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This is a self help server with support channels we are willing to help you with whatever mental problems you are haveing wether it be depression, sexuality issues, or what ever is bothering you. Have fun! And please follow the rules. ❤️
Just got home, extremely stressed out from school, work, or wherever the hell you’ve been at. You’ve been wanting to just go and get your “homework” done, well, you aren’t alone.

Welcome to the “homework” folder! Many people share the same thing alike in this server. What would that be? Well! It would be making new friends, having lewd experiences in certain sections of this server, using fun bots, having a new community to chat with and the list goes on! Everyone is allowed, so please enjoy the time in our folder!
Looking for a safe community to chat, socialize and play games? Look no further, you have found it.

We are a small server that offers family friendly
environment and opportunities to get have fun and
get involved in making a great community.

:blue_square: A positive, friendly community that is inclusive to all.
:yellow_square: Very good staff team
:red_square: Fun bots

Part of the GLiTChED Network!

looking for active staff!

What are you waiting for? JOIN NOW
This is Scoopity Scoop.
We are a friendly server, in which you can discuss the topics you want, talk to new people, review the latest memes out there and joke for a while, having a great time.
And remember, Poopity Scoop, woop.
we are a friendly community with amazing staff members.
vcs are used
fun bots
minecraft, roblox etc

hope you join! have fun

everyone is welcome except for assholes.
btw check rules n announcements.
Welcome to Cookie's Chill and Talk Center! Here we talk about whatever. Every few Friday nights we do a game night! Here you can meet people and have a good time!
**This is a server mainly for people around the age of 13-17.**
We have:

A vent chat for anyone who needs to get anything off their chest.

A welcoming community.

Plenty of bots to mess with.

And more!
Coucou jeunes louveteaux ! Viens donc t’amuser dans ce super serveur dédier aux loups, mais aussi à d’autres thèmes.
On s'amuse comme des fous, des rigolades tout les jours et non de prises de têtes !
Donc, n’hésite pas à venir nous faire un petit coucou. ღ

Welcome to Endless! Land of the trolls, home of the mic spammers and ear rapes, JOIN THE CHAOS! NO MORE WILL YOU LIVE BY STRICT SERVERS, NO MORE WILL YOU SUFFER BANISHMENT FROM OTHER SERVERS!!!!!!!!!! JUST JOIN THE CHAOS!!!!!!
🌙 - Artists Around The World is a server for artist from all types of communities and fandoms to unite and share their art- 🌙
🍼 - We have a NSFW server too which is in partnerships and a few other servers created by me the creator of the group,, we mainly wanna attract teens but if you are 18+ you are still welcome. We try to update every day we kinda were on hiatus for a while but we will continue normally now. We have other stuff included other then drawing like roleplay and spam chats, games and more🍼
☕ Read the rules and have fun! ☕
We are a welcoming server for any JoJo Fan!!
Here is what we have:
• music area
• all the parts area so if you want to talk to other people on where you are at you can
• there is even a debate chat!
• you can select your own roles!!!
• Also choose your JoJo character
We have many more things why don’t you come and check it outtt. We also have friendly owners!!! We aren’t toxic like a lot of servers are! (13-17 only)
Welcome To UwU Kingdom
We Has Lots of Stuffs

~ Fun bots and corresponding channels

~ Bunch of colors

~ Self assigned roles

~ Active Chats

And a bunch of other stuffs
So enjoy your stay please
▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ 🔞 Naughty Outline 🔞 █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂

✨ Are you tired of all those boring servers?✨
Do you want a place to be Naughty?
How about a place to share in a life centered on all things Kinky and BDSM and not what most would call Normal.

~~ You want a fun, Active and kinky social Place ~~
✦ You want to be submissive or maybe be that Dom you always wanted? ✦

Want to be a part of a successful, drama-free, politics-free role-play server?
Want to take place in a server centered✨ slave auction? ✨

Our discussions and server are centered on kink.

🔞 We required age verification to protect our members 🔞
We are looking for you.

★ Yes, that’s right YOU! ★

✦ How about a place to have smart, intelligent conversation ✦
With like-minded individuals

It is a place to come hang out and discuss naughtiness and share in the type of lifestyle that allows for that to occur. There is plenty of growth and sharing here. Come check us out


Camp is a place for everyone. Whether you wanna hang out with friends, chill out in voice chats or meet new people, Camp is the place to be. With a variety of giveaways, skribble events and a lot more, what are you waiting for?
We also have tons of custom camp emotes!
Welcome! We are a Roblox-based development group with loads of popular games with thousand of visits! We also have fun a Roblox coding tutorials to make your very own working game! Don’t worry, if you're not interested in Roblox we have active chats with active members! Great people to talk with and make loads of real friends! All channels are packed with lots of fun (including fun bots)! We have a big and fast growing community.

1. We are a friendly and non-toxic community
2. Big and fast growing community
3. We have popular Roblox games under our name
4. Fun gamenights and giveaways
5.Active community
6.Active and friendly staff
7. Fun bots and bots channels to mess around with fun bot commands!
8. Owner is an owner of a old disabled Discord server with over 1K members!
9. A great place for you! Join now!
OasisMoon is a simple friendly community, where you can chat, socialize and make new friends and is filled with full of fun anime related games etc.. Join us today!!

Welcome to DUNGEON 18+. (You must verify your age upon arrival. Contact staff.) Here, we got leather, we got latex, we got lace, we got lingerie; we got everything between black and white. You name it, we have it. In our server, we respect every sexual orientation and identity. Our growing community does not tolerate kink-shaming as here is the only place where individuals can discover themselves in levels that they never thought of before! Join our Dungeon, in an attempt to escape current reality, to journey across galaxies of lust, latex and leather. Administrated by our knowledgable team, you can find out about everything kink-related; however, fear not, as this is not only a bondage focused server, but also a place to meet likeminded people. Don't miss the opportunity!
୧ *·˚ welcome to Chuboñyo Cáfe™ ┆↰
┗━━━━°🌸 we have tones of cute emotes and cute cute anime channels 🌸°━━━━┛

┗━━━━°⌜ we have ALOT of active members and alot of fun bots! ⌟°━━━━┛

┗━━━━°⌜ come join and build our server Into a big community and make some new friends!! ⌟°━━━━┛
Hello! i personally love games mostly minecraft and terraria but people who love minecraft and terraria are not the only ones who can join but people who love games as a whole . I want to built an active and friendly community with great mods and great members this server is new so suggestions will be accepted in a special channel that is present in the discord server questions can be answered in the #support channel i am mostly active and when i am not active my admin can take you're questions . If you decide to join have a great day and a great time :D.
Сервер создан для фанатов Brawl Stars, на сервере много интересного, а после того как нас станет более 100 человек мы начнем проводить акции, турниры. Обрати внимание на сервере ведется набор администраторов!