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Norinchukin is a chill server mainly based on gaming and making friends!

We have many different activities and events that occur in our active and friendly community, such as:

〘〙Regular giveaways for prizes such as video games

〘〙Our very own 24/7 community Minecraft Server

〘〙Events on our voice calls, for example watching a Netflix movie together as a group

〘〙Lots of gaming - the main games we play are CSGO, Minecraft, Rust, Valorant, Terraria and Rocket League!

Our aim for the server is for it to become a safe space for everyone who may need one, and to make friends from all around the world. We are accepting and welcoming of everyone who joins!
We hope that you will join our little community <3
Hey there! We are Cyber_Land and we had to create this new discord server, but for those who dont know us, we gather a lot of gamers from different games to talk to each other. We also have our own Minecraft Servers if you are into that, feel free to join!
Hello there, random Disboard scroller. Yes, I see you, bored and tired of your average run of the mill discord server. Why not seize the means of production with us and spice you're life up a bit in the Comrade Castle?

We are a 15+ community of artists, gamers, bimbos and crackheads that enjoy frivolous conversations, endorsing crime, and doing hard drugs! We love our members to pieces all in the sake of pleasure and entertainment under the guise of IRONIC communism.

We have such amenities as a personal, JAVA Minecraft server,, Cards Against Humanity Nights, Movie Nights, Smash Nights, Animal Nights and so much more such as contests and a flourishing community!

We know self-isolation is incredibly taxing on the mind, body and soul. It'd be a pleasure to have you within our ranks and we'd truly treat you like one of the family!
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A new minecraft server that is originated from KitPvP. We're adding new features as in, UHC, Survival, Skywars, ETC. We hope you'll enjoy our community if you do decide to join!
Hey there!
Join our discord server if you want to have fun with other gamers! :D
You can even discuss gaming or even up and coming games with eachother. You can have a chat with the Staff/Owner as they are often active as well!
На этом сервере мы обсуждаем все игры!
Ты сможешь найти здесь напарника по игре , друзей или просто отдохнуть!
Заходи не заскучаешь!
Bienvenue sur Elatium ! Nous sommes un serveur en dev et nous recrutons !
Nous comptons faire un faction, un RP et des mini-jeux !
Si tu es intéressé rejoins nous !
Da du dir schon unsere Beschreibung durchliest kannst du uns ja joinen. Wir sind ein chilliger Server der für alles und jeden offen ist.

Unsere Rollen basieren auf Star wars charakter etc.
Welcome! In this discord server we like to hangout and play some mimecraft while having fun! In this discord server we have minecraft alt give aways! And we also have minecraft events where you can win some minecraft alts! Join this server if you wanna hangout and have some fun :D
Lugar de encuentro de jugadores de Minecraft Dungeon de Latinoamérica.
¡Todos los países son bienvenidos! Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, México, Nicaragua, Panamá, Paraguay, Perú, Puerto Rico, República Dominicana, Uruguay y Venezuela. Lo importante es tener ganas de pasarlo bien.
Just a gaming server to play games and hangout. 12+ Hope to see you there! First 20 members get a custom role!
We are a cool Minecraft Hangout Server where you can meet new people and speak everything Minecraft. We are mainly PvP focused and we mainly play on Hypixel. We have an lfg channel where you can find new friends to play with! We currently do not own a Minecraft server but we thought that this would be a great way to bring people together and have a great time as a community.
PridelandsMC is a mostly active Minecraft 1.15.2 Java Multiplayer Server.

The current world is somewhat new and has several somewhat built up areas. It began on 23/04/20. The most active players have clocked around 100 hours in the first few weeks. Player numbers have varied from 5-10 active weekly players. There are already five established bases. There is no main settlement, although you are free to build a base anywhere that isn't claimed by someone else, or join a base where you have been given permission to settle or which is public.

The server is currently mainly vanilla however plugins are being discussed to catch griefers. Our two current data packs are multiplayer sleep and double shulker shells. There is no admin abuse on the server as only one user has OP. Rules are relatively relaxed in regards to technical farming so there is no worry that a resource farm would be rule breaking. AFK fish as much as you want. The server has a permanent vote to remove the current world and start from scratch on a new seed so people can get a new world when they are tired of the current one.

All are welcome ages 13+. The discord has a relaxed voice channel which anyone can use for anything.
Navy's Squad is a friendly community that started out private, then became public! Come check us out today!
De Hotel Discord Server is een gezellige kleine server met veel toffe mensen! We doen vaak events, we spelen games of we praten gewoon. Het spel dat meest gespeelt word is Minecraft, dit is geen Minecraft Discord server maar we hebben wel 2 Minecraft servers waar je kan op spelen. Hopelijk kom je eens langs kijken!
Hey! Welcome to Cloudy's Splashes. Here we do God Splashes atleast 5 times a day, this is a server with SPLASHES and DAILY GIVEAWAYS, this server has about 200 members and 20 people are joining everyday! So please take a second and join, you won't regret it!
🌜- Bored during quarantine? Why not join our server? We have:

- New, growing community.
- Well moderated.
- Chill 24/7 staff.
- Animal crossing bell market
- Gaming, memes, music & much more.
We are a Hypixel Bedwars server that is a very active community and we play other games sometimes as well we are so cool the best if you would definitely.
A discord in which you talk with other members about Minecraft and play on our minecraft bedrock multiplayer survival realm. We reset the map every 1 & a half months and host events. Our realm has customized to make it easier for all to play and our discord has support where you can ask questions and report bugs
Questo server Discord è basato su molti giochi.
Ci sono eventi, puoi incontrare nuovi giocatori e molto altro.
Invita i tuoi amici e buona permanenza!

Aiutami a far crescere questa community!

Hello, please join our server :)
We have games like Brawlhalla, Minecraft, CSGO, Rotmg.
And we love to just chat in general. We also organize Brawlhalla tournaments
Do you play one of these games? Or are you just looking for people to chat with, well here is your server!