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Gaming Village, is a fun and relaxed community! Please join and share laughter and chats full of fun with us! Self-roles! Memes! Introductions and plenty more!
We're a community that is mainly created to make new friends and chill in your free time, we always chill with new members so that they can feel a part of the community.
We offer:
-Movie Nights
-Game tournaments (mostly LoL)
-Level system
-Non-strict rules
-Fun roles and active staff
We are a meme/dating/chillax server!
Also before you join my server join my friend's
Yui's Cabin
We offer:
Self role, Casino, nice staff, friendly people
Music bot
`Server on a multiplayer game, based on Undertale. so a fangame. ComicSans (My nickname) is the owner and will start working on it soon, its basically a version of MysteryTale but his own remake, characters, maps etc, a better version. This server is great for chatting in, it also has additional music bots! Quite interesting`
This is a Chill server where everyone gets along. We understand people have problems and respect everyones decisions. This is a small server but i hope for it to grow into a large, active server. We have
-Fun bots
-caring staff
-Cool events
-Giveaways coming soon!
-And much more!
Please come and join me in my server and Enjoy your stay
The roleplay takes place in the year 2077 within an alternate universe.
It has been three years since World War three took place, though most referred to it as ‘World’s end’. Prior to the war, people were actually excited for it. They thought it was an opportunity to start anew. Little did they know they would lose everything because of it.
Countries turned on one another, none were safe. Missiles, bombs, explosions never ceased to stop during the war and by the end of it, Earth was in ruins. Very few people remained and those who did were filled with regret.
The government had already taken precautions before the war for such an event and had prepared thoroughly for it. In 2061, they had built a town completely unknown to the rest of civilization, called ‘Eden’. It’s sole purpose was to be used as a sanctuary for those who survived the war. It was also made mandatory that any of the survivors whom were not government have their memories erased once entering the town.
The present
Your character has just gained entry into the town and has had their memories wiped (In time, the characters will have brief glimpses of their memories). The town is led by a mysterious council, however the only known member of the council provides no reason as to why your memories have been removed. He merely states that you have been one of the few chosen to enter the town.
A nice small server trying to grow into something fun, not specifically a dating server but we wont stop you, we are nice people and we don't judge c:
we also have reaction roles!
We are the Chaos Clan a Fortnite,CSGO,and Bo4 Clan.To join type ?join in mainchat for fortnite,?csgo for csgo and ?Bo4 for Bo4. !.5 kd to join Casual,2 kd to join Casual Elites and 3.5 + tryout for comp.We do scrims,tournaments and giveaways!We hope you enjoy your time in the Chaos Clan!
𝙿𝚎𝚊𝚌𝚑𝚃𝚎𝚊𝙱𝚎𝚊𝚌𝚑 is a welcoming and loving community for everyone to enjoy! We have games, events, photography, and more!
- Self-assigning roles
- Looking for staff
- Open community
- Nice staff
- Fun
- And more!
A server which is dedicated for alone people to mingle with many good friends and become a family.
• A cool and simple server .
• Good bots .
• Many roles .
• A great family .
• Good people .
• Verified roles for keep out spammers .
• Many giveaways and events .
♥*♡+:。 𝚎𝚝𝚑𝚘𝚝𝚜 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚎𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚜 。:+♡*♥


♡ ethots and ethighs is a new discord that was just made :)
♡ this is basically a cringy ass edating server with hot egirls, nsfw chat, bots, mods that don’t really do anything, and memes
♡ find a hot ass egirl with big tiddies
♡ this server is pretty much a joke so don’t take it too seriously
♡ if you don’t join you’re a faggot
♡ looking for partnerships
♡ custom roles

Server for the kids who love all of it in one place. ok just join stop acting like u give a fuck bout the descrip TWAT -.- . ISIS SQUAD WALLAH HABIBI
🔊Do you like gaming?
Do you want more people to game with?

🤖New and cool bots to play music on and use!
🎮 Join many others and play video games together!
🎉 Fun events!
👪 Friendly community!

Join Liberty now!

📚 This server is for all writers to improve their skills while sharing their works to each other. Anything related to literature such as stories, poems, songs, theories, and the like, will be accepted here. 📚

Services Currently Offered :

✏️ 20+ Writing Channels

🎤 05+ Voice Channels

👍 Bots For 24/7 Fun

📰 Daily Activities

🏆 Monthly Contests and Competitions

☺️ Friendly Community

➿ Continuous Improvement

📌 And Many More!

📚 Join now so we can improve it even more for your convenience! 📚
This server is a teen server for people to share their ideas or just to make friends, and play games with other peeps. This chat is pretty chill, just don't make a bad first impression.
For Fun We Have:
㋛ Games
㋛ Bots
㋛ Advertising
㋛ Giveaways and Challenges
㋛ And much more!
✨👻~Join now this server is quiet and has a nice vibe!~✨👻
Snookz In Wonderland!

Snookz Wonderland is a newly founded server than aims to bring everything you like in other servers
into one central place! We allow for image perms and very fair rules so you do not feel restricted.

What do we have to offer?

0 - Custom Server Bot
1 - Flash Giveaways!
2 - Minigames
3 - Server Currency you can spend on other things e.g Giftcards.
4 - Game-Nights!
5 - Events
6 - Self-Roles
7 - Chat Rewards
8 - Giveaways
9 - Competitions
10 - Pokecord
11 - Pokeverse
12 - Image Perms!
& much much more!

Have I convinced you yet? No? Hmm well why not join and find out exactly what we are about!
Welcome to Olympus Unchained! This is an 18+ roleplay server based on The Percy Jackson Universe. This server is still starting out, so join us and spread the news, we are also looking for more staff to help expand the server.
Hello, join us for Dank Memes, Fortnite, Fun, Hangout, We talk, Are Social, and post memes, no thots allowed, or they are burned in the pits of hell.
◄-The Lonely Losers Club-►
Hello everyone! Are you considered a loser? Sorry that was a dumb question... OF COURSE YOU ARE!
I mean look at yourself. You’re radiating with loserness! Well we can’t fix that... BUT we can make you less lonely so that’s something. Here at the Lonely Losers Club we try to be a fun server so that means we’re not like those strict serious servers that limit you for being “too edgy” or “too NSFW”. Servers that are “toxic-free” are boring and overall a BIG let down so that’s why we are toxic, but not too much! So join today and become a little less lonely! (May cause you to become more of a loser though, but lets be honest how much more of a loser can you become...)

And if that still doesn't convince you, let me tell you what we have!

We've got over 100 members and counting!
We've got a meme channel for your enjoyment!
And best of all we have e-girls! Yes you read right we have the finest e-girls in all of Discord!

So what are you waiting for?
Click that invite and start meeting other lonely losers like yourself TODAY!
The server is anime related and we're slowly expanding to other areas like gaming. Chat is active and confusing as hell which makes everything more fun and entertaining. If you feel like people can't understand your weird thoughts, join us! xD
A friendly server made to be a fun place to talk with other people and just be happy! We have many social channels and lots of fun things to do! We also have a sorta joke channel called the Gay Government! The server features a friendly supportive community, a couple nsfw channels and lots of fun things to do!
The Friendly zone is a very friendly and fun server, it has everything you could want, events, no toxic people, and a nice community. FIRST 7 PEOPLE TO JOIN GET THE "OG" ROLE! Hope to see you there!