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꒰💌꒱ Growing wholesome + friendly café-themed, level-2 (boosted) community that love welcoming new members.

↷ ⋯ ꒰𝙬𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙬𝙚 𝙤𝙛𝙛𝙚𝙧꒱┊♡°
꒰🌸꒱ server shop to buy cute roles ♡
꒰🐻꒱ partnerships ♡
꒰🌸꒱ self-assign roles/colours ♡
꒰🐻꒱ hundreds of cute emotes ♡
꒰🌸꒱ server events - gaming/movie nights ♡
꒰🐻꒱ boosting perks ♡
꒰🌸꒱ plenty of bots/fun games ♡
꒰🐻꒱ kind/friendly staff/members ♡
꒰🌸꒱ many interests ~ anime/gaming etc. ♡
꒰🐻꒱ mod applications ♡
꒰🌸꒱ sfw environment ♡
꒰🐻꒱ vent channel ♡

Grab a cup of coffee + come get cosy with us - we would love to have you! ♡

Come join our family - Permanent invite link to 🍰 〃kuma's café.♡°
Hi overwatch hideout is a gaming server about overwatch with a non toxic community
The server is mainly about overwatch but all gamers are welcome!
♡ Gwa Gwa Gamers ♡
♡ Welcome! ♡
We are a beginner friendly server for mostly League of Legends, however we play other games such as Overwatch, Valorant, and more! We are brand new and are always looking for new friends, so don't be afraid to join <3 (WE ARE PC PLAYERS!! sorry if youre a console player ^^ youre welcome to join but likely wont have any luck finding someone to play with here!)
Hi there! Welcome to the Gayborhood. We are an 18+ growing community of gaymers, who play League of Legends, Overwatch, and more! On both pc and console. Voice chats, texts chats, NSFW channel and more. Come game with us ^_^!
Wir sind ein deutscher Overwatch Discord Server.
Uns ist deine Stufe sowohl Rang total egal. Wir wollen gemeinsam mit dir Spaß haben und eine tolle Zeit genießen!
Wir freuen uns, wenn du zu uns kommst! :D
Versuch es doch einfach mal mit uns, wir würden gerne mit dir spielen. 🔅
Active community ready to make even more friends! Anyone is welcomed to join! Especially if you're into video games, pets, or just relaxing in calls. We have a place to find friends to play with and also multiple custom notifications so you never miss out. Hope we get to meet you!

We have:
💜。 Active member to fill the void of your social life
💜。 Questionable conversations
💜。 Many self assignable roles including games. If you want a new one just ask!
💜。 Self Promo channel and going live notifications
💜。 Suggestion channel for any requests

Direct Link:
│👶Server under construction
│🔴Looking to grow
│🔴Friendly and Welcoming Community
│🔴Visually appealing Discord Server
│🔴We play all kinds of games
│🔴Good team play
│🔴Friendly sometimes disturbed community
A chill social place for gamers and followers of my twitch/youtube to meet up and play! We are currently a very small community, but we plan to expand and grow to encompass ever more people! Hope to see you join up soon!
A friendly PS4 community for gamers to come together, meet new people, form new bonds and socialize while playing games together. The server primarily focuses on OVERWATCH and soon OVERWATCH 2, but there is room for many other mainstream games.

Toxicity and people with bad behavior are not welcomed here. We want this place to be as friendly as it can be.

You are welcomed to drop by and check out the place. We wish that you like it and become part of the family.
𝕨𝕖𝕝𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕥𝕠 𝕞𝕖𝕤𝕤𝕖𝕟𝕘𝕖𝕣𝕤 𝕠𝕗 𝕒𝕦𝕣𝕠𝕣𝕒!

we are a fairly new server that’s been live on disboard for a good few weeks now. we have an estimate of about 20 something members currently, and 10 bots.


messengers of aurora is a pink themed anime & gaming server. we focus primary on minecraft, overwatch and pokemon as our games, but we have an ‘others’ channel for any other games you may like - if one game gets popular, pop a suggestion in our suggestions channel!

as well as anime and gaming, we also have two special channels for kpop & jpop, and every bot also has its own channel to control bot spam. bots include; eli, mudae, helios and yggdrasil!

we have a specific voice chat category, filled with voice chats for games such as overwatch (limited to 6 per chat so you can have your whole team in the chat!) and minecraft, as well as a music bot voice channel.

different to the voice chat category, we also have a streaming category for the streamers in our server. with voice chats so you can stream live, and no-mic chats for each stream vc so people without mics can communicate with the streamer! there’s also a promotional channel to promote your twitch, or whatever you stream on.

so join us! come grab your roles from our reaction role menus and introduce yourself, and become a messenger yourself!!

arigato!! - neko’s nya
Come hang out in the Secondary Shack! We are a growing community of chill gamers that enjoys all types of games from RPG, FPS, strategy, to racing. Everyone is welcome!
🍄 Welcome to The Fairy Circle! 🍄

Fairy Circle is a 16+ no-male server (both women and nonbinary friends alike!) to find friends and community.

We offer:

🌻A safe space full of kindness! We are completely LGBTQ+ friendly.

🌻Miscellaneous interest channels including DnD, spirituality, etc!

🌻Friendly and welcoming Mod Team!

🌻Adult Category for NSFW chats just for 18+ members.

🌻Suggestions channel for any ideas you may have about the server! So long as they are kind and respectful.

Join now to help us grow a kind and flourishing community! Help us make it a great place to be.
Collision Course Gaming is a non-toxic community that is for anyone who games; however, we are mostly Xbox. Everyone is welcome! This is a place to meet new people and find like-minded people to play with. You MUST be 13+ to join this guild.

Games included:
{We have overwatch teams that you can join and have lots of fun in}
{Lots of scrims against other league members and other league teams}
{ability to become a captain of your own team!}
{We offer coaching, pugs, and anyone to play with so you never have to just solo queue!}
{A discord server full of overwatch players :)}

{We have a Minecraft realm that is exclusive to any CCG member!}
{To get an invite to the realm go into the specified Minecraft verification introductions channel or DM an admin for the code}
{NOTE : If you DM an admin this will be your verification into our realm, same goes for the intro for the Minecraft realm}

-Destiny 2
{We have a destiny 2 part of the league which includes various LFG channels and Voice Chats}

Activities Included:
-Joining Overwatch Teams
-Creating your own Overwatch team
-Joining a Minecraft realm
-Team Practices
-Scrims for your teams
-Survival Minecraft world
-Photo sharing channels
-NSFW channel
-Guild Events
-Destiny 2 League
Welcome to the SuperJump Squad! A semi-competitive clan for Splatoon, Smash Bros, Overwatch, Paladins, and Speedrunning!

Stop on by! We are very chill and nice people! But we also have a bit of a competitive edge! Feel free to join us today!
An off branch of another Gaming Slut server that broke away from poor management.

Come join us in the perverted act of healing in games! GamingSluts gathers like minded people around the kinky theme.

Get your custom roles to build your profile so that people can already see what you're looking for!

Whether it be flirting, dating, erp, healslutting, or finding a new gaming community GamingSluts has something that can fit your niche.
A server for everyone and anyone, the Coders, the Gamers, the Weebs, the Socializers and the Students. We are all about encompassing what is innovative, brilliant and yet also fun and goofy. Gaming is our number one activity and we go above and beyond to support the many games our members play (such as: Roblox, Minecraft, R6S, Overwatch, Planetside 2, ARK, Terraria, Warzone and many more!). Our developer base is huge, with over 150 programmers in over 20 programming languages. Our projects also include Neural Network building, Machine Learning, AI, Cryptography and so much more! Whether you're looking for some help for your Physics exam (or any other science), or you just want to hang out and have some fun playing simple games with other awesome members, our server is the place to do it! We hope to see you there soon! : D
Un paio di amichetti che vogliono conoscere gente nuova, senza dover girare per servers di merda.
Giochiamo praticamente solo ad Overwatch, ma siamo anche pronti a giocare ad altro, basta che non sia Fortnite o League of legends.
Hey! Welcome to Achievement Unlocked! We are a friendly server with people who like to game, chat, and chill. We play many games and like to joke around in voice chat with friends. Anyone who likes playing games and meeting new people, this is the server for you!
Main Games:
Dead By Daylight
Rocket League
Rainbow Six Siege

Please enjoy your stay and make friends!
~ The Overwatch Lounge ~

We are an FPS (mainly Overwatch, Valorant, and Dead By daylight) based community all about playing games with friends and meeting new people or chat when you're bored! Our community likes to welcome everyone with open arms.

This server features:

• A welcoming community

• Meme channels and media channels to share your daily dose of the internet with others.

• A rewarding levelling system

• Opportunities to find teammates to play games together

• Advice for new or struggling players

• Organized system

We hope to see you around ;)

-Team Overwatch Lounge

Join us at

Hey there kinksters! Join a great and friendly environment we have built here at OwOSluts, be sure to cum and join the community of your fellow kinklords, come explore different ones, or just come for the porn.

Whether it be flirting, dating, ERP, healslutting, Minecraft, Terarria or finding a new gaming community OwOSluts has something that can fit your niche.

Get your custom roles to build your profile so that people can already see what you're looking for and invite you to partake in some fun or lewd activities!

What we have:

➳❥ Friendly and caring staff team.
➳❥ Verified only channels for nudes and lewds.
➳❥ DD/LG space for little's and caregivers to interact.
➳❥ Both Kinky & Vanilla porn channels.
➳❥ Daily movies streamed on a posted schedule, with the ability to make requests for anything to be streamed.
➳❥ Self-roles (including Kink, Dating and Gaming Roles).
➳❥ Both Kinky & Vanilla porn channels.
➳❥ Minecraft, Terarria & Ark Servers (Others as the community grows and requests are made).
➳❥ Public Roleplay request area for you to find partners in NSFW & SFW.
➳❥ 240+ Fun/Kinky Emotes.
➳❥ An awesome family of kinksters.
➳❥ Very high acceptance of LGBTQ+ & any fetish that will not break Discord TOS.
➳❥ A VC Channel dedicated to karaoke.