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A Minecraft Server
This server is all about making friends and playing Minecraft in Servers, Worlds and Realms.
Make sure to stay active so that you don't miss the invites.😜
This server is different from all the other servers so join fast.😱

Please read the rules once you join the server.

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Entra ora in uno degli ultimi server cooperativi completamente in Vanilla no profit di Minecraft!
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So, you're a Minecraft (Bedrock/Java) player huh? You're in the Cubecraft Bedrock Leaderboard? If yes (or no), join this server NOW. The server contains Minecraft player that plays on mobile, console, pc and are the èlite of the èlite. (We also have people from different regions, such as Europe, America, South/West Asia). Noob or Pro you're still welcome. We also give roles to our members, you can check them on #roles. Sometimes we also do events like UHCs and stuff like this. So. WHY AREN'T YOU JOINED YET, JOIN OR I WILL DELETE UR FORTNIGHT ACCOUNT!!!
Tired if playing bedrock alone? Join our community, problem solved! We are active 24/7, host giveaways, servers, cross plays and assist with building!
A Minecraft based community discord server. This is a place where you can find and talk to people and play with them or just chill.
This realm is an amazing group of people of all ages, with guilds, a randomized fishing mod and tons of activities soon to come, we have some very active members and amazing admins and an amazing owner! stop on by and join our realm!
Quick Summery Please read all of the following:

There are technically two ways to play here. You can utilize all that the city has to offer. Its primarily an economic realm. You mine stuff at the mine factory and sell it at the Recycling Center for XP. We use XP to buy practically anything, even homes in the city. From tiny houses to large high rises or you can join a faction and still play the economic, but u can play regular survival as well. There is also a public survival area but its not really protected. Start off by collecting XP though and get a free prospect complex apt. Mine and fight mobs, then start buying and play often for a week or two to become citizen and unlock perks.

What is a Citizen
To become a citizen one must meet the following criteria:
1. Join the discord (well now your foots in the door)
2. Play on the realm for a minimum of 1 week. move from your starter house and buy one in the city
3. Get along with the community and not have any complaints or infractions against you

Once you are granted the Citizen Rank you can:
1. Use the XP banking system
2. Receive an in city safety deposit box at The Vault
3. Use the XP levels gambling system at the casino
4. Build a shop in the city. And assist on city creative builds.
5. Purchase further Rank's that will give your permanent effects on your in game player speed, jump, strength etc. and unlock the ability to have an Elytra

Esoteric Realms is a friendly, mature (18+), family driven community. Priding ourselves for having one of the best communities within the Bedrock Minecraft community (PS4/Xbox One/Switch/Android/iOS/Win10) and our members couldn't agree more! We are dedicated to offering a safe haven for players looking for a place to call home after a long day of adulting.

We welcome you to check out our Discord and apply to join our community!

ESOCraft is our Hard Survival+ Realm and has entered our second season and our community has been building a special beginning just for you! Our next phase of this season will take us to an HUGE island in the vast oceans of our new world and will be an outlet of creative freedom for the community.

We also offer an Event and Contest Realm,100% Hard Survival Realm (for achievements) and play a wide range of other games with our community.
Interested in D&D 5e? We have a whole separate discord dedicated to our adventures you're welcome to join!
Welcome To ShadowPe | Network! We Are A New Server, But We Work Hard! we Have:
1 - Active Staff
2 - Custom Plugins
3 - Custom Discord Bots
4 - Never Before Seen Prisons
5 - Crazy Builds
6 - Vote Rewards
7 - Discord To Chat Plugin
8 - Invite Rewards
Join Now!
Welcome To The Battle, Young Reaper. You have Much To Learn.
SherwoodsLive is just a place for friends to talk and share their favorite Minecraft servers!

90% of discord servers do not allow advertising server. Here at SherwoodsLive you can promote your server as often as you like (with a small cooldown). We have channels for different things, so please use the appropriate channels and also please use proper etiquette. This is NOT an "NSFW" server and ANY NSFW content will result in an immediate ban! Discrimination and racism will result in a ban! Remember this is a server to meet new Minecraft friends and servers. Be friendly and respectful to others, especially staff. We are also accepting applications for staff soon, be prepared to apply!
Mc Bedrock is the perfect server dedicated to help find friends to play Minecraft with.It can be used for many other things too. You can find people just to talk to if you want too if you don’t want to play at the moment.

We have our very own server so if you want to join the community that would be fun.
Welcome to the discord server of Planet Dragonod!
This is a Minecraft / Building Community, centred around the YouTube Channel, Planet Dragonod!
Looking for a Minecraft Survival server with absolutely no rules? Tired of constantly getting banned for griefing or controlling spawn? Well then join 2 Builders 2 Consoles ya newbie, we don't got time for your complaining! Come make a base....if you can that is...or destroy one, it's part of the culture here!
Just a fair warning will probably die, a lot. We support all platforms so no matter what you play on, you're welcome in 2B!
A Minecraft Realm where you can live amongst others, grow in a community, play with the economy, call Realms servers, and explore. Keep in mind this server is still in development, so we are sorry if anything goes wrong. With minigames and more, please consider joining The Apex Predator Minecraft Server Discord Server to start off your journey!
Du sucht einen Bedrock server dann bist du bei (UNS) genau richtig! du sucht einen bedrock server mit citybuild,MLGrush,usw. Dann bist du bei (UNS) genau richtig! Joine doch gerne auf unseren Server wir freuen und sehr über jeden einzelnen Spieler!(:
This discord server is just a little chill-out server with a minecraft bedrock server, we have a small and friendly community with 50+ members and its somewhat active. We also have some fun bots like Pancake, Tatsumaki, Mantaro, and yeah, maybe check it out :)
Space Station Hosting!

We're a minecraft server hosting company looking to get off the ground.

-- Affordable Prices

-- No Bullshit

-- Guaranteed Uptime

-- Dedicated Support

-- In need of staff.

If you've got any questions, drop me a DM and join the server!
A Minecraft bedrock edition realm
Has a couple minigames
A couple antihacks
And is gluten free
The German Empire, or Deutsches Reich, is a nation based in a minecraft bedrock realm. We are currently looking for members of the military, builders, and more to help our nation prosper!

About the realm:
Our realm, EarthDelta, is a bedrock realm that is a scaled map of earth. You can join or lead nations, claim land, go to war, trade, build cities, and more.