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A chill and friendly hub with gamers who just want to chat and meet up with others.
This server is mainly a place to socialize with others, chill with your friends and make new friends with new members!
We're hoping to make lots more in the future such as events or giveaways :D

NOTE : This server is a WIP and will be updating along the way as it is pretty small
Szukasz schronienia przed deszczem? Wchodź! Witamy na najlepszym serwerze wielotematycznym. Można u nas doświadczyć niezwykłej atmosfery oraz wrażeń. Możesz tu poznać wiele ciekawych osób, nieciekawych także, lecz każdy znajdzie swoje miejsce dla siebie! Jak sama nazwa wskazuje, często rozmawiamy po nocach i staramy się, żeby na serwerze nie było shitpostu tak jak na większości dużych serwerów. Zapraszamy!
A small but friendly community! we're anxious for new comers!

Kpop channel, anime channel, voice channels like karaoke, music and for chatting with others!

Supportive staff members and everyone in general.

Not the most active server, but hoping for better results!
zach’s haven is a server that is all about community! We have:

-) Music! 🎶
-) Memes! 😂
-) Premium Channels! ✨
-) Cussing Perms! 🤫 (WIP)

This server treats everyone the same way as there is no racist or offensive events going on in this server.

So come join zach’s haven and have some company, make friends, and possibly, help the server out by joining.
You have been invited to the Creative Village!

What you need to know:
This is an International PG server. We welcome those who love;
-Playing Instruments
We have lovely "Teachers" who are experts in these areas!

Activities we do:
-Egg hunting


Salut l'ami ! Je te présente CYCLON.

C'est un serveur communautaire qui a pour but de rassembler une communauté à travers de nombreux sujets.

Notre objectif : agrandir notre communauté.

Dans notre serveur, nous avons :

🏹 Un staff actif à l'écoute des membres.
📌 Des grades pour les youtubeurs, graphistes etc...
🎉 Des events, des giveaways et des sondages.
🛡 Une protection contre diverses attaques.
📯 Des salons bien rangés par catégories.
📡 De nombreux bots tel que Koya, RaidProtect, Dyno, MEE6 etc...
📈 Un système de level et un système d'invitations pour les membres actifs.
📬 Un salon de PUBLICITÉ.

En ce moment :

Nous recherchons des partenaires, des échanges de pub et du marketing.

Plus d'infos sur place.
A bientôt sur le serveur 😁

A small and friendly community made up of weebs and furries. A mostly chill and quiet server where you can and hang out, share your interests and hobbies with others, make new friends, join our movie nights, and other more minor events. We have a variety of channels for useless purposes. We have NSFW of course. Everyone must be treated fair and equal, if you're joining just to cause trouble then kindly fuck off.
We are welcoming to users of all kinds.

Active staff and members are ready to welcome you to the Chilly Inn. We hope you enjoy your stay.
The year is 3047.

Over 200 years ago the planet Earth had entered an ice age. All over the world ships were being built so that the remaining of the human race could be preserved and kept safe. Those ships were The Eclair, The Sela, The Kawaza, The Stalwart, and The Ultris. Each ship has different purposes and different lifestyles for the last of the humans. From a ship that is covered with synthetic nature landscapes to one that is packed with factories and smog.

All seems calm but there are still threats of rogue human ships and the possibility of running out of power.
Belli bir amacımız kısmen yok. Takılmak istiyorsanız gelebilirsiniz.

- Lütfen en az 15 yaşındaysanız gelin, çocukların burada yapabileceği pek bir şey yok.
- Nicklerinizde ASCII (şekilli şukullu harfler) varsa veya isminizin başına bir sunucudan aldığınız TAG'leri ekliyorsanız lütfen gelmeyin.
***13+*** Welcome to R6 for Xbox! This server is for Xbox players looking to find friends, specifically for Rainbow Six Siege. Make yourself at home! <3
Disclaimer: This is not a dating server. Please do not join if those are your intentions.
**Please have a mic for party chat on Xbox Live. We use the server to meet people, however it is preferred to stay in Xbox's party chat.**
**SCP Foundation : Site-19**
We are low on personnel and we lost lots of scp during a containment breach and they are roaming free. We are looking for new personnel, security, and NTF to re-contain any and all escaped SCPs, and save the world from this horrible nightmare.

RealPolitikRP is a worldbuilding server where you choose a spot on the map and then you can roleplay as that nation, develop lore, make decisions, wage war, etc. It begins in 2019 and you can play any nation you want as long as it isn't too big.
There is limited space on the map, so if you want to join in the fun, come in and join!
──ゞ… *.☽ Welcome to ♡ 𝘯𝘺𝘢𝘩 ♡!

Hello, welcome to ♡ 𝘯𝘺𝘢𝘩 ♡, a place where users can meet new people and find new friends. We hope that you will enjoy your stay here~!

──ゞ… *.☽ WHAT WE OFFER

-Different events such as art contests, movie nights, and game nights. We have a wide variety of bots for users to play around with, too!

-We want our members to feel safe and welcome, with lots of different and lovely people to meet!

-We welcome people with any sexuality, religion, and race in this server~!

──ゞ… *.☽ We hope you have an enjoyable time in this server, and we welcome you with open arms!
A new beginning for those seeking an interesting experience, one with trials of blood, love, and adventure. Some decide to be warriors while others take up the path of a mage. No matter what the choice is yours to leave your mark.
Minecraft 1.0.1 is a small server I made for people to have fun and talk to other people that like minecraft/gaming as much as I do if not more, So basically if you like minecraft and having fun, join! =)
We hope to see you there XD
A long time ago, before any pack wolf can remember there was one pack. It was forced out of it's old home and had to settle in a new one. However three siblings all wanted to be alphas. They fought over it and eventually the one pack split into three packs. Each pack claimed it's own territory. Ager took the grasslands and made the Ager Pack. Saltus took the forest and made the Saltus Pack. Summa took the mountains and made the Summa Pack. These are the Eternal Packs. The packs have co-existed and tolerated eachother for many years. But how much longer will they tolerate eachother?

A new wolf roleplay server that has three main packs and the ability to make your own pack. Will you create a pack? Will you bring your pack to prosperity or to destruction?

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samtrapzzz samtrapzzz
Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad
Asuna_XI Asuna_XI
One of the best Roleplay servers
The server may be small, but it's given me an enjoyable experience! You can clearly see how neat and well-thought out every function is and the staff are welcoming and often chatting with other members. It makes the server feel safe and homey, and any toxic people are removed after getting enough complaints. The roleplay system is also fantastic, the channels all have clear descriptions and everyone writes in a high quality, it's easy to find someone who can fit your style of roleplay- whether it be paragraphing or one-lining.
snat snat
fun server
the server is small but it's pretty fun and although there are only 2 people talking in it atm, theyre active af so please join it ! B)
Kanna Kanna
Good Server, yes. Review should contain at least 80 characters. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20.
alfpjack alfpjack
mistykitty is gay
quite frankly, her review is complete trash and the server is nothing like that. And what coke is your dumbass talking about, this is discord not Columbia. I hope your review is a joke cause if you ain't, I diagnose you with LAME. it's terminal
SomeGoodMozzstix SomeGoodMozzstix
Oof clan review
Oof has good people who work as a team to get things done, aswell as just chilling n skilling. There’s no pressure to do anything, only a brotherhood that shares the same goals and helps each other as the need arises whether it be in game advice or irl, to pk setups, financing in osrs or going on pk/pvm trips, the oof clan is there to help.
Dudu Deschamps Dudu Deschamps
Beautiful community and staff
Discord very active and to find partners with whom to talk and learn! I advise you to take a ride!
Swiggies Swiggies
Friendliest gaming server I've ever joined
All the people in this server are incredibly nice and friendly with similar interests in games. Haven't felt this great about being in a Discord server in a long time!
༄ Lightツ༄ ༄ Lightツ༄
Great server!!
awesome server! totally worth checking out :’)
Great place to hang out, community allows you to easily join conversation as long as you're being sincere
Solisterous Discord Solisterous Discord
The best review y'all ever gonna see
this server is gay.

that's why you all should join.
Hatsuu 💧 Hatsuu 💧
Meilleur Server Nintendo.
Après quelques mois d'activité sur ce serveur je vous le conseille vraiment. Il y a une très bonne ambiance, un accueil vraiment top, des personnes vraiment sympa avec qui ont peut vraiment se taper des bonnes barres. Les modos, les animateurs, le travail est présent. Je vous aimes. ♥