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This server is a place for aspiring writers and such to come and have their pieces critiqued by the populace. It also doubles as a hangout zone for people to just chill in and relax.

We hope you'll join and enjoy our server.
This is an 18+ server.
The Celestial Garden is a server dedicated for those that are interested in spiritual paths both new and old, with a focus on self exploration. We honor human and spiritual diversity.
We currently offer:
- A safe space for LGBTQ+, Otherkin, and Starseed individuals - and people of any path.
- Discussion questions, and several room on different topics.
- A self promotion room for active members (1 promotional post per month)
- Self Assignable roles, including ones for opt in NSFW, politics, and conspiracy theory rooms.

Est: June 16th, 2019.
Greetings, in this server, we're always bored af, and would like to literally just talk about anything.
Unlike many other servers, this server wont be crowded and you'll have the opportunity to get noticed.
We have a lot of fun bots and interesting activities that you can do, we aslo have self roles and many random emojis.
After all, feel free to be your self and enjoy this fucked up server!
Piwnica - Jesteśmy publicznym serwerem Discord, stworzony dla wszystkich osób! Stawiamy tutaj na komfort i swobodę użytkowników o przeróżnych zainteresowaniach. Poszukujemy nowych, aktywnych duszyczek!

Co oferujemy?
► Ciekawe kanały tematyczne! Gry, książki, anime i wiele więcej!
► Przyjazną atmosferę!
► Przejrzysty wygląd serwera!
► Dobrze zredagowany regulamin!
► Ciasteczka i herbatkę!
► Giveawaye, konkursy, eventy!
► Serwerową ekonomię oraz system rankingowy!
► Kanał do dzielenia się swoją twórczością!
► Miłą i pomocną administrację!

Czekamy niecierpliwie na Twoją wizytę!
Hey, just a small community for venting/dealing with problems or to just meet new people to chat and/or screw around with.
(Be at least 13 years old)
Welcome to the HitHubMC Disboard description! You are probably here to see what we have to offer and how it is relatable to you!

We strive to be one of the best kitpvp servers out there with seasonal updates depending on special events happening in real life OR just genuine server events such as birthdays, anniversaries e.t.c

What we have so far:
We are currently developing a KitPVP server with custom kits and maps for you all to enjoy! We hope to expand this kitpvp into Factions some point into the future with raiding tactics and OP WEAPONS like no other!

What roles do we have in store?
Well we are a BRAND SPANKING NEW server and we are looking for:
> Members of our staff team to lead the community and help out throughout it all
> Developers! To develop... Duh
> Builders. To build.... again.... Duh..

Anyways drop on down and see if you fancy it! If you want to get into contact with me directly my discord username is > BrexitHasHappened#3669

Hello and welcome to the Autism Kingdom!

We are genuine server for autistic people, allies or just people looking for friends that prides on being a healthy community, wholesome, and giving you support and advice as much as we can.
Bonjour, on organise régulièrement des sessions d'entraînement Fortnite pour les fins de zone (ranked, scrims...) en mode créatif avec une map de moving zone à 16 joueurs.

Si vous êtes intéressés, merci de vous rendre sur le serveur Discord suivant : https://discord.gg/Xyx2xXd
Welcome to What A Mess! This is a server I created for teens (13-18) to hang out, meet new people, and just have fun.
~What We Have~
-active owner+mods/admin
-self roles
-active members
-karaoke channel
-a nice, worldwide community
Hope to see ya there!
Have fun! English and Polish language. We playing some Brawl Stars, Clash Royale and other pc and mobile games.

BricksBlocks - Game Development Community
Interested in game development? Want to learn a new skill?
We have:
- More.
Education. Collaboration. Appreciation.
Come join us
Eye of the Storm offers a calm haven in a world full of noise and excitement. If you are interested in creating friends in a society built in respect, mutual interests, chill conversations and humour, Eye of the Storm is the place for you! We have a range of channels for many different interests:
And much more...

Join us today, pop by and say hi! We look forward to meeting you!
忍者の道 - Way of Ninja

Way of Ninja is an up and coming Naruto RP server with a 100% custom setting. Create your own original character in one of our two custom hidden villages, Hanagakure (Village Hidden in the Flowers) or Akigakure (Village Hidden in the Autumn Trees). Want to help? We’re currently recruiting staff members! Check out what we offer:

• Two custom hidden villages with unique histories
• Ability to create custom clans, kekkei genkai, jutsu, and ultimate skills
• A simple and fully functional Combat System
• A fully functional economy system
• Quick progression system that rewards effort
• Extremely low wait times for progression
• Friendly and active staff members
• Open suggestions!
Это сервер, где ты можешь найти новых друзей, пообщатся или просто порофлить. Свой бот, выращенный прямо на грядке с системой экономики и добрая администрация ждет тебя! :D
selling ,buying,trading fortnite accounts contact yasser lar for safe trading
Rej's Nerd World is a community server where you can talk to other members of the community in dozens of unique channels.

This server offers:
- Several fun bots
- QOTD (Question of the Day)
- Respectful and non-toxic community
- And loads of channels to talk in
Hello, and welcome to Commentary Crew!

This welcoming server mainly focuses around commentary youtubers like ImAllexx, memeulous, willne, and Pyrocynical with popular exceptions like quackity. We are a small, but lovely community. The family that is in this server is super kind, so don’t feel afraid to chat with everyone! If you want to make new awesome friends to talk to about YOUR favourite youtubers, this is the right place for you! We love new people, and kindly welcomes everyone that wants to join!

we offer:
- commentary youtubers (duh)
- music for everyone to listen to
- a channel to talk about your favourite games
- communism
- a channel to introduce yourself, so people get to know you better!
- up coming movies/shows to talk about


join us at your own wish! But we are welcome to see you!
We are a Kanna Kamui themed server (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
We feature cute emotes and a friendly community so feel free to stop by and check it out (*˘︶˘*)

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Indi Indi
Libido Lounge
The Libido lounge is a secure and mature environment for lewd people to socialize and share NSFW content. Please come by surely it can't hurt.
Legend Legend
Good Community
This server has everything. Giveaways, Drops Meets/Cruises, Contests etc. We have a good community that is friendly and welcomefull. I made alot of friends here. Thanks!
ITC_Pain ITC_Pain
Good server
Its fun and active
What is fun to is that the owner active is to
There are no fight we are all just frienda
5 1
1%JackTYM 1%JackTYM
This server is the best ever! I got both a $2 game from it and a free 1 month Nitro Classic! If you don’t join this server your stupid! It’s free stuff!
VisePlayz VisePlayz
Fucking Rad
100/10. It is fucking rad in there. Ya'll will love it. Constant giveaways. Good community. Overall great. Im glad I can be apart of it.
noemija noemija
Jem a pell Noemi
This server is so fun. When I can’t talk I just lurk and read the messages. It be poppin or whateva. I recommend highly. If your bored you will be entertaining or sumthin
Samuel G. Samuel G.
Pretty Guchi
Its a really good server, maybe to many bots to the point of it being unnecessary, but really good other than that. There is ebic gamers, artist, and whatever else you think you could find.
1 1
Myos Myos
Wild Funride but can be also be Reasonable.
I'm in this server for a short week and i'm already loving it! The humor can be sometimes quite wild and maybe too much, but let not that fool you.

This server is actually quite welcoming and can be close to a second family. The Mods are active,accommodating and can act if the other members are crossing the line.

The Channels are organized enough if you still want to be on topic but if you want to Shitpost theirs an off topic channel just for you!

For the Anime Only's, The server don't tolerate spoilers, So you can relax and enjoy joining in this server.

Overall 5/5.
LyRz LyRz
Best server ever
Good management, friendly community, too many categories of games FORTNITE, PUBG, GTA v, FIFA 19 ... etc, in a word its perfect server join us and thx : https://discord.gg/xyh4G5
3 2
Carrion Carrion
The owner is a finicky ass
Tries to express his doubts about 1 rule (1 as in- singular) = kick.
I was overall interested in the server but calling me an ass for getting into a discussion that could harm your personal agenda is rude. Especially if you were casually partaking in it.
Lovrens Lovrens
A little peice of heaven on Discord
This server is the most accepting place i have ever experienced. No one here will hate you for being who you are.

It is the most diverse place I have ever been. You will find Furries and none Furries alike from all over the world having fun.

I have never met a more caring community. Going through some hardships I was astounded by the amount of people who are willing to care about your problems how ever small they might be.

On top off that I never met a more dedicated Owner of a server as Finn.
He has installed so many different amazing modifications to the server and the setup is second to none. You have to see for your self. The organization makes it possible to pick which chatrooms you want access to based on your interests. That way you don't get spammed by some chatroom you don't care about.

There is always a group of people playing some game or a discussion going on somewhere or even a tournament going on.

You can earn points which you can use on a big variety of things like different games and art commissions.

So I can only recommend this server whether you are a furry or not. Come in with an open mind I will guarantee you will have a good time.