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Want a chill server and play games with chill members? Well this is the server for you! In this Restaurant themed server, there is active staff and many friendly people.
🐼🐷MINECRAFT DUNGEONS 🐷🐼 Daily item raffles. Free gear. Looking for pros and noobs - we speed run and grind. Also own our own Minecraft realms. Java and Bedrock for discord members only!!

Fun a friendly atmosphere, lots of active and experienced players able to help new comers to the game and fun activities. 🎊👻
Actogram Studio (Act-O-Gram) is a non-profit organisation based on making Minecraft Machinimas (Movies) and other animated videos.
We post our content on YouTube and other Social Media sites. We have something for all creative endeavours! From voice acting to editing to writing to filming. I'm sure you'll find something to excel in!
hey, you should join this server if you like talking about music, games or if you just want to talk to people, looking to make friends with people.
Join if you like
gaming, 90s alternative rock, thrash metal, shoegaze, art (drawing and stuff), making and listening to music, just talking in general lol
!!!those who do not possess palpable amounts of swag will not be accepted!!!
(Disclaimer: thick dick gang is open to all genders)
Omniplace is a multi-purpose discord server. One of the "sections" of the server is Overwatch. Some other sections are for example Minecraft, Valorant, and Among us. We are still in very early development and we are very open to suggestions! We are going to add more sections (not necessarily games, maybe also help with schoolwork or movies or anything really) and we expect the server to grow fast, once it picks up some speed. We will most likely host some friendly tournaments in the above-stated games and maybe a Minecraft server or two (if it gets enough support).

We are more than willing to establish some partnerships with other communities and discord servers as OmniPlace is planned to become a web connecting the different communities into one. Our goal is to establish a large userbase that makes the different sections intertwine.

We have a team of amazing admins, moderators, and helpers, whose main purpose here is to ensure your enjoyment and satisfaction. The staff members are also active users of the OmniPlace server and we like to chat and play games with other players/users.
˗ˏˋ Welcome! ˎˊ˗

We are a 13+ gaming discord for all versions of Minecraft! We are SFW, welcoming and kind to everyone. We have realms, and servers for both java and bedrock edition of minecraft! We also have people consistently looking to play on world-wide servers, like Hypixel, The Hive, Mineplex, etc. Whilst primarily being for Minecraft, we also welcome Among Us players and other general games. We also have tons of fun bots that anyone is free to use! Anyone is welcome! :D
Siamo un server in crescita, ma vogliamo ambire al miglioramento, grazie del supporto se voleste unirvi.
Noi vi aspettiamo!
♥𝓯𝓮𝓮𝓵 𝓯𝓻𝓮𝓮 𝓽𝓸 𝓳𝓸𝓲𝓷 𝓬𝓵𝓸𝓾𝓭 𝓰𝓪𝓷𝓰♥
Active community who play games together!
Minecraft, Among Us, GTA V, etc.
We have servers and voice call every night!
Got a channel? Feel free to apply for the talent role!
Here at Cloud Gang we support everyone! Join our growing server now <3
We are gaining members everyday <3
゚ — **Bakery**⸝⸝ ✧⁽⁽ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ⁾

✧🍄°— welcome !! 🌸彡★

✰ [░]
✎ (❁ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈) ༉‧ ♡*.✧

︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶༉‧₊˚. ₊ ° ** °
│ `🍨` play games
│ `🍨` chat
│ `🍨` friendly members!!
│ `🍨` active vc's
│ `🍨` eat cooch
│ `🍨` much more 🍓
Witaj na na serwerze Noobka! 🏆
Serwer jest początkujący, jednak mimo to bardzo szybko się rozwija! 🥰
Wchodząc na serwer masz dużą szansę pojawić się w odcinku Noobka,
który swoje filmy wrzuca regularnie na Youtube! ❤️
Nie czekaj i wejdź już teraz! 😍

This is Minecraft ManHunt (and other games), Dream Team style. Runners must defeat the enderdragon from nothing before the Hunters can kill them. You can choose what team to be on. Good luck!
📌Deutscher Community und Gaming Server.

🔶Viele nette Leute.
🔶Viele Kanäle
🔶Große auswahl an Emojis, Rollen, etc.
🔶Eigene Bots
🔶Verknüpfungen mit anderen Servern
🔶Minecraft Community
🔶Eigener Minecraft Discord und ingame Server
🔶Eigener YouTube Kanal
Cleytun SMP

Welcome to the SMP! This is a Discord server designed around Cleytun SMP! Come join the experience and play Minecraft with your friends! This server runs on the latest version of Minecraft java, but we have it set up so people with only minecraft bedrock can join and play with their friends!
This server is still on progress so don't expect too much from us.
All we can say is that we have
• Trusted staff •
• Friendly people •
• 100% legit people •
• A Realm •
• An active VC (for moral speakers) •
• Active people (so far...) •
• Indie Roleplays (we do) •
• And more importantly no kids •
• Immigrents •


• Factions •
• Survival •
• Roleplay •
• Keep-Inventory on (sorry..) •
• Mods (Admins) •
• Upcoming events (idk when..) •
• importantly no kids again •
• Community room (being created) •
>>>Update: The Realm has been up for weeks now and we have 2 guilds so far, 2000 x 2000 blocks of land has already been discovered and its still active :)<<<


● If you want a hotspot for an Active Voice-chat then maybe Play around 5pm-10pm EST.

●There Reason we are only active on that point most of the time is because of either our own business or maybe we are just tired.

●Thats basically the reason we said don't rely on us too much :D

●Note to self that This server main language platform is English, but you can share what language you speak If you want to.

■ Have fun join us,at your own will ■

AmiciInGame è un server nato con l'intento di creare una community seppur piccola, ma con molti interessi in comune ...
... in cui tutti possono unirsi e divertirsi con gli amici e con altri che condividono la stessa passione, ossia quella per i videogiochi.
Questo Server discord è incentrato sul Gaming in generale, ma con una propensione per il mondo di Minecraft in generale dove, a tal proposito, abbiamo creato anche un server Minecraft dove possiamo giocare tutti insieme...

Il nostro è un server semplice, ma molto bene strutturato in cui il rispetto reciproco e la collaborazione regnano sovrani. Facciamo questo perché crediamo che mantenere un esperienza libera ed educata basata sul rispetto reciproco è alla base di una convivenza armoniosa e divertente (volgiamo che NESSUNO si senta escluso)

Una volta entrati, ognuno è libero di giocare, parlare e divertirsi come vuole, per far ciò, abbiamo creato diversi canali si testuali che audio, per farvi sentire come a casa!

Come vedi, il server ha tutte le carte in regola per essere un luogo di ritrovo per ogni tipo di giocatore che desidera passare del tempo in compagnia, per scambiare due chiacchiere o giocare un po il tutto immerso in un clima di relax e tranquillità...

Se ti ho incuriosito, ti invito a passare a trovarci... non te ne pentirai...


Servidor en crecimiento. Contamos con sorteos, variedad de bots, organización de partidas de videojuegos y con gente muy copada.
Servidor para todos, desde jugadores hasta otakus.
Nouveau !
Come join Odyssey Gaming! Odyssey is a fun, welcoming community focused around gaming, but we have many other channels for different topics! We have a great staff team and loads of fun events too! We are opening a Minecraft private SMP (with applications) when we get around 50 members, so come join now! The first 50 members also get an exclusive role with perks.
Nouveau !
Hello good morning/good afternoon or goodnight this is U.S North East where everybody has fun I guess lol back to topic this is a small server created not long ago with hard working mod's working on making the server better we would love if anybody would join and also help this small server. We have many bot's useful bot's but we are still working on the server as u already know so we hope you join and help us make a great server.
An awesome server with other members to talk to and play minigames with! A great community server where the owner has a slight fetish with asses, so join if you need ass emotes or anything of the sort. 😁
Welcome to 🐍Slither Skull200🐍! We're a friendly community and we would love to welcome more members everyday. We have a very friendly staff. We're mostly in Minecraft, gaming and chat. We have a wide variety of bots to use and they are all friendly. We are totally Safe for work. Welcoming anytime!👋
We're an LGBTQ+ Hang out/ Safe place for lgbtq+ people. We have many fanbases and fun things for you to do!