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Hey Welcome, we are a hosting and service team. We provide people with custom coded plugins and we setup your server just as you want it to be. We also provide you with high performance servers. Come and join if you are interested.
• Team EoN is a team trying to grow!
•We are now recruiting players from every region!
•We are not only a fortnite team, we play many different games, for example: Fortnite, Apex, Minecraft, Ark, Pixel Gun, Call of Duty, and much more cool and fun games.
Welcome to the MC Switch Hangout, where we mostly focus on both versions of Minecraft for Switch. But if you have any version of Bedrock, you are also welcomed.
Isantium was founded in 2013 as a factions team which later officially adopted a government in 2015. Ever since 2015, expansion and development has lead it to becoming a respect community within the minecraft community. Constantly striving to develop more and more, the leadership and workers within Isantium typically express high amounts of pride and patriotism. Isantium is not only the key stone of the CPQC, but also the founder of it allowing for it to grow further. So, if you question "what Isantium is," think of the men and women who have funded and served Isantium in her name and for her sake. We hope you all take pride in this industrious and nationalistic group which was the foundation of it all!
Official Minecraft Marketplace Partner's
server where you invite with people invites as points and with it you can buy/request stuff.

There is NSFW in the nsfw server is only available with a role so you say from I want NSFW then you get the role

You can find A link for robux (BE WARE with that link you have to do assignments and other things to earn robux)
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Bienvenue sur le serveur Veryzium
Veryzium est un serveur Mini-Jeux Minecraft en développement accès à tout public !
⚠ Avoir Minecraft Premium pour se connecter au serveur ⚠
Nous recherchons aussi des joueurs actifs et motivés impatients de l'ouverture qui feront tout leur possible pour faire Véryzium soit un grand et beau serveur.
『🤝』Si vous souhaitez être Partenaire sur notre serveur, vous devrez avoir un serveur comptant au minimum 100 membres.
『🎥』Si vous souhaitez être Youtubeur, vous devrez avoir au moins 500 abonnés sur votre chaîne YouTube ou réseau sociaux.
『🤩』Un serveur Minecraft sera créer pour accueillir tous nos mini-jeux.
Nous recrutons actuellement du staff !
➱ Des Builders (Gratuit) ✅
➱ Des Développeurs (Gratuit) ✅
➱ Des Modérateurs ✅
➱ Des Helpers ✅
➱ Des Animateurs ✅
➱ Des Rédacteurs ✅
➱ Community Manager ✅
Alors qu'attend-tu ? Rejoins nous vite !
Serveur : 『』
༄ Welcome to Breadland, a fun, small, friendly server full of amazing and caring staff!

Here is what Breadland has to offer:
⟼ Friendly and kind staff members!
⟼ A Minecraft server!
⟼ Many interactive bots, such as Pokécord, Mantaro and many more!
⟼ LGBTQ+ friendly!
⟼ Many channels and a variety of topics!
⟼ Open for partnership!
⟼ A generally safe and welcoming space for everyone ♡
⟼ Daily questions!

If you ever have any questions, our staff are more then welcome to answer them!

→ Founded 06/11/2019 ♡
🌟Hey gamers🌟

We're an Australian 🦘& New Zealand 🥝 discord server! - But we accept everyone from All Countries!

The server was created by gamers for gamers, we have 600+ members and are growing daily. Many who have joined have called our server their home. We listen to our members and provide everything including the kitchen sink to keep things different.

Now to the gaming part;

🔹 Play a wide range from team based shooters, grinding & PVP. if the games not listed we have a suggestions channel where you can post what games you want.

🔹 Hosting Pickup Games AKA PUGS for overwatch & Blazing Sails, it's a structured causal experience but with a team you know. But it doesn't stop there, Ask us what PIRATE PUGS IS.. WE DAAARRRRR YE!

🔹 Hosting movie/ tv binge nights where you can "Netflix & Chill" with other members.

🔹 Join our own Minecraft server, if you're looking for a place to "Build and chill" - We got your back.

We're growing more and more each day and would love to see the community become more diverse!
🌈 Rainbow Wishes come true! 🌈

🎀 Must be 18+ to join! 🎀

✨ SFW, adult server!
🌸 Positive, friendly community!
✨ LGBT+ friendly! With special love to our trans and nb friends!
🌸 Minecraft server + channels!
✨ 60+ Self-roles! (colors included)
🌸 Custom emojis!
il be using this discord sever to get people into a certain mc server that i play its based on skyblock and factions its a new server though and its not open yet when it does open i will be releasing the ip the server name is: Phantom Network
I myself am an admin on this server. basically iam a admin on a server and want to get it more active its also a pretty good server has nothing copied and is completely new its worth the try am i right?
-Free Minecraft Premium Account
-Get Rewards for Inviting People
-Nice people and Many Mini-Games
Come Meet New People In Our Server

- Play Games
- Talk To New People
- Meet New Friends
- NSFW Channel

And please don't be racist or rude to the other people in the sever
Hey, we are Vindicators Empire. Are you a gamer? Well, so are we! But we are Vindicators! We offer:

⭐An amazing community!

⭐Friendly and supporting staff!

⭐Fun roles you can earn by being an active members of our server!

⭐You become an Vindicator!

⭐Gaming channels and a meme channel!

⭐Upcoming events with lots of games!

Join now and become a Vindicator:
Welcome to Vibe Gaming! Home of the official Minecraft server: Vibe Check! We run 1.15.1.

Come check us out! We’ve got some good games coming soon:

-Hide and Seek
-Siege/Capture the Wool!

Not to mention the entire PVP/PVE world right when you join! Explore the area, boost the economy with /shop, do whatever you’d like! Form clans and have terf wars!
This is an server of community Spectrolia,
Its a super community and minecraft server with factions, opprison, brainffa, rushffa, pvp, practice
We are no lags0
Generator 2000 server :
-A custom generator bots create specialy for this server
-other bots for generate a lot of account
-A lot of free drop
in the server you can generate :
-dungeon metal code
and more
join now 🙂

My server
PixelPoly is a Minecraft Bedrock Edition build team with awesome programmers, 3D Modelers, Builders and more that agreed on making difference creations to keep everyone interested in Minecraft! We create Minigame/adventure maps, texture packs, add-on's, skinpacks and more for Official Marketplace!

• 1000+ Discord Members
• Community bedrock realm
• Giveaways, Events
• Custom banner, splash art, and Animated server icon!
• Great & Active Community, rapidly growing
• Beta access on our marketplace projects
• Get answers to your questions, related to Skinpack, Add-on, Resourcepack, and ScriptingAPI
• And much more!

Official Website:
𝒫𝒶𝓇𝓉𝓎 𝒯𝒾𝓂𝑒
- 500+ members, active community
- our own Minecraft server!
- League of Legends themed, but open to ALL gaming
- chill moderation
- giveaways
- cute emotes
- many channels for everything you want!
- always adding new things!

~in search of active partner managers~
Hello. This server is a community, where we also have daily giveaways and invite rewards (we include nitro rewards as well c;). This server can be a place where you get your needs or a server where you can chill and make friend, or even better... both! Join now to be part of the fun.