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━━━━ʚ˚̣̣̣ɞ・Yakult・ ʚ˚̣̣̣ɞ━━━━
[ We don't do partner servers here sorry. ONLY close friends sponsored.]

A pretty chill and laid-back server and also drama-free. We keep our members safe in the server too.
This is a place to meet new people and share interest, play games, and many more.
The more new people we meet, interesting friendships we ended up here. Come join us! Everyone is welcome.

We keep things pretty simple in this server.
It is also an lgbtq+ friendly server.
Yes, Yakult is that yogurt milk drink. Feel free to join!

Here's what we have:
- games
> League, DND, pubgm, codm, dragon raja, valorant, minecraft, etc.
-self care/style/fashion
-scholars help (college / hs)
-kpop and weebs/anime
-movie night (kdrama, anime, others)

La communauté FrenchBaguettePlayers a été créée sur les bases du partage et des échanges. C'est avant tout un lieu de rencontre mais également un foyer, une maison où on se retrouve le soir entre amis pour jouer/parler.

Ouvert à tous, respectueux et innovant notre serveur évolue en fonction de vos attentes mais surtout de vos envies ! Une ambiance décontractée, fun et joyeuse vous attend lors de vos sessions vocales.

Les FrenchBaguettePlayers c'est aussi un éventail de joueurs(euses), issus de nationalités différentes, mais également de niveaux et jeux différents. Nous voulons rassembler un maximum de personnes partageant nos ambitions et notre point de vue que jouer ensemble c'est plus amusant.

Nous combattons la solitude depuis les temps anciens, fiers de nos accomplissements et de nos valeurs, nous continuons à agrandir notre famille, notre groupe d'amis. Nous offrons un panel de possibilités non négligeables au sein de la communauté, monter en grade, avoir des responsabilités, d'aider le serveur à votre niveau en proposant des games par exemple ou bien plus !

Notre but final c'est d'avoir tout les soirs 15-20 personnes en vocal pour jouer ou bien parler, nous souhaitons avoir des personnes actives donc nous faisons des purges d'inactifs tous les mois.

FrenchBaguettePlayers un lieu de rencontre et de partage
We're an active server usually in the voice channels, join if ur feeling especially lonely :)))
Siema. Jak chcesz kogoś poszukać do gry/pogadania etc to śmiało zapraszam na serwerek. Dopiero wystartowaliśmy więc liczymy na Wasze pomocne sugestie.
Σ(ノ°▽°)ノ Do YOU like playing League of Legends? Would you like to find some new friends? In that case, this server is FOR YOU!! Join the growing “Stormrazor” server and meet new people! We’d love to have you here!
Hi! We are new boosting site, with prices from a few euros, boosting from iron all the way to diamond. We hope you will enjoy our service!
(EUW/EUNE/RUS/TR (and NA under diamond))
Jarvan Radio is a league of legends radio station for the league of legends community. In our discord community we have many things that you can join in on, from tournaments and giveaways, to opinion polls and funny memes. There are also players that you can make friends with as well.

With our radio, we provide a unique way of entertainment for you whilst you play league of legends. You can even take us on the go, and listen to us whilst your doing other things wither that be working out, or going to the shops!

So why not come and check us out, you can even listen to our radio live in our discord as well!
Chill server to hang out in! We'd love to get to know you! 🍣

- Highly active and diverse server
- Very responsive staff team
- Emotes for multiple uses
- Fun bots to interact with (Waifu bot!)
- Open to partnerships!

hi! welcome to hello kitty cafe ‧₊˚✩彡!

we are a brand new server that is slowly but steadily growing <3
we play all different types of video games but mostly: league of legends, valorant, minecraft, and animal crossing!
feel free to join as we are welcoming and looking into doing nitro giveaways and league tournaments in the future!<3

we are not affiliated with sanrio
If you are into gaming, like League of Legends , Minecraft or Counterstrike, or maybe into anime *i mean who isn't? * then this is a server for you! Join the basement and make new friends , find teammates, share interests and take part in our events or giveaways !
so, we're a Tunisian league of legends community, started with a few Tunisian friends, and trying to grow up with this discord server, our main languages are, English, Arabic and french, our main ranks are, iron, bronze, silver...etc. we're looking for active people, Welcome to Outhrefians :)
CindyLand is a server for everyone. No matter where you from, what your race is, what you identify as.. The server is pretty new! So have patience.
The server owner is the streamer Ciinderellaa (
Hejka, gramy sobie w ligę for fun, możesz dołączyć do nas, jeśli chcesz. Jest nas mało, ale jak wejdziesz to, będzie nas więcej. Miłego dnia :) (eune)
Wir sind eine deutsche und sehr humorvolle League Of Legends Community ;)
Wir haben einen sehr professionell strukturierten Server, für jedermann.
Wir haben auch jeweils 3 Teams, für welche wir Spieler suchen, mit dem Ziel die Prime League zu erobern und Turniere zu gewinnen!
Hi there! Join if you love anime and asmr, and big brain conversations. We have a great supportive community. Chill server, revamping come join our foundations special role for first 2000. Seriously though I think you would be a great add the server :D
I'm SavageNami and I do voice overs, asmr and some rp on my YouTube.
Are you tired of gaming with toxic judgemental people? Join our server. Do not leave our server if you find it slow, instead help us grow our community. Our staff make sure you find the right non-toxic people to game with and become long term friends; HELP US OUT TO DO MORE. We got members all around the world from JAPAN to KOREA to AUSTRALIA, so do not worry about the high ping. It does not matter here if you are new to a video game, we got your back. Our staff and members are willing to try new and old games with you and help you grow both as a gamer and as their friends. We will help you to enjoy different video games even if you think you aren't great with it. This server's origin is from Subtle Asian Leftover's FB group. Most members here are individuals who who are tired with their hectic busy life and just wants to game and discuss their interests and experiences in peace without being judged. Hence, we named this server Leftover's Gaming. Our staff will assure you a non-toxic community of both non-gamer and gamers alike.

Key Pointers:
- Personalized social and gaming roles to find your people
- Supportive Staff and members from all around the world.
- Non-Toxic community building
- Bilingual Channel
- Various gaming and social channels to discuss your interests and find friends to play or talk with
- Various channels. Talk to us in main-lobby about anything; we also have a venting channel, some of us can lend an ear.
- Rude behaviour will not be tolerated, so as a member you can feel safe and welcomed.
-New to Discord? We will brief you how to use it.
-Get special separated roles and shout-outs if you're running a popular memepage, starting a Youtube, or is a streamer.
- Promote your Meme-Pages, Twitch, Youtube, Photography & many more on our special channels.
- 24/7 Lofi Radio and Music Channel.
-Weekly gaming events and voice chat social events
- Free nitro giveaways (coming soon)
- Discuss and suggest your favourite Games, Anime, Manga and Music
Le serveur Traker Esport Asso (TEA) est le serveur de la team Traker Esport, une équipe créée en 2017 par Antoine Toquec.
Cette équipe, ayant pour objectif d'aller de l'avant, propose un serveur communautaire vous permettant :
- de discuter entre vous
- de suivre toute notre actualité
-de participer à nos cups ( Traker's Cup et Traker's Streamer Cup)
- de tenter de rentrer dans l'équipe !
- de nous suivre sur les réseaux
- et bien d'autres choses !

N'hesitez pas à rejoindre le discord pour rentrer dans l'histoire et dans la Traker's Family !
We are a Legends of Legends EUNE Discord server Community with more than 10.000 Members.
The server provides a wide variety of players to play with. Normal games & Ranked from Iron to Challanger and even Professional Players!

Here's what the server offers:
-Growing Community with more than 10,000 members!
-coaching channel featuring high elo veteran players who are helping less experienced members to preform better and of course you can exchange your experience with other server members as well!
Join and ask any kind questions that come to your mind and it could help you improve or even climb the elo ladder!
-Thousands of people to meet and create lobbies with to play normal games, ranked games, flex games, clash games and even custom games which we host on the server.

Community Acitivities:
-Custom Games
-Drawing Events
And other fun events!

Join us at:
Community server run by twitch streamer ! if you are looking for the perfect ark server, you have found it! Rates - taming,harvest,xp X5 and maturation,breeding X15 Map - Crystal isles
to nie jest jakas sprawdzalnia pierdolona wiec jak chcesz wychodzic po sekundzie to nawet tu nie wchodz zeby pozniej spierdalac jak pizda
¡Buenas! Bienvenido a Night Sky.
Este es un servidor social, no es ni totalmente de juegos, ni de anime, aunque la mayoria compartimos esos gustos, sobre todo es para compartir tiempo con otras personas, conocerlas y divertirnos en grupo jugando o simplemente haciendo llamadas grupales. Se realizarán eventos para ganar roles personalizados en el server, premios como nitro o skins de LoL, dependiendo siempre de cuán activo eres.
Yo por mi parte intentaré que en el servidor no haya toxicidad, ni problemas entre nosotros. ¡Espero sea agradable tu tiempo aquí!