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Welcome to t̶h̶e̶ ̶p̶i̶n̶k̶ ̶b̶u̶b̶b̶l̶e̶!! 🥤

This server is a warm and cozy place to get to know people and make new friends. Come and join us for some coffee ☕ and tea 🥤 <3

We would like to host Minecraft nights on the PS4 when we have more people interested!

We are completely brand new and would love to have you be apart of our small server!
Siema! Jesteśmy nowym fajnym, miłym serwerem, miła administracja, dużo luzu, można się u nas reklamować bez wymaganych dziecinnych partnerstw, i ogólnie jesteśmy bardzo fajnym i miłym miejscem, głównie dla graczy ale nie tylko! Najlepiej poprostu wpaść zobaczyć!
PixelPoly is a Minecraft Bedrock Edition build team with awesome programmers, 3D Modelers, Builders and more that agreed on making difference creations to keep everyone interested in Minecraft! We create Minigame/adventure maps, texture packs, add-on's, skinpacks and more for Official Marketplace!

• 1000+ Discord Members
• Community bedrock realm
• Giveaways, Events
• Custom banner, splash art, and Animated server icon!
• Great & Active Community, rapidly growing
• Beta access on our marketplace projects
• Get answers to your questions, related to Skinpack, Add-on, Resourcepack, and ScriptingAPI
• And much more!

Official Website:
Dungeon Masters is a 24/7 minecraft server. Its a PvE based gamemode with some RPG elements attached onto it like boss fights and exploration. We have a small player count at the moment and we want you to join in!
❱˚꒰welcome to sisi's server! ˚ˑ༄ؘ ·˚

┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄

✿ 〜˚꒰what we have...

✿ ~ a fun lil community!

✿ ~ all sorts of different bots!

✿ ~ we have art channels, game channels, and host events!

✿ ~ custom roles and an intro channel so we can to get to know you! <3

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

questions? contact owner at bubble#2542 <3
🌟We are the discord server of a Minecraft Bedrock Edition Server called
EmperialsPE, Based on the Famous SaicoPVP
🌟We offer Head Hunting, Leveling, A Welcoming Community for all New
🌟We have many extremely active staff team waiting to teach you how to
ultimately dominate the server.
🌟Are you ready to Experience a Different Type of Server, We are ready for

⭐Minecraft IP:;19132
⭐Twitter: @EmperialsPE
Welcome to our discord server! We have many channels for your entertainment, such as bot games, qotd and monthly giveaways and events. We are also doing a nitro giveaway
Serveur multigaming Français, accessible a tous le monde. la majorité des jeux auxquel nous jouont sont Free 2 Play et plutot facile à avoir
grade vip : recevable après 6 mois sur le serveur
staff : demandez à un admin/superadmin, nous veillerons que vous modérez correctement
grade Youtubeur : au moins 1000 abonné(e)s, demandez à un admin/superadmin après vérification de votre chaine
jeux principaux : CS:GO, Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite, Overwatch
un serveur "autres" est disponible si vous jouez à d'autres jeux différents de ceux qui sont proposés.

Lien inexpirable du serveur :
Hallöchen und herzlich Willkommen bei The Crew!
Wir sind eine Community von Gamern. Du willst Teil dieser Community werden? Okay, dann joine uns doch einfach! Sea of Thieves, GTA, Stardew Valley, Minecraft - du kannst wahrscheinlich für alles Teamkollegen finden!
Selbst wenn du kein Gamer bist, kann man auf unserem Server nette Leute zum Schreiben finden. :)

• Der Server toleriert keine Diskriminierung!
• Jeder ist willkommen!
• Der Server ist zu 100% entenfreundlich!
Приглашаю в наше игровое сообщество для совместных игр. Здесь вы сможете найти товарищей по духу и великолепно провести время.
Serdecznie zapraszamy na naszego discorda będącego powiązanym z serwerem minecraft! Znajdziesz u nas wiele ciekawych trybów, które zapewnią Ci nieskończenie wiele miło i zabawnie spędzonych godzin. Czekamy właśnie na Ciebie!!!
this a fun server w/ fun people! we have self roles and more fun things! accepting of everyone and has a lot of communities. we hope you join and have a memorable time(: we take recommendations and build the sever around you.
Welcome To Team Incredible

We Are A Fun Community Out There In Wild

Mostly Focused On Minecraft But We Support Any Other Games

Talk About Anime And We Will Join You UwU


•●Fun Bots (Pokécord,Dank Meme,More...)

•●React For Roles

•●Hacker Proof

•●24/7 Staff Uptime


•●Yaggdrasil (Do Whatever You Want On That Chat)

Join Through This Link :
Do you enjoy competing in unique games against other players, building innovative games, and talking in a friendly community?

Game Show Central is the place for you! Game Show Central is a Minecraft game show Discord server created to be a hub for quality Minecraft entertainment, game cooperation, and the sharing of ideas

We recently hit our third year anniversary, have amassed over 1200 members, and would love for you to join us!

Some other things our server offers:
- An easy event system which allows members to host in a privated server-provided voice chat
- An interactive event participation leaderboard system with prizes for the winners
- A variety of topic-specific chats for members to discuss current events, movies, and television shows such as Survivor, Big Brother, and custom chats for our showrunners gameshows
Join the Game Show Central Discord server today!
A server for cracked gamers, come on in!
We are a friendly, active community and we are always open for more players.

!Brief Introduction!
Welcome to ze 1st Graming Reicher in thiz serven you will be with gut Gramers, All lead by de Führer, Ardolf Hitler,HEIL HITLER!

Naruto World Beta is now in progress of being developed

Server Information-
-custom jutsu that you get through specific hidden quests

-faction world as well with rentable houses in the naruto map world

-special ranks which will consist of these groups (Sannin, Seven Swordsmen Of the Mist, Taka, Akatsuki, Tailed Beasts along with a few misc ranks)

-Each rank will get a custom jutsu pertaining to there character

-Over 100 quests with a over arching story quest that will take you throughout the map

Hope to see you there!
Hello and welcome to TGC (The Gaming Community), here you can make some new gaming friends, listen to music and get a victory royal! We have all games you could ever ask for (if your games aren't there, let us know and we will add it!) Roblox? We got you, Fortnite? We got you as well! (Fortnite clan is being made)
We welcome everyone to join Spectre Gaming!
We’re a fun, casual, 18+ server hoping to meet new PC/Nintendo gamers who want to be part of an awesome gaming community.
We also run events/tournements with prizes.
Join Spectre Gaming today!
Hello There! 😄
Why don't you join my server? 😁
It's the second cuz the first one got raided and I was unable to fix it. 😔
Please join it. 😔

Ich möchte Ihnen den Discord Server von vorstellen.

Wir sind im Besitz von:

Dazu machen wir sehr oft Discord Events
Minecraft mit eigenen Modies und eigener Cloud
MCPE ist in Entwicklung
Und über 80 Sachen mehr
Also möchte ich dich nicht zu viel Spoilern, wäre cool wenn du mal
The discord for the hermitcraft inspired community, SpyroCraft! This is ONLY JAVA EDITION. Click the invite link to join a fun nontoxic community! Applications required, but everything is included, including information in the discord. SMP server.