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The official Discord for the Minecraft server Skycade.

We have a lovely community whether you play MC or not and bots that suit everyone, come and say hi!
Greatest discord to ever be invented.
You will make many new friends and our voice chat events are the greatest ones to hit the Discord app.
Just like Oprah, we LOVE giving gifts! Join for NON-STOP Nitro & Paypal Giveaways! Legit & Trusted Server.
🔴 Welcome to hell, Not any hell, but Hentai Hell! Did you expect to go to heaven for being a hentai addict? No, But in here it feels like heaven!

🤔 We have everything you could ask for, From Anime, Manga, Minecraft, Hentai, Heads...

🔥 Hot e-girls and thots, Nude selling, Leaked Patreon/ OnlyFans content and a lot more!

💸 Boosting reward system & Monthly Multi Nitro Events for everybody

💌 With over 300 hot emojis, daily over 100+ hentai posts, I present you Hentai Hell!
Things we can provide
✅ A wide server with over 100 channels, which are active!
✅ Certified weeb staff who will help you if you are struggling with the name of an anime, finding the sauce, or even emotional support!
✅ A very friendly community, Where 99.99% of the people are friendly!(those 0.1% are the germs that don't die)
✅ We give you a good reason to fap
✅ Monthly Nitro Events!
✅ The amount of hentai we provide alone is enough to make you orgasm
✅ Partnership & Alliance channels
✅ Art Hub and free-promotion for NSFW Artists
✅ Minecraft Server hosted 24/7
🌸Join us now! @everyone
𝖉𝖎𝖘𝖈𝖔𝖗𝖉.𝖌𝖌/𝖕𝖕 𝕕𝕚𝕤𝕔𝕠𝕣𝕕.𝕘𝕘/𝕡𝕡 𝓭𝓲𝓼𝓬𝓸𝓻𝓭.𝓰𝓰/𝓹𝓹

🤩 So you're an Epic Gamer looking for some Swag People to Chill with? 🤩

Look no Further Kings & Queens. Purple Prison has you Covered. 👊😳

✅ 15k Members & growing! Dedicated & Popular Minecraft server with hundreds of players since 2014 & played by the Biggest YouTubers including PewDiePie! ✅

We are primarily an MC server but anyone is welcome to join our community on discord! We host huge giveaways monthly too! 🔥✨
24/7 MOSTLY LEVEL, Not Flat Earth anymore but MOSTLY LEVEL!!!!
LEVEL EARTH DISCUSSION AND GAMING. Biggest oldest and best Level Earth debate and fun server of all. Now inclusive of Concave, Superglobe, Dinosaur, Donut and Cube Earth roles!
PoudlardRP - V4

Embarquez dans une aventure folklorique et tracez votre destinée.

PoudlardRP est un MMORPG dans lequel vous retrouverez une suite de quête scénarisée, des donjons, du commerce, des métiers..
Recevez votre lettre pour la célèbre école de sorcellerie Poudlard, achetez vos fournitures au chemin de traverse, intégrez l'une des 4 maisons de l'école, participez à toute sorte de cours afin de devenir le meilleur sorcier et de défendre les couleurs de votre maison pour gagner la coupe. Jouez au Quidditch ou encore au fabuleux échec de sorciers, collectionnez les chocogrenouilles mais aussi affrontez les autres joueurs en duel. Quel camp choisirez vous? Rejoindrez vous les adeptes du mal ou l'Ordre du Phénix..
Oserez-vous pousser les portes de Poudlard et créer votre histoire?
This is a BRAND new Hypixel Skyblock server focused on the quickest and most efficient methods of utilizing the Bazaar to make coins. A multitude of bots are employed on the server and we hope to see you there! <3
Сервер Nexus является большим сообществом с огромным количеством участников. У нас на сервере ты сможешь пообщаться на разные темы. Высокий уровень активности в чате прилагается!
a6d's official community discord server! all welcome!

we're a friendly community server based around ford- i mean the youtuber a6d! but you don't have to know him to join, anyone is welcome! well thats all really
Owned by the 2 Hypixel Skyblock YouTubers, HellCastle & FurryEBoy, this server is a place for Skyblock players to chill and talk, play skyblock or any different games together, and win some giveaways from time to time. We ensure that all chats are always Non toxic, by having staff online 24/7. We always let everyone have fun by not being very strict, but we do instantly punish if we see anyone breaking the discord TOS or being un-ironically disrespectful to someone else. We also have furries and weebs lol.
The Official Hytale News Discord for Hytale News Youtube. The largest Hytale Community discord with a growing community everyday!

You can follow us @HytaleNewsYT on Twitter as well as our YouTube Hytale News.

A Discord Community with 8,000+ Members as well as a YouTube channel with 44,000+ subscribers. Join the community now!
Benco | MC Community is a large giveaway server where we do lots of free nitro and money giveaways for our members as well as events to have fun in!
Meet new people in our family-friendly discord server! This server has been around for awhile now, and great friendships were made in this server. We host giveaways time to time, host events, we communicate with each other and play games together! We accept everyone and anyone, come join us!
SnowMC Discord | Gaming | Social | Fun | Drops Every Day | 20+ Roles | LoL community with 240+ emotes, join us today!
We sell hypixel skyblock coins, and offer invite rewards. You can get millions of coins for free through our invite reward system. Or purchase skyblock coins for as low as $1.60 per million through our shop. :)
Want to join a cool Discord server or just chill and chat with people? Join Legeral's Discord server now!

It has:

➤ 4000+ members
➤ 100+ custom emojis
➤ Memes
➤ Custom minigames
➤ Help or advice on anything
➤ Advertisement channels
➤ Fun channels
➤ Wholesome community
➤ Active staff
➤ Reaction roles
➤ Channels for everyone
➤ Dank Memers
➤ And much more!

So, what are you waiting for? Join the fun now!