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always appreciated.
Feel free to join this awesome servers, if you hate or have anything against furries i recommend you not to join. if you're a furry / non-furry you're welcome to join. we never tolerate hate of any kind. any trolls / raiders will be banned. this is a great server for getting new friends. have fun and i'll see you there.

• Roles
• Art
• Bots
• Vent
• Lovely People
• Memes
• Non toxic
• Much more
-| Welcome The The Tavern! |-
Heya! And Welcome and thank you for looking at the server! We have a Great Community, and tons of great people, We hope you join! But here's what we can offer you!

💠│Friendly Server, Active chat, Open to New Members!
💠│Event Nights! [Movie nights, Game Nights, Karaoke Nights! And More!]
💠│Self-assignable roles, Color Roles, levels, Verified Artist Role
💠│Professional Artists, Music Creators, and more!
💠│Helpful staff and Nice Staff!
💠│Advertising Channels, for servers,
💠│Booster and partner benefits!
💠│LGBT+ Friendly
💠│Easy Verification
💠│Daily Giveaways!
💠│Anime Chat
💠│Music Bots, Currency Bots
💠│Great Server Looks!
💠│New Management!
💠│Buy-able roles
A Pokemon RP and ERP Server.Well put together and friendly join and have some fun!! This server was made with the community in mind, feel free to leave any suggestions!

We have a range of fun bots to play around with and communicate with the server, we also do server events on rare occasions!

a place to feel welcomed, not ignored.

- reaction roles
- art channels
- friendly community
- perfect for introverts

Furry Royale is a discord that allows furs to do what they want, how they want (within TOS of Discord). Chat, gaming, drama, and art fill this server <3
Would you like to keep your rights even after joining a Discord server?
Would you like to have a comfy place to chatter, a place to find friends?
A place where you can even have debates and discussions?
Fear not, we don't have SJW admins, and this server has almost every aspect of free speech.
ProBot leveling will allow you to have custom roles.
Patient admins, who do not get their roles via favorism, will rather discuss the issue with you, than to warn, kick or ban you immediately, if there is an issue that is.
We will not use staff chat to discuss who to kick / ban, it is used only for server updates such as new channels, role overrides, and bots.
If you would like a server who will listen to their community, you are always welcomed here!
Welcome to 「The Furry Galaxy」

TFG is a furry SFW server that has a friendly community and fun events! We are dedicated to give you the best furry community experience!
We have:
• A friendly community with amazing people!
• A custom bot!
• Friendly staff team!
• Roleplay Channels!
• A separate NSFW server!
• Our own Minecraft server!
• Tech and art discussion channels!
• Many self-assigned roles!

Join us now, and don't forget to say "Hello" to all of us ^w^ We'd love to have you with us!
A furry server made by furries who can't come out of the closet. Come join us!
We are a fun, small, loving community, and can't wait to grow together.
we are a community made up of furries and like minded individuals!
if you are looking for a community thats accepting and nice to everybody who enters then this is the place for you! come on in and join us!

❤ 30 chats (including VC)
❤ Currently looking for staff!
❤ support and vent chat's
❤ sona zone and rp searching!
❤ a LOT of roles!
❤ rule heavy server!
Furry-vore focused mini-server.
Entry requires furry profile image.
250+ members, secure design for chat, art & RP.
Friendly for Poke-Furs, Fatty-Furs & Hyper-Furs too.
No tolerance for drama, immaturity or non-furry content.
Jesteś futrzakiem? A może smokiem? Nie ma to znaczenia! Wszyscy są mile widziani na futerkowej wysepce! :3

Wyróżniamy się:
-> Przyjazną społecznością
-> Kanałami o przeróżnych funkcjach
-> Pomocną administracją z poczuciem humoru
-> 100% SFW
-> Roleplay - walki na arenie

Do zobaczenia na miejscu moi drodzy! :3
Welcome to The Fox Box! We are an LGBT+ friendly server focused around the community. We have a custom bot that handles our gate, roles, and our unique town system. Feel free to stop by and check us out, and let us know you found us on this website!
💫Este es un server pequeño centrado en el fandom furry donde puedes estar de chill hablando y hacer amigos también depaso puedes pasar contenido nsfw aunque si no quieres verlo solo avisa al admin y te pondra un rol especial para que no lo veas 💫
Hi!, We are a new server that accepts anyone! We have a channel dedicated to furries But you need a role for it so no one bullies you. We will try our best for everyone to make it a chill hangout, Just like the name says. We hope to see you in our server!
Hey, welcome to Floofy Den!

We are a safe for work server made for furries and non furs alike to hang out!
What we offer is a safe, caring and enjoyable server, welcoming all that would like to join!

We are a new server, so features may be limited - so far we have;

• A verification system to keep members safe!

• A levelling system with each their own rewards!

• Hobby channels - Gaming, Mechanics or Vehicle and even Photography!

• More to come - suggestions are open!

Come join us!

I hope to see you around, and I hope you enjoy your stay!
Hello! Welcome to the WARRIORS:ANIMATED server! This is a passion project, dedicated to animating the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. We need your help! We need as many people as we can on the production team, as well as patreon supporters and people to just spread the news! Come join us if you love Warriors! :)
Welcome to the wolf den, we are an accepting community and we would love if you stopped by to check out the server!
Hallöchen und herzlich Willkommen bei ✨🐾Shining Furs🐾✨!
Einem Furry- und non-Furry Server.
Wir haben alles, was das Herz begehrt!
• Einen lustigen Hauptchat
• Memes
• NSFW (18+)
• viele witzige Bots
• jede Menge Self- und Farb-Rollen
Es ist fast den ganzen Tag über etwas los! Na, neugierig?
Dann statte uns doch mal einen kleinen Besuch ab!
Wir freuen uns auf dich!
⎲Super active furry and Pokémon community
⎳Lots and lots of channels to suit your needs
⎲Over 30 unique bots for endless utility
⎳NSFW content sharing channels (18+ only)
⎲Roleplay Roleplay Roleplay
⎳We even have our own Minecraft Servers
⎲And much much more
⎳We welcome you to Mizu Resort!
⎲Lots of fun awaits you~
⎳Don't forget to invite your friends!
Server has been reopened after a long time of inactivity. Everything is functional, though!

**Quick Server Rundown**
The server is dedicated to hosting two types of characters, maid/butlers and residents. As a maid/butler, your only mandatory job is to answer the door for forwhenever a new resident arrives. You must do as you're told, unless it is a NSFW request in which you are allowed to decide. As a resident, you came here for help, whether it was a need of aid or just the fact that you're lonely. We cater to all.

**What do we offer?**

1. Easy to understand lore
2. Experienced staff teeam
3. NSFW!
4. A friendly community
5. Anywhere from furry to human, with anywhere inbetween!
6. Easy to understand rules
A school of magical students run by the headmaster/goddess that teaches all species regular classes along with magic so they can all coexist in harmony and occasionally breed
Hey! Welcome to Goat's place! A new server to meet people and make friends. We're furry and lgbt friendly, but we're not the type to over-moderate. We have fandom channels, art channels, nsfw and blacklist channels, a verification system, and more!