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You love pie? This is a Peepo's Pie Shop! Community chat group, we have meme channel, art channel, motivation and video channels and many more.
A fun discord server where we play some Osu, minecraft, and smash bros we also send some memes and talk about anime occasionally. If you do decide to to join our discord server we hope that you remain active and have fun
P.S please follow the rules
Pieni mitätön animerunkkareiden ajantappo serveri, että jos olet syrjäytynyt hikky vailla epänormaalimpaa huumoria, niin tervetuloa.

Samma på svenska:
En server är för de marginaliserade anime losare.
Some people say dark humor is like food, not everybody gets it. Join for the dankest and darkest memes, shitposts, and just shit in general with a hint of adult content sprinkled in.
Ello lads.

- Age limit is around thirteen to twenty.

- Only mild NSFW is allowed, discussion.

We’ve got quite a bit of chaos, and the server is literally a trail mix of people, so there is no specific vibe or aesthetic here. (Except the owner’s obsession with adding fullstops to the end of everybody’s names.)

It’s quite active here, some times more so than others, but it usually always bounces back and has almost *too much* conversation. We also do activities together, often play games like Skribbl, or Cards Against Humanity, watch movies and documentaries together, and generally find different things to do as a server, so if you’re into that, or are even just here for conversation, then eh?

This server is for big flaming homos, so if you’re not one (or an ally) then move the fuck along, if you join with bad intentions there will be no hesitation from any off the staff to ban you. Please do not join if you don’t support any part of the LGBTQ+ community, if you do not support trans people, the non-binary spectrum, polyamory, any of it. Literally any part of the community, you will be banned. Pedophilia is NOT part of the community.

Also, we try to be inclusive to DID and OSDD systems, and have bots like PluralKit, if you plan on harassing any part of that community, or making them uncomfortable, you will be banned.
Autistic Paradise - A beautiful utopia where you can shitpost and enjoy your succ!

>No moderation, spam all you want and post shitty memes and call the mods cucks, anything flys
>Gambling/betting system with Nadeko flowers
>XP levels to rank up
>Spend flowers to buy waifus, special roles, and more
>18+ only

We are new and looking for fresh shitposters and upstanding citizens to become janitors/mods. Join today! invite: ykaTxJ5
Post memes, use the confession bot, play pokemon, minecraft, mudae (waifu roulette), discover ARGs, post art, and more!
Need to be superior to all who oppose you? Get your fix here.
We're an emote server that is full to bursting with smug, self-satisfied pompousness.

~~~Comes with~~~
- Tons of emotes
- Role menus with an option for emotes only which will keep you from seeing our community channels
- As for the community, general chat, art and music sharing, bot games and leveling.
join our chill server!

(no toxics allowed)
be aware that are some are going around discord trying to give everyone a hard time.

like this guy: chris kringle.#0666
If you found this server, it is your destiny. No other link is available except for this one.

Si encontraste este servidor, es tu destino. No hay otro enlace disponible, excepto este.
The clashing kingdoms are starting to slowly fall, one is in riches, the other is in debt.
As these kingdoms fall it is up to one person from each kingdom to keep the legacy alive: the kings.
Will your legacy manage to survive ?
We play a variety of games on PC and Nintendo platforms. If you want to make new friends or play games together, check us out!
Hi im the other server owner and im telling u to join ok we need more vibes in this server and were not affraid to grab it from you join or we will make you join k this is a joke btw dont worry were all nice (i think) well bye and consider joinnin
Official server for /r/MemePiece, a meme subreddit for the One Piece franchise.

Feel free to join the discussion about One Piece, or post memes and hang out!
Welcome to Filthy Frank!
We have gathered the best of Filthy frank emotes for your use!
Come check it out!
Welcome to Nebula ✨ ( )

Nebula is a fun community server where you can talk to friends and possibly make new ones! There's a leveling system that allows you to get exclusive perks, cool roles to pick and stand out, a advertisement channel to really get YOUR server out there, most importantly. A great community! All that and much more!
We welcome everyone and hope you come check Nebula out! Read the rules and have fun! Also please help us by giving a good review on Disboard! :D
【 𝓦𝓔𝓵𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓮 𝓽𝓸 𝓝𝓮𝓸 𝓣𝓸𝓴𝔂𝓸 】
Neo Tokyo is a safe haven for people with all interests and talents, of all backgrounds and ethnicities, as well as religion or sexuality.

Here's what features you should expect upon joining:
✗| Being welcomed by a warm community
✗| Introducing yourself using our flexible, introduction channel
✗| Choosing roles that fit you and joining clubs that you're interested in

A list of clubs that we have available:
✗| Anime Club
✗| Art Club
✗| Book Club
✗| Bot Club
✗| Gamer Club
✗| Honesty Club
✗| Law Club
✗| Music Club
✗| NSFW Club
✗| Spooky Club
There are openings for club presidents available.


We also have other activities such as:
✗| Club events and competitions
✗| Holiday giveaways
✗| Birthday celebrations
✗| An annual yearbook designed by owner NikitaGemini
✗| And more!
Um grupão muito legal, Entra ai pra bater um papitcho com um pessoal TOP, Grupo de "Comunidade" pra fazer amiguinhos o grupo tem uns bots legais, você pode escolher sua corzinha pra não ficar com a cor de um cargo pre-definido então aproveita as 40 cores diferentes! O grupo não é cheio das regras mais basicamente não seja otário da um entrada ai pra ver.
🤜⇛⇛⇛⇛⇛⇛ Making Friends ⇚⇚⇚⇚⇚⇚ 🤛
🔥Fast-Growing Social Server
🤝Make Friends
👻Social Media Promo
🤖Custom Bots
Jujur saja,
Ini server sepi, yang anggotanya sedikit, often no one spotted alive on the server.

Ini server yang aneh, you know how bizzare it is when you look up inside.

Dan ini server yang ga punya keunggulan dibandingkan server yang lain.

Tapi, jika anda merasa bosan, gabut, tidak ada kerjaan, tidak bisa tidur, anxiety, dan segala macam yang membuat mood turun. Feel free to join!

Karena disini, yang populasinya sedikit mungkin bisa membantu menjadi teman ngobrol dichat maupun VC. Kita bisa tertawa, mabar, dan melakukan aktivitas segala macam untuk menghilangkan jenuh.

And lastly, a stranger is just a friend you haven't met.

siamo un server che vuole diventare famoso grazie al supporto di voi utenti e saremo lieti se vi uniste a noi grazie <3.
We have:
• Auto Roles!
🤖 Many different bots to use!
➢┆ Plenty of channels
➢┆ Memes
➢┆ Levels and Self roles
➢┆ Music channel
┆Talk with people
➢┆ We take suggestions/Ideas!
➢┆ dank Memer bot
➢┆ There is Self-promo
➢┆ There is mod-application/staff also
➢┆ Giveaways coming soon when we hit server boost level 2 giveaways
➢┆ And if you want to partner u can with us you just have to dm me to do it

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