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Hey there, we are a Boosting/Coaching Service with the best prices around, based in North America. For people either seeking guidance on how to improve at the game or just stuck in a rank. We are able to coach/boost any ranked players or teams as a whole, our highest ranked booster/coach is a top 100 3v3 player. Payment will be done via PayPal.
Hey, Voltalic is a professional Esport Gaming Team that features multiple games, Valorant, Fortnite, COD, and Rocket League. We have a Family Friendly fan base. We appreciate everyone that comes into the server. Our staff are nice and helpful. Also we have a self Promote channel that we also leave a sub and check you videos out. Cmon down and Join Team Voltalic!
Among Us PL
➳· 😄 Serwer Do Grania Among Us I Nie Tylko.
➳· 🔥 Aktywna Administracja
- Among Us
- Cs:Go
- Rocket League
- Minecraft
Curtis Lepore AKA NerdyCurty is building a community of Streamers, Gamers, Friends, Creatives, and like minded BIG BRAINS! Curtis Lepore! He's that guy! From.. that thing!!! yeah ! haha Join the Server
Promote your own Media Channe
drops and more Vbucks giveaways!!

Welcome To The Official EazyTwine's Server

【🎉】Weekly Giveaways!

【🎉】BTR 50 Invites = 500 Vbucks gift STW 5 invites = 1 130!

【❤️】Safe Environment!

【🎮】Find New Friends!

【👍】Actve & Helpful Staff

【🔥】Cool Emojis

【🤖】Fun Bot Commands!

【💎】Middle Man, Taxi, Crafter, etc!

【📋】Applications For Roles!

【🗳】Suggestions Channel!

【💸】Invite Rewards!


【🤝】Come Join Us!

We have a lot more to offer and we want @everyone to be a chill community @here at Official EazyTwine's Server!
Join us!!!!

Our members play among us and rocket league and fortnite and much more.

Enjoy our music section with 6 different music bots!!

If you need help with your server, ask us anything anytime.

Enjoy playing discord pokemon with the pokecord bot.

I assure if you need anything here ask me (@thavika88).

Have fun!
Stay safe!


Hello there! Come on and stop by to a lovely gaming community! It may be small, but it'll grow. We got some of the well known games, but always looking for new games to try! Just a friendly community over here!
**7G Esports

Owner BILLYBOII , We are a new and upcoming team that started in 2020 but have just been through a revamp and are starting over again
we are a fornite x rocket league team soon to be lots of other games aswell
This is a commuity server to have fun, chat with people. and Game with other people. Let everyone have a good time.
Small chill server that I just started to play a few games casually with anyone who is interested. We play an assortment of games and are online a good variety of hours given different time zones and lifestyles. Join if you want to meet some funny people and have some good convo. NBA fans encouraged to join, I can talk basketball for hours.
Welcome my server, you can do many things like talking about Forza Horizon 4, Rocket League, any Tech that you like, and much more stuff. We also have 2 new games that are very fun to play. This server is for my Youtube Channel, JustPhantom50.
Auf diesem Server kann man mit ander schreiben, sprechen oder Games miteinander zocken. WIr habe neine freundliche Community und wir hoffen du entscheidest dich für diesen Server.
Once a secret server, The Board of Shadowy Figures (BoSF) is a Rocket League discord and home of the former BoSF Professional esports team!
Our server is equipped with Giveaways, Contests, Casted/Streamed Tournaments, and much more.
We work in collaboration with well known RL YouTubers such as Fluump, Rocket Sledge, and Sunless Khan!
Our doors are now open so that you can be a part of BoSF.
Sup everyone , we were known as 30FPS_Clan, a clan with 200+ members , we got nuked and here we are , starting over. We're looking for people , this server is still in progress , we promise events and maybe rewards , we've got rocket league csgo league of legends roaster and more but we need more , if you're interested join
Rocket League World is a diverse community of people focused around Rocket League, giving people of all backgrounds and interests a place to meet new people, hang out, talk and win some cool stuff including money and Rocket League Items. We have active chatting channels, trading channels, casino channels and much more. We have feature-rich bots that excel our server past all others.

What We Offer:
- Our own unique server economy, earn Rocket Coins by being active on our Discord and receive Rocket League Credits in trade for them
- Rocket League Tournaments
- Giveaways running 24/7 (Nitro and Rocket League Items)
- Invite Reward waves
- Casino
- Rocket League trading section
- Rocket League shop with daily deals
- Rocket League price checker
- Facts of the day
- Self assignable roles
- Rewards for boosters
- Dedicated vouches section for proof of payments
- Counting channel… what's more fun than counting with the homies?

No matter how long or short your stay may be, we hope you have a great experience and make some new friends.
:D Bonjour, je vous présente mon serveur communautaire qui vous permet de trouver des mates, parler de vos jeux préférer, y jouer, demander des conseils, et surtout vous amuser^^
Hello! We are Team Xenon and we're looking for active, fortnite and rocket league members of all different types of skill levels. By joining us, you will have access to a friendly community, frequent and Competitive tournaments, and so much more.

What we offer:
-chill staff
-250+ members!
-weekly events and tournaments
-promo on socials
-jerseys (goes to charity!)

What we're looking for:
-Comp players
-Creative warriors
-Vfx/gfx (will pay through self promo!)
-skilled casual players
-people that want to join a community

You may join through posting an RC or doing a tryout. Thank you for choosing Team Xenon!
👋 Bonsoir à toi mon petit pote, tu cherches un discord son prise de tête avec une bonne ambiance 🤔, et bien laisse moi te dire que tu ne peux pas mieux tomber 🥳, rejoint nous vite sur le discord :
On t’attend avec impatience alors dépêche toi 🤗
Vgame Hub is a growing discord community with a bunch of members who play Valorant, Fortnite, RL, FNAF, LoL, and more. We are planning on hosting cash tournaments very soon!

- Active chats for members wanting to play Fortnite, Valorant, Rocket League, Minecraft, Among Us, and more
- Cash tournaments up to $500
- Finance watchlists for stocks
- Gaming news monitors
- Public and private voice channels
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WELCOME to Gaming Community!
We are a gaming community focused on making a fun
and enjoyable experience for all!
Our community is directly driven by your feedback to
ensure what matters most shapes our destiny.
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* The Games We Focus On *
* Rainbow Six Siege *
* Rogue Company *
* Rocket League *
* Sqaud *
* WoW *
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