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this server is home to the jumphorsejesus twitch channel that helps with missions and plays on stream. Jumphorsejesus are a group of three friends playing on one twitch account.
Jumpbeans: the first part of jumphorsejesus plays mostly pubg
seizurehorse: also play pubg sometimes with jumpbeans
blackjesus: plays fortnite, giveaway every month and every end of stream, msk and mission carry's.
** ꒰ ♡。₊ the take ✧ ˊ- **

♡ — *chill hangout server*

❍ ៸៸ self roles
❍ ៸៸ aesthetic
❍ ៸៸ simple layout
❍ ៸៸ always hiring staff
❍ ៸៸ locked nsfw (18+)
❍ ៸៸ giveaways & events

`always hiring ams n pms!`

ʚ ៸៸ new server ,, join & boost us!

《 *•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙˚ Gaming Hub˚•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙˚*》

❃ Gaming Hub is a friendly and active community for playing games and making friends.

╭━━━━━━━| ღ |━━━━━━━╮
╰♡╮ ↶ What we offer ↷ ╰♡╮

☾🖤☽┃ Lots of amazing Emotes

☾💜☽┃ Over 150+ custom Reaction Roles!!

☾🖤☽┃ Active chats

☾💜☽┃ A place to show off your skills!!

☾🖤☽┃ Play Games with friends and new members!

☾💜☽┃ Lots of fun bot games and a **Custom bot!**

☾🖤☽┃ Unraidable!!!

╰━━━━━━━.⋅ ღ ⋅.━━━━━━━╯

A Great Streaming Sever with mods (not bad) and AMAZING MEMBERS

- Emojis

- Roles

- Giveaways

- Good Owner
Need some talented artists! Doing many giveaways now!
Staff Applications are always open! Need active staff

⌘ Welcome to The Nightclub ⌘

✦ We are a server with a variety of people from different backgrounds! We love to have new active members involved in our community!

✦ The Nightclub is a server made for socializing, gaming, and other fun activities. The server was designed for people to be able to come together and make friends.

✦ Here in The Nightclub, you can expect to play games like Among Us, watch movies and an active community you can talk with!

✦ Come join our server!

Invite Link - [ ]
Hi, I See I Have caught Your eye, well Let me Tell you That is a Good thing.
We have People selling Fortnite Accounts and other Accounts, so What do you say and if you haven't made your Decision Check out what
We Provide:

Active members and Amazing Roles and Channels
Invite Rewards
Fun Bots
And even Weekly Giveaways

So come and say Hi cause this is Some Thing you don't Want to miss!!
˙ ⟣ 𝓦𝓮𝓵𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓮 ⟢
˙ ≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈
˙ Crocodile Isle

Let us invite you maritime travelers on over to explore our shores and waters! No buccaneer need have fear here! All are welcome and all are granted impunity from past sins…whatever they may be…

**What we have to offer**

- a new a budding community with an active admin/mod team ready to help
- a currency system for trading and gambling (as well as a sign on bonus of 1k Gold Nuggets!) *server currency*
- a group of folks with too much stuff and not enough friends…

Right now we host channels that include:

- Giveaways
- Flash-bangs
- ANCH Guides
- Trading
- Currency
- Cataloging
- Treasure Island Visits
- Beggars Alley (you may beg once a week for anything!)

*Please bear in mind that we’re new and still growing - so come grow with us! There’s only better things ahead!*
(★) HIGH5 Dankers (★)

(•) Rob & Heist Permanently disabled
(•) Every hour giveaways
(•) Daily multiple heist events (1 million+ in ammount)
(•) Optional trade pings
(•) Premium Dank Memer for less cooldowns
(•) Many dank events (coinbomb, Falshes, bankrob, etc.)
(•) 80+ robbing server list

(★) Exciting things about HIGH5 (★)

(•) Airport for everyone (cost $0)
(•) Satisfied Boosters perk
(•) Weekly Nitro Giveaway
(•) Groovy premium for better Music experience
(•) A separate Community Server
(•) Level 3 boost server
(•) NSFW for 18+ majority
Small growing Dank Memer community. We have a great community, daily giveaways, trading, and weekly heists. Rob and heist permanently disabled so your wallet and bank are safe! Come hang out with us!
`` Welcome to The Underground Cafe!``

**~This is a cafe themed community server~**

We accept all and we are glad that you’ve decided to join! If you wish to leave, that’s alright we’re not forcing you <33

Here we have:
__Fun Bots!__ : MarriageBot, Yggdrasil and more!

__An accepting community!__ : We don’t tolerate any hatred unless if it’s as a joke so no one can feel bad about what they like!

__Fun roles!__ : We have a few roles for people to choose from and we will be adding more as the year continues

__Partnerships!__: We will be accepting any partnerships despite the amount of members (Just dm the owner to confirm) <33
__Mod Applications__: Currently open!

__Giveaways__: °。 Nitro giveaways will happen time to time! °。

We hope you enjoy your stay in The Underground Cafe!

Server link:
◆Ahoy Cousins◆ We have a wholesome and welcoming international community! 🌸 New Players and Veterans Welcome! 🌸

ACNH trading 🎈 daily/weekly giveaways 🎈weekly game nights 🎈 anime nights 🎈 fashion showcases/interior design contests 🎈movie nights 🎈 and more!

We also offer a ranked roles system with perks based on your time with us 💎 gamebots 💎 vibin' music 💎 free villager requests 💎 and more! 🌟Come aboard! 🌟
Welcome to The Lounge 🍷
Heres what we do.
--Dank Memer
--Find New Friends
--A safe community
--Robbing/Heist Disabled for dank memer
--Staff Applications
--Nice Moderation
--Server is SFW
--Talk all languages in international-chat
Have a great time here!! <3
I do giveaways and sell da hood cash here it's very cheap aswell.
If u would like to join go ahead I am looking for suppliers atm that get 200 robux a week I know its not much but I just started again since my friend scammed me :D
☁️ we accept anyone, Even their genders and sexualities

❔Islands (formerly Skyblox and Sky Block) is a sandbox game created by It is heavily inspired by the SkyBlock gamemode from Minecraft. ... The game is about expanding an island and collecting resources to craft different items-

🏝️This is unofficial Islands Discord Server (Fan Made)
We're you can talk to the community trade with the Community and be AFK for no reason
Invite Your friends To have a chance To win cool stuff and it'll be a part of this epic community, we're still a Small Server but we will grow Everyday also
Epic emojis that we totally did not steal.

🎉We also Do Giveaways Not like the fake ones, plus The claim time is 1 Day and a half and if you don't claim by the time We reroll but if you have a reason we might Wait until you claim. You Can't not use a Bot Or Alt to Try to win a Giveaway

👃 Most island servers don't have this but we have leaks so if you want to learn more about islands and see what the next update is going to happen join our server and you'll get to see leaks just go to Roles and then press leaks

📨if you have tons of friends we have "invite Rewards" all the way to 2invites - 10 invites for epic for lower players
Welcome to **The Dank Vault**!

We are a growing Dank Memer server with lots of giveaways, events, and heists.

What do we have to offer?
- Tens upon tens of giveaways every single day
- Frequent (friendly) heists
- Partnerships
- Rob and heist disabled
- Advertising channels
- Trading channels
- A fun leveling system
- A custom Dank Memer clone bot
- Fun bots other than Dank Memer

We are a brand new server, so we'll have much more things to offer in the future!
We will be giving away a Pepecoin at 100 members!

Have fun, and join **The Dank Vault** today.
A fun anime an gaming server to meet new people, play with bots like Mudae and Dank Memer, and enjoy the community! Movie nights every month, and giveaways are whenever I can host them (1-2 Months). Hope you Join!
Welcome to W101! Here, we have a community who enjoys playing wizard101. We also host shops for unique and rare treasure cards to add to your collection! Events and giveaways are a daily thing, so stay tuned!
`☆ | merry bakery
❝ **innocent and delicate**

── ∙ ~ bakery theme !

── ∙ ☆ friendly + welcome members !

── ∙ ❀ self assignable roles !

── ∙ ☆ giveaways and events to attend !

── ∙ ˖⋆˖ ∙ ──


▬▬▬▬▬『🌍L'univers Pub ~ 0,9k』▬▬▬▬▬

Souhaitez-vous augmenter le nombre de membre sur votre serveur ?
Alors L'univers Pub est fait pour toi !

Un serveur pour gagner des membres sans faire trop d'effort 👀
Plusieurs salon pour pub le serveur de son choix 🎳
De nombreux giveaways qui en valent la peine 🎉
Une équipe présente et à votre écoute 🌞
Besoin Staff -> Modérateurs (4) , Marketings (4) ME MP (SCH)

Welcome to homebase

• This is a server with diffrent types of services etc. We got builders, crafters, middleman, msk carryes etc.

• We daily/often have giveaways going on.

• We do daily big giveaways and even more for supporters!

• We got a nice community and alot of nice people to talk to.

• The server contains alot of good and nice staff that will help out the server beeing a nice and safe place.

What are you waiting for ?? Hop in!!
Hello, We are mainly a robux giveaway group proudly given away 32k robux. We also occasionally giveaway other things like nitro or premium and we also do gamenights. We have a enjoyable staff..ig So if you join we'll appreciate it.