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࿇ ══━━━━━━✥◈✥━━━━━━══ ࿇
✦ You just found the best server for yourself! ✦
Come, and join us to make new friends, or just Chill & Hangout! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
- Active Members, you can always talk with others!
- Huge giveaways!
- Nice Staff.
- Cool Roles!
- Awesome Server Partners.
࿇ ══━━━━━━✥◈✥━━━━━━══ ࿇
Hello hello! We would love to warmly welcome you to The Chillout Lounge community server, a place to unwind, chill and the opportunity to give yourself a new self; somewhere where you can meet new, amazing friends, discuss about anything you'd like, and most importantly, share fond memories together!

At The Chillout Lounge, we proudly offer:
⋡ Media and arts channels
⋡ Friendly, active and helpful admins (even the owner is active!)
⋡ Fairly active chat, although it is becoming more active
⋡ Events
⋡ Non-toxic server
⋡ VC and music sessions ready for anyone to use
⋡ Lovely friendly members, everyone gets along well
⋡ Level 1 Nitro Boost!
⋡ and more to come!

We're only a new server but we would love for you to come by and check us out and give out community a try! We believe we are amongst some of the most non-toxic, most friendliest and best Discord communities out there (not tryna brag) so we hope your time at The Chillout Lounge will be one to remember forever!
Looking to find some new friends or maybe more than that? Here, everyone is accepted.
Some of the things we offer:

♡⋮ Healthy e-dating! 🖤
♡⋮ Friendly relationships! 🖤
♡⋮ Pokemon! 🖤
♡⋮ Helpful Inclusive Staff! 🖤
♡⋮ Music! 🖤
♡⋮ Custom Roles! 🖤
♡⋮ Server Events! 🖤
♡⋮ Giveaways! 🖤
♡⋮ Qotd! 🖤
A half roleplay, half meme/joke server. Roleplay at your average derelict gas station. Be a cashier, supplier, janitor, or customer (More roles are coming soon). Want to pocket snacks and try to get away with it? Go ahead! Or be that cashier that is pissed at everyone for no reason? Go ahead! If you don't want to RP, come chill in one of our chill channels, take a look at memes in our meme channel, Or talk about videogames in our gamer channel. We do not have an NSFW channel. To get a job, you must fill out a short application and be accepted. We accept anyone and everyone to join our RP. We have an active chat and friendly community so come on down and have fun with us!

NOTE: This server is NOT a semi-lit RP, it's more of a meme rp.

New Server! ( We are growing )

Fun chat, fun memes!

Meet new people here!

Channel-rich server with a huge variety of channels and categories!

Join the inferno with us!
Welcome to Crisp Violet's Island!

- Active/Friendly Community

- Leveling System

- Fun Bots

- Fun Roles

- Partnerships

- Few Pings

- Self-assignable Roles

Join today! We’re rapidly growing!
Hello my fellow peachy plums!
✧・゚: *✧・゚: * ✧・゚: * Peaches Tree * :・゚✧ * :・゚✧*:・゚✧
We are a chill and fairly active RP server with lots of different plot lines you can join on! We have multiple RPs going on at the same time and you can request your own RP plots too~

It's essentially an anime server even if you aren't an RPer come and join us! We like spending all day on general talking about random stuff or sharing art and memes.

If you think that's suitable for you, we also have:

❧ Friendly and chill staffs
❧ Assignable Colored Roles & Leveled Roles
❧ Custom peach emotes made by the owner
❧ No drama but a role-locked vent channel
❧ Inrp ship roles
❧ Lots of good artists
❧ An art piece (cg) made from your role play scene!

Friendly server for everyone! Come come, we're waiting :heart:
Hello and welcome to Wishes🌙🌟What is Wishes? Wishes is a discord server that helps everyone find friends that have similar hobbies and interests. 💫WE ARE NOT A DATING SERVER💫Please don't join with intentions of dating. Here are some things that makes Wishes unique

🌟 We have lots of fun bots to mess around with.

🌟 Active channels and voice chats.

🌟 Fun roles to pick from. More roles are being added daily and most are suggested by members like you

🌟 Nice to staff who dont abuse their powers.

🌟 A fun community that doesn't discriminate.

Please join and see what the Wishes community is up to! Our goal for the server is 100 members. We also do partnerships and are looking for experienced staff! Join today and stay a while⭐️🌟
This is just a little hangout/chat thing, join and talk and make friends I guess¯\_(ツ)_/¯
There's self roles, roles you get for leveling, memes, gaming, and all that stuff lol
Laze is an all-purpose server, you can meet new people, talk about anything you want, play games, listen to music, use our bots among many other things.

We created the server because we wanted a place where people could chill without being held back by too many rules or bias like "premium membership".

We have very less rules to ensure complete member autonomy, you are allowed to talk about almost anything so long it does not disrespect other members or their backgrounds.

We welcome everyone and look forward to meeting new people!
Hope to see you around! Thank you!
Welcome to The Northway Ninja!!! There Is PLENTY Of things to do here with all our members!! Things like..

📌 Talk with other members!

📌 Participate in giveaways, gamenights, and more!

📌 Give out your opinoin in poll votes!

📌 Show off and look at everybody's fancy artwork!

📌 Post memes and laugh off with your buds!

📌 Fill out and test your luck trying to become a staff in our GOOGLE Document!!!

📌Talk with other pals in the Voice Channels!

📌 Take your part in our assemblys!! (Still a work in progress)

📌 Get pulled in on stream notices,

*So c'mon down and be a member of TNN TODAY!*
Sit back and chill with fellow members! This server aims at helping you make new friends, and possibly more than just friends ; ) Talk with others and find people with similar interests!
Welcome to The Nerd House! We are a NEW server looking for friendly people to join!
- A whole lot of channels : gaming, movie night, karaoke, and social channels.
- self roles : gender, age, location, and colors based on pokemon.
- We are super excited and we are ready for the server to flow with cool people and awesome conversations!
The Odd Spot is a brand new SFW server focused on community, gaming, making friends, and having fun! We are small but looking to grow, with active and friendly staff, an upcoming fitness challenge, and gaming + movie events in the future!

Can't wait to see you there!


Would you like to be part of a friendly and quickly growing community???
Of course you do!!
Well do I have a server for you!
And that server is!....

__*Chill Moons*__

“What do you have to offer?” You might ask.
Well my friend we have plenty!
We have .....



[{a organized server}]

[{some puzzles}]

[{8 fun bots}]


[{one NSFW channel}]

[{self-promotion channel}]

And you can suggest more!

And we are partnering!!
If you want to partner you must have more then 10 humans in your server! That’s it!

Well if you read down to this you must be interested but if you don’t join tell you friends!!! Thank you for your time.
Server for Airsoft, Escape From Tarkov, Insurgency, Squad & Other stuff like that. Read the rules when you join. Enjoy!
Looking for a server to chill in and listen to music? You've found the right place! We are a small community centered around music (mainly Lo-fi) and looking to grow!
We're a persona server whose main focus is Aigis! The other persona games are talked about too, don't worry. We also talk about anime and other games as well. Aigis will always be the main focus of this server, but we do branch off into other topics as well. Persona is obviously the main game we all talk about but other gaming/anime stuff is welcome!
💓Cuddle Cove💓

♥We are a fun and chill community server where you can talk with anyone about anything. Join us and have fun because you never know if love awaits you. ♥

Friendly Community ♡
International ♡
Giveaways ♡
Self-Assignable Roles ♡
Leveling System ♡
Fun Bots ♡
Custom Features ♡
Memes ♡
Dating ♡

Join us!!♥

Welcome to the LGBT Teen Café! This is a community-based server focused on LGBT teens, the server includes:
~an active community
~many bots to fiddle around with
~self roles
~a leveling system
And much more!
Are you looking for a place to converse, date, & relax? 💋 T O U C H™ 💋 is all about chilling, meeting, conversation, and more! We have a wide variety of topics and are always listening to suggestions from the community. Join now!

We're a new server looking for fun people to join! With the right amount of people we can make it something very enjoyable and memorable c:
**Welcome to E-Hideout**

What we have to offer:
~ 💬Fun & Active Members
~ ✅Verified Roles, So we make sure of no Catfish
~ 💕Dating
~ 📨Helpful Staff
~ 🎮Gaming
~ 📰Self-Roles
~ Fetish Friendly
~ (More to be added soon)

This is a growing server, We care about our members
Egirls and eboys
And plenty more!
Stop by and stay awhile