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hello welcome come join us on a growing ark pvp cluster non-toxic. we have griffin starters and a three day grace for new tribes.

MatrixCraft is a Minecraft server network created with passion and idea to create a unique, fun, and interesting server for everyone.

MatrixCraft offers 3 modes:
Creative Plots for all amazing builders,
KitPvP for all PvP players,
The Matrix, original, custom and fun mode with an entertaining story, various characters, custom items, vehicles, guns, open city where everyone can build, 2 big and different worlds and much more!

MatrixCraft is also doing something very important. The server has the mission to help save the world. Every month we will donate to global organizations that save the world and support their actions to make our planet a better place to live. Through buying a rank in our store you will be supporting the needed mission of our server and the improvement of our global network.

The server will be opening soon!
The server will be on Java Premium version. 1.8 - 1.15.2
Have a nice day!

GOT is a growing community, PVP Server that wiped recently and has been up for 2+ Years.

* 2 Admins to help you with all the problems on your path
* Modded supply drops (NO tek)
* Custom Stacks And custom recipes
* 5k weight each point, other stats are all ballanced
* NO abuse
* Invite rewards
* giveaways and gambling commands in discord
* Pokecord in discord
* Wiped 9th of may 2020
* Balanced pvp experience

Join the discord for more information:


We are an OSRS(OldSchool RuneScape) clan with a heavy focus on PKing. We launched in 2019 with a small group of PKers who built the team together through word-of-mouth only. We offer a unique PKing experience in OSRS and have expanded into PVM as well.

We are all lovers of the game and the clan. For starters, we have a robust ranking system, unique and useful channels, and a devoted staff team. Come hang with us and find out for yourself how well you fit in with our awesome community!

In game clan tag: oof cc

Full Quartz is a team for an original Minecraft game/minigame called Team Pvp. Basically how the game works is that your team plays survival for a bit and when everybody is finished with getting their tools and blocks they build a base. When the bases are finished, the teams will do team pvp the last team/player standing wins a winner rank and anything in-game.
You MUST have a microphone so that we can make sure you are an appropriate age for the team. You have 2 weeks to get a mic if you do not have one when joining the team.
You have to be 10+ in age for the team. If you are any younger you can't join sorry.

TGN is the community to join, with varying game nights to enjoy and play our favourite games. If you're interested in Minecraft, we also have our own semi-vanilla survival server. Our Minecraft population has grown with 16,000 unique players from January 2019 to January 2020!
A very small community of bedwars players. We accept all different level of skill. Noobs to PvP LORDS!! Everyone is welcome! So if Hypixel Bedwars is your thing, this is the server for you!
Loups Garous UHC (Minecraft) organisés très souvent! Serveur sans lag optimisé pour le PVP. Francophones seulement. Bienvenu aux nouveaux comme aux vétérans ! Channels d'info sur les rôles et scénarios.
The Conservatory is a Wizard101/Pirate101 server specializing in unique tournaments and PvP opportunities. We plan to launch a roleplay segment for those interested, as well as having a large support team to help people improve at the game.
Tu cherche un SkyBlock avec de la survie ?

Alors je vais te présenter NostalgiaMC .
NostalgiaMC est un serveur Minecraft Skyblock et survie. Pour chaque grade tu à un kit et des Crates pour gagner plain de choses.

>Staff actif
>Staff serviable
>plein de fun
>à la recherche de staff

Pour en savoir plus Rdv sur notre discord. Au 50 membre 1 grade Légende à gagner.
Hey ! Bienvenue sur HayzFight !

Vous pourrez y trouver :

Des builds à couper le souffle
Un Farm2Win compétitif
Grade achetable en jeu
Pleins de nouveautés
Un staff compétent et à l'écoute

Voici la disquette contenant les coordonnées du serveur

Ip :
Site :
Discord :
Recrutement : Fermé
Ahoy Pirate!

We're a friendly and mature Sea of Thieves server that supports PvE, PvP, and Alliances! We also do events!

The server includes:
-Friendly staff
-Daily Alliances
-Private lfc voice channels for PvP and PvE.
-Ranking system
-Cool roles for in-game feats!
-Self advertising channels
-We support streamers!
-And many other fun feature!

Come join us today and feel free to leave a review!
Vous cherchez un serveur avec :

• Un Accès aux versions PREMIUM/CRACK de Minecraft ?
• Des Serveurs de la 1.8.X » 1.13.X ?
• Un Staff compétent à l'écoute des suggestions des joueurs ?
• Des serveur Mini-jeux avec un PVP-Faction ?

Et bien vous l'avez trouvé ! Nezolia est un serveur Mini-Jeux mais principalement PVP-Faction qui regroupe, donc, des mini-jeux inédits et un Pvp-Faction hors du commun !

• Nous voulons et avons pour but de créer un serveur full Farm2Win et proposer du contenu inédit à notre communauté.

• Notre vision du serveur est un serveur avec des évents réguliers, un staff mature et à l’écoute. Nous voulons vous faire redécouvrir l’essence même du PVP-Faction tel que nous l’avons connu jadis.

Nezolia est en constante évolution et son Staff fait son maximum pour vous trouver des mini-jeux inédits et ingénieux ou des événements pour votre plus grand plaisir !


Adresse-IP: (En développement)
Site: (En développement)

A Wizard101 hangout server that hosts pvp tournaments along with other wizard101 related events. Even if you don’t partake in pvp you can use this server to get help from higher level wizards and make new friends!
A Destiny 2 LFG server, you can find people here for anything. Can be raids, crucible, trials, strikes ect.
This is a server based on mainly roblox and minecraft, although we do play other games sometimes. I am active almost all the time and so are some of the mods / admins. If you join I would really appreciate it.
Zero Day Role Play

What we Offer
Easy Application process
Whitelisted Server with an Active staff Team to apply rules and help members
100 Slot Server that Runs 24/7 and Auto resets every 4 hours 6 Times a Day (24 Hours)
Chernarus Map
Role Play
Safe Zones / KOS Zones
List of Rules To Safeguard players and Factions (Base Raiding, Engagements, ETC)
Server member experience is our #1 Priority and take suggestions all the time
Weekend Events that Staff and Regular Members Put on
Very Populated Server with a growing community with over 1000 Members!
Big Stinky Gaming 💨🎮

Welcome to BSG, we have opened up a community server for PvP, 1PP,  factions + lone wolves. We are UK based currently with UK based admins only, we may be working towards covering other time zones. All are welcome, be it a lone wolf, group of 3 or a full faction ready to go 💙

⭐ We have a live and working killfeed 💀
⭐ Adjusted the loot economy so it is consistent for anyone who joins weeks after it started. Hoarding does not affect obtaining high tier weapons. 🔎
⭐We have added extra items such as the sword and cannabis seeds as well as different colour varients of items and weapons  ⚫
⭐Rules are designed to protect bases from offline raiding and promote fair game PvP, creating a welcoming, friendly and thriving discord community. 🗣️📚
⭐ Zero tolerance for rule breakers. Please make sure you are happy with the guidelines and rules before you get settled.✔️
⭐ Weekly events will be organised by one of the admin team ⚔️
⭐ Base raiding is allowed following the base raiding rules and guidelines 🏰

KOS everywhere except for the safe zone. 💀
Heyho Freunde!
Ihr seid interessiert an Minecraft und habt gerade angefangen euch damit auseinanderzusetzen?
Oder ihr kennt euch schon ziemlich gut aus und möchtet euer Wissen mit anderen teilen?
Dann ist unser Server die perfekte Möglichkeit für euch!

Wir bieten:
| Ein sehr kompetentes und gut gewähltes Team
| Viele verschiedene Textkanäle um sich miteinander auszutauschen
| Regelmäßige Giveaways mit höheren Rängen und mehr Möglichkeiten
| Coole und lustige Bots
| Einzigartige Events mit tollen Preisen
| Neuigkeiten rund um Minecraft

und einiges mehr!

Wir hoffen DU hast Interesse an unserem Server und freuen uns auf Dich!
Liebe Grüße wünscht

Das gesamte Serverteam!
Welcome to the new Boutte Pirates official Community for space engineers, where players that are interested in PVP/PVE. Please feel free to join where everyone is welcome :)

Server info:

please follow our

Server information

Please read this MOTD for server info and rules.
-- Info
Inventory size: 60x
Block inventory size: 4x
Ship size limit: 50k blocks
View Distance: 15km
Ingame Scripts: On
Airtighttness: On
Spiders: Off
Wolves: Off
No PCU limits.
-- Block Limits (per player)
4 Assemblers
8 Rotors
4 Pistons
4 Advanced Rotors
-- Mod Info
Air Traffic
Automatic Ore Pickup
Gravel Resource Extractor
Modular Encounter Spawner
Tech Blocks Everywhere
Text Hud API
Tiered Ship Tools
Tiered Tech Blocks
Tiered Thruster Overhaul
Defense Shields - v1.9(83)
-- Rules
1. No excessive amounts of pistons or rotors that could cause
server to crash.

2. No Solar sun scripts with rotors which lags the server.
This server is a PVP server. we recommend all newcomers to team up in a faction.
- Cluster network with the maps Ragnarok, Valguero, Extinction, The Center, Abberation and Genesis (Crystal Island will comig on 4 of June) for small tribes (2 Player).

- Four language support (German, English, French)

- Custom Beacons on small tribes cluster.

- Custom Quest System in Ark. *** Disabled atm for rework ***

- Cross Server Chat.

- Item Shop in Ark.

- ORP (Offline Raid Protection).

- Taming, harvesting, breeding are on x10 on big tribe and x20 for small tribe.

- Turret limit in a range of about 30 foundations is set to 200, this avoids huge turret walls and gives the user a better gaming experience.

- Powerful hardware and 1 Gbit/s download and upload (6 Core Xeon with 128Gb Ram and 8 core ryzen with 64Gb Ram).

- slots per server is 70 players. ( 6 servers with 70 players each! )

[b]Small Tribe Setting´s[/b]
► XP x20
► Harvesting x20
► Taming x20
► Breeding x40
► Tribe Limit 2
► Allys are deactivated!
► Player Level Cap 150
► Wild Dino Level Cap 150

► Structures Plus
► Ressource Stacks
► Awesome Spyglass
► Editable UI
► Solo Farmkit
► Reward Vault

► Suicide
► Cross Server Chat
► Custom Quest System *** Deactivated atm***
► ORP (Offline Raid Protection)
► Tribe Log Relay
► Turret Filler
► Passiv Dino Protection
Hey, salut, tu souhaites découvrir un tout nouveau mode de jeu minecraft et es intéressé par les UHC 🍎 et les Fallen Kingdoms 🛡 ?
Alors tu es au bon endroit !

En effet, nous avons créé un mix entre ces 2 modes de jeu, deux équipes doivent s'affronter dans un monde par défaut, une équipe de défenseurs une d'attaquants.

Les défenseurs, du nombre de 5, doivent farmer ⛏ et protéger un lit 🛏.
Les attaquants doivent farmer ⛏ puis détruire ce lit.

De plus, de nombreux ajouts ont été faits comme les minerais précuits...

Bon jeu ! Arckeox
Welcome to Craftable.
We are a factions server precisely engineered to maximize your enjoyment. Our server houses a number of captivating yet practical features. This includes the old Combat Mechanics where you may PvP at ease. Another fascinating feature is our Crates and Voting system which allows players to receive an abundant amount of rewards ranging from common to Legendary. We have also provided our players with the best of both faction worlds. Therefore, we designed a balance between regular and OP factions. Moreover, we aim to provide nothing but a top tier economy system to ensure full equilibrium of our server. Craftable has also introduced a plethora of plugins that were exquisitely manipulated to match our player’s needs such as the mcMMO system and Quests that were tailored to provide our players with an RPG-Like experience with complete skill leveling , special abilities and rare loot. In addition to that , Craftable is introducing supply drops , aesthetically pleasing cosmetics and a number of motives such as daily rewards to keep the players captivated. Join us now at
IP: (1.8 - 1.15.2) (Premium Java Edition!)

TerraeMC is a towny server with Custom Enchants and 1.8 PvP (with god apple crafts), the server has the real world map in his 1:1000 size, we have a loving and helpful staff team, we are doing events every week on the server, we also have upcoming events with MythicMobs and most importantly we have a nice community who likes to help new players!

You can join our discord server at:
You can watch the current live-time dynmap at:
You can take a look at some towns on our server:

- Essentials
- Gringotts (item based economy)
- McMMO (latest version)
- Towny
- MythicMobs
- CrazyEnvoys
- CrazyAuctions
- WorldEdit
- MineableSpawners
- ChestShop
+ much more!

- You can get 2 gold for each votes and 1 vote token that can be used to purchase items on the vote shop (/vshop)!
- You can create your own sign shop to sell to other players.
- Premium ranks can be purchased at /buy & Tebex.
- A fresh new world map where you can start building the towns you always dreamed of.
- In-game item based economy (which is gold on our server!)
- Server Discord for voice/text chat. We also have a text channel that links to our Minecraft server!