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✭Welcome To Giveaway Legion One Of The Best Giveaway Servers For Roblox

✭Active General (Come Make New Friends!)

✭Daily Giveaways!

✭Semi-Weekly Nitro Giveaways!

✭Lot's of fun discord bots!

✭Server channels to express your artistic ability/taste!


✭And Much More!
we are kin 金 ! - looking for active
+┊we're a group of friends looking to create an opportunity to make new ones.

what we offer
+┊welcoming community
+┊active members & vcs
+┊interactive bots
Donuts are not Dead is a server for everyone. We welcome everyone. We have lots of things to do and fun bots. It is also a Roblox group. If you don’t play Roblox that’s fine because you can also socialize with others.

In this server, we call ourselves, THE HUNGRY MEN. I don't care what gender you are, you're a hungry man. Anyways, we offer a chance for other discord members to branch out and meet new people. Here, you can roleplay, share you interests, play games, and- R O B L O X.
Although, before you even join, do as Billy Nye says, Consider The Following.

🍔You MUST be above the age of 14 to join.
🍔We allow "crude" rumor, just don't be an ass about it.
🍔Respect your fellow members.
🍔Place posts in the correct channels. This mainly applies to NSFW related subjects.
🍔Do not spam stuff on the bot. It could break them.

With all these said and done, we welcome you with FAT, FLABBY, ARMS!
Hello! Feeling unhappy since ur not good at bubble gum simulator? Oh well you’ve found the right server in our server we host giveaways and we have a friendly community with a good staff team, we also have discord casino and trading and we all support each other hoe you join and have fun :-)
Are you a roblox player looking for a new server to just chill and hangout with?

If so, come on down to this server, this is a roblox server where you can hang out and meet new amazing people and staffs! Some of the things we offer are
-Game Night
-An RPG bot for when you're bored (Dueutil)
-Muade bot (for you anime fans out there)
-Leveling system
-A lovely community
Well what are you waiting for? Come join us now!
We are a new gaming community looking to gain new members and friends! Right now, we are trying to grow a community with all types of gamers! Games that we mainly play are Pokemon and Roblox! However, everyone is welcome! WE CURRENTLY DO MULTIPLE SHINY POKEMON GIVEAWAYS PER WEEK! This also includes events such as invite rewards to win SHINY POKEMON!
Server currently includes:
- Roblox (Lost, TDS, Aresnal, Yar, etc)
- Pokemon Sword and Shield
- Shiny Pokemon Giveaways (SW/SH)
- Shiny Pokemon Shop (USD or Robux)
- Trading
- Raids
- Many more events to come within the group!
Entre se quiser, queremos membros ativos e não membros para enfeite.
Aqui pode ser seu refúgio ou um lugar para encontrar amigos,não temos um tema fixo.
This is a server for gamers who like roblox and cars we like vehicle simulator and ultimate driving and any other car game! join us!
Bienvnue sur l’île de banane ! Incroyable île 🌴 vous pourrez explorer l’île gratuitement et même devenir citoyen ! Mais pour cela vous aller devoir accomplir de longues épreuve ! Essayez le ! Que l’aventure commence !
Dungeon Divers Inc. is a server hub for the board game "Dungeons & Dragons." D&D is a game in which players can customize their characters and rely on their wits and a bit of luck to explore the world. Here, we take stories from D&D and recreate them as an RPG for all to experience and enjoy.

As of this moment, a game is currently under development for the popular app/site known as Roblox.
「L'Orchestra」is a mob organization set in the universe of JoJo's Bizarre Adventures, specifically Part 5 - Golden Wind.
◆➤ In order to be granted access, you must first join the ROBLOX group.
◆➤ Our main games are "A Bizarre Day" and "Your Bizarre Adventures", however there are also off-topic events with various other games.
clothes ideas😎
Fan art🎭
Game nights🎮🎮
YouTube ideas 💡🧐
Looking to play
Hello all, I am a growing Youtuber (BorkPlayz) and I've created this server to communicate with any of my viewers/fans and anyone who has interest in the Roblox/Minecraft community. You can join to make new friends in case you get lonely,bored or need a buddy...i am also personally here and others are too. You're welcomed to join the fun and interact with new people!!!

My Youtube Channel-

Also...server is brand new under beta and construction, suggestions are welcomed :)
Here at Gaming Conversation, we provide many channels to talk about an assortment of popular games! The goal and purpose of the server are for it to be a safe and fun community where you can talk to people with the same interests as you for a while!
Here's what we offer:
*Nitro giveaways!
*Self-promotion channel!
*Active community!
*Boost Level 1!
*Color roles!
*An arcade bot which has many cool, multiplayer games!
*Level role rewards!
*Reaction roles for choosing which games you want to be involved in!
*Meme channel!:
*Swearing is allowed!
*Friendly & active staff!
*Anti-raid bots!
*Emoji spam chat!
*Purchasable ads and perks!
Some popular titles we have:
*We take any game suggestions you have into consideration to add. Many more features will be added soon!*
Hello! Come join our server! It is a friendly gaming community we are starting up and its a place to make new friends and feel at home! We are all gamers here, tall or whatnot. Talk about any game, or suggest a game to add! And guess what? You can be the most chill person just by joining the server! (No NSFW at all please thanks.)
The Doreen Dynasty is an empire in the realm of Thalia. Our roblox community roleplays on different roleplaying games on roblox. Though we play on the newly created game called "The Kingdom of Hreinngar" We host roleplaying events daily where we siege on cities and battle in the fields, and we do trainings and patrols often. I hope you will honorably serve the Doreen Dynasty. (High Command is needed!) "The Dragon sha'll roar and make our enemies tremble and kneel before us. Kneel they will.."
Hi we are kawaii madness! Welcome please join our sever. Our mission for 2020 is to grow our community! We are LGTBQ friendly. We have a lot of mixed people. With different hobbies, personalities, and different cultures. Let's become a community. OwO Thank You! ^^
Welcome to the SoulBandits!
We are a crew thats looking for members, we are a kind community and always helpful to others. Our goal is just to have fun because really, that's all that matters. This is our second server, the original crew is in the server. We hope you enjoy your stay!
Welcome to the Official Apocalypse Rising Discord Server where Apoc players can unite and play together in an all time nostalgic roblox game. We hang out and talk on voice calls while playing and spending lots of time chatting as well. We also play other games besides Apocalypse Rising so feel free to play other games in the discord server! We hope you enjoy your stay here. 🌀
come hang with us. please. anyway, this server is just for fun! the rules are pretty loose and its a group server where we all hangout and talk and play games! we have some interactive things like qotd, and cool bots to mess with. were all pretty chill and active, just looking to expand the server to meet some new people to talk with. (if youre really sensitive, this server isnt for you sorry broski)
Welcome to the SCP Futuristic Discord Server
[Note: I am not the owner or dev of the SCP Futuristic game]

What to expect:
and others

Keycard ranks: 1-6 + Omni

New: SCP Roles
Welcome to the official decent condo/hangout upload server
We offer -
➢ Condos / Hangout
➢ Partnership
➢ Decently active HRs
➢ Decently active uploads
➢ NSFW Channels
➢ And more---