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AKA: Fairy Tail's New Generation :D

All the incredible mages that we have come to love have all disappeared 10 years ago, into the midst of history. A possibly stronger generation of mages and wizards rise up to take their places! However, don't forget that the evil can grow stronger as well...

The lore may get updated, as I am very un-creative ...
Just a server for Animal Crossing fans to roleplay with eachother and chat about things!
hello! we're a literate my hero academia roleplay server, looking for active and (preferably) experienced literate roleplayers who enjoy my hero academia just as much as the rest of us!

ocs are allowed, but we're always looking for as many canon characters as we can get!

we're very nice and welcoming, feel free to come hang out and stay for awhile!
Welcome Creaturae! Creaturae is a world with mythical beings and creatures live in peace with humans.

In the world of ancient Creature, mythical beings and humans lived separately from one another, the mythical beings avoiding to meddle in human affairs while fighting each other. After years of hiding from humans, one of the mythical beings of Creaturae came from the shadows and hiding and revealed themselves to humanity. Causing fear and panic amoung the human populous, the revealed mythical race was soon hunted down and faced extinction at the hands of the humans. Growing tired and wary, the leaders of the various mythical beings gathered together and put aside their differences to deal with the crisis, deciding that they should fight the humans to prevent total annihilation. Creaturae spent a hundred years in a Civil War before Creaturae mythical being rights were the same as human rights, done solely after war fatigue and decided upon the historic Creaturae Peace meeting. Despite the peace treaty and equal rights, humans still sometimes abuse or hate on Creaturae's beings except for it's more dangerous inhabitants but overall the land has become a more gentler and kinder place, no longer do the mythical beings have to hide from human eyes but instead are free to walk among them.
Mae G'ovannen Mellon Nin!
Our rp takes place between the Hobbit and LOTR, Canon and OC's accepted upon approval. (Looking for diversity without god modding)
We have Hobbiton, The Woodland Realm, Erebor, Minas Tirith, Mordor, Dale, Moria, Lorian, and a few other special places.
We are a very active server with a plot and goals planned out.
Character development is a huge part of our server.
Come and join our adventure!
Join our lewd alien Server!
Includes NSFW and Roleplay Thread.
Please be respectful.
Thank you!
Fanzoned is a safe-space for all weebs! We have multiple channels for different animes and games to discuss current updates(or lack thereof) as well as a category dedicated to any roleplays you may wish to have. NSFW content is kept from the main channels however we do have a few side channels that you will be given access to if you request the NSFW role! MOVIE NIGHTS! we recently implemented movie nights which everyone who participates really enjoys.
Come and join us at Fanzoned! we would love to have you!
~ Cult leader and The Dark Lord
A friendly, accepting DDLC roleplay server!
Create an OC and join in! Sometimes the Dokis might RP with you!
Come on and have fun~!
Hi, welcome to Alma’s Lounge!!

A fun place where you can meet new people!
We have:
-sounds wack but a cheese category
-we do partnerships
I don't have many rules, but would appreciate if you respect the ones I have.
please join and have a good time!!
WELCOME TO Opidium !
- Global emotes/ nitro giveaways, amazing emotes "maxed out"
- We're a rising server with a goal. The goal is to become one of the highest ranking servers beside Daddy.
- Within the server we have a people willing to speak to you, whether you have personal issues or need someone to socialize with.
- All of the staff believe that making a server needs dedication and strong will and we all have that here.
Enough about us, here is what you'll experience:
- Active channels 24/7
- An equality of both genders + Others
-Fun and laughs with @everyone !
= New friends to make!
= Dating is permitted you won't experience any bullying!
-Staff and member support. @here You are not alone!
= Events throughout the week just to entertain you all.
= Giveaways to engage the community as we all grow together!
= Special areas for those dedicated to helping behind the true meaning of Opidium!
= Interviews for a few of the things you will witness within the server as well.
- We hope you enjoy as much as we enjoyed making it.
Just started a server and wanted to make new friends please be nice and consider taking a look at one of our many nsfw channels full of hentai or real girls (all legal)
Welcome to Hogwarts Roleplay! Have you ever thought what it would be like to go to Hogwarts? To be sorted into your very own house and attend magical classes? Well this is your chance! This server is set in the aftermath of the first wizarding war during the 1980s. You can choose your allegiance to Voldemort, or show an opposing view. We hope to see you soon, may your magical journey start now!
Fan de rp/jeux de rôle ? Néophyte mais curieux ? Ne cherche pas plus loin, "L'antre" est fait pour toi !
Ce serveur vous permet de participer à différents jeux de rôle selon plusieurs thèmes (SF, Post-Apo, Fantastique...etc). Un bon MJ, des membres cools, et ajoute à cela une bonne dose d'humour, et tu obtiens la recette parfaite pour des soirées bien sympa !
Alors, n'hésite plus, et rejoins les autres membres dans "L'antre" du rp.
A très vite !
Open a toon channel to share his/her progress! | Expect regular updates as I slowly add what knowledge and notes I've compiled in years of study of being a necromancer. You can play however you like. I majorly play as necromancers. (Currently working on a sneaky archer.)
Welcome to the Cream and Sugar Cafe! A lovely little spot where you can enjoy a variety of sweets, tea, coffee, and perhaps one of our lovely maids too! Our Maids are trained in all aspects of service and are ready to fulfill all those desires! Either enjoy your time as a customer or work as a Maid.
Embark on a RP journey of a lifetime.
Experience the dere archetypes like never before.
Dare to fight against the wrath of the Tsunderes.
Escape from the nightmareish footsteps of the Yanderes.
Sit and stare at a wall with the Kuuderes.
Laugh and enjoy life with the Derederes.

Nearly all dere types ever found in anime.
Quality RPs, active members.
Organized structure, helpful staff.
Events, free discord nitro, and more!

Indulge in our non-toxic community, and let it become your new home.
Welcome to Dere Academy.
Whatever routes you take...

The choice is always yours.
if youre looking for a fun server and wanting to make new friends then this is the server for you, we offer you medieval rp with a friendly community admins dont abuse their powers and i offer you plenty of roles and you can make basically ANY creature, humans. i will allow some mythological creatures and items.
🍓🍦 Sweet Desires 🍦🍓
🍓🍦Sweet Desires 🍦🍓 Is a server where you can come and chill with us, hang out with friends and have a amazing time. We have a wholesome family and active community who will be at your assistance. Our server is meant to spread loads of love and care to everyone. Don't be afraid to be yourself here, take your time and let us be the server you always wanted to be in. For joining us, you make the Server berry berry sweet~ 🍓 🍦

🍓 Fun activities such as the 8ball, leveling bots, dailies.
🍓 Venting
🍓 Voice chatting
🍓 Art Channels
🍓 Selfie channels
🍓 Roleplays
🍓 Anime/Manga channels
🍓 Gamer channels for those who love gaming.
🍓 Meme’s
🍓 We have self assign roles
🍓 Kpop channels

🍦We have AMAZING games to play if you are ever bored!

- We have friendly, active staff, please join the Sweet Desires!

🍓By Joining Us You Make The Server Even Sweeter!!🍓 Join Now!: :
A text based fantasy roleplay server suitable for all ages
Join us and begin your adventure in the magical realm of Meidolon
Fight mythical beasts
Make new allies and friends
Your adventure is in your hands
Hello, and this is WARRIORS! Do you like Warrior Cats and roleplaying? Then this is the server for you!

We have the five clans (ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, ShadowClan, and SkyClan) and many high ranks available for you to join and have fun!

🌈 are LGBTQ+ friendly
books accept many types of roleplay (One liners, Semi-literate, Literate)
sparkling_heart are a growing community with helpful and kind staff
What we offer:
✣ High Ranks
✣ Fun roleplaying
✣ Freedom to create your own OC
✣ OOC channels for you to talk and make friends
✣ An enthusiastic plot (in making)

Make your cat and join your dream clan in WARRIORS, a roleplay server!
In this server we plan for a good time with a bit of roleplay and general conversation. Why not check it out?
An rp server set in the world of Boku No Hero Academia where your character is a student or faculty member of a school built on an artificial island in the middle of the Bay of Biscay.
We are a science fiction – fantasy themed collaborative play by post roleplaying website where the community creates the universe in which they all engage through creative writing and the creation of artwork. Looking for roleplayers, writers, artists, setting and technology designers!! (SFW but 18+ community)

As the setting is in a state of constant development through cooperative storytelling.