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Bitter Boys is a group for 13-15 year olds looking to make friends. You can search by gender and interests!

Honestly I just made this cause I was bored.
If anyone is interested in joining a Discord server where they can practice their languages, then look no further! The Language Café is a laid back server in which you can get immersed with the language(s) that you're learning. Everyone is welcome, regardless of the languages that they know/are learning. Hope to see you there!
Welcome to Tellus!

We are an international chatting server!
What we offer:
- A minecraft server!
- Nice chats with nice people!
- An open community!
Welcome To The Lounge
We are a fast growing, welcoming community that draws in new users everyday, we have a lot to offer and hope you enjoy your stay!

✦ Anime Focused, straightforward design
✧ Non Toxic, Active Community
✦ Active Staff and Fair Moderation
✧ A Support Channel
✦ Game Nights and Events !
✦ Nitro Giveaways
✧ Leveling Up System
✦ Variety of Bots with Fun Commands
✧ Color-changing roles, event roles, informative roles
✦ Voice channels & Music channels
✧ Color-changing roles, event roles, informative roles, level-locked roles etc;

The Convergence of Worlds is a roleplay server created for everyone and anyone to connect with new friends and find others to chat with. The Convergence of Worlds roleplay has fun writers, roleplayers, and members for people to interact with on their free time.

Join up today and ignite your Roleplaying experience! Push forward through the seemingly impossible, and make anything you can imagine possible!

"Fear not that which you cannot see, embrace that which you can."

🔹 Friendly Members and Staff
🔹 World Building Roleplay
🔹 Many Roleplay Sources
🔹 Working to unite the Roleplay World!
🔹 Tips and Tricks on how to write and roleplay better.

Welcome to our roleplay server! We have all kinds of roleplays here, add your character and join the fun! My rules are simple. Don't be overpowered, have fun, and be respectful. We had a spam bot issue so we have roles to fix it, so just add an introduction and we will give you the needed roles!
Welcome to Phew

We are a small server and we're searching for new friends!
If you prefer good atmosphere instead of crowded servers, you came to the right place.
We like to talk from time to time and play some games but we are also open to any new fun activities.
Feel free to join us whenever you want!
Hello everyone! Welcome to probably the worst server on discord! *insert lots of confetti here* from really weird roles, weird emojis, and even weird ppl (jk im prolly the only weird one) this server has anything u can wish for!

P.S. peanut butter cookies are god tier.
This server is a dedicated Zombie Apocalypse
Role play server, The world is your oyster, make your life one of your choice, you can either watch the world burn, or you can be one of those who choose to use your life to rebuild.
The choice is yours
*Server Now Accepting Cross partnerships with others!*
Hop on in, make some new friends, rp, and let's kill some zombies~
Looking to game? Chill out or geek out? Share Animal Crossing pictures, or even have a MOVIE NIGHT? We're the perfect server for you!
We have multiple music bots, Pokécord, Undertale-related Custom Roles, Dank Memer, Gaming Channels, and Level roles/unlockable channels!
If you have bot suggestions, feel free to suggest away in our Bot Suggestion channel, (the owner is fine with adding a crapton of bots) and if you wish to partner feel free to DM the owner. (we do not @everyone no matter the server size, and we will partner with NSFW servers)
Discord server for Tiktok user Big_Lad_Matthew. We currently have an event running where the winner will receive a shoutout. Feel free to enter.
Hello, welcome to Silver Nation!


• What is Silver Nation?
-Silver Nation is owned by a person called Kicko Gaming. The server itself is full of fun, and entertaining categories and channels!

• What's in Silver Nation?
-The server contains many channels for sharing pictures and memes! It also has many popular and likeable hits (Pokécord, Mudae, Dank Memer, and much more)! We also have a category for role-players! I don't want to spoil too much, but the current theme revolves around a cyberpunk future. All you need is the role 'Future'. Not into it? Well, then you're most likely into competitions! We host all kinds of events for the public to join! Doesn't that sound fun?

• What are our goals?
-Our current main goal is so get to 750 so we can start giveaways! We're looking forward to seeing what happens in the future!

• Why should you join Silver Nation?
-It's an overall fun experience! It's a care free server where anyone can interact with others who might like catching or trading Pokemon, exchanging memes, gaming, or just having loads of fun! All of the staff team hope you enjoy your stay with just the click of a button! What are you waiting for? Join now!
We’re a chill all-around server with many different fun aspects to take part in, we chat, we have fun with bots, and we have true crime cases almost every night where we go over true crime cases!
We are a friendly group of people here, just trying to make discord a fun place for everyone, this is more of a family than a server for us. Feel free to join and check us!

Here’s what you can expect to find in the server ⇣

> • 🌈Friendly community ★
> • 🌴Helpful and dedicated staff ★
> • Text and meme channels to chill and have fun ★
> • 🌷 Art, art tips , channels to express yourself ★
> • 🌊Voice and music channels for some quality good time and mystical vibes ★
> • 🌧️ Tons of self-assignable roles ★
> • 🔥 Awesome leveling system with 15 level-up roles ★
> • ✨Multiple fun bots such as pokecord, dank memer, owo, etc ★
> • 🦋A huge variety of fun emotes ★
🥀Server special
> • 💠 Gambling channel with fun nickname challenge ★
> • 🍥Our own custom bot ★
> • 🐟 Self promotion channel ★
> • 🔥 quotes and lyrics channel ★
> • 🍒Truth And Dare ★
> • 🥨Server events and givaways ★
╰─➞ • ₊꒰ **__We are looking for__**~ ꒱。˚∙!

> • 💎 Active members ★
> • 🧿 Nitro boosters ★
> • 🍉 Moderators ★


Welcome to a really bad server!
Ici, nous parlons français, même si some of us can talk english very well.
Ce serveur n'a pas de thème particulier, on parle juste quand on veut. Il y a des salons pour organiser des jeux, parler de musique, envoyer des memes, et plein d'autres, bref, je pense qu'on a tout pour plaire, si on ne prend pas en compte le nombre d'actifs ;v;
Nous avons un système de monnaie, avec des rôles à acheter, des custom emojis et rôles, et encore d'autres!
eeeet aussi, s'il vous plaît, ne join-quit pas, c'est très insatisfaisant de penser qu'on a un nouveau membre, on s'apprête à l'accueillir, et bim, [nom d'utilisateur] est parti... je ne vous empêche pas de faire ça, mais voilà ^^'
uuhhh, je crois que c'est tout, donc bisous
We are a new server and are hoping to make a fun community! We hope you join us because honestly we are crackheads. This is also a dating server as you could tell from the tags. We have a couple of bots including the Rhythm bot but other than that it’s mostly just talking.
are you bored? Tired of staying in the same routine all day?

Join us for

- Meet new people and make new friends
- Many bots and Self-roles
- Active staff
- Relax without creepies
- Selfie Chanel’s and social media
- Active Chanel
- A lot more
We are a new discord server that is mainly for talking about anything. We really wont be that strict on rules unless your doing something really bad (dark humour is fine) it is a two owner server at the moment and are hoping to get more members
Welcome to FURCHAT! the only place you can hang out with awesome people!

Furchat is a small community of people gathered together to chill!
There is NSFW too!

In Furchat you can:
- Chat & Chill
- Self Promote
- Roleplay
- Send Memes
And much more!

Now what are you waiting for?? Join today! :D