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An exclusively discord server for Minecraft bedrock edition players!
Join the server and have fun on servers like hive, and join us as we race to the leaderboards!
Mythical Dimensions is a community where you can get into parties and play games with anyone. You can also get help and advice from mods and admins if your stuck or just need it. You can also reserve chat rooms if you need a private vc for events, raids, or etc. join in and have fun
This is a BEDROCK Minecraft server for 13 year olds and higher. There’s no swearing, no gore, and no sexual content. We have dozens of members who at times would be happy to play with you!!!

If you have any questions please pm me on discord at : TheTerrified#8267
A Space Aged Minecraft bedrock server, Inspired to be like Cosmic Factions! Will you take your adventure in this Internal planet? and make your way to the top! Will you accept this challenge? and let your self be captured and prisoned within the depths of this planet?

What we offer:

Amazing Staff

Big Warzone


More PvP PvE Based Game Play


Fallen Heroes

Bounty System

Custom Tnt

Custom Eggs


Custom Enchants

Monthly Crates


And plenty more and extra features waiting to be discovered!

->How Long Will You Survive?
We are a brand new Bedrock Realm server and are welcoming anyone to join us!
➤ 🎮 A fun, chill realm to play!
➤🛍️A Server Custom Shop
➤ ❌ No Hackers Allowed
➤ 🏆 Many Fun-Filled Events!
➤ 👥 Moderators Here to Protect Everyone From Any Hackers Or Griefers That May Come Into Our Realm
We are currently looking for active members to join our Bedrock Realm and would love for you to be one of them!!!
Hello 👋

This is a community server for all to enjoy for builders to players from java to bedrock, share your hard work and support the team!
EnderNova is a aspiring bedrock group of talented content creators creating realms and maps with the intent to achieve marketplace goals!

Join us! 😄
Hi! We're Triscuit UHC!

We host UHCs on the Bedrock edition of Minecraft! Our UHCs feature things like custom crafts, first + final heal, scoreboard, and more!

Feel free to join if you're interested in playing some games! We try to do at least one per day! The server will send announcements whenever a game is going to happen!
MineCity Survival is a full survival realm where you can play with friends or the other people in the realm. we have... ummm... oh yeah we have kids, hostage, so you better join!. we also have money and job system.
Welcome to my server! A brand new server that it's about Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and mostly, my server! The minecrft server is still being made, won't have any plugins for a couple of weeks, but it's still based on survival on other fun types! We're currently looking for Staff! Support me by joining my server! You can also find other players to play minecraft with anytime!
MinigiCraft is a Minecraft bedrock edition server where you can play many fun minigames!
Server ip: port: 19582


🔻Discord server Features🔻:

📝Apply for staff
🤝 Partnering
🔷Meet New People
🔶Get support from friendly Staff

👍Join our discord server here:
Grass Fields is your average Minecraft-Bedrock Edition discussion server. Just have fun here
The Stealth Tanks discord server is the discord server for the Stealth Tanks website and YouTube channel. Stealth Tanks is about everything Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Our main focus is making MCBE/MCPE DLC. This DLC includes, skin packs, texture packs, maps and more!

The Discord server includes:
🎮A community full of MCBE fans
🎮Easy communication to the support
🎮MCBE lfg
🎮Family Friendly / PG Server
🎮Much More!
We're a friendly Minecraft community! We have a pixelmon server AND a normal Survival server, join to make new friends!
Everyone is accepted here!
Zekesterz Really EPIC Minecraft servers are looking for more members!
What we have in this super EPIC server:
• A nice and fun community
• Minecraft worlds for you to play
• A realm channel
• Meme channel
• Bedrock players and more!
A place to find bedrock realms and servers that have a good community. I have personally tested these realms and servers.
Welcome to Smokey's Skyblock! A place where we can survive, and hang out!
In Minecraft, we have:
~Minigames (such as parkour and a PvP arena)
~An economy
~A marketplace (WIP)
~It's a realm (soon)
and friendly staff and an active community.
We have an epic 30 player PvE economy cross play realm. In the realm we do have ways to PvP such as a team dueling pit, a battleground, a FFA arena, and a section of Overworld dedicated to PvP. If PvP isn't your style most of the Overworld is open for the taking! Come join us!
(Our realm supports PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, Mobile, & PC)