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Hola, bienvenidos a la The God Family, este un server que tiene de todo un poco owo . Tiene una minima pisca de rol, hay algunos otakus, gente normal xd y mas. Es un server que es algo jerarquico aunque eso no impide que se diviertan ya que tiene muy pocas reglas :) y por lo general casi todos las rompen, tenemos nsfw y mas de 15 bots xd los espero u.u
Well met stranger, we are glad that you have joined us. This server is aimed to bring Discord users closer together by having a place that they can talk about games, internet trends, music, art, and Discord. The Gamer Den also provides you with news about the latest game releases, updates, trailers and global trends.

We also host giveaways and server events that anyone can participate in! We all hope you have an uber awesome time and meet new friends. The Gamer Den is an Oceania based server, anyone is able to join, just be mindful that the server's region is set in Oceania.
Public Adoption Center with weird, but cool people nonetheless. The server is still under-construction so please be patient with us :))
This is My Hero Academia Love, where we all join together to express our love of all things My Hero Academia! Join to gain access to a swell community, links to well moderated roleplay, and plenty of fanart! We love our MHA babies here!
The RevoLine Discord, a place where people like us can group together and share our interests and art! Though we are a quiet server, we welcome with open arms any wannabe writers, artists and more!

There are plenty of artists here who are looking to sell commissions, so if you're looking to buy one, they will be happy to oblige!

Feel free to join and share your works, and even start commissions! Talk about your interests, such as drawing, anime and manga, or just spend your time here. We give everyone a channel to call their own, a space where they can do whatever they wish!
Welcome to Drilla Cribz. Its a bit toxic server but its all joke after all so you are sensitive you might wanna pass and yeah its a chill server. We got a good gender ratio currently. We are a community and we have each others back. We also talk bout anime and stuff! JOIN RQ.
Ever wanted to just relax and chat? Ever thought to yourself that society was to rough? Then this is the perfect server for you! We on Dawwn's Lounge offer everything from anime, memes, music, some hentai and much more.
Join in and see for yourself, you'll wonder how you lived without it!
NightLife Otaku ist ein Discord Server für:
- Anime Liebhaber/innen,
- Cosplayer/innen
- Zeichner/innen
- Gamer/innen
- Streamer und YouTuber/innen
- generell Menschen, welche einfach gerne Neue Leute kennen lernen und Spaß haben möchten.

Was wir generell bieten:
- Automatisierte Rollenverteilung, welche Dir erlaubt nur Jene Bereiche einzusehen, welche du auch angibst.

- Vorlesungen, welche von Usern selbst gemacht,
organisiert und veranstaltet werden können.

- Turniere, wir möchten Turniere in Spielen wie Rainbow Six Siege veranstalten können um den Spaß am Spiel zu steigern.

- Austausch an Ideenreichtum von Cosplayern im Cosplay Bereich.
Förderung gegenseitiger Unterstützung intern der Community.

- Ein zusätzliches etwas anderes Rang und Economy System duch das Lawliet Fischinggame.
(Sammeln und verkaufen von Fischen im Voice und Chat, inklusive Casino Minigames)

- Mehrere MusikBots, damit es gewährleistet ist, dass auf Wunsch Musik gehört werden kann.

Außerdem haben wir einen NSFW Bereich,
welcher nur mit Deiner Bestätigung Dir auch angezeigt wird.
- Demnächst einen ausgebauten NSFW Bereich, wir möchten (für Jene, welche diesen Beriech einsehen möchten) ein offenes Verhältnis schaffen, ohne Hämmungen über Themen reden zu können und sich auszutauschen. Denn unserer Meinung nach, fehlt das in unserer heutigen, engstirnigen, verteufelnden Gesellschaft.

Hier wird über die verschiedensten Themen diskutiert
und wenn Du dich uns anschließen möchtest,
so seist Du herzlichst Willkommen auf unserem Server <3
Hello all you beautiful people out there. Are you by any chance a weeb/otaku. Do you like anime? Do you like to have a chat? Well why not? You can do this and alot more.
We offer:

> Anime art ( Becuse it looks soo good ).

> Other weebs/otaku's ( Yay ).

> Waifu's ( Becuse real people aren't as cool or as sexy ).

> Hentai ( duh ).

> Also many other things (Please leave suggestions).

We are currently just starting this server so it would be great if you joined.
The first new members will get a 'VIP' role.
Once again welcome to:
Hey there! ~

Welcome to our server.
We are a friendly community with tons of channels for everything you could possibly need. Art, music, gaming and more!
This is a new server and we are currently looking for staff!

We would love if you could join us, thank you for your time.
-Lyra <3
Zapraszam Na Server Czekolada. Jest To Server Raczkujący I Mały Który Został Zrobiony Głównie Do Poznawania Ludzi. Mam Nadzieje Że Uda Nam Się Zrobić Fajne Community :3
Hi, if you're looking for a server with a small number of people just to chill, talk and maybe play some games then it's a server for you!
Here you can collect pokemons, marry your waifus (lol), count and get ranked worldwide, share your favorite music. Check us out, maybe you'll like it!
家庭┊JP Share House シェアハウス

A small community server that is dedicated on educating people on Japanese language and culture. We also have teachers that can help you to improve and help your Japanese language.

We are searching for more Japanese teachers and staffs to help us!
Hello fellow Adventurers!
We are looking for amazing individuals who shall accompany us and create genuine bonds through fun and engaging activities!

We hold frequent events such as giveaways, podcasts and many more.
Alongside our wonderful Administrators, we strive to give you only the best experience there is!

What're you waiting for? Join us now!
¡Saludos y [email protected] al RangVerso, un servidor creado por fans del Rangod para pasarlo bien conversando entre todos! Socializa con otros usuarios, participa en eventos, disfruta del uso de una variedad extensa de bots, etc. Si quieres ser parte de nuestra comunidad, conocer a gente y pasarlo bien, ¡te esperamos! :P
↶ ʷᵉˡᶜᵒᵐᵉ ˢʷᵉᵉᵗⁱᵉ₊˚.༄ ༘ ꒱◦↷

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀.˚ ᵎ┊clair de lune


. ┊ ┊

⊹ · ✧  meaning moonlight in french, * ✦ ┊
*selenophile; (n.) a person who loves the moon*✦ ┊

> aesthetically pleasing 💿

> welcoming community

> low moderation

> bots and cute emotes

┊⋆ ˚✯✩.


──────── *ೃ ‍୨💿୧

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀[ - ✦༷༷ ༣ཾ྄❥ to the moon and back remember ]

──────── *ೃ ‍୨💿୧
[ - ✦༷༷ ༣ཾ྄❥ looking for partner managers and reliable staff ]
Welcome to Lewd Angels!
The laid back lewd anime community, where you can enjoy not only anime & manga but also:
• Stories written by members
• Role-play of members stories
• Very few restrictions on NSFW
• Leveled Roles
• Self-Assignable Roles
• Nitro Boost Perks
Santuy Server, Chatting, Sharing dan banyak lagi. Kita juga menyediakan prasarana belajar jepang serta kisi - kisinya dibekali oleh para beginner yang sudah menjadi N5 - N1 yang siap untuk membantu kalian. Tidak sampai disitu anda juga dapat bertanya kepada staff terkait hal - hal dari server sehingga anda dapat terbantu. Ayo tunggu apalagi langsung join kuy! (Dapat Bless Ampas Gratis dari Server Owner) ;)
Hello this server is for everyone here is a list of things to do in my server.
Talk to friends and strangers cause why not
Play with bots like dank memer and pokecord
Relax and listen to music.
Hope to see you in my server.
Also the server is dead so it would be nice if you were active
are you looking for a fun place to hang out, make friends, laugh about stupid shit and also over indulge in your interests?
we may or may not be the server right for you, but if you're not convinced yet, we have a long list of things we provide here

some info about our group:

- game nights including jackbox, minecraft, dont starve together, etc

- movie + anime groupwatches

- server themes for holidays and other special occasions

- a fun and active mod team happy to assist you in any way

- sacrificing small children to atua, our protector

so what are you waiting for? join in on the fun and come hobby in the lobby today!
Siamo un server un po' pazzo ma ci divertiamo facendo..
•Roleplay 🎭💞
•Playando a vari game🎮
•Utilizzando bot come ("Ayana, OwO e Mantaro🤖") e parlando spesso di ogni tipo di argomento che riguardi il mondo nipponico UwU.
•Aggiornando i nostri 2 bot personali🤖
•Ascoltando musica🎧👨‍🎤!
•Giocando con i Pokémon 🐺🐹🦊!
•Guardando delle chat come dire hot😂🔥🔞.
•Boostando il server💐 già livello 1🌸
•Facendo giveaway🎉
•Attuando manutenzioni🔧 ed aggiornamenti mensili💖.
Su che aspetti invita i tuoi amici❤️🔥🍷.
Jest to server RP School/Fantasy który oferuje ciekawe doznania każdemu użytkownikowi...Server oprócz RP oferuje wam możliwość poznania nowych ludzi a także umożliwia wam zagraniu w nasze wspaniałe małe RP więc zachęcam żeby dołączyć
we're a very small, subtle and laid-back community where we wanna make new friends and learn to understand each other. it's a lot of fun, please join and just look what we have in-store c: