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Hey, we are a small server and searching for new friends ^^ feel free to come over and meet our members :)
Everyone is welcome except of evil people
We are just a chill server created for people that are feeling down and want a place to be so come join and say "Hi" and someone will respond with a funny meme or an invitation to a vc.
The official discord server for Tobias00723's streams! Come join to play games, participate in streams, and make some friends! We look forward to seeing you here!
Welcome to Oskury Dark Legends!
A few things to join here:
- make new friends
- discuss about various subjects
- developing area (game, bot & web dev's)
-properly mature staff based
- and many more !
we are waiting you to discover more from yourself.
Samimi ve eğlenceli bir sohbet sunucusu arıyorsan tam yerine geldin demektir. 400’ü aşkın kullanıcının aktif sohbet ve arkadaşlık kurduğu, 81 şehirden yüzlerce kişinin bir araya geldiği ve aile olduğumuz sunucumuza seni de bekliyoruz. İçeride Muhteşem levellere göre rank sistemimiz var.

Bilmediğiniz dersler varsa ders çalışma odamız var derslerinizi oraya atarak size bi çok canlar yardım etcektir.

-Birlikte oyun oynamamız için oyun kanalları var
-Birbirimize bir şeyler katabilmemiz için tasarlanmış öneri kanalları

-Müzik dinlememiz için birçok bot ve daha fazlası da içeride seni bekliyor.

ℕ │Kızlı Erkekli Muhabbet Ve Oyun Sunucusu
ℕ │İyi Bir Yönetici Kadrosu!
ℕ │Çekilişler!
ℕ │Boost Yapıldığında Anında Rol
ℕ │Arkadaş Davetinde Yetki Verme
ℕ │Anında Destek!
ℕ │Güzel Emojiler!
ℕ │Aktif Kullanıcı!
ℕ │Muhabbet Edebileceğin Üyeler!

Haydi gel ve sen de ailemizin bir parçası ol!
Sunucu Davet Linki:
Hello everyone, we @LYL miru and @LYL mxngaaa are the owner of team Loyal.
We are a europe discord server/team which focus on fornite.

We have 3 teams
If you want to join one of our teams then read #requirements and if you ahead them then apply in #team-application

If we are bigger, then there will be
tournaments and giveaways.
We hope that you will have a nice time here at our discord or in our team.
‣ funny emotes
‣ Funny, active members
‣ Chill staff
‣ 24/7 staff applications
‣ Lots of channels to chat in
‣ Self-Assignable roles and pings
‣ Movie & Gaming nights
‣ Level roles
‣ plus more~
Active, strange but fun server! We upload a lot of memes here and this server is owned by a YouTube channel. Join for fun! We're trying to get 1000 members :D
Nuzu is a community created by Mascu, which the server was previously not public (it was private) but at this very moment we are looking for members from any country to have a good time with each other. Nuzu es una comunidad creado principalmente por Mascu, que el servidor anteriormente no era público (era privado) pero en este mismo momento buscamos miembros de cualquier país para pasar un buen rato con los demás.
This is an Indonesian server made for English enthusiasts. Everyone is welcome. We are tolerant of mistakes & respect each other. Join this server to develop your English skills with the members within.

For the events and activities within we provide:
-English Debate
-English Class
-Word of the Day channel
-Idiom of the Day channel
-English House events (Meme Contest, Singing Contest, Poetry Nights.)

• A very Special Minecraft Server Network •

What does the Fresh2Play Network bring to the table?

» A Unique Discord Server, to chat and talk with your Friends.
» Regular events for the Community.
» Classic Game Modes like UHC or FFA.
» Unique Game Modes that have never been seen before.
» A nice, friendly and helpful Staff team.
» Regular Giveaway :tada:
» Partnerships :handshake:
» Our system is based on different languages :ideograph_advantage:

We’re also looking for active staff members such as Moderators, Builders and Contents! ;)

Nosy? :D Then join now and experience Minecraft in a way you have never experienced before c:
A friendly community to begin learning languages of all sorts, or even just a place to talk to other natives or fluent speakers. We've got over 14+ languages. Come join us, see you there!
English rocket league server you can trade here and invite other players to play with you. Btw im streaming on twitch
Hello, welcome to Team Aimers, we are a competitive team of Arsenal (English and Spanish), feel free to join, if you want to be a Team Member you should have at least a Medium Aimer role, you will have to proove your habilities.
Cauti un loc în care sa vinzi lucruri sau sa cumperi? Atunci Cloud Traders este locul potrivit. Peste 700 de afaceri incheiate cu succes pana acum de intermediarii nostrii.

Are you looking for a place to sell or buy things? Then Cloud Traders is the right place. Over 700 businesses successfully completed so far by our middlemans.
Hey! 🐺
Ben jij opzoek naar mensen om gezellig mee te gamen, te chatten, voicecallen en ben je boven de 16 jaar? Dan zit je bij Howling Wolves op de juiste plek.

Wat kan je vinden in onze server:
- Memes
- Iedere vrijdag een leuk event
- Aantal x per maand een Movienight
- Gaming updates/releases
- Gezelligheid, prettig gestoorde mensen
- Bijna elke avond mensen in de voicecall voor games/chatting
- Iedereen is welkom, ook als je geen gamer bent!
- In de toekomst zal de server nog meer uitbreiden

Welke games worden er voornamelijk gespeeld?/Which games do we mostly play? 🎲
- Hunt: Showdown
- League Of Legends
- Phasmophobia
- Jackbox
- Golf With Friends
- Rocket League
- Apex Legends
- en nog veel meer/and many more

Wees niet verlegen, en join onze gezellige community!/ Don’t be shy, join our fun community!
English and Chinese✅
Wechat account verification ❌
If you want to learn Spanish/Improve your English/hangout this is your server!
We have natives that love to help and very friendly yet responsible staff members to make sure the server remains safe and everyone has fun!
We have:
Jackbox Games!
Among us!
Very friendly members
Amazing staff team
and so much more!!

We will be so glad to have you on our server!
》》》Angles and Devils 《《《
Willkommen auf Angels and Devils wir sind ein kleiner Animeserver mit netten Menschen und vielen Bots.
Zum Beispiel:
Color chan
...und noch viele mehr.
Es gibt auch ein nfsw-Channel und ein Channel für Anime Bilder.
Und noch viel mehr....
Also join mal
We are an English learning server with a nautical twist!
Share resources, chat with fellow sailors, and just have fun learning or teaching English!

Stick around, we've got so much planned!
Welcome. If you are a troll , trash , pedobears or a internet user 𝐓𝐑𝐀𝐒𝐇 𝐎𝐅 𝐈𝐍𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐍𝐄𝐓 is made for you.


𝐓𝐑𝐀𝐒𝐇 𝐎𝐅 𝐈𝐍𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐍𝐄𝐓 is new server who have for objective to regroup all meme and funny video of the world.

See you later.
ricardo millos watch you!
Hello, if you are looking for a roblox server then join my server as we are mainly focussed on roblox!

What We Have:
- We have a gaming community
- We try to do giveaways daily
- We have a levelling system
- We have many fun channels and bots
- Our staff members are kind

So, if this interests you, then, please join the server as it would be highly appreciated!