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Very Cheap And Legit Vbucks For Sale/Trade
Also Giveaways For Vbucks

Prices Aud:

13k Vbucks Account -$15

27k Vbucks Account -$30

40K Vbucks Account -$40
What we offer? :
-Legit Shops
-Trading & Selling
-Active People
-Trusted Sellers/Traders & Staff Members
-Helpful Staff
This is a gaming server for people around the world, Mainly for fortnite. You can do 1v1 2v2 , wagers etc. You can also play with other people and talk to eachother.
Serwer Ten Istnieje Od Dwóch Lat Na Serwerze Można Znaleźć Społeczności Wielu Gier Serwer Jest Cały Czas Rozwijany Na Podstawie Pomysłów Członków Serwera
The Official MrReaper Community Server Has Arrived, Stay Tuned For Custom Matchmaking, Scrims, Creative Marches, Giveaways, Large Community and Much More!
JOIN PEOPLE AROUND 14-17! Active discord server with the only intention for making new friends, playing games together, watching anime and just chilling!

* Attempt is a community on discord for people who like to play and discuss about Nintendo!
* We’re a new server so we’re very open to members suggestions about what we can do as a staff to make the server a fun place, here are some things the server has to offer...
—> Videogame events, nights, and tournaments. 🎮
—> Nice and friendly people. 😄
—> Fun bots to use. 🤖
—> Suggestions channel. ❓
—> Fake rules channel. 🏛
—> And MANY more channels! ⛄️
—> More to come if we keep growing! 🔜
> -We are waiting for YOU to join our friendly, fun, and gamerific server! 🦀

Last updated: 6/29/2020
Hier könnt ihr
-Teampartner finden
-Skizzen für Baupreis herstellen lassen
-Nach Hilfe für Missionen fragen
-Scammer Reporten
-Sonnen und andere Materialien Gewinnen
-Einfach Zeit im Chat verbringen
-Musik hören
-Casino Spielen.
Welcome to “★Nintendo Warriors★”. This is a gaming themed server where any game is accepted. Fortnite? That’s excellent! Splatoon 2? That’s okay as well. We don’t discriminate so come and have fun! You’ll also meet a lot of awesome people here, and we’re always free to play. Some key channels are:

❶ A lounge where you spill the tea
❷ Art channel where you showcase your creations
❸ Photography channel to show your Instagram posts
❹ Homework help to end your suffering in school
❺ Motivational quotes that look like Tumblr

And more!

Also we don’t use most of the bots but they’re definitely useful so try them out. Join and become a Nintendo Warrior! ☻-☻
This Discord Server is a community for everyone of all ages. All are welcome. Join to make new friends and play games!
╔══════════🏴 Welcome 🏴══════════╗

🔥Cool Gaming Server !😄With Good Members !
🎮 | 𝘾𝙝𝙖𝙡𝙤𝙬𝙡𝙤𝙬 ヅ !! Join Now 🚀

💕We have Some Channels With invite Rewards For people who like those things so, Enjoy !

🚀════════⪻ ×Boost× ⪼════════🚀

═> if You boost You will get Some Free Games .🎮

🎮 Best Designed Rooms For Gaming And For Memes 😄

😄We Can Support You if U need in any Social Media
(Youtube / Instgram / Facebook / Twitch ...)💕

Team Vivid Clan

What we offer?
Team Vivid offers not much at this moment but we have very skilled players ranging from PC to Mobile
Yes we are new which is why you should come and join the clan server and possibly apply or just remain as a community supporter and participate in some events!

What are we looking for?
We are looking for very skilled players that play in the competitive and casual aspect of Fortnite
Any device other than switch is allowed!

How to join?
We have made joining so much easier than other clans
*All you have to do is go to #submissions and then you can submit an RC there and the staff will review your RC!

So come join the Team Vivid server today and we will make sure you aren’t dissatisfied

-Team Vivid Staff
Hey! I'm Elena, the owner of "Shockwave⚡" !

This server started out humbly, until the raid of Summer 2019, which lead to ownership being transferred to me. Thus far, Shockwave has been a fun and peaceful place!

Besides the main stuff that all discord servers have, here's some aspects about the server!

•Self assignable roles such as the games you play, consoles you own and what season you were born in!

•Polls that include seasonal server icon changes and major server updates! Everyone can make a change in the server!

•Multiple fun discord bots, such as EpicRPG, UNO, ConnectFour, TicTacToe, and more!

•Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Tournaments!

•9 Chats each with their own unique purpose!

•6 Secret Chats unlocked with role assignment!

•LGBTQ+ Friendly!

•27 Possible Color Roles

•NSFW chat with Nadeko bot (if yk, yk)

Facts about the community

We're mostly teenagers, but everyone is welcome! We like anime and video games. Some of us even enjoy drawing! Guess what, we have a channel for that too!

If nothing you've read interests you, join anyway! I haven't even scratched the surface of all the chats that we have, and who knows, maybe you'll be surprised!

Upon joining, make sure you go to the assign roles channel and click on the lightning bolt!

I hope to see you there!

We are a fun little clan. We recruit good non toxic players. This server is kid friendly. We also have youtubers. If you are a youtuber or STREAMER this is the clan for you. Not everyone in this server will join though. Dont be sad if you don't because you can do other things with the clan like, participate in scrims or fashion shows.WELL WELCOME
This is the official discord server for DAN7EH where we host daily scrims, customs and much more.
Welcome to Nilssvdb's Streams. This is the official community server of

Nilssvdb is a male from the Netherlands who has a hobby of streaming. He streams a variety of games nearly every day. Make sure to come by our server for a great time
Hello this server is a fortnite clan to join our clan Dm us and we will 1v1 you dm us ur epic: any platform is acceptable
This is a chill discord server that features many games. You are free to advertise your YouTube, twitch. Instagram, etc. just not other discord servers.
Forged Games is a all in one stop, complete with a non-toxic community, and plenty of games to fill you gaming desire.

- A friendly community open to anybody, and everyone!
- We offer a complete collection of games to choose from, so you never lose interest!
- Our server is complete with plenty of community games, and discussions to talk and have fun with!
-The games we have
Rainbow Six Siege
Call Of Duty