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~ ʚ ──────── G͊̉ͨ L͒̐̊ Iͪ̃̒ Tͫͪͩ Ċ̛̓ H̔ ──────── ɞ ~
✦              ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍                  ,       .             .   ゚      .             .       ,       .                                                                                  *         .
GLITCH is an Aesthetic server based around conversing with others about mainly anime, music, art, and a couple more topics!
We're still just starting as a server but we try to have a nice and welcoming community with amazing people that share similar interest to you!

We really hope that you have a good time here on GLITCH.

       ✦                    ,             ..     .           .
      ,       .                 .                                                     .                 .          .                ˚
Welcome dear artists to Art Corner!
Don’t you hate the feeling when you want to post your art, but you’re afraid others will mock and bring down your confidence you if you do because you think your art is bad? Well, no fear, in Art Corner, we would never mock you and we can boost your confidence and drawing skills instead especially with criticism! Post your artwork and animations here or chat with others about art or anything in general. In here, we’re just chill and friendly in general. In here, we have:

⊹⊱⊸👩🏻‍🎨🎨**Server mascot and custom emotes**
We have our own mascot, Emmi, complete with custom emotes based on her!

⊹⊱⊸ 🕹️🎨**Art program reaction roles**
Let us know what art program you use if you do digital art. Even more programs can be added if you suggest.

⊹⊱⊸ 🖲️🎨**Reaction colour roles**
Get stylish with some colours! There’s even more you can get at shop when you reach a certain level.

⊹⊱⊸ 🎬🎨**2 streaming channels**
For streaming yourself drawing or anything else

You can have a chance to win nitro!

⊹⊱⊸⬆️🎨**Atlas levelling system**
Gain new rewards when you level up!

⊹⊱⊸⚙️🎨**New frequent features always being added**
We want everyone to have the best experience here, so we are always up for suggestions and asking all of you what you’d want

⊹⊱⊸🥉🎨**Level one boosted**
We have lots of epic emotes for all of you guys to use!

We are hoping for new people to join to make this a lively community in the future :D
Hiring staff from level 5 and up!
Are you looking for a place to lie down every day? Come join us in Scarlet Guard for some fun!

From anime to gaming to memes we have something for you here! You can suggest new changes with the suggestions channel if there isn't a place for you!

We hope you consider joining us here in Scarlet Guard!
Kaida no niwa est un serveur créé pour réunir les artistes aussi bien amateurs qu'expérimentés souhaitant plus de visibilité afin de partager leurs créations ! Notre but? Permettre à chacun d'avoir sa place dans la communauté artistique.

漫~*'¨¯¨'*·舞 QU'Y A T-IL SUR LE SERVEUR?
→ Serveur chill avec un staff super actif !
→ Un serveur bien présenté et tout mignon
→ De nombreux rôles à remporter en montant de level afin de récompenser ta présence.
→ Le coin Art pour partager tes travaux et tes réseaux, obtenir des conseils, de l'inspiration.
→ Une communauté agréable sans troll
→ De magnifiques emojis d'animés et cute !
→ Des events dessins chaque mois
A la recherche de modérateurs et d’animateurs !

Alors vient nous rejoindre dès maintenant ! ( ͡❛ ‿‿ ͡❛)
Welcome to the Angel's Den ! We offer:
⭐A closely knit, kind hearted and welcoming community
⭐A diverse group of members
⭐Loving staff
⭐Opportunity to share art, discuss virtually anything, and relax -

💙Come stop by! And enjoy your stay! 💙
[Qualitée avant la quantitée]
(ban chaque fin de mois des AFK)
Juste une bonne communautée chaleureuse et accueillante sans prise de tête. Pour discuter ^w^

Il ya tout pour plaire sans que le serveur ne soit trop surchargé
Salon jeux vidéo, animé, manga, rp, catégorie de créations très large cosplay photographie écriture dessin etc
Hallo! Wir sind eine Deutsche Künstlercommunity!
Art Prompts, Arttrades, Commission und Random Art Talk!
Hast du Ocs die du gern zeichnest? Zeichnest du generell gern? Dann komm doch gern zu uns! Auch Fotografen und VoiceActing is gern gesehen.
Did you know Sakura means Cherry Blossoms?

You can join the Sakura Isles right now! It’s a Getaway Isles, it’s includes...

Positive Community Of People

Self Assigned Roles

Cool shops!

Daily events!
WattCafe is a relaxed and laid back community server full of diverse and friendly writers, readers, artists, designers, and more! We are mostly people from hanging out, but you're equally welcome to join in if you're from outside Wattpad. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

We offer organized categories and channels for chatting, support, promoting your works and all kinds of topics. We also do weekly events and have many fun bots plus user-driven games. And the server is always strongly monitored by our active team of moderators.

So if this is your cup of t̶e̶a̶ COFFEE, welcome aboard to WattCafe. We hope you'll enjoy being a part of this growing community!.....φ(^∇^ )ノ
Our server is full of kind and amazing people. We're striving to make a welcoming and friendly community for everyone to be comfortable in and hopefully make some friends. We're not strictly anime focused so please don't let that deter you.

What we have to offer:

A welcoming community
A friendly/Helpful Staff
Gaming chat
Anime chat
Memes and Media chat
Nsfw chat (Locked behind a role)
Self Roles

We do hope you enjoy your stay!
Mighty Art
Draw stuff, animate, chat, post memes! With a lovely owner, active mods to keep you safe and entertained, and supportive members, we hope you have a lovely time in the Mighty Art server :)
We're still working everyday on the server to make everyone happy!

Note: The server is still a work in progress, so please send your suggestions in the server and tell us how to improve :)
Artistry is a 17+ art server that welcomes creators and users from all backgrounds regardless of experience and skill. This is a place to better your craft, work with others, or even just chill and hangout. With 300+ members and growing, our server hosts a variety of events and benefits.

★│ Weekly events (Movie nights, music competition, challenges, and more)
★│ Self-assignable roles, levels, mee6 premium, and music bots
★│ Listening parties for members projects
★│ Helpful staff and some music professionals
★│ Awards, recognition, booster and partner benefits
★│ An active and strong community
★│ Verification

If you're interested, feel free to join!
Welcome to **Mental overworld**
We offer
• A chill environment
• A wide variety of channels
• Plenty of people to chat with
• Venting and mental support
• Active chat
• A free speeched environment
>rules are lax, abilities for new members, leveling roles, plenty of emotes, events and more.
>gaming, photography, debate, music, art, nsfw, meme channels.
16 and up are all welcome.
Debate and non-pc topics allowed. NSFW allowed yet contained to certain channels. Calm accepting environment. Mixed bunch of people. Something for everyone all around.
The Art broZ Discord server is THE place to share your work, get critique, and make new ART FRIENDS! Who doesn't want that? Every month we create a monthly challenge prompt, and at the end of the month I will do a critique / paintover video showcasing the work. We also have a bunch of other cool features set up, like an XP system for those of you who thrive on the rush of leveling up your skills!
CreativeArt's c'est quoi ?

CreativeArt's est un discord centré sur l' Art , nous étions il y a +2 ans 3e discord d'art en France et notre but principal s'est de faire évoluer les artistes en leur apportant des connaissances et faciliter la recherche d'artiste pour les clients.

▬▬▬▬▬▬ Nos Spécialités : ▬▬▬▬▬▬

✨ ◈ Une communauté accueillante et agréable.
🔧 ◈ Une équipe staff ouverte d'esprit et disponible.
🎨 ◈ Des salons pour mettre en avant vos œuvres et recevoir des avis.
🗻 ◈ Un visuel presque unique en son genre.
🎁 ◈ Des animations et giveaways réguliers.

Alors notre univers t'intéresse/t'inspire/te donne envie ? Alors n'attend pas est rejoins nous dès maintenant.
✫‿︵Greetings fellow adventurers‿︵✫
We'd like to invite you to our brand new server, L O S T *。
L O S T *。 is a sfw, non-toxic art server. Our main focus is all things artsy however anyone and everyone is welcome!
✫‿What we have to offer︵✫
✫Cute emotes ✫ lgbtq+ loving community
✫wholesome staff and members
✫ few fun bots,including an Animal Crossing bot!

Hope to see you soon,
members of L O S T *。
A wonderful place for anyone to join if you're looking to chat with people or looking to draw your favorite things, it's a wonderful place to also make friends
This server Has been updated!👌🏻

💖It’s a friendly area with so much to do!💖
😓Venting 😓

💝We hope by the end of the year to get at least 100 people on here, but it only just started!💖
💗💗We have event that’s will happen! And lots Of fun things to do, this place is also a safe place where you can feel safe while talking to others.💗💗

❣️There’s nsfw for art work and heavy venting❣️
💝It has a whole category for help (even school help)💝
💞💘We hope to see you soon!💘💞
~International (EN/FR) Hentai server, come for the hentai, stay for the mustard !
Serveur hentai anglo-francophone, venez pour le hentai, restez pour la moutarde ! +5.5k members

Dans notre serveur, vous pouvez rester anonyme, échange de nudes interdit. Le staff assure une modération importante pour un serveur le plus propre possible.
~In our server, we do not ask you to introduce yourself and we forbid self nudes. The staff offers you a constant moderation to keep the server as clean as possible.
Les différents thèmes sont :
~The various themes are :
-Nsfw classic
-Nsfw boy
-Weeb (culture jap ~ japanese culture)
-Art (partage de vos œuvres - sharing your creations)
just a fun place to mess about and chilling out, meeting new ppl and enjoying life. Come and troll the owner and troll Shorty. We would love if you joined!
Rebirth is a graphics community that founded in 2017. We have a great staff team and a bunch of great designers at our server. Once you join it, I bet you will never want to leave it! We also have the exclusive "battle" system (a battle between designers) its a system the staff team put a lot of time into and you will not regret trying it out!!
Helloo💜...This server is all about having fun, making new friends, and just hanging out😊.. We have many bots.. We are a wholesome server ..Just make sure you follow server and TOS rules 💕. I hope you enjoy your time here

Also we are looking for Mod And helpers

We do partner ships

All are welcome to join
It's all about freedom when expressing your artworks. Here at Ochisae, we love to give you constructive tips on becoming a better artist, to learn those mistakes and try again. And here, is where it starts.