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Welcome Agent.
we have been expecting you, i hope your'e ready.
we need you, you got talent kid.
come on in and join Halcyon.

Hey.. you there.. great.
listen, we need you at phoenix these halcyon fools believe they're the best, prove them wrong would you? and if you cant.. well we will pay for your funeral.

Choose your side and story, its all up to you if you wish to involve love, or just wish to do your job come on in. too have a short resume, this i a server all about taking down the enemy operation, although this will probably never happen too keep the rp going.
New missions will be added as the missions gets completed, although it requires you work together.

If you do join please be reminded that im a busy person and cant get to you instantly, please be patient, thanks in Advance

Incoming Transmission... from CMDR Carl.

Welcome to Assasion

Eyes up, Cupcake.

You're on the last ship headed for Assacion, and no, it ain't "Assassin" but spelled janky. Might as well be though, with all the damn critters runnin' around there. Those things ain't a simulation, soldier. They're the real deal, and they take pleasure in ripping you limb from limb.

If you want to go back home, heh, it's FAR too late for that, Cupcake. You should've had a consci-entius objection back on Earth. We're twenty minutes out from landing, so I'll make this quick.

Know what you're fighting. Never go out alone. And, you gotta toot, make sure you're downwind... or you may be monster food.

Roleplay Info

Welcome to Assacion! We are a Fantasy/Sci-Fi hybrid. If you've seen Blue Monkey Avatar, it's a similar concept, except instead of monkeys and dinosaurs... we have actually formidable creatures. Whether you're a fantasy lover or a sci-fi geek, Assacion has a place for you.
Heroes Eternal is a community who is super welcoming to all! We take pride in lending a helping hand to those who may be inexperienced in Role-Playing but still welcome the experienced! If you like My Hero, and Role-Playing (Or want to try it). This server is definitely for you!

In a world filled with heroes and villains. Which side are you? A student? A common bystander? An owner of a strong private military army? An assassin? Drug lord? Police officer?
You can pick whatever side you want here!

Welcome to A.U , a prestigious school for young students whose desire is to become heroes! However, some have a different idea.
Being set in an Alternate Universe, this means no canon events from the MHA universe has ever happened here, this includes the characters! 

꧁What we offer꧂

▪📝 Optional stats system inspired by many RPG games.⚔

▪🌐Daily Events to partake in which can increase and grow your OC.📈

▪✏ In-depth yet easy Character Creation.✅

▪ A wacky staff team thats dedicated to keeping the server alive and most importantly. Making this community a home for everyone and all, yet making sure your needs are fulfilled. ❤

▪🤷‍♂️Not wanting to be a Student, Hero or Villain?No problem! Be whoever or whatever want! The limit is your imagination!🐉

▪Crossover OC's! Be whoever and whatever OC you want to be! From Freddy Kruger to Super Mario! Everyone is here!😎

▪Bots to keep your lonely soul occupied.💀
[ZeroTwo , Tupperbox , IdleRPG and Idle Miner]

▪Hero agencies to join/create! (Villain groups included!)

✨Thats pretty much it, we would love to see you here. Now remember, skate fast- eat ass
-> Welcome to Kokoru High, a RP/ERP server heavily based on MHA. [WARNING: This server is not a Canon MHA RP server..Well, We do accept MHA characters but you'll see when you join in what this is about]

-> A RP server where you can meet people that share similar interests. You can either be a student or a teacher!

-> RP with your own character and meet other characters too as you go through a daily highschool life as a teenager in a world where everyone has superpowers.

-> Feeling Rebellious? Be a Villain. Feeling Tranquility? Be a Hero. Feeling Both or None? Be Neutral.

-> ERP is allowed in the server too for you freaky people!

-> Enjoy a decently sized map to RP on and have fun as the staff of the server also host RP events aswell! Whether it be classes or events for holidays, like Halloween!

-> A new server with an organized lay out to cater to a fun RP experience. Along with Lore and other awesome things

-> Active staff members and hopefully a active community once this server grows!

----------What are you waiting for? Join now!----------
Have you ever wanted to join a city of Love, Adventure, Story, and amazement! Well Lovers City is the server For You!
We have great staff
Great RP channels.
We’re LGBTQ friendly.
And we Hope you enjoy your stay at the Lovers City server
Welcome to the S.E.X. Academy
(this is your online come true sex academy wattpad story)
-14-18 allowed
- Mostly erp but also rp
- no nudes
A world fixed in uneasy peace. A steampunk Kingdom, a mountainous city of zealots, a desert land of mystery, an eastern land of beasts and monsters and a city hiding a secret beneath the pavement. All five kingdoms remain in a cold war, with two things preventing their advances.

The first, the badlands. A waste of bandits, cultists and creatures from your worst nightmares, separating the four kingdoms from each other.

And secondly, the omnipotent guardians, one in each kingdom taking that land under their care. Will you help keep the land in peace? Or strive to do what it takes to kill the guardians in order to prevent them stopping your expansion?


-Semi/Literate roleplay with an emphasis on quality.

-A varied cast of characters and locations to explore.

-Active and friendly staff



Vous vous réveillez dans un endroit qui vous semble familier, un magasin d'équipement ménager. Seulement quelque chose ne va pas, cela fait de longues minutes que vous courrez à la recherche d'une sortie ou de quelqu'un pour vous venir en aide or, il n'y a rien ni personne. C'est alors que vous décidez de vous reposer un moment, vous remarquez soudain un logo Ikea sur un fragment de sac plastique déchiré. Le constat est tombé, vous êtes dans un IKEA qui semble sans fin
Vous marchez, désespéré, pendant des heures, apparait alors devant vous l'un de ces nouveaux restaurants de l'enseigne dont vous avez entendue parler, l'odeur des boulettes de viandes vous enivre, vous approchez alors et prenez une large portion de frite ainsi que de ces boulettes qui sentent si bon et vous n'en faites qu'une bouchée. Vous êtes comblé mais la fatigue ne tarde pas à se faire sentir malgré cela, vous marchez encore longtemps, les couleurs de ce drapeau Suédois vous entourent mais semblent peu à peu différentes. Un employé se montre enfin bien qu'il parait lui aussi perdu et sans but. Vous lui adressez alors la parole, il se retourne vers vous. C'est alors qu'emplie de terreur vous constatez ses immondes difformités, haut comme deux hommes, des jambes trop courtes et un bras plus grand que l'autre mais cela n'est rien face au détail le plus important; celui-ci ne possède pas de visage.
D'un seul coup, il semble vous dire d'une voix morte et sans aucune émotion "le magasin s'apprête à fermer ses portes, merci de vous dirigez vers la sortie" avant même qu'il n'est finit sa phrase, les rangées de néons au plafond s'éteignent les unes après les autres, laissant place à une atmosphère sombre et dérangeante. Enfin, pour ne rien arranger à cette vision d'effroi, le vendeur se met à trembler, comme mue par un esprit étranger, sans attendre, celui-ci semble revenir à ses esprits et vous cours dessus, la tête la première
en criant "VOUS DEVEZ SORTIR MAINTENANT !". Sans même chercher à comprendre ce qu'il se passe, vous fuyez sans regardez derrière vous et prenez refuge dans une armoire Albläst. La nuit semble durez des jours entiers, rythmée par les vas et viens incessant de la créature, enfin les lumières se rallument et la bêtes retrouve son comportement passif
vous avez survécu à votre première nuit.
Hello, Welcome to Camp Half-Blood: Enlightened

Let me ask you a Question? Do you like the books of Percy Jackson and The Olympians? Also Do you like RolePlaying with people? If you do! I have some fanatic news! Here at Camp Half-Blood: Enlightened we offer all of those things! And more! Let me completely explain we exactly have for you guys if you Decide to join us on our journey!

- We offer Grimoires, You might be wondering what the Grimoires are! Let me tell you! So if you Have the Power Mystiokinesis. You can Make one of your own powers!?! Crazy right?!?

- We Offer Godly powers that you can gain over time! So say you have weak skill, And you get level 10 with Mee6! So you can become Stronger and Stronger!

- At level 10 with Mee6 You can apply for something pretty Cool! You can apply for A God Or Goddess that your Interested in! Like Artemis, Or Hermes for an Example! Also at level 10 with Mee6 You could Make a child out of these Cool Gods And Godesses! And these are the God's and Goddesses: Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Nyx, Erebus, And Tartarus! And there isn't a God or Goddess you like you can always recommend or Request Me our staff go threw it and Well add it if the staff say's Yes!

- And do you like Draw? Or make some type of Fan-Faction? Or taking fun Photo's and Sharing them? And Finally Self-Assigned Roles? Well good flipping New there we offer all those thing that I just named! And If you want to access or see all of the channels and Roleplays and you don't have a Character Get the Role RolePlay Viewer! And you can see the rest of the Server!

- What else can we offer? Well We can offer some really friendly staff! MIssions, Quest, capture the Flag and Many more things coming! Maybe a Voice claim Place and theme song? We ain't sure but you can ask for it!

- And we don't have cannon Characters like Percy Jackson, Or Annabeth Chase. We do Original Character's. So Please don't use any characters from Percy Jackson And the Olympians .w.

Please consider Joining Camp Half-Blood: Enlightened. You wont regret stopping by!
We welcome you to RedLips.
an +18 NSFW ERP and chat server
We have a huge selection of roles that tailors to almost any fetish, no gore, blood, watersports, scat, Loli/shota etc. But everything else is open.

we can also make a channel just for you. You pick the name and description and use it for your ERP dreams. (we will delete it after about a week if it dosnt get used to keep the server from getting bloated with channels)
If you prefer to role play in PM’s, then feel free to make use of our ERP requests and character channels we only ask that you select your roles when you join and be nice to the other people on the server.
In 1957 the prophet makes a school for the kids that he 'Blessed' Them with powers to hide them from the 'Fireflies'.The Fireflies are a Militant group that has legal rights to detain and kill people with with powers. They have their own powers they are called the elite children with powers at a early age that where abducted by the Fireflies. Your parents might have been blessed with powers such as telekinesis teleportation or super strength.But just make sure your in school dont want the Fireflies to catch you lacking you'll become a lab rat. Let's see what shores the triangle brings you to.

What we have to offer

☆Supernatural Rp
♧Open roles
♧Mudae hehehee
☆A small tolerance for Neko girls >: )
♤Actual funny memes
♤Group group activities
◇Homework help 😔
☆Literate Rp more than 3 lines
a venting channels to Express your feelings
☆ A crack rp for bullshitery
♧And NSWF 16+
♧13+ to join
That's what we can offer at HHRp I hope you enjoy your stay 😁
Looking for a server to RP as and with your favorite Mario characters but are stuck with mediocrely-managed servers? Not strictly a fan of the RPG games? Do you want a sense of quality in your RP? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our server is for YOU!

What we offer:
- A nice and friendly community of fellow Mario enthusiasts who enjoy roleplaying!
- Categories upon categories of many different locations from a variety of Mario (and other related franchises) games!
- An approval system, so that nobody plays a character they don’t deserve!
- Plenty of discussion channels and fun server events!
- A loving community willing to welcome anybody with open arms!
- More!

Our server is based around all audiences. It features no NSFW channels because that just isn’t what Mario is about!

We hope to see you on the server!
We're a new Yakuza RP server!
I was looking for one to RP a bit but I couldn't find, so I decided to do one myself.
We are OC friendly and you can also roleplay as your favorite character!
A mostly furry server
Here's some things we have here:

❤️||•Lots of channels for almost anything

🧡||•Bots like Yggdrasil, Aki, Pokétwo, Rythm, etc.

💛||•Art category where you can share your art, adoptables, and talk about art in general. There's also an art gallery category where you can request to have your own personal art channel.

💚||•We have nsfw channels but it's entirely your choice to see them.

💙||•There are self and color roles.

💜||•There's a fandom category where you can talk about your fandoms. 😼

♥️||•Theres roleplay categories and you can have up to 5 characters, though you have to make a bio for each one. There's a random rp channel for non-serious roleplays.

💗||•QOTD channel.

We need help making it more active 😇
We chill
We do have some nsfw channels
Just a place to talk and have fun ig
All welcome
mostly furry atm
We have a car chat for some reason
i mean there pretty cool too
Also among us
Come join!
Magic is the source of our power. This is an infinite resource spawned from the power of love. All beings possess magic in some way, shape or form. But those who have true power? Sheer force that could move mountains and part seas? That takes a special type of love.

Mistress Aphrodite is a peculiar woman. She supposedly fell from the heavens, though some believe she came from far more devious roots. One thing is for sure though; her otherworldly beauty and charm meant she could have anything, anyone...

Aphrodite went on to create an institution. This innovative magic academy accepted anyone who could dare to walk through its gates, allowing all youths the potential to expand their magic. The goal? Find your true love and reach your Ascension - only then could you gain this unthinkable power.

Won't you come? Love and power is everything a human could ever want, after all...

Aphrodite's Academy for Young Mystics is an innovative roleplay server in which creating meaningful relationships with the other characters is a core aspect. Have your characters study in the halls of the academy alongside others; duel, learn, love. This server is immersive and friendly so don't hesitate to join; we would love to have you here!
boujours bienvenue sur notre serveur rp inspiré de l'univers de danganronpa

pour seux qui ne connaisse pas c'est un jeux auquelle 16 éleve qui son les meilleur dans leur catégorie donc son des ultimate (par exemple le plus fort en science sera ultimate science en cuisine se sera ultimate cook/cuisine ect...) se retrouve dans une académie sans pouvoire y sortire mais un "gentils" petite peluche ourse appelé manokuma apparaît et leur dit que leur seule moyen de sortir d'ici c'est du tué quelqu'un si vous réussissez à tué quelqu'un sans qu'on le devine vous partez et les autre séton exécuté mais si il trouve le temps coupable il sera alors exécuter et les autre continueront en attendent le prochain meurtre

bien sûre le serveur ne sera pas exactement comme sa mais je vous invite à nous rejoindre pour plus d'informations
Welcome to the island of pleasure!
Our warm community welcomes anyone into this island of dreams.
You have plenty of places to expore around and people to meet as you can even share a "private" time with them!
Hej, szukasz fajnego serwera z miłym community o tematyce anime? Jeśli tak dobrze trafiłeś.


Miłą administrację

Dużo kanałów

Dużo unikatowych ról

Strefę dla każdego

Strefę roleplay

Luźne zasady

System ekonomii

Przejrzysty i estetyczny wygląd serwera

Dobrą zabawę, i wiele więcej.

Zapraszamy, oraz mamy nadzieję że zostaniesz na dłużej!
Questo Server Discord è basato sul Fantasy Roleplay, capace di integrare al meglio i nuovi arrivati e di discutere pacificamente su qualsiasi argomento possa venir in mente.

Questo Gioco di Ruolo ha come obiettivo quello di immergere completamente il giocatore all'interno della trama che, man mano, si sviluppa attorno a tutti tramite quest ma anche le scelte stesse dei personaggi che formano questo mondo, il quale è gestito da uno staff attento e da gm (game master) fantasiosi.

Esso, però, mira anche ad avere player di un certo livello di Roleplay.
sarebbe gradita:
- Una conoscenza discreta dell'italiano, non è bello vedere una sbagliata punteggiatura e i tempi verbali errati;
- Capacità di saper far distinguere bene azioni e pensieri (con un apposito metodo che vi verrà detto non appena entrati);
- Personaggi che siano capaci di evolversi e che non mutino carattere ogni volta che il vento cambia direzione;
- Non far contagiare il proprio pg dalla vostra vita reale;
- cercare di scrivere il più possibile;
Avrete una settimana di tempo, alla fine della quale, verrete giudicati in termini di roleplay

trama (quando sarete entrati vedrete i titoli):

Leone, Lupo, Orso, Drago, Tigre, Delfino, Corvo e Ariete, queste erano le Leggende. Persone, se ancora definibili tali, capaci di imprese incredibili, trascendevano il divino. Così narrano antichi testi di civiltà ormai passate a miglior vita da questo mondo. Il mondo anche dopo la loro scomparsa continuò ad andare avanti, tranquillamente. Tutto finché la Leggenda del Drago, ultima tra altre quattro decise di tradire i compagni, assassinandone uno ad uno, si dice che il potere accumulato è pari a quello di un impero e che la sua magia sia tutt'ora all'apice, illimitata e così potente che neppure il praticante è riuscito a controllarla, cadendo in follia. Nonostante siano passati secoli le popolazioni continuano a donare questo titolo, tra le persone c'è sempre colui che spicca in qualcosa, ma solo pochi possono raggiungere tale titolo. Spetta a queste nuove Leggende sconfiggere il mago e riportare realmente la pace nel mondo. Finché esisterà un male tanto grande, sarà necessario del bene ancor maggiore per batterlo, la Leggenda del Drago non è l'unica minaccia, per quanto si viva pacificamente il male è ogni dove: culti maligni, tradimenti, minacce minori che se sommate potrebbero esser peggiore della principale. Sarai degno di incarnare una Leggenda? O cadrai in preda alla paura non credendo neanche in te stesso? Spetta a te deciderlo.
𝓙𝓸𝓙𝓸'𝓼 𝓑𝓲𝔃𝓪𝓻𝓻𝓮 𝓐𝓭𝓿𝓮𝓷𝓽𝓾𝓻𝓮 : 𝓐𝓬𝓱𝓽𝓾𝓷𝓰 𝓑𝓪𝓫𝔂


This server takes place in 2015 where a now teenager Shizuka Joestar is living in America with Suzie Q Joestar and the now deceased Joseph Joestar. However, as she’s gotten older and developed her stand ability, Achtung Baby, more and more bizarre things have been happening to her, including her father’s untimely death. Find out on her journey as she sets out the route of these bizarre problems and challenges.


> 𝚆𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚠𝚎 𝚘𝚏𝚏𝚎𝚛<

- 𝙻𝚎𝚗𝚒𝚎𝚗𝚝 𝚜𝚝𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚌𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗

- 𝙾𝚙𝚎𝚗 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚟𝚒𝚋𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚌𝚑𝚊𝚝𝚜

- 𝙻𝙶𝙱𝚃𝚀+ 𝙵𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚗𝚍𝚕𝚢 𝚙𝚎𝚘𝚙𝚕𝚎

- 𝚂𝚎𝚖𝚒 𝙻𝚒𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚊𝚝𝚎 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝙻𝚒𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚊𝚝𝚎 𝚁𝚙

( W A R N I N G)

Please no overly edgy OCs, it's no fun to rp with someone who acts like an edge Lord. Theres a strike system that if the OC is too edgy they'll be hunted by 𝓛𝔁𝔁𝓴 𝓓𝓮𝓪𝓭.
Welcome to the hive we are a nsfw mlp server mods are chill and we dont mind cussing we welcome all and lewd all Plese make yourselves at home!
☠☠☠☠What Remains?☠☠☠☠

Five years have passed since the outbreak happened, in that time an already strained lifestyle has been made even harder, with no supplies or goods freshly manufactured and restocked in stores any more already dwindling supplies are even more scarce forcing survivors to think outside the box or search further afield for precious food, ammo, medication and fuel, and ration what little they have carefully.

Over the last few years the shambling undead have become more vicious and mutated to forms not originally seen, an evolution that tilts the favor in the infected favor and not so much for the survivors, all the variants now more deadly and with new tricks up there rotten sleeves to catch out survivors without there wits about them and kill them viciously.

Due to no maintenance, the dam gave way and flooded parts of the city, submerging areas and ruling out them as habitable unless folk are crazy or determined enough to make a try of it when the dam went so to did easy access to power leaving those with generators such as preppers or bases who planned for such eventualities only able to keep power whilst no longer able to rely on the main grid for it.

Things are harder all around for survivors but none the less they keep on trying to survive hoping for there to be an end to this dark tunnel at some point and hope maybe one day normality may return or the very least things become more bearable for future generations.

Summery: Basically 5 years ago shit happened and people started to change with a virus. It started with Vampire, werewolf and zombie strains of the virus and grew rapidly into other things genetically altering the host bodies. So every one started as normal humans and yes you can still be human.

★Its been 5 years in rp so lots of new stuff to come!
▶Play as a Werewolf, Werecat, Lizard strain, Vampire, or winged human. And so many more... So many.
⭐ Reward system
✨Or a reward strain of the virus such as playable zombie ones. New strains!!! Slime, herbavore, bug ans more zombie ones!!!
👥 Friendly and helpful staff
🤖 Fun bot
🗳 Suggestions Welcome
🖱Self roles
🌈 Free of discrimination and hate speech, LBGTQ+ accepting, hell we better be I'm part of the community... (Owner)
🌟 Fun Events
🖋 Welcome people of all writing ability
🏕 Lots of places to explore