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Hello me and my friend had made this server about minecraft to socialized with people and it will be appreciated if you join.
Welcome to our quaint 15+ server where our admins are nice and the people are too, we are also plural friendly. We're a loose bunch of crackhead gamers who'd love to make more friends and welcome anyone who wants to become a part of our family :)
Anyone is allowed, just don't be an asshole and you'll be okay! ^^
Hello, we are the FruitPvP Network Team. Me the owner of the network sending this announcement to search new team members. We searching builders there build lobbys, maps for minigames and many more. if u are interessted join now and have fun!

lovely !! Management
Hello 👋

This is a community server for all to enjoy for builders to players from java to bedrock, share your hard work and support the team!
EnderNova is a aspiring bedrock group of talented content creators creating realms and maps with the intent to achieve marketplace goals!

Join us! 😄
Welcome to Elfishh Network MC Hub, this is a server owned by Elfishh, we run many events. We have have a partnership program. We are always welcome for incoming new staff and builders!
Hey this is a kitPvP server you can have fun in it make friends and much more you there channels and a lot of chat the realm is not dont just yet we are working on it and as we are making the server trying to grow the Community of the discord can’t wait to see you all in the discord! (:
BirdBrain is the best bedrock server there is, as well as a rich gaming community. We have gaming events with games such as among us and cod. Join us for monthly giveaways, and much more!

Our bedrock server features commands such as:
/spawn – Return to spawn.
/home – Teleports a player to his/her bed.
/warp set “Warp Name” – Sets a players warp.
/warp to “Warp Name” – Teleports a player to his/her warp.
/tpa – Send a tpa request to players.
/tpaccept – Accept a teleport request.
/tpdeny – Deny a teleport request.
Join our community today :)
Néonium est un serveur Minecraft Pocket Edition/Minecraft Windows 10 Edition principalement UHC qui propose divers modes de jeu !
welcome to electro city! an upcoming minecraft roleplay and adventure server where you'll be able to make lots of freinds!

top voter each month gets a special rank!

brand new! we need staff! apply now!
FloCraft - Java/Bedrock Cross-Platform Server

A classic Minecraft experience for long term players wanting enhanced vanilla gameplay.

Game Features:
Community Spawn
Player Market and Shops
Auction House
Mob and Player Heads
One Person Sleep
Fast Leaf Decay
Trading system
Core Protect
Custom Resource Pack by sqorb

IP: FloCraft.Online
Version: 1.9-1.16.3
BedrockConnect Primary DNS:
Host Location: Indiana, United States

Always Active Invite Link:
A discord server for Minecraft bedrock edition players!

Join the server to find like-minded mcpe and bedrock edition players, and have fun on servers like HiveMC!
Join us as we race to the leaderboards!

+ Pretty good moderation, almost 0 spam pinging!
+ Nice and friendly members, willing to play mcpe!
+ Regular giveaways(dank memer coins and stuff!)
+ Bots
~ Dank Memer! (rob and heists are off)
~ Idle miner! (Minecraft inside discord!)
~ Aki! (Incase u bored)
+ Dedicated music channels and a couple of music bots, so you can have multiple parallel streams of music!
+ NSFW channel! (optional, You have to get a role to access it)
+ Self-promotion channel! (Want ppl to check out your YT channel or discord server? Just leave a link to it! | Joining and leaving just to promote isn't acceptable, pls don't do that.)
Peachy's Gaming Server!
Join our server and our SMP Bedrock Realm and keep reading to see the different things we offer!

❀ an economy based realm, you can open your own shop! buy or build your first house!

❀ vcs every day! you actually get to become friends with fellow players

❀ different fun bots like rhythm and yes! we have mudae

❀ starter kits for every new realm member :) we are new player friendly

❀ weekly activities like hide and seek or bedwars where you can win rare prizes

❀ we are open to partnership with EVERYONE!
☞ looking to join a discord server that has a bedrock and java minecraft server? ☜


look no further!

we have...

¤ active and fun staff

¤ minecraft worlds

¤ minigames and events!

¤ positive vibes and chaos

¤ voice channels


come join today!!
A Minecraft Bedrock SMP Server with friendly and co-operative players. Join us today, make more friends and help us grow our server :)
We are a Minecraft Bedrock Discord Server! In our server you can chill, talk about Minecraft, find people to play with, and more. We also offer Game Nights and Minecraft polls.
In the future I will host Giveaways and make realms for us as a community to enjoy!

**We do not have any realms at the moment**
Hope you enjoy!
Hi! This server is a safe place for lgbtq people and gamers and artists! We do many hobbies and would love it if you joined, we have a verification system too!
Bedrock Realms is a community of Minecraft players enjoying public multiplayer servers that support all platforms (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, Mobile, & PC). Our servers are one of a kind, can handle 30 consecutive CONSOLE players, and is supported by the best moderation team in the Bedrock community. If you are tired of wasting time on tiny or poorly managed servers, this is a fantastic place to call home.
SiegeMC | Bedrock

A Upcoming Custom Bedrock Network With
Gamemodes Such As:

OP Factions
OP Prisons
And Much More!

Glow Squid is a Minecraft server either to play together on Java and Bedrock, discuss Minecraft topics, or to worship the Glow Squid.

-Allow ease of joining Bedrock or Java sessions
-Friendly community and staff
-Share your own Minecraft servers for people to join
-Discuss the upcoming 1.17 update
-Discuss whether the Glow Squid, Iceologer, or Moobloom is superior.
-Let people know if you are available to play