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Je te présente Olten Network ! C’est un serveur Minecraft fait par la communauté pour la communauté !

- Pour l’instant, un serveur survie est ouvert au public en bêta
- Le Network est en plein développement et prévoit des choses
- Un staff à l’écoute
- Des constructions qualitatives
- Des plugins fait maison et soigné
Plus d’informations :
Twitter :
Instagram :
Discord :

Minesprint is a Minecraft server dedicated to giving players a new smp experience. Our friendly community will help you with any questions you have.
Our server has custom mobs, bosses, machines, custom recipes, player shops, jobs, skills, quests, npcs, and more!
Hello and welcome to our lovely server: Iron Towns~A *Java* 1.15.1 server! We are thrilled to have you be apart of this ever growing and friendly community ^w^ Respect and care for our members is something we aim for to give you the best experience, while making sure everyone feels right at home! :) And that's only just a few reasons why you should stick around and meet some amazing people within this server! X3 On our lovely minecraft server we offer a wide variety of gameplay to suit all players! We have a towny survival world with mcmmo, jobs, and more to come such as quests, minigames, and even SEASONS!! We update with new features to keep things lively! You will most definitely find a home here! Iron Towns is a no pvp, no griefing, and no raiding server. We hope you will enjoy your stay!


Iron Towns is a wonderful server to hang out, be yourself, and feel right at home in! We offer:

✧ Our very own active Minecraft Server!
✦ A very friendly and welcoming community and staff!
✧ Towny survival!
✦ Jobs for your own in game experience!
✦ A high resolution Dynmap!
✧ Quests (In Active development! Coming Soon!)
✦ Events and Updates!

And so much more!

So stop on by! You definitely won't be feeling lonely ^w^ we're all your friends here!

OUR IP: (currently on minecraft JAVA 1.15.1!)


Can't wait to see you there! Thank you! ♡
NESP Destiny is a Minecraft server on the bedrock edition where you can join and build whatever you want! No griefing or stealing, and other than those rules, anything can be possible! We are looking for YOUR creativity to expand our servers reach and become a thriving community!
**NorxPE | Network** is a upcoming MCPE with many unique features so that players can have the best time on the server! Here is what we have! ↓
↠ Factions
↠ Bosses
↠ Crates
↠ Unique Enchantments
↠ Amazing Survival world
↠ Active Discord
↠ Amazing Shop
↠ Voting w/Special Features
↠ Amazing Spawn
↠ Active and Mature Staff
↠ Spawners
↠ Unique Hud
↠ Amazing Kits
↠ BuyCraft
↠ *And More Coming Soon!*
We appreciate you guys for joining!
♛ [@everyone] ♛
> Join Our MCPE Factions Server!
Yo Leude,

Leite einen nicen Server mit zwei richtig netten Leuten! Wir arbeiten so gut wie jeden Tag an unserem Server! Sei es Design, Aufbau, Bots oder so sind wir immer bereit sowas zu machen! #AllesFürDieCommunity

Was wir dir bieten:

• eine große Gaming Fan Base, welche gerne mal zusammen zockt!
• eine stätig wachsende Community
• gute Bots
• ihr könnt bei uns Partner werden
• ein kompetentes und lustiges Team welches dir gerne hilft
• nice Chats mit spielen wie: count, one word story oder cleverbot
• Season Funktion wie in Fortnite mit exklusiven Rängen die es nur in einem gewissen Zeitraum gibt!
• Gewinnspiele wo ihr Ränge oder Discord Geld gewinnen könnt

Wir freuen uns auf jeden einzelnen !!

Liebe Grüße,
Das Cosmoia Server-Team

The Zodiac
The Zodiac is a free public SMP based around survival Minecraft key and most popular
gamemode. We strive to make it free to play so that all players can have the same
game experience no matter what income class they are in. We also have tons of
unique features that you won't find anywhere else here are a couple to name a few

- Pets which are visible in game
- Shopping District where players can set up there own shop
- Creative Sister server, to practice builds on
- And lots more
Welcome to the " roblox gaming hub world " where friendly member/admin is at the server. Please come join our community server were we got an endless fun stuff to do on roblox game.

Roblox is the place where you play games such as: Transit, twisted light, sonic, bus/train group, police, roleplaying games, hotel, music, adventure and some mini-games. Share your adventure around roblox and other group.

Channel list:
☑️main chat
☑️warning and other log
☑️voice channel
☑️roblox group channel
☑️games channel and more.
☑️Advertise area ( NEW)
Server tages: music, game, chill, chat, roblox, groups, 13+, hangout, event, friendly, partners ship, sonic, multiplayer, fun, etc.

Advertising channel added. please read the rules before posting things/invite ads
List of advertise server channel:
Roblox server
Community server
Fortnite server
Minecraft server
Hangout server
Gamers server

This server is looking for partnership with other server.
Server invite link:
Looking for a place to advertise your server in? Or maybe just your youtube? Or maybe, just maybe just looking for a place to talk? AYS is the place for you!

AYS offers anything you need to grow your server:

Discord Growth Experts to give you advice on how to grow your server

International Server Development, they will help you with any of your questions if you aren't English

Different channels for different server categories

Our own custom bump bot

Currently the biggest advertising server on Discord

Ad/Server Reviews

Weekly Podcasts/Blog Posts/YouTube Videos

What are you waiting for? Join now!
Best Server for Games like Minecraft fornite & PUBG & free fire best community friendly members invite rewards & unlock more role
A small, friendly, vanilla survival Minecraft community! Server is in 1.14.4 until plugins update and is heavily focused around magic and supernatural powers while still being a normal survival world. There are also themed events depending on time of year and in-game magic quests.

There is a huge amount of fun things you can do on this server! Including-

💰-Setting up and running your own shop
🪐-Visiting unique and magical dimensions
🧙-Learning and casting magic spells (with different types and tiers)
🌙-Becoming a supernatural being, such as a werewolf or vampire
⚔️-Going on quests and looting dungeons
🧪-Catching, curing, and weaponising diseases
💥-Creating special arrows that explode, teleport, volley and more
✨-Creating unique magic items in cauldrons
🔮-Collecting magical sets of armour or wands
🔓-Gaining in-game ranks depending on stats

And so much more! Feel free to come join our server, it's still a small community but has been running steadily since June 2018 and we're now looking for even more players to join us in our world. We hope to see you soon!
Do not join this server for the sake of satisfying your curiosity. This is not a place for everyone. We only accept people 15 and older. What we deal with is real, and NOT to be mistaken for any sort of roleplay/ARG/CreepyPasta.
We are always welcoming members and we are always seeking help. In order to find out more, you may join and ask a moderator.
This is a server where you can just come and chill out and make friends! We’re welcoming to all and we hope you check us out and stay a while
🙃 Hallo, hast du lust zum Chatten? 🙃

💚 Nette User

💙 Nettes Team

🖤 Server Bot

♥️ Meme Bots (Dank Memer)

🔰 Kannst dich gerne zu uns setzen. 🔰
🔱ZippHire️ Advertising🔱

Who are we and what do we do?
Zipphire Advertising is a global advertising server. We provide quality advertising free of charge. We also offer a variety of channels to advertise in. It's not all about discord when you come to Zipphire Advertising.

What we offer?
⚜️ Different channels for different server categories to Advertise

⚜️ Staff application is available
- Moderator
- Partnership Manager
- Administrator

⚜️ Active staff team

⚜️ Partnership Agreement

⚜️ much more...

️We are currently looking for staff, if you think you have what it takes don't forget to apply.
Nautical Empire is a new minecraft server that was just recently released, so that means you can get in before everyone else and get a head start on your faction or your skyblock island! We need people to make the server work! The discord is a SFW place with friendly people and active staff. As of now, we have SkyBlock and Factions. There are donator ranks, discord giveaways, PvP and everything you could want out of a minecraft server! There is going to be a suggestions channel so YOUR voice can be herd. Join now and be part of the community! The ip to the Minecraft server is in the discord
This Weekend We Wil Open For Closed Beta Join The Discord To Be a Part Of The Clossed Beta Testing

We Have And Gone Get Lots Of Custom Plugins !!!!

Dark Rp Gmod Server Gone Open Soon Still building It On This Moment Join Now For Staff
*SHH! This is a Library!* But in all seriousness, we are a new community dedicated to letting you use our automated services to advertise and list your communities and bot creations without ANY (on the most part) biased rules or other limitations. We believe that everyone should have a chance in growing and our friendly little community is there to support you.