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BoehMod is a Minecraft/Hytale modding & gaming community, releasing new and exciting mods and total conversion of both popular sandbox games!

We're the proud team behind our most popular mod "Decimation", a Minecraft zombie apocalypse mod that has racked over more than 1 million installs in under a year!

We're focusing on releasing Hytale projects upon the games release, so come join the hype!
24/7 MOSTLY LEVEL, Not Flat Earth anymore but MOSTLY LEVEL!!!!
LEVEL EARTH DISCUSSION AND GAMING. Biggest oldest and best Level Earth debate and fun server of all. Now inclusive of Concave, Superglobe, Dinosaur, Donut and Cube Earth roles!
Welcome to the Order of the Iron Cross!

We are a server dedicated to discussion of gaming and host community events such as smash tournaments and we even have our own minecraft server! We have no rules we just ask you to be civil. We also have our own economy with buyable ranks and dyes and give out special missions to earn more money, I hope you participate!
Largest Hytale | Hypotion Community 17,000+ Members
Website | Forums | Coming soon! Join Staff today!
Earn $$$ Giveaways, community events, and more.
Постоянный актив, своя система уровней, банды и прочее ждёт вас на нашем сервере!
AJGaming is a unique Minecraft experience that offers Modded and Vanilla servers. We currently offer 5 modded servers with technic mods, going over pure magic and hardcore PvP. If you are a peaceful player, check our our Creative server on the vanilla side. We are always looking for new members.
A server for the fans of the meme-lord Youtuber, The Meme Sheep (found at: ) This is his official server! This server is for those of you who enjoy memes, gaming, making friends, meeting new people and having overall fun! Anyone is welcome to join the server. With special roles, events, and the ability to apply for staff, I'm sure that you will love it (: Come check out the server and say 'hello!' It's a safe community for everyone, and we're sure you'll love it <3
Nitro Plaza Is A *Unique* Nitro Server Unlike Any Other!

- Discord Nitro & Paypal Invite Rewards
- Events! (Simon Says, Singing Competition etc)
- Random Nitro and other Drops
- MC Community
orion has lots of cool features:

- fun bots like Tatsumaki, Mantaro, Rythm, NotSoBot, KawaiiBot, and Starboard
- xp roles, custom roles, and giveaway roles
- questions of the day, where we secretly spark civil war
- irl channel for arranging irl meetups, tournaments, and etc.
- games, tournaments, giveaways and movie nights hosted by staff

orion has a minecraft server! contact an admin for the ip address and to get whitelisted after you have obtained the comet role

we will be hosting osu! playdays and tournaments! contact staff to find out when the next event will occur

welcome to orion!!

we are a small, friendly server zooming through the Discord cosmos. please read our rules, guidelines, and information before you start talking in chat.

our staff team welcomes you to orion, and we hope you enjoy your time here
Welcome to the Nintendo Switch discord!
A community of gamers who have interest for Nintendo Switch!
Exchange friend codes and more!
We are a large multi gaming community focused on a positive, friendly environment where our members can grow and learn fundamentals of a variety of games.

We have organised Divisions in Planetside 2, Minecraft, Apex Legends and 35+ more games!
Join to see the full list!

We would love to hear from you!


Discord Link:

My discord has 5000 members and is AS/AU time based!
Most of our members play fortnite as people will squad up and have a blast on our server!

We are glad to announce that this Discord is now under New Management

The Gaming Community Discord Server currently includes Minecraft and Fortnite ATM

You can gain access to the Minecraft and Fortnite Categories by reacting in #🌎roles

CUSTOM ROLES are listed in #🌎roles with their requirements in-order to gain access to the role

You can use #💬bot-commands to play MUSIC from Rythm Bot using ! "Song Name"

YOUTUBERS are able to post their videos in #🎥content

Members can use #📁suggestions to post any suggestions to further improve the server

PAYPAL GIVEAWAYS will be hosted in #🎁giveaway-1

Message @Refund to purchase advertisements!

$10 Advertisement -=- @everyone + {Custom Message}
$18 Advertisement -=- @everyone + {Custom Message} + $5 PayPal Required Giveaway
Custom/Bundle Advertisements can be bought by messaging @Refund

Please forward any messages to @Refund
Thank You
▶ Over 4.5K people!
▶ LEVEL 2, with 20 boosts
▶ Nitro giveaways
▶ Roles for every gamemode and more
▶ Always active voice chats
▶ Latest Custom maps and gamemodes
▶ UNSC vs Covenant Event
▶ Minecraft Server
And way more and more reasons to join!

Come join to find other people to play the Halo Master Chief Collection, play campaign and matchmaking, the best and latest customs, share your forge creations, your best videos and pictures, and enjoy!
We recently started off, so we want people to recommend us anything to add, change, or delete so we can make the best possible discord chat to play MCC on the PC, join up lads.

Let's remake now every one of those maps we played a decade ago in PC lads.
ConspiracyCraft is a 1.14-1.15 Minecraft Survival server, and this is our Discord. We have a small but very cool & diverse community of players from all over the world!
Welcome to Ostia | We are fun and friendly Minecraft Factions community [1.7-1.12] Come join us at

Minecraft | PvP | Factions

[-] 4000+ Verified Members
[-] 100+ Awesome Emojis
[-] 20+ Helpful Staff
[-] Giveaways and Events

Bonjour, bonsoir !

Aujourd'hui je vous présente un serveur Discord, c'est un serveur minecraft mini-jeux qui contient des jeux inédits, sur le discord ont fait souvent des events pour gagner des lots IRL ou des comptes.
The server hosts 'International PewDiePie Day' annually, alongside other fan projects and clubs!
We are, no cap, one of the fastest growing and active community servers you have ever seen (100k messages per week!)

✓ chill conversations with people around the world
✓ active voice chats with egirls

Tempest's Tavern a chill communiy based around the popular YouTuber TYT Tempest but we do more than just, Minecraft, Fortnite, and other games. Come join and see how it is for yourself!

✓ frequent gaming events & giveaways (free Nitro!)
✓ share your artwork and game moments with thousands of epic gamers
✓ find partners to play games with
✓ And talk with Tempest + dozens of the largest Youtubers, all of whom are active on our server!