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Want to talk about all things PlayStation? Own any of the consoles and want to find a place to meet people like you? If so, then greatness awaits! This community is an unofficial PlayStation-oriented environment that strives to bring people together to contribute their devotion for all things PlayStation from the comfort of Discord.


PS community offers many features, including:

👋 • Many others to meet & chat with.
✅ • Official PlayStation sources and sites.
🔨 • Tech support assistance.
💭 • LFG Channels.
🔕 • NO mass pings.
🎊 • Events and giveaways.
💸 • Game deals for all platforms.
🤝 Partnership opportunities.
💻 • Rich Presence tips for PSN.
📣 • Voice channels and lobbies.
Youtuber server. if you a 2k player or love playing call of duty and need awesome team mates to team up with join us we have a selective of good players that is always looking to meet new awesome players! everyone is welcome to join us we play mostly every game. Our server is full of none negative members we value every single person!
Hey there fellow Web-Warriors! Come and join us in the Spider-Verse! We talk about all things Spider-Man related as well as other things such as DC, Anime, Marvel in general etc. We also give news and updates on the upcoming Marvel game, Spider-Man Miles Morales! Here's some of the things we offer in this server! Hope you enjoy!

🕸️ Friendly people!
🕷️ Tons of roles!
🕸️ Several Channels!
🕷️ Promotions!
🕸️ Spectacular Mods and Admins!
🕷️ And much more coming in the future!
Do you have a PlayStation,Xbox or Nintendo switch and are looking to game share well you came. To the right. Place at multi platform game sharing you can game share safely without having to worry about getting scammed. I hope you enjoy your stay
Welcome to Umbasa!

Umbasa is a little community of Demon's Souls remake players (and Soulsborne fans in general!) that are looking to help others, PVP, or find new friends to play the game with!

Here you can find:
-Channels for PVP, Co-op, Help, and more!
-Self-promo for sharing your twitch, youtube, and socials!
-Artwork channel for posting your Soulsborne fan art!
-Clips and Highlights channel to share your funniest/best moments!
-& more!

Since the server was just created, I may not be available to help others all the time. In need of those familiar with the game, or those just looking to lend a helping hand to become Helpers!
Join the WARGODZ PvP Ark Cluster(all maps) for PS4/PS5
***-Wipe Nov.18th!-***
‣8-Man Tribes
‣Bi-Weekly Events
‣Active Non-Toxic Admins
‣Bush Berry Shop
‣No Alliances
‣Easily Transferable Element
‣Custom Recipes
‣Auto Engrams
uhhh we’re chill and kinda new at this lmao but pls join 😁👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Hi there let me explain the madhouse to you

The Madhouse is a community for gamers to connect and to play together. The goal of our community is to play games and make friends. We mostly game on PS4 and Switch. We are a community for gamers who want to play and chat about games with other gamers. Our obsessions right now are smite and dead by daylight. We have regular gaming sessions where we help newer players and play together
This Is A Discord server for Youtuber lame!
It includes:
Cool Bots
Stream Calls
New Upload Announcements And Much More!
So I see your looking for a new discord server to join
Well welcome to VIBES this server is about having fun and enjoying life
We also are wanting staff
If you show any staff members that you are staff on a simi-big server we might trust your more ;) (invite them to the server and show them not photoshopped pictures 😂)
We are also strict that you follow the discord TOS (https//
The TOS allows members and staff to stay safe on discord
The server is owned by mel#2404
I’ll see you there 😉😉
Gameshare server for Xbox/Playstation platforms.
Fun games
Nitro giveways
𝐉𝐨𝐢𝐧 𝐮𝐬 𝐭𝐨𝐝𝐚𝐲!
This is a new plants vs zombies garden warfare discord for garden warfare 1 and two and battle of neighborhood discord please join!!
🥚 Welcome to egg cult! 🥚
----We are a small community filled with artists, video/AMV editors, game developers and even more! ----
We love playing games and watching anime 🎮
Here we have steam key giveaways, gaming nights, anime nights and we love helping each other with editing and others.💻

This is a 2k server for 2k players. You can talk about MyCareer, MyTeam there's even a server about Next Gen. This is also just a chill server to discuss NBA 2k21
We are a clan for everyone, are u tired of being said that u are a weeb, viking loser who always wins the faction war or a knight who cant win the faction war. Here in Doma, we have the three factions ready to battle it out through skill, every member gets a starter rank and is gonna answer to the leader of one of the factions. If u do well we will rank u up and let u join our main battlefield. We will play competitive and we are willing to train u to your limits! This is our new server, so if u have ideas they are all welcome. Now my brother or sister join our cause and lets see which side u choose to fight for!

When entering go 'to pick a side' and choose a faction, we will be waiting for u.
We are a role play community, we are a realistic role play community. We do other games and lots of other things instead of role playing! Join and have some fun! Invite your friends and enjoy the server! All departments open! Ps4, Ps5, pc, Xbox series X and Xbox one S users. We are looking for new members, if you join before December 25th you will not have to go though training. When filling the application form out please type December 25. At the bottom of the application.
Vous êtes nostalgique de l'ancien système des vocales des communautés ps4? Si oui ce serveur est fait pour toi!
Tu y trouveras:

- Un système qui reproduit très bien les vocales des communautés ps4 quand on peut créer des vocales, les renommer, bloquer l'arrivée des gens et les rejoindre!

- Les salons des jeux ne sont visibles que si vous choisissez les rôles des jeux!

- Il y aura souvent des jeux ajoutés, il y a aussi un salon pour les autres jeux si il n'y a pas de salons spécialements pour eux!

Le lien:
ADR is a PS4/PS5 unofficial server with non-player admins and 10x harvesting. This server prides it self on 0 admin abuse