qui regarde cette page,
te voici devant la page d'un serveur crée exprès pour le Streaming,
vous pourrez Stream avec vos pote sur n'importe quelle Platforme (on s'occupe plutôt de ytb mais on feras sur m'en d'autre Platforme par la suite comme Twitch, Mixer etc.........) un des seul défaut de notre serveur c'est qu'il nous faudrait du boost bien sur on demande a personne de nous donner mais si vous avez envie de nous en donné un peu on ne dit pas non. Pour me contacter Kinmitsu#3375.
Skull Bash is a Gaming server where you can talk to other gamers and make new friends, we give out streaming advice, and we also host Saturday group calls every Saturday at 2pm pst. We truly hope you enjoy your stay. Thank you for joining. :)
The discord server for Heavy33's livestreams.
This is a chill place to hangout in for the viewers and other streamers.
Here you can talk about gaming, streaming, music and more! We even have a self-promotion channel that all content creators can use.
So make sure to join the community now!
Are you a gamer? Of course you are. You ever find yourself bored of games because you have nobody to play them with? Come to our server!

Gaming and Streaming offers the following to all people who join:

~Frequent In-Game and IRL Events~

~Nitro Premium Giveaways after hitting a member milestone~

~Slots, Black Jack, and Coinflip (Not involving actual money ofc)~

~Hands on staff, always willing to help you with whatever problems you may have.~

And arguably the most important of all

~A community of gamers always willing to hang out and chat or watch streams or play games with you!~

Come join our community and start having fun with gaming!