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Welcome to the Family
WTTF is a small, yet friendly and respectful server.
With lots of bots and fun.
Here everyone respects everyone.
We are all friendly, and welcoming.
Feel free to join if you so wish.
A friendly server where anyone can find right in. Just for chatting, ranting, venting etc.

Serwer wyprzedzający inne wyglądem i dizajnem,
Jedyny taki serwer w swoim rodzaju.
Dlaczego warto tu być?
Ponieważ gwarantujemy wam dobrych administratorów
dużo aktywnych osób i wiele więcej!
Mamy nadzieje że dołączysz!
We are a fun open friendly server we’re you battle to be the richest person out there! We are looking for some shop item ideas and some mods and admins so the faster you join the higher the chance you can join us! And get some perks on the leaderboard!
Interstellar is an 18+ only, active social server focused on meeting new friends, chatting, gaming, dating and just all around expanding your social circle! Some of the things this server offers are:

🌠 Lovely Members and Staff!
🌠 Custom Color Roles (That you can add and create :) )
🌠 Game Nights!
🌠 Staff opportunities!
🌠 An economy bot! (Which admittedly doesn't get used much)
🌠 Lots of various VC Channels, active daily!
🌠 We are also LGBT Inclusive! (and owned)
So come join the nicest group of people you'll meet on Discord. We look forward to having you :D
| Welcome to Aussie Depressed Teens |
We have nice staff that won’t be abusive

we have fun bots that have currency, music, gambling and marriage bot, birthday bot and new arcade bots including aki, idle miner etc.

>we have counting to 16000, one word stories, memes and edgy chats we also have venting and depressed chats for when your in the mood... we also have a server counselor to talk to in private.

>their is leveling in this server and you can work your way up and also gain permissions when going up roles

>anyone is open to applying for staff

>racism and bullying is prohibited

>You can report people if they are being mean or cyber bullying you to staff or the owner
This is for people who want to gain some new friends or socialize. We are non-toxic and a relaxing server. We are a very small server but plan to grow and grow.
This is a chilly place with a place to talk about your problems
But you can too make fun there you can talk about games or anime it’s a nice
.☆。• *₊°。 ✮°。
☆°。 ☆°
we are a
friendly server
you can chat
and talk in !
✮°。 ✮°
.✮。• *₊°。 ☆°。
we have:
- friendly and nice people
- an aesthetic design to please your eyes!
- a lot of bots and so much more

.. join us to see <3
Hey, this is an english newcomer server :D Enjoy the time :) U can chat and talk with other people!
Hiya! Welcome to Cautiously Optimistic
This a server where you can make friends and join a wholesome community!! :D
We have:
Self roles!
An (almost) active chat!
and so much more! We need more members like you! Join Cautiously Optimistic today! uwu
Our users are Flufy#3098 and Camii#5782 <3<3
Hello, and welcome to Carpe Diem! <:PandaDevil:456661305399574570>

🔥 I hope you enjoy your stay! We are a community based server and just a fun little group of people to hang out with. I started this server with the intention of creating a place for everyone to make friends and get to meet new people in a nontoxic environment- so far we have achieved that and are steadily growing and creating a great atmosphere to be exposed to a diverse range of people! 🔥

We offer:
🍀 ~>A tightknit little community and safe place- we accept everyone!
☘️ ~>Many self assigned roles and channels to talk in- and we’re open to more!
🌿 ~>We are plural (system) friendly- we use Pluralkit!
🌱 ~>We have active members that get input on how the server is run!
🌴 ~>SFW in common areas, with some NSFW channels you can request with a special role!
🌳 ~>Upcoming events planned in the future, including a movie night and possibly trivia events! We have in the past had contests for special roles and other stuff too!
🌲 ~>Regular VC's, open to everyone!
🎄 ~>An activity based level system to move up in our ranks!
🌵 ~>Partnerships are OPEN!
💐 ~>Staff positions are OPEN!
This is a multi-fandom based server. Generally speaking, most members here stay around fandoms with concepts of an occult nature, hence the concept of the server. However, we have something for everyone and just want to be able to connect with anyone and everyone who blesses us with their presence.
Hey, This is a great server for anyone and everyone. Don't judge us by our name. This is a friendly community. Our Server isn't bad. It's only bad if you make it bad, Whether you have suicidal thoughts or not it's still a great server to join. We have many bots including dank member, slotbot, all 3 rythms, boobot, and so so so much more. There are people here that will help you and will talk to you especially ᴄʀᴇᴀᴛᴏʀ ⓞⓕ ֆʊɨƈɨɖǟʟ ȶḧṏṳḠḧȶֆ. Remember that people do care about you. You are loved. And even when things look the worst. There's always a bright side. In this life you gotta stay strong and keep forward don't let problems destroy you, Let them build you back up. Please share our Server as much as possible. :) We're trying to grow into a bigger server so please support us and help us get there :D
We are just a small, fun loving server who accepts people no matter who they are! They can be the smollest of the beans or the biggest of the boys but they are all loved equally!!
Fun upbeat 16+ server with amazing people, fun bots, supporting community, events and more.
Join our ROYAL PALACE 💎 and become part of the family.
Hello, there we are the Lost Rangers a community made of good people that were lost to the darkness but found our way to the light. Welcoming all that come to join we like anime,video games, cooking, pets and more.
So why not join in the fun and make some friends and be found by the lost. Hopefully, we see you around Ranger and don't get dead.
Welcome to 🌸☘ 𝔉𝔲𝔫 ☘🌸
Here we can simply chat, discuss ships, share pictures and so much more!
We are new at the moment, but i'm hoping we could grow bigger over time, so if you're in the furry fandom and looking for people who also are, you welcome to join, darling!
Epiphany is a server based on kindness and the motto 'be excellent to one another.' We are re-opening and giving the server another shot, so come be one of the first members on our re-opening!

We aim to be a safe place that you can call your home. We have a strict policy against rudeness, bullying, and toxic behavior - including the use of slurs against anyone. If you are looking for a safe place to call home where you will be accepted, join us!

Lots of bot games with their own channels

We are looking for outgoing, active members to make the server more lively, though everyone is welcome, even our shy friends! Come make us your home.
Welcome to The Bois! The Bois is a nice server with a great community! We are actively looking for staff!
Hellouu, welcome to 💗 Aesthetic Club💗. A small and slowly growing, and super chill community that welcomes everyone. Our server includes

❤ Cool and amazing admins and managers.

❤ Super chill and friendly community, who offer warm welcome greetings to new members.

❤ a bunch of great bots to mess around with.

❤ Selectable exclusive clubs to join.

❤ A toxic and drama free environment.

❤ A lively chat, which can be more active if you join!

We would be very glad if you joined us and helped us in making this server great. 😄
Owner Yab