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our server is a welcoming server, it has icon and gif profile pictures. we also have emojis and we do giveaways sometimes!

We are co-friendly, respect pronouns, genders, race, etc and majority LGBT! We host among us games every day! This is an extremely fun and funny server. Can’t wait to meet you luv!
We are a new server that just popped up! We have a very unique layout of our channels. We aren’t a big server very minimalistic. Keep in mind we are new and always improving. Have an amazing time!
just a community of weebs and anime fans....
talk shit of anime , their spoilers , best scenes and many more....
Come on in into the safe haven cafe! Where you can express your interests in peace, please read the rules and ask questions to adimn and the owner! We don't allow hate in our server, Now dont worry, if you have problems with ANYONE please tell us! We are a place of friendship and freedom, hope you join and have a Nice day ^^💕
Just a fun server for people to have fun in,manga,anime,gaming,dating,nsfw,18+ and -18,we're gonna have pretty much everything a great popular server has,it's still under construction so we do need your help! Help us out!
What's Up gamers The gamers are here
The Gamers is Best Server For every game was ever made
And its for all The languages English, Arabic......
and its made for u and ur Friends (u can invite everyone u like)
This server gets updated every day to make it Better.

Hope We see u soon and remember
The gamers are waiting

"The Gamers"
Schwiftyverse 18+, This server was made for people who just want a place to chill make new friends and pay some games, we are trying to grow a friendly community where everyone 18+ is welcome. the bot isnt currently working that invite link will work!
Hey there,
Are you looking for a community where you can:
Ask for feedback
Promote your music
Submit music to various record labels, Music promotion channels
Or you just wanna interact
If so then the UltraNova Community is the best choice for you!

We hope you will have fun in the server!
Please no drama. Get some roles when you join, you'll probably be welcomed right in.
This server is a nice area to talk about whatever you want just dont get into arguments in the general chat, we have games, areas for roleplay, memes, storytelling, and an NSFW area, the community is nice but chaotic, i hope you have fun
- 𝙆𝙤𝙤𝙙𝙖 -
Another friendly server with active peeeps!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you decide to join we hope you enjoy your stay here :D

- 𝙒𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙬𝙚 𝙝𝙖𝙫𝙚 -
so you should join because its realyl cool 😩😩😩😩
Undrground Gaming is a global community that strives to connect and bring like-minded players together with the games they love. From PC games like Dota 2 and Minecraft to Mobile games like SinOAlice, Arknights and Wild Rift, we look to always improve and provide consistent updates on games by gamers. Join our server today 🚀
This server is a fun community server where you can talk about anything!
-music (including kpop)
-social media (including reddit and tiktok)
-places to advertise and show your projects/art/videos etc
There are staff who look after the server and are active, there is no nsfw content and we aim to make the server a place that people can feel comfortable in.
Приветствую Вас на пороге сервера Space Travellers! Здесь Вы повстречаете новых людей с такими же интересами, как и у Вас. Совместные просмотры фильмов, игры в мафию или же в другие категории ждут Вас на этом сервере. Решать только Вам, заходить сюда или же нет)
Bored? You found the right place, this is where you can hangout and make new friend. 无聊?您找到了正确的地方,在这里您可以进行环聊并结交新朋友。
Seri is a discord bot that aims at making your server more interesting and fun for everyone by adding loads of custom commands, features a full economy system and much more. This is the support server for Seri where you can get help or maybe even impact the future of Seri. We also have a channel with staff to help you with figuring out the coding for your own bot ;)
Come join us! :)
O melhor servidor do discord! Caso você queira fazer amigos, discutir qualquer assunto, divulgar seu server, namorar, fazer shitpost, espalhar amor ou ódio, falar sobre coisas geek e afins entre aqui agora! Todos serão amados e odiados igualmente!

> estamos abertos para parcerias
servidor de analistas mais brabos do mundo
entra ae se quiser fazer amizade e qm sabe algo mais

da comunidade de adms do comando analise
A fun little server for people to hang out in! Includes game nights and art sharing channels/ art contests. Rules that are easy to follow and a bunch of role options.
We discuss pretty much everything, all fandoms, but mostly homestuck/hiveswap.

Join... If you dare.
Somos uma comunidade Brasileira onde o foco principal é a área de jogos, incluindo game-dev.

Aqui você encontra:
- Notificações de jogos grátis disponiveis
- Sistema de rank up
- Canais de conversa bem organizados
- Vários bots de diversão
A league based server but we also play other games!

We have friendly community check out yourself.
The server was kinda asleep for sometime but it's getting back up thanks to it's members.
Join now and make friends share memes play league with us!
Marlboro Group, Servidor voltado, a interação de diversas pessoas, para que haja amizade e companheirismo,entre si, ta afim de fazer amizade e jogar alguns games cola ai... e venha ser um "Usuário De Nicotina Virtual".