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Welcome to SMP World! This is a Minecraft Survival Multiplayer Server! This is a cracked server so you can play with your friends even you're too broke. Have fun here!
Welcome to the official SMP Earth Bedrock Discord. Join to access all of the behind the scenes of one of the largest scale earth models in bedrock.
The Vanilla Experience, or MC-TVE is the best survival server you can play on in 1.16.4. Bring your friends, or make new ones here in our awesome community. TVE offers a vanilla survival experience, with no plugins interrupting how the core aspect of the game should be played. The best part of TVE is the tight-knit community!

We host a creative server (soontocome), a 100% whitelisted vanilla server - ask on the Discord if you're interested in this server - and the semi-vanilla main survival server that has been up for nearly 3 years! Featuring some of the best plugins for survival servers: Dynmap, ArtMap, mcMMO, Plan, HeadDatabase, BetterSleeping, MoreFish, GriefDefender and Shop - we do not use a virtual currency!
Do you want a open, friendly community to make friends and play minecraft with? Why don't you join Outpost SMP we offer our very own minecraft smp server. Join us and join a chill community filled with fun
Sindria MC
Hi! Welcome to Sindria MC
Sindria is a Modded SMP server.
What’s in-store
Sindria MC Has Over 200 mods Filled to the brim, With magical mods like Witchery, Blood Magic,and more! Explore the world of tech with ae2, Immersive Engineering, Mekanism, EnderIO Rftools and more exciting mods.
• A good community where you're able to speak your mind.
Custom events including Drop-Parties, Battle Arena, Community Based events, and Scavenger Hunts.
Build Your Own Kingdom Fight Your Enemies Protect it with turrets, mystic arts, and other wide-spread technology
• Looking for staff!

Want to know more about us? Join our Discord for more information
Needs about 4 gigs of ram
Hardly any banned items
SMP :HOW: (Almost 100 people!!)
A community Minecraft server with active players and an active discord. We have welcoming people and host almost weekly community events.
Quantcast SMP is a fun community SMP server. We are 100% Vanilla Minecraft with a few data packs to enhance the user's experience. We are very small but still active and looking to grow. It's run by mature players that just want to come and have fun. It's a whitelist too so randoms cant join and ruin everything. Come down and apply today and let's play as it should have always been.
Just a Minecraft smp! It’s new, so not much is done, we VC and chat mostly! So, have fun! And please follow our rules! They’re pretty simple.

(Also +13, please.)
This is Survival Adventures Path to Survival this is a minecraft bedrock realm where you can make clans and start battles and make your own history with great members and a great staff team so come on and follow us on this Path to survival!
Looking for a fun nation-based Minecraft multiplayer survival server?

SMP Nations is here for you!

- Form your own nation or join the powerful superpowers!
- Trade, make allies and start wars against other nations!
- Entertaining and fun events hosted regularly!
- Best experience on being a leader of a country!
You Need Backup (YNB) is a Minecraft gaming community.
We are 18+, adults-only (SFW, just older gamers)
Our Minecraft servers require an application for access (info available in #read_me on our discord!).
We have two dedicated Minecraft servers, Survival and Creative.
*Our servers are hosted in North America; you may experience higher ping in other regions.
**check out our website to see our gallery and more!

Our Survival server is a semi-vanila experience with minimal plugins (we like a small dose of quality of life)
Cheating, griefing, and xraying are bannable offenses.

Java 1.16.4 – Paper
(world created: May 2020)
• CoreProtect (griefing mitigation and build protection)
• Sleep-Most (Our server to skips the night if 50% of the online players sleep)
• Coordination HUD (displays cords so you don’t have to keep F3 open)
• Double Shulker Shells (If shulker farms become viable in 1.17, this plugin will be removed)
• Armorstand (available to patreon supporters only)
• TAB (allows you to see players online)
• DiscordSRV (Allows us to have chat bridge between Minecraft and discord, so both ingame and discord members can talk to each other without switching applications!)

These plugins we have because they are required to use the plugins mentioned above, but don’t really affect game play.
• LuckPerms
• PlaceholderAPI
• Plan
• ProtocolLib
• Vault
• VentureChat

Our Creative server is a great place to model/test builds before building them on the server and
requires a $5 donation to access.

Java 1.16.4 – Paper (superflat)
Plugins (In addition to those listed for the survival server):
• FAWE (The fast version of world edit, and a powerful tool to expedite builds)
• PlotSquared (Our plots are 2k x 2k, lots of space to build!)

We are also a tight knit community that does movie nights, discussions, memes, playing games together and more. :)

☾ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:*⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆
about us: we are a friendly, supportive, fun, growing gaming discord server (ages 16 + only) ! for anyone to join, chill, and meet new people in! we will voice chat, text, and play games! we love minecraft and have our own Java SMP server you can join! Members can also play among us and other multiplayer games. come join us!
☾ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:*⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆
This is MinajCraft! We are a whitelist server looking for members before we release! the age requirement is 13-18 years old. If you are a Barb, you must join.
Come join this brand new smp!
The Lemonade SMP is a brand new minecraft smp server where anything could happen! Start an empire? Fight a war? Become president?

Find out by joining now!
₊˚๑🌸꒰ hii cutie! ( ᵘ ᵕ ᵘ ⁎)

🍒┋what we have to offer here in berries! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
₊˚ʚ🌺[NEW] our own currency system which you can gain NITRO from!
₊˚ʚ💜 kind & supporting members! very little toxicity, only jokes!
₊˚ʚ🌺 [NEW] cute and organized emotes for nitro users!
₊˚ʚ💜 cute levelled role names with rewards!
₊˚ʚ🌺 many self assignable roles/intro channel!
₊˚ʚ💜 hangout • social • meet new friends
₊˚ʚ🌺 a positive and caring environment!
₊˚ʚ💜 exclusive perks and rewards for inviting friends/boosting!
₊˚ʚ🌺 tons of giveaways for NITRO & our SMP !!
₊˚ʚ💜 active vc and chats. hilarious, chill, fun & inclusive!

🧁┋[ABOUT] how're you? how has your day been? why don't you come tell us here in berries? we are a very supportive and friendly server and we'd love to make your day! we hope everyone that joins feels welcomed, included and comfortable. we love to vc and hangout its really chill and funny! we love to play games, talk, joke around and overall have an amazing time! come join us, relax and have an amazing time love, and I promise you won't regret <3┋🧁

🍭┋[SMP] for all you minecraft lovers we have our very own smp which is compatible with both java and bedrock, come invite your friends & get on, you don't wanna miss a giveaway!┋🍭

🍍┋[EMOTES] for all you nitro boosters, we have a ton of cute emotes for you to all use! our emotes are very aesthetic, cute, simple, anime and they're all very organized in our emote section!┋🍍

Welcome to SMP United
This is very small but chill and epic community we hope we grow in future.
Our actual has quit so i had to take the role of it.
we are cracked so you dont have to worry about not having minecraft paid edition.
we dont have any staff so we might open a mod app later.
We're a friendly Minecraft SMP that live in a peaceful world. Our player base is expanding every day and if you join you could help out. The members on the server have given lots of positive input, but hey, I can't explain from experience. Come experience it for yourself! :)
For the happiness and quality experience of Minecraft players as human beings in relation to the cultivation of nostalgic memories and friends, **Nostalgia Group** was founded. Leading toward a path of excellence with hope for potential, the administration of **Nostalgia Group** administers this network/organization with careful attention toward what matters most in the experience of the players. With a vision to establish a "semi-vanilla" server that holds in essence the original gameplay experience of Minecraft, yet is filled with minimal features and addons in attempt to increase the enjoyment of the player, toward a higher goal of establishing good memories and therefore increasing the happiness of players, **Nostalgia Group** was birthed. **Nostalgia Group**, established 10/21/2020.

The story of **Nostalgia Group**, to be continued...