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Yes, that is no joke, everyone gets automatically banned when they leave!
This is the beginning of a legendary weeb server, we have anime, memes, manga, webcomics, cringy hentai people
Welcome to Camp Carnage!
"Due to recent wars rising between other lands, this camp has been formed to recruit and train a new batch of soldiers between the ages of 18-35 to help our people survive. It will be a long time before anyone here is ready to go out in the field, but for now you will be tested in various areas of combat, survival and fitness. During that time this camp will be your home and your fellow soldiers are your family.
You are our people's best hope, so work hard and do us proud!"

We are a written roleplay server based in a fictitious military camp for a nonspecific land. Members enter as privates and work their way up the ranks through vigorous training and display of leadership.

-bots for fun and utility
-reaction roles
-opportunity for promotion
-regular training RP
-multiple channels for different areas

Come and take a look, and see if you want to enroll in Camp Carnage!
A server where you can rot with the other people in this server. We post memes and you have the power to become a mod every once in a while. You have the free will to make roles, emojis, channels once you join.
A chill server for people to find friends in! Lots of friendly people always ready for chat and fun!
The staff is always there to ensure a friendly and positive environment so everyone gets to have fun!
We offer a lot of stuff like memes, anime discussion, gaming chat, lots of bots to play with nice art channels and many more!
While we have NSFW content that can be turned off!

So why not join us, its free after all!
Chill nice place we have some RP chats and lots of people to talk to. chat is mostly after school so sometimes on a skewl night its not active but pls cmon and join the family
any issue's? feel free to dm me and ill help
Welcome to Grey Nation!
A Community Server With Our Own Custom Bots, And The Support Server Of The Qasmoke Bot! Play Games, Share Pics And Chat Among Our Active Chat!
16+ | We're an open-armed community looking for all types of members to help our community grow and connect with each other. ✨
Hey, my name is Skully and I made this to be a chill server for anyone who is bored and is wanting to talk to others in VC or in talk and share photos in Chat. I've added Self Roles and a couple bots for entertainment. Feel free to invite friends here too
Welcome to Painting Paws, a new server where you can post your art, hang out with friends, participate in contests and more! Come join the fun!
Looking For More Cool People!
Server features!


*Twitch Streams

*Music, Art And Memes

*Bots And Roles

*Self Promotion

*Discord Nitro

*Future Events And More!

--Please leave a review! thank you, have a great day!--

Any Questions Message Me!
┏╋━━━━━✧・゚: ✧: ・゚✧━━━━━╋┓


┗╋━━━━━✧・゚: ✧: ・゚✧━━━━━╋┛

Who Are We?

We are a new discord server with tons of categories filled with fun! No verification needed to join, just accept our rules and grab some roles to open the up your own personal server.

What Do We Have?

▫ Rules And Info
▫ Q-N-A (for people who have questions about the server)
▫ Server Suggestions And Complaints
▫ A Welcome Section For New Comers
▫ Self React Roles
▫ Weekly Contests
▫ Monthly Events
▫ Constant Giveaways
▫ General SFW Chat
▫ General NSFW Chat
▫ General VC
▫ Music
▫ Photo Album Any Member Can Add To
▫ User Based Entertainment (includes confessions, truth or dare, memes, ect.)
▫ Partners
▫ A Gamers Lounge
▫ Members Social Media Advertising
▫ Bot Games (this includes .....)
▫ Car Category (for all of you car lovers)
▫ User Cafe (for all of you cooks and bakers)
▫ Pokécord
▫ Health And Fitness Guide
▫ Mini Casino
▫ Anime (this includes chat, suggestions, fan art, ect)
▫ 420 Category (for all you pot heads)
▫ Vape Nation (cant leave out the people who vape)
▫ Self Nsfw (this includes nsfw roles and rules, roleplay, hookups and much more)
▫ XXX Category (a little extra for you perverts)

What Are We Looking For?

▫ active and respectful members
▫ staff members (event and partner managers, mods, and much more
▫ partners
♡Weeby Realm♡

★━ Hello! Weeby Realm is a friendly anime | social | gaming | all-rounder server with a warm, friendly and welcoming community hoping to get larger! Here you'll find lots of nice people, not to mention, we also have tons really fun bots to play with! ━☆
。.★.* fun and really active chat; voice calls
。.★.* roleplay area
。.★.* fun leveling system
。.★.* pokécord, mudae, dank memer and so much more!
。.★.* adorable emotes and themes
。.★.* optional nsfw channel
★━ Come join us, and have a nice time ━☆
Invite K-Generator Bot :

Hey there,

I'm introducing you to Kiwi's Lounge, a discord server, a big community willing help you to grow even more bigger.
The owner of the server is KiWi, he's a youtuber, he has more than three-hundred subscribers, which is cool

Feel free to look over his channel on youtube, just search up '' KiWi SAMP ''

It includes channel to introduce yourself, you could advertise your Youtube,twitch or even Discord server!, you can chat with friends, get a few subscribers, Listen musics, use bots, or may take ideas, BOOSTING the server will get you MANY perks.

and yes, it includes giveaways and drops as well as SURPRISE-DROPS of Nitros, Spotify Premium, Origin, Netflix, NordVPN, Fortnite, PUBG etc..

Also there's a generator, you can generate alot of premium accounts

•Nitro Drops
•Spotify Premium
•Free, VIP Generators
•Deezer Premium

Thanos tried to snap away the gay but we just all ended up here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

While the server has been around for a while, it's only recently opened its doors to being public. We're currently a very small community with open arms to all! The vast majority are into video games, though we have a variety of other interests mixed in amongst us.

We have a roleplay that is trying to be up and running,
Friendly staff, including Kurai, Jacky, Ck, Wolf, Plague and Lavender!
An owner OBSESSED with myers-briggs, the zodiac of psychology! ...amongst other things.
Well. I could go on about all of our interests, but that'd miss the
-wonder bots, including Color-Chan, Pokecord and Senpai
-roleplay that just kicked up!
-pg13, semi-family-friendly atmosphere (cussing is allowed, but no graphic material!)


So come on down to the Potato Farm! We won't burn the fields this time, we promise!!!
Hey! We welcome you to Hidden Depths Manor! We are an ERP orgy community where you can have safe and consensual fun! This server is a 18+ server so you will have to be verified. We also have a lot of bot mini-games, server currency, events like truth or dare, and of course a lot of RP rooms. We look forward to seeing you there!
Here on my server you can play rpg minecraft, catch pokemon, chat, share memes, and have fun!
Just a small server I'm trying to repopulate, We do server games and if interested we have a MC server. It's a nice place to hang out if you're looking for something on the smaller side.

English only please.
Welcome @everyone to Pallet Town,

➸ Stop by general to talk to fellow trainers...
➸ Enter the spam channels to catch and train Pokemon...
➸ Level up your Pokémon using our efficient daycare services
➸ Be sure to challenge gyms and earn badges...

Every Pokemon journey needs a place to start, and what a better place than Pallet Town!

What does this town have to offer?
¤Tons of Pokémon based channels
¤Pokémon Daycare
¤A Unique Level Up and ranking system
¤Music Voice Channels!
¤Pokécord, Pokéverse, and Mewbot!
¤A Variety of custom emotes to express with
¤Many highly active members to meet and chat with.
¤Competitions, and don’t forget, giveaways!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to pack up your bags and get moving to this town!
Hello Friend! I am Athena! The proud owner of Anime-Inn! We're a fun and supportive community. (Hopefully not Toxic) We have great emotes, staff and a community it's self! Come join in and enjoy our 150+ Anime Emotes! c:
A place to chill, we are a **tight knit community** who look out for each other. We currently hold *events* (e.g. art competitions) and welcome anyone who join. We also have venting channels, music, and more! We are also looking for ***partners!***