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Hey, welcome to the Roblox Trading Train Station. RTTS for short.

♡︎This server is all you've been waiting for. Here we trade
in all different kinds of games.

♡︎This server has trading for
-Murder Mystery
-Flee the Facility
-Royale High
-Adopt Me
-Breaking Point
and even limited Roblox trading.

♡︎Trustworthy community for trading

♡︎No annoying verification needed

♡︎Lots of interesting roles to choose from

♡︎Friendly staff members

♡︎We also allow crosstrading

Welcome to Arsenal 1v1
1v1's against people at any skill level!
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Hi, I'm DANE5023 the owner of Roblox Nascar Cup Series. We have races in Nascar games in Roblox.

This server is a roblox ACS shooting range server, it supports PMC's and military in general! Although I as an owner am not an expert in firearms, but I have some airsoft and actual gun experience IRL, I hope y'all have fun staying here! We do some events in servers and before we pick ones we do voting so the community picks the ACS server! Does not have to be Shooting range!

This server offers a variety of events which differ from others and try to get that Military feeling into the good ol' roblox! It might even be just for fun or hangouts, their even counted as Semi-RP events!
-|PA|- Philippine Army

“Serving the people.
Securing the land.
For our country we will give all”

The Philippine Army, identified as the main, oldest & largest branch of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, and is responsible for the ground warfare.
WE ARE NOT A CULT! Please do not join with the ideas of causing havoc. Please do join and have a wonderful day.

(This Server was posted by WHITESNAKE and nobody else. Keep in mind WHITESNAKE does not own said server)
Hello everybody! This is an art group. Me and my friend Ginger do art commissions! Prices will be listed within the group, we also do giveaway and contests. -Juan and Ginger’s Art Store
helophilia is a roblox clothing group. in our server we have many things such as desiging help, clothing templates, inspo and much more.

we're very welcoming and kind. join today!
We do tons of giveaways and sometimes its daily

We love memes and play games like roblox or anything else

Most of the times there are no requirements to the giveaways and its prizes that everyone likes!

This server was created by a meme called Dogwifhat and we are trying to grow!
Doge Cafe is a mostly roblox server with a little bit of minecraft very welcoming community revamped to a great part
~You are now dead. Work your way through heaven and hell to get to determine your fate. Climb up to the top and reign the Afterlife.
Scripters, investors, and graphic designers needed. Please come and support this new and upcoming game! ~
Hello!Our group is still in making.
But we do have alots of giveaway robux, diamonds,...
Thanks you to who ever join ❤️
Come join us in a fun aut server! Trade, chat, and create funny memes! Here, we follow the rules of the game A Universal Time. Please have fun!
Hey! This is RHL! We are a rising Hoopverse league looking for more members! You must be active,also be good at the game on roblox named Hoopverse Alpha! We will explain more in the server! Join today!