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For all of you that watch my YouTube videos Hi. But to the people that don't now who I am. I am ThatGuyViper. This is a server for all my viewers to go into and chat. I hope you enjoy this channel and stay here. Love mate. I'm not british by the way.
♡ Gwa Gwa Gamers ♡
♡ Welcome! ♡
We are a beginner friendly server for mostly League of Legends, however we play other games such as Overwatch, Valorant, and more! We are brand new and are always looking for new friends, so don't be afraid to join <3 (WE ARE PC PLAYERS!! sorry if youre a console player ^^ youre welcome to join but likely wont have any luck finding someone to play with here!)
A community server that welcomes every type of gamer there is. We have friendly mods, weekly tourneys, and a vast community of nice people ready to socialize and have fun!
Welcome to Redstone Oinkcraft! Multiple worlds, from parkour and creative to factions, along with custom written minigames! Join our Discord to join our wonderfully tight-knit community :)
Spoon is a welcoming community with a diverse and inclusive membership. We run an SFW server (with a naughty channel) with our own Minecraft server and more events planned. Our focus is chatting and socialising and to be a safe space to hang out and play games together and bullshit around
Although we are a UK based, we are accepting of everyone
Welcome to Pornhub!
A friendly/safe space server dedicated to people from all timezones to chill, listen to music, vent, play Minecraft, share memes, shitpost and much more!
what we have in our server ↴
✫ extremely friendly staff.
✫ channels to share your creativity such as art, photography and your own music, etc. we also hold concerts every weekend and movie nights once in every two weeks!
✫ goofy self-assignable roles.
✫ giveaways for pokemon and future creative contests!
✫ custom role and emote perms for server boosters.
✫ a channel that's a safe space to vent about anything.

▷ We're open to partnerships!! please contact the staff if interested!
We'd love for you to join us!! ❣️
Potato Panda is a SFW server full of amazing people! This community is amazing, wholesome, and full of nice & active people!
Here we have:
- Gaming chats to find people to game with
- Lyric chain channels
- Music bots
- Active & friendly staff
- Much more
I'm just trying to make a chill server bro. Just come and talk and idk do shit maybe. I myself play some games and my friends does too. :P
Collision Course Gaming is a non-toxic community that is for anyone who games; however, we are mostly Xbox. Everyone is welcome! This is a place to meet new people and find like-minded people to play with. You MUST be 13+ to join this guild.

Games included:
{We have overwatch teams that you can join and have lots of fun in}
{Lots of scrims against other league members and other league teams}
{ability to become a captain of your own team!}
{We offer coaching, pugs, and anyone to play with so you never have to just solo queue!}
{A discord server full of overwatch players :)}

{We have a Minecraft realm that is exclusive to any CCG member!}
{To get an invite to the realm go into the specified Minecraft verification introductions channel or DM an admin for the code}
{NOTE : If you DM an admin this will be your verification into our realm, same goes for the intro for the Minecraft realm}

-Destiny 2
{We have a destiny 2 part of the league which includes various LFG channels and Voice Chats}

Activities Included:
-Joining Overwatch Teams
-Creating your own Overwatch team
-Joining a Minecraft realm
-Team Practices
-Scrims for your teams
-Survival Minecraft world
-Photo sharing channels
-NSFW channel
-Guild Events
-Destiny 2 League
Salut tout le monde je vous présente Nenozia un nouveau PvP-Faction cheat qui vas bientôt ouvrir

Voici quelques nouveautés sur le serveur :
- Une Houe de farm Permet de récolter et replanter toutes les culture en 1 seul cli
- Un Hopper de farm Permet de récupérer tout les items dans un rayon de 1 chunk
- Un Hammer Permet de miner en 3x3x1 ne permet pas de récupérer les blocs
- Une Dynamite Permet de lancer une tnt dans un chunk enemy
- Un Briquet spéciale Permet de transformer les creeper normaux en creeper charger
- Un Unclaim Finder Permet de voir sil y'a des coffres dans le chunk ou vous vous situez
Et bien d'autres qui arriveront plus tard
Voici les événements disponibles sur le serveur :
Un KOTH Vous devez capturer une zone pour une durée de 2 minutes
Un Totem Vous devez détruire un pilier en quartz d'une hauteur de 6 blocs
Un GiveAll Un événement qui se passe toutes les semaines où le staff vous donne un maximum de stuff
Nous proposons aussi :
- Un PvP fluide & sans lag !
- Des nouvelles armes avec des enchantements ultra-OP !
- Une économie Ultra-Farm2Win !
- Un PvP de qualité mis en avant à travers plusieurs events Koth, Totem ... !
- Des machines et une infrastructure Ultra-Puissantes !
- Des events PvP journaliers !
- +300 challenges / quêtes inédites !
-> Site :
Hi there!

Welcome to Xboy's Angels!

I am Xboy and this server is where my angels and I hang out!

On here you'll find a strong community where we hold gaming nights with games such as skribblio, little quizzes and the lots more!

We would love for more people to join us!!
A Minecraft server releasing that has released! We support both Java and Bedrock players, cross-play compatible! The following gamemodes can be found on the network which includes Dungeons, Factions, Skyblock, and Kit PvP. What are you waiting for? Join now! Factions Season 1 payouts are $800 for factions top as well as Skyblock having payouts up to $300.

╚═ ➳ -ˏˋ✦ SMD ✦ ˊˎ- ➳ ═╗

╚═ ➳ We are one of the more
entertaining Discord servers
that aims to meet new people and
strengthen the community itself, you. won't regret it ➳ ═╗

╚═➵ ✦ We have ✦➵ ═╗

Δ ➵ Nitro Giveaways ♛
Δ ➵ Rewards ♛
Δ ➵ Cute e-boys ♛
Δ ➵ Hot e-girls ♛
Δ ➵ Earn more roles by being active
Δ ➵ Fun bots ♛
Δ ➵ A friendly community ♛
Δ ➵ 24/7 active ♛
Δ ➵ NSFW Channel ♛
Δ ➵ Looking for Partner Managers! ♛

╚═➵ ✦ We have ✦➵ ═╗ | Minecraft 1.8 | German Factions PvP / HardcorePvP Server with Gambling, Custom Enchantments, Daily PvP Events, FTOP Wins and much more ;)

STATUS: Maintenance
Salut, Je te présente notre serveur discord ! Je t'invite à prendre le temps de lire pour connaître notre discord et le rejoindre après :). Si vous cherchez des joueurs pour jouer avec vous, vous êtes au bon endroit ! Serveur Français !



•Une communauté déjà grande !
•Recherche de coéquipiers !
•Joueurs csgo - minecraft et autres !
•Communauté grandissante-mature et sans embrouilles
•Giveaways réguliers rien que pour vous !
Join the Jas0nplays community and meet with a bunch of awesome people. We have rank roles and the more you chat the more you level up using the mee6 bot (type !rank anytime to see your level). join if interested in a Collab, we play a hole bunch of games from our Minecraft server to fortnite, and even call of duty with a dash of siege and gta! those are only the main games we do. Join if your interested in joining the squad and games with us.

We are having an ongoing event right now for the first person to reach super epic gamer in the server tiers will win a $50 gift card of there choice, so join fast.
☀️𝓢𝓾𝓷𝓼𝓮𝓽 𝓕𝓪𝓬𝓽𝓳𝓸𝓷𝓼☀️

(Bedrock Edition)
This server is for people who want to play factions on a Bedrock Edition Minecraft realm that offers lots of commands and custom kits. In the discord we have a variety of staff that are almost always online and are willing to help people out.
We're a server that has a nice community that is always ready to play games and just talk!
We have a levelling system that you can gain roles from. We also have a bunch of bots! We are an ex community of hypixel players, we still have a lot of people that play Minecraft however we are expanding into other games (mainly Rainbow Six Siege, Minecraft, Gta and Rust!) We will try to make you feel welcome no matter what game you have! So please join the server and play games or have a chat with us, make some friends even. We can't wait to play with you soon!