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We are small community of friendly folks looking to meet new people! We change our server theme every season with new roles for all.

-Anime Lovers
-Edgy Memes
-Nintendo Switch gang for all you Smash players ;)
-Artists and more!

All are welcome. We cant wait to meet you :D
Welcome to the Tupperbox Oc Rp Server
Please take a seat and enjoy yourselves! This Server is for all type of ocs, art, and Fandoms! Make sure you read the rules.
Thanks for reading! 🦜
Music Lovers Unite
A server where musically, and artistically inclined individuals can come together and find a home among like minded individuals. We cater to all types of artists and music lovers, with a wide variety of channels.
Such as:
Song writers
Traditional and Non-traditional art
So join us on this epic journey!
Welcome to artist hangout! Where artists come together to chill, chat and advertise! Its a very small server but here is a list of things that our server has at the moment.

>>Critique chats for those looking forward to improving
>>daily (monthly) challanges that can be requested from you or can be put out if your interested
>>Voice and music channels for people who like talking and drawing
>>A almost fully sfw server (referencing images and artworks with nude are allowed IF they dont portray themselves in a sexual manor but as anatomy lessons. Will explain more in server)
>>advertising your social media platform so you can share your own passion or just advertise in general to put yourself out there.
>>trade, request and sell artwork that fully belong to you
In the suburban town of Norwick, its normally very quiet. Not much activity takes place, and not a lot of big deals catch the attention of the naked eye. Although, it is sensed that there’s something strange going about.

It had been rumored that the town carried a cult within its system, but nobody has proof of the cult existing. They say that whoever finds out about the cult and its whereabouts gets taken away and never comes back.

Create an ordinary human living in Norwick who will create friends, and slowly come to conclusion of what the cult wants out of Norwick.
.・。.Weeblets! .・。.
⤷ At Weeblets, we're just a group of loving otakus who want to do nothing more but love you. (◕‿◕✿) ↓

Weeblets Is Your #1 choice if you're looking for a cosy and user friendly environment that you can call YOUR home, we are an otaku based community that is school themed.
We strive to be a welcoming and friendly community where you can be comfortable, make friends and have fun! So please, join us!っ◔◡◔)っ

We provide:

⤷★ A moderation team that listens and gets its users engaged!
⤷★ Accepting parnerships
⤷★ 100+ emotes and we have server boosting
⤷★ A chill and accepting community which is easy to become a part of
⤷★ Daily anime recommendations
⤷★ Events! \ (•◡•) /
⤷★ Leveling system and level-dependent roles
⤷★ Server Economy
⤷★ Occasional giveaways
⤷★ Lots of owo and uwu moments (~˘▾˘)~
⤷★ A variety of different bots including: Koya, Mudae (and her maids), senpai, Color-Chan, amari, giveaway bot, unbelievaboat, Rhythm x2 and OwO Bot!!
Just another furry hangout with some chill people. We've got-

Friendly peeps, probably looking to make friends just like you.
Assignable roles.
Art and meme channels.
Rp/Erp chats.
A dedicated hyena posting channel.
A little over 300 members.

Hop on this quiet place and liven it up a bit! Even lurking helps, every bit. Thanks in advance!
**Come into our server filled with lots of features for everyone to enjoy.**

*Are you some kind of artist? We have dedicated channels for you guys to share your stuff such as:*
++Digital,Traditional, Pixel and 3D art.Includes Nsfw[18+ only]
++Animation and Music

*Are you not an artist? You can still come and enjoy the server*
++Share other artists work
++Share your secrets with our Confessions channel.
++Engage in various topics such as gaming, anime, or any random stuff
++Role Play channels for the whole community.
++Memes [we love memes]
++Share your Server, Twitter, YouTube etc.
++NSFW channels [Hidden][Only 18+]

We also have a welcoming community and we hope you have fun in here with us.
Welcome to Athel's Experimental Chat!

This is a small server where we bring together the creative minds of Discord from all walks of life to hangout, chat, discuss topic such as art, games, and writing, and most of all, make friends!

Now by "creative minds," we don't just mean people who are creative with different forms of art, we mean people who are creative in their own way of living!

We have some neat things to offer:
-A welcoming community where everyone is accepted!
-Channels to fit your creative skills such as art, writing, music, photography, and games!
-Fun bots such as OwO bot, Tatsumaki, Rhythm, and an experimental bot created by Athel himself!
-A suggestion channel for anyone to suggest ways to improve the server including channels, bots, roles, rules, and more!
-Self assignable roles!
-A vent channel to talk about your own hardships and help others with theirs.
-A nsfw/anarchy role and channel for all your crazy deeds!
-Laughs and occasional lighthearted insanity!
-And so much more!

Sounds interesting? Don't be shy! Come join Athel's Experimental Chat and share your creative, insane, emotional side with other creative, like-minded individuals!
Lost in Space

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*Server Info*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
~+~ Self Assignable Roles ~+~
~+~ Friendly Community ~+~
~+~ Games ~+~
~+~ Friendly Community ~+~
~+~ Staff Needed ~+~
~+~ Memes ~+~
~+~ Continuing to Grow and Improve ~+~

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
You matter. Take care of yourself
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ Celestial Art █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁
The server for the wholesome people!


`-Decently active server.`
`-Very chill, relaxing, and accepting.`
`-The most wholesome server you have ever seen.`
`-Age range anywhere from approx. 13-26.`
`-Regardless of your sexuality, race, or gender, you're accepted here.`
`-Many cool benefits for those who level up!`
`-A good amount of channels.`
`-Artist support, art resources, feedback, Bot channels, event nights~`
`-Just good old chit chat. Lounges and VC both equally active.`
`-People that genuinely care about you and go out of their way.`
`-This is a wholesome friendly server so if you’re feeling lonely or down, you can come here and befriend us!`
`-All these people are kind and supportive so dont be afraid to show your beautful art!`
This server is for Roleplaying as a country and or social media! We arent too strict on the rules so we hope you have fun here!
Calling Otakus, Show Bingers, Gamers and Conversational Enthusiasts! Join now for new content every day, and a community to immerse yourself in. Discussions, Media, Memes, Bots, NSFW stuff and much more!
Welcome to my Den!
~This server is dedicated to the furry community!
~One part Lewd, One part community, we offer a great place to come hang out, make new friends, and be yourself! All are welcome here!
~Please come and check us out! You won’t regret it! We grow every day and offer plenty to meet your needs and tastes!
~We also have an NSFW section of the server with several categories, you gain access once you make it past verification.
~Just come Chill and have fun!
~Hope to see you all soon!
▁ ▂ ▃ 🎨 🎨 ▃ ▂ ▁

🤖 Bot unique développé par Kisart 🤖
🏰 Divers rôles assignables 🏰
🎙️ Session de dessin et Events 🎙️
💼 Leçons et ressources diverses 💼
🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+ friendly 🏳️‍🌈

Kisart constitue un carrefour artistique et pédagogique important pour quiconque désire perfectionner les procédés d'un art en particulier. En effet, le serveur couvre actuellement de nombreux domaines tels que : les arts graphiques, picturaux et digitaux, mais encore la sculpture, la photographie et la composition musicale... (liste non exhaustive)

Notre approche quant à la mise en place de statut professionnel / étudiant ne se veut en aucun cas élitiste. Le but n'est pas de hiérarchiser le niveau de chacun, mais d'offrir un moyen rapide pour renseigner l'utilisateur afin de mieux le rediriger lors de questions plus spécifiques portant par exemple sur une école/formation en particulier ou encore des renseignements sur les démarches à effectuer pour devenir auto-entrepreneur, etc...

#Dessin #Illustration #3D #Digital #Graphisme #Peinture #Art #Créatif #Dev #JeuVidéo
A server designed for a family friendly environment and a supportive community for artists and discord users!

**Limited Role: Gen 1**

-family friendly
-art friendly
-active moderation
-bot additions
-active events

-bee puns
Frozen Hell is the server of the content creator Jeyawue and musician Crimzan.

Mainly as server of Jeyawue's creations (Comics, Collabs, Community Projects) the server developed more and more into a fun and chill server for people of all kind. Interested in Jeya's works or not.

We are friendly non-toxic people that like a good talk and discussions over concepts and characters. Besides channels centered around Crimzan and Jeyawue (Asks, fanart, etc) we also have funny bots, memes, feel-good-channel, RPG based bots, smaller discord games, roleplay and 2 own minecraft servers for fun.
♠Welcome one and Welcome many to the Pseudo Kingdom ♠

As our honored guest it is our job to make you feel as welcomed as possibly. Here's what we offer:


A safe environment where people came come and feel right at home regardless of who you may be. Any problem that may arise as your loving Royals we shall take care of it post haste!


When you select your roles you will be able to see certain channels that cater to your taste! Maybe you have a thing for art? Drawing? Writing? Photography?

Perhaps you love watching anime and reading manga?

Well rest assured we have those channels for you so you can feel as expressive as you like with more to come as our kingdom grows.


As you are active in our kingdom you will catch the eye of the royals. They see your diligence and want to repay you for such behavior by bringing your status up. You may walk in as a towns folk but will leave as a rich Duke or Duchress. Everyone wants a taste of royalty right?


Being active gives you our server currency 👑 and as your activity increases so will your wallet and you can gain roles like Hylian Champion and Spartan Warrior.


What more could you ask for then to break out of your shell and find like minded people? Chatting in various chat channels or talking it out in our voice channels. It can go on for hours but feel so short. Time flies when you are having fun after all.

So stop on by and be washed into the clothing of royalty! We humbly await to meet you!
Welcome to Anime and Hugs, a small but very friendly community! You can talk about everything with us, from anime and games to movies, music and much more! Joining our server means becoming part of a close knit family that will laugh with you and support you. So, are you ready for new friends, fun and hugs? Then join our server!

We offer:
- A fun assortment of bots! (Tatsumaki, mudae, pokecord, owo bot among others)
- A place to share your creative work from art to writing!
- A talented and hardworking Staff team!
- A leveling system with fun perks!
Dedicated selfie and introduction channels!
- Fun voice chats and gaming sessions!
- Self-assignable roles!
And a place to call home! ❤
Welcome to the City of Spiraling Dreams, a discord run by Studio Spiral Dream dedicated to helping artists of all kinds from illustrators, animators, musicians etc!

We hold art & writing prompts, bi-monthly challenges alongside prizes! Sessions, which are we sit in one of the voice channels and listen to music and talk lightly if we want to while working on our personal projects, there's even a mic-muted channel for people who are uncomfortable with speaking, don't have a mic or are just shy! Every week we also showcase a variety of artists from each category in our "Artists of the Week Showcase" and show your art in the server and on all of our social media!

The moderators are very friendly and helpful with anything you're having issues with, as are the denizens of the server as well. There's an absolute-zero tolerance policy for rude remarks and jokes, racism, discrimination of anyone or any-kind etc. We try to keep things incredibly comfortable for anyone who joins, so please don't be afraid to join! Thank you and have fun!
[NEW] We encourage self promotion
- We, this server, support lgbtq+ and trans rights.
We be goofin' and we be gaffin'. We got cool server memes EGGxclusive to anywhere else.
-Try it out we'll let you leave anytime. You might like it :)