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This server is everlasting, we managed through the silent moments of the server, to achieve those good moments; We will strive on as a community through each obstacle. We are Everlast!
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💔 @here

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Aesthetic Server

sᴏᴍᴇ ғᴇᴀᴛᴜʀᴇs:
1) ♡ Self-Assignable Roles ♡
2) ♡ Safe, fun community ♡
3)♡ Active ♡
4) ♡ Supports Anime and Gaming ♡
5) ♡ Gamers Welcome ♡
6) ♡ LGBTQ+ Welcome~♡
7) ♡ Supportive, Active people ♡
8) ♡ Staff Applications Open ♡
9) ♡ Growing Community~ ♡
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you said hey
i said hello
how was your day?
you said "better now”with a smile
oh what a cliché
but to be honest it made my day

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A server with a love of magic and randomness. We welcome you with open arms. Narwhal Blast!
Pretty litty server
I have no idea what I am doing, so feel free to be like uhh, can we have more of this or something idk. Im trying. Dm me whenever, and just have fun my bros.
This server is about meeting new people or finding your true someone.
○●Welcome to Moon Cafe●○

Come take a seat at our cozy cafe and enjoy our:

Many bots
Multiple Voice Channels
Self Assigned Roles
Bot Rooms
Music Rooms
Chat Rooms
Art Competitions
and many more!

Currently looking for smiling faces interested in joining our staff team!

We hope you enjoy your stay~!

A gaming discord server for all games. You can suggest which game channels are added. The discord administrators are professional as well as reliable and fun. When and if you join, read the rules and type in "agree" in the agreement channel to become a member.
This is ★·.·´¯·.·★ ₮ⱧɆ ₵ⱧłⱠⱠ ⱫØ₦Ɇ ★·.·´¯·.·★

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~What we have to offer~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
🖐Self Assignable Roles🖐
🤩Memes 🤩
😋 Random Fun😋
🙂Friendly Talks 🙂
🎲Daily Polls and Games🎲
~ ~ ~ ~And MUCH MORE~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Join and experience the server for yourself we are waiting 😈
This server is mainly meant for everyone, there is no topic to what you have to do here. We have nice staff and members. There aren't that many rules so you dont have to worry if your doing anything wrong. Feel free to join and talk, dont be shy. We have members globaly so there is always someone to talk to no matter what time. Just a good server to go and chill at, we just started so we're small but hopefully we'll grow.

<!-- Bread Boys
✨ Hiring Moderators
✨ New
✨ A Lot Of Bread
✨ No 18+ Content
✨ Meet New People
The largest international discord community where you can communicate using a variety of quality emojis, also our server is similar to discord hype squad server.
The Union United Of Free Countries (Союз Объединенных Свободных Стран):
Republic of Pepestan (International server) -
Molecular Support (International server) -
Zap's Winter Hypesquad (International server) -
Garmony (Russian server) -
Republic of Pepeland (International server) -
Kingdom of Deltach (Russian server) -
Regression (Russian server) -
Gachi emojis (Emojis server) -
Ricardo Milos emojis (Emojis server) -
Rainbow MEOWMOJI (Emojis server) -
HammerMOJI (Emojis server) -
Dangerous Emojis (Emojis server) -
Steam chat ->
🔊 Welcome to Liberty!

🤖 New and cool bots!
🎮Join many others and play video games together!
🎉Fun events!
🌑Completely revamped server!
🎶Chill & play some music!
👪Friendly community!
😍Find your partner!

🌃Join Liberty 2.0 now!🌃
- This server just for some bullshit dating thing
- If ur lonely as fuck you can find some other lonely fucks here
- We gotta be nice to each other tho
- selfies, social media etc...
Laidback server dedicated to vaporwave aesthetics!
Choose your own roles and actives get personal flairs.
Explore and express your creativity. アート
♕ Socialize ♕ A rapidly growing social discord with over 14,000 members!
☆ Active Voice Calls ☆ Text Chats ☆ Giveaways ☆ Fun Bots ☆ Events! ☆
The - Creative - Bang - is - a - place - for - peoples - creativity - to - blossom - and- boom.

We have :

Fun - channels
Friendly - people
Hobbies - area
Commissions - Board
WinterHeart's Hangout is an Discord Server,
Where you can hangout and make new friends who share common interests. Whether its art, anime, music, all things gaming related, or anything else! We've multiple channels and fun bots used for entertainment purposes.

Come join and be apart of this awesome community!
We hope you enjoy the server and are happy with your stay. We're a very friendly and well maintained community! You can also meet new weird people and talk about literally anything. ◕‿◕。
my goal is to get 1k members please help me do that
Welcome to Zap’s, where innovation and
creativity are brought into the light. We’re a
competitor in the cafe franchise on Roblox and only wish
for the best experience from our customers
and employees. Make sure you join today,
to come along with us, on our journey!
This server is the official server for TexoRexo (aka. Mr Black Nub, Mr Spourmo) and became a community server.
This is my server where you can talk, play games, listen to music and much more! We here love alot of things! I, the server owner, love:
4. Pokemon

It's fun, come join! We have pokecord, akinator etc!

This is a community for sharing your coding questions and projects. Feel free to join.
A brand new gaming server for all users! Come join!