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Have you ever been inspired by Goku, Saitama, Jotaro, or All Might? Then you're in luck, we are a fitness and anime server! We have experienced athletes ranging from all different areas of fitness, strongman, martial arts, long distance running, and powerlifting to name a few. We are always willing to give advice on any fitness goal! We also talk about anime and manga! We hope to see you soon!

We have...
★ Memes
★ Fitness advice
★ Fitness discussions
★ anime discussions
★ manga discussions
★ cartoon discussions
★ music
★ amazing people extremely

If your nitro boosted you're going to love our emotes! And we're always willing to add new ones!
Welcome to Devil’s Den

꒰🔥༉∘ Fire Force themed server

꒰🔥༉∘ We are a new server looking to talk just about anything

꒰🔥༉∘ We have mudae, and other bot’s, open to suggestions

꒰🔥༉∘ Hiring Mod’s and PM’s

꒰🔥༉∘ Join the crew!
Welcome to The Art Room..Dear Pirate!
this server isn't private!
And We try not to be quite 🎵
If you like art and don't smell like fart than come with us don't make a fuss because giveaways are always on us 🎉
Oh You don't say you like anime 👀
Then be our bae and join us today!

Oh  wait hun!!
Don't forget  this server is welcome to everyone 😫

It's time for
        me to cheer 🎉
                  and to you
                                      your stay here
Hey! Are you a fan of fairy tail like us? And do you like rp or just talking with friends? Why don’t you just go ahead and join! You’ll fit right in
Just a little chill zone to come and make some new friends :3 we try and be active
UA High School!

UA High School is a roleplaying server where you can also chat with others about pretty much anything. As with any server, there are rules to follow. These rules apply to staff too. If there's any problems that you have in the server, please don't be afraid to tell staff. The rules explain themselves.

- be respectful of others
- don't be an intolerant person who is always grumpy
- no SPAM(both of the food type and the message type) unless in spam channel
- read the rules channel for more information

Welcome to ℕ𝕠𝕠𝕕𝕝𝕖𝕤'𝕤 𝔹𝕣𝕠𝕥𝕙! Here is some insight on our server.

➳ We are a small server but with a big heart, we tend to talk about a lot but we mainly focus on Anime and gaming.

➳ We aren’t toxic and we prioritize positive energy and make sure to hype up anyone that joins

➳ We have a helpful group of admin that are ready to help you with whatever and whenever

(Recently we have decided to have channel dedicated to the video game Destiny 1&2 so if you play on Xbox or pc make sure to come check out server out)
Welcome, my dear friends to Anime house. This chat is only for 15 or up for roleplayers and for people looking for opportunities to make friendships across the world. However, if you aren't the type of person that likes to roleplay which is completely optional and you just want a social server to meet new people then you have chosen the right place to do that!

The After School Hentai Club is a chill server where you can talk about anything!

We're not a hentai-centered Discord server, unlike what our name says, but we are a server focused mainly on memes, anime/manga, and gaming! If you are having a problem we are also welcome to talk to you about it. We are not a group of sensitive people so be as open as you want so come on down to the club.

We welcome all new members who want to chill, chat and talk about anything in general. Some come on and join the club

PS. We were somehow hacked and all our members got lost so our server restarted but join anyways :))
—————Kirito's Lounge—————
Kirito's Lounge is an anime Friendly
server for People to:
➼ Chill
➼ Hangout
➼ Talk about their day/anime
➼ And more
➼ Venting/Confessions Channel
➼ Self-Assignable reaction roles
➼ Color Roles
➼ Variety in bots
➼ Giveaways
➼ And much more
We hope that you'll enjoy
ur stay here.
Community of Japan fanatics. We welcome everyone to our energetic server to join us for a real party; Self assignable roles and lots of NSFW content. Hope to see you there, ようこそ !
BoBo's Bizarre Adventure is a server dedicated to individuals interested in the medium that is "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure". With a small and friendly community we play games, discuss JoJo, listen to music and many more.

Ma grotte est une communauté dédié aux fans d'animes et lecteurs de mangas ainsi qu'aux gamers. Nous avons divers salons comme :

- Un salon dédié aux animes et aux mangas

- Un salon dédié aux musiques dont un salon vocal est lié à ce dernier pour écouter des musiques via Ayana, Hatsune Miku et/ou Rythm

- Un salon Kawaii

- Un salon Vocaloid/Utau

- Un salon Yuri (SFW uniquement)

- Un salon dédié aux jeux vidéo dont des salons dédiés à GTA 5, SR4, Minecraft, L4D/L4D2, Ark, MH, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, CS, TF2, 7 Days to Die, Doom, Destiny et Osu (Vocal inclus)

- Un salon dédié à vos créations

- Un salon dédié à vos collections

- Un salon dédié à vos photographies ainsi qu'à vos vidéos

- Deux salons pour les personnes ne voulant pas discuter en vocal ou n'ayant pas de micro (no-micro et feu-de-camp-no-micro)

- Un salon Meme

- Un salon Gachimuchis

- Un salon pour apprendre le Japonais

- Un salon Cleverbot

- Un salon Userphone (Pour la commande --userphone d'Yggdrasil)

- Un salon Pokecord

- Un salon dédié aux organisations de parties de loups-garous de Thiercelieux sur Wolfy

- Un future serveur Minecraft

- Des salons vocaux dédiés au karaoké ainsi qu'au Blind Test

- Un salon dédié aux Events organisés

- Un salon pour les photos de vos cosplays (Accessible en ayant le niveau 5 via Gaius Play qui vous notifiera à chaque Lvl up dans le salon bot-level-up)

- Un trombinoscope (Accessible en ayant le niveau 10 via Gaius Play)

- Un salon dédié aux commandes des bots

- Des salons dédiés aux images, vidéos, jeux vidéo et sites dits " Cursed "

- Des salons dédiés aux Creepypastas ainsi qu'aux histoires horrifiques

- Des salons secrets réservés aux discussions au calme, aux anecdotes obscures personnelles, etc... (Accessible en ayant le niveau 30 via Gaius Play)

Also, we have one text channel and one voice channel for the english speakers too.
🌸 Fantasy no Sekai 🌸
Hi minna-san,
Kami dari Fantasy no Sekai mengajak kalian untuk bergabung bersama kami untuk chatting, voice dan hal lainnya berbagi sesama hobby.

🎀 Features 🎀
➣ Member yang aktif
➣ Staff server yang ramah
➣ Server tersusun secara rapi
➣ Music Bot, playing bot, everything
➣ Levelling role dan role shop yang dapat dibeli
➣ Dan tidak lupa tentunya Events yang menarik Setiap Bulan
➣ Berhadiah Nitro Booster/Nitro Classic tergantung keputusan kami

Jadi ingin tau keseruannya? Silahkan join di server kami. Terima kasih ^ -^)/
The one true Neko and Kitsune religion! We have all kinds of channels for all types of hentai. Our community is very nontoxic. With 3 owners, there are checks and balances to ensure no corruption (something many servers suffer). Come and enjoy the Nekitsune religion.
We are a non-toxic anime, art, manga community.
✿ 120+ emotes.
✿ Self promotion.
✿ Fun daily events.
✿ 45+ self-roles.
✿ Holiday specific events.
✿ Anime, gaming, music, movies.
✿ Selfies, art, photography, memes.
✿ Pokecord, Waifu Bot, currency.
Welcome To Arceus' Kingdom!🎊

🔺Who we are?

Arceus Kingdom was originally a private server with friends to play Pokécord, but has steadily grown into a thriving public community. We'd love for you to come check us out on the server, see you soon!


🔺What do we offer?

🔸Huge Daily Giveaways
🔸Gyms & Elite Four | Person that beats all gyms and Elite Four will receive massive prizes!
🔸Fun Bots | Dank Memer, Tatsumaki, Unbelivaboat, Mantaro, Mudae, OwO and more!
🔸Daily interactive events, such as Pokemon catching,, Flash Giveaways, invite events and more!
Art Contests & Shadow Lugia auctions!
🔸Trainer of the Month prizes! | Large prizes rewarded to our most active members!
🔸Supportive and friendly staff!
Fast, reliable and safe Daycare!
🔸Monthly Raffles & Tournaments! | Mega prizes to our winners!
🔸Premium Bots! | Dyno Premium, Mee6 Premium, Gaius Cicerius+ and more!

🔔Hope to see you soon!

Join the ♥ EROGE ♥ server today! We're one of the most interactive anime servers out there! Come chill in our chat rooms and have a good time. Hope to see you there!
A hentai/doujinshi server, very talkative, we have waifu wars are looking for new people. We also have many subcategories for all sorts of stuff, so no matter what you like there's a place here for you. :)
The Kingdom Community is the most active Discord community dedicated to discussing the manga series Kingdom by Hara Yasuhisa.
Servidor voltado a animes e mangás. Entre e interaja com outras pessoas que gostam de animes, discuta sobre qual o melhor anime da temporada e qual é o seu anime favorito.
👑 Discord de animes mais ativo do Brasil, Comunidade SFW focada em Anime e Japão, Staff amigável, Ambiente acolhedor, Eventos e brindes! Todos são bem vindos! 😊

Siga-nos no Twitter: @DiscordAnimes
hey. do you have 90 minutes? if so then come on down and visit our Fire Emblem server. it’s got everything you need! game channels, voice chats, astolfo bot, mudae, memes, cool people and a teaspoon of salt. p.s. we also partner with other servers