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We are a friendly and active giveaway server, with lots of giveaways like nitro, capes, and more! Come join and talk!


A place to meet new friends, have fun time, also we love gaming you'll surely find good teammates to with this might be just the server to need. We do giveaways too :)

• Good environment : We all respect each other. Toxic people will be kicked.

• We got it all : We have dedicated channels for games and all.

• Constant Updates : The server gets updated all the time just put your suggestion in the specific channel if its good enough it with be added.

• Good mods : The mods in our server are friendly and will help you, if you find and mod toxic just tell the owner in dm.

• Bot-play : We have loads of bots in our server and adding even more, in sure you won't be bored.


• Respect everyone no matter their age

• Hatred towards someone, racism will not be tolerated

• N word is banned so dont ask

• Don't send seizure emotes and try not to spam


• We follow discord TOS

So what are you waiting for? Join now
This is the server for all , many bots to have fun with your friends
And we doing many 🎉giveaways and stuffs , support the community by joining us
Thanks for checking out our server! Our server is a fun and friendly environment for all ages to connect with friends, socialize, share pics and videos, and meet new people :)

We also offer server promotions, all you have to do is checkout our server advertisements panel for pricing :P
Welcome to LeeUphold's server! we are a gaming server that has a kind community! we like to have events, tournaments and other competitions with prizes offered for almost every event! weekly events and giveaways in several games over several platforms we hope you enjoy all of the activities we have to offer! choose your interests, platforms and games in the welcome channel to obtain roles that will grant you access to different channels across the server.
We hope you enjoy your stay! :)
✨ꕥ Ein sehr offenherziger Server ꕥ✨
✨ꕥ Selfroles, eigenes Profil, Levelsystem ꕥ✨
🎁ꕥ GiveAway jeglicher Art ꕥ 🎁
🎉ꕥ Gemeinsame Streams und Action im eigenen Kino ꕥ🎉
✨ꕥ ThemenChannel + Depressed-Chats ꕥ✨

🍩Egal was dir fehlt, lass uns gemeinsam danach suchen🍩

ꕥ Qualität statt Quantität ꕥ

Um kurz zusammenfassend zu werden, bei uns bist du richtig, wenn du:
- dem Alltag entfliehen willst und einfach nur Spaß/Unterhaltung haben willst.
- auf der Suche nach neuen Bekanntschaften, Freundschaften oder mehr bist.
- dich alleine fühlst, Hilfe oder Gesprächspartner in jeglicher Hinsicht suchst.

Sei nicht schüchtern & werde ein Teil der Familie 🤗🤗

PS: einen Partner-Server für Gaming gibt es auch 🙂

✧༺♡༻∞ the bronxxx ∞༺♡༻✧

**nitro giveaway once we hit 100 members!**

you’ve been invited to the bronxxx! ⛦◜▿◝
✎┈ ┉┈ ┉┈ ┉┈ ┉┈ ┉┈ ┉┈ ┉

just a group of friends who like to talk and use bots! we welcome anyone and everyone to our server. we are an english speaking server!

✎┈ ┉┈ ┉┈ ┉┈ ┉┈ ┉┈ ┉┈ ┉

this server is purely just to have fun, and chat with others. we’re all here to have a good time and chillax. any form of bullying or toxicity is not tolerated.

✎┈ ┉┈ ┉┈ ┉┈ ┉┈ ┉┈ ┉┈ ┉

what we offer in this server ヾ(^-^)ノ

❥ bots such as mudae, yui, and dank memer.
❥ a safe place for everyone
❥a venting channel, for your hard times
❥ level and color roles
❥ friendly people to chat and laugh with

✎┈ ┉┈ ┉┈ ┉┈ ┉┈ ┉┈ ┉┈ ┉

now, will you accept our invite to the bronxxx? we’ll hope to see you there! o(〃^▽^〃)o
Commu FR D'animal crossing new horizons / New Leaf / Pocket Camp ! Echange d'objets, de motifs, de villageois etc ! Des giveaway aussi ! Venez nombreux !
Vi er et chill community med kun medlemmer på over 16.

Vi har løbende giveaway på nitro classic!

Vores mål er at have en server hvor alle man være med, ingen discrimination, kun fred. Så hvis du er på udkig efter et sted at hænge ud, måske få en ny ven eller to, så er vi det rette sted for dig, vi ser frem til at se dig!
- The biggest Chemistry server ** Owned by a real chemistry teacher **
- BiWEEKLY 10$ NITRO + MONEY Prizes - with a chemistry bot that our server made
- Free chemistry/physics and science topics help (All levels)
- College Talk!

Student? Helper? Need help?
Join us!
Les ptits devs

Hey tu recherche des bots discord de qualité professionnelle mais tu ne trouve que des offres payantes ? Pas de soucis on est là
Nous assurons plusieurs services de qualité et gratuit :
-Création de bot discord
-Création/modification de serveur discord
Mais le serveur ne s'arrête pas là nous avons :
-Des salons pour discuter
-Notre propre bot
-Des giveaway chaque semaine (y a même des nitro :p )
Alors tu attend quoi ? Rejoins nous !
🪐 Lost in Space = Serveur communautaire avec des events et des giveaway de nitro et autre tous les jours !
Serveur Discord Communauté de Themaend

Serveur officiel de la communauté du Streameur/YouTubeur Themaend

Un staff à l'écoute

Des giveaway régulièrement

De l'entraide

Qu'attends-tu ?
We are Team Hypnosis, a middle east rising clan. We are looking forward to recruiting anyone from average-skilled to God-skilled. This clan brings people together to make Montages, win tournaments and so much more. We are also looking forward for Partnerships & ClanWars. Thank you for reading
Have a nitro? Want best Blob Emotes
Then what are you waiting for? Join us now...
Join for best Blob Emotes. Note :- Nitro required to take them to your server.
Helo welcome to RBLXGamer Murderers. This is Roblox server and giving away a lot of Robux and Items in game. Come join us!, we are doing BIG invites rewards right now. I hope you like to stay here thank you everyone!

__Welcome To Yukiyo A Snowy ANime Wonderland!__

We have

「🎐」Chill and Friendly members
「🎗️」Friendly staff
「✨」Pretty active server
「🎁」Nitro giveaway
「🎀」Reaction roles

.。༅:゚::✼✿ You got mail! ✿✼:゚:༅。.

Welcome to a new Animal Crossing server!
Be prepared to start your journey in a welcoming and supportive server,
Come show off, trade, sell and chat with other players and help us blossom!

✿First 50 members get an early supporter role!!
✿Cute emotes
✿Getting our own custom bot!
✿Giveaways + competitions!
✿K.K slider bot playing music 24/7 in VC!
✿Seasonal events scheduled!
✿A server open for suggestions to improve
✿Open for partnerships!

Hope to see you soon!
This is a new server, that I’ve been working on. It’ll be a nice community server, for everyone that would like to join 😌🤪🤩 we also have nitro giveaway
Cześć! Szukasz dobrego serwera discord?
Zapraszamy ciebie na rozwijający sie nasz serwer!
Dołącz do nas,poznaj nowe osoby i baw sie dobrze!