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💎 Level 3 Nitro Boosted Server!

💬Social Hangout
🏝️Animal Crossing Chats
💖Active & Welcoming Community!
🎮Many Fun Bots and Game Nights!
🍿Movie Nights and Music to listen to!
🤩Lots of exclusive AC themed emojis!
🔨Strict yet fair moderation!
Welcome to a unique project of the Smash Bros community! This server is dedicated to the Spirit Format. The Spirit Format is a method of using spirits to balance characters in the game SSBU by applying buffs to lower tier characters in order to make them on par with the top tiers. You can expect things such as a Little Mac that can recover, a faster Ganondorf, etc. Everyone is OP. It may sound a bit absurd, but please give the format a chance before dismissing it. This server was created by me, the creator of the Spirit Format, join for more details and potential matchmaking. We are friendly and welcoming small group of people.
The Nintendo Switch Kingdom, (NSK) is open for all switch users to come and play! This server can be used for games like Animal Crossing, but the most popular ones we have are, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, and Rocket League for the Switch.

Giveaways and tournaments are coming soon...
Even if you don't join, I hope you have a great day!
Join The Nin10DoDo Airlines Server

Animal Crossing
Pokemon Sword & Shield
★ Server With Friendly Members
★ We Host Giveaways & Events
★ Cool Channels & Emojis
★ Custom Reaction Roles
★ Fun Chats & Gaming Channels
★ & We Still Have So Much More!!
★ So Come On! What Are You Waiting For?

★ ★
────⊰ ✜ ⊱───⊰ Smash Central ⊱───⊰ ✜ ⊱────
⫸ ​​​​2500+ Members, HIGHLY active server
⫸ Tournaments with Cash Prizes
⫸ Giveaways
⫸ Non Toxic Community
⫸ Friendly to all play skill levels
⫸ Dank Emotes
────⊰ ✜ ⊱─────⊰ Join Today ⊱─────⊰ ✜ ⊱────
Small and easy-going Nintendo server that anyone can feel free to join.

• Chat about video games here!
• Share friend-codes & art/media!
• Hangout and make new friends!

Staff are willing to help out with any questions, hope you consider joining!
🌸 Welcome to Sakura Squids! 🌸

✧We're a friendly Splatoon 2-based community and casual team! There's no need to try out-- as long as you're an active member of our server, you'll become a Sakura Squids teammate in no time!

✦ What we have to offer: ✦

✧ A welcoming and close-knit community. No matter your identity and/or beliefs, we'll accept you! 💞

✧ Several fun, self assignable roles, and special color roles for active members!

✧ An active Splatoon-playing population, where you're always welcome to request to Turf, Salmon Run, ect.

☆ Extra channels to discuss other games, such as Pokemon, Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart, and much more!

☆ Monthly custom Splatfests, and similar events!

🌸 We hope to see you soon! 🌸
Switch N' Snap is a Nintendo server made to bring Nintendo fans together! Although we're a bit low on users, we're high on activity and mutual friendship. We welcome new people to join us anytime! The server offers a nice, chill, 100% non-toxic place to hang out. If you're interested in meeting new people, making new friends, etc, feel free to join!
Hey there! This server was originally made specifically for splatoon, but over time it's sort of developed into a general gaming server. But hey, change is to be embraced, so hop on in! We've got a pretty active group, and different roles for lots of games including splatoon, our minecraft realm (We're always looking for new players!) fall guys, among us, and more.
ACNL Trade&Stuff ~ ○ 。˚🍀
🌿:・An active and welcoming community dedicated to Animal Crossing: New Leaf!
‧⁺ ︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶‧₊˚.
We provide ::
╭━━ 🌲 ━━╯
┊✧ :: Friendly NL community!
┊✦ :: Variety of trading channels!
┊✧ :: Item/villager ordering system
┊✦ :: Partnerships!
┊✧ :: Seasonal events!
┊✦ :: Booster + supporter perks!
🌷 ・Come join us today!
Hello! This is The Comet Observatory, a gaming server mostly based on Nintendo! We are a community looking to grow and make new friends to talk and play games with! We got fun stuff like memes, music, games and much more! We do game nights where we get together and play games for a few hours. We also watch movies, shows or animes together on platforms like Hulu, Netflix, Disney + and Crunchyroll at least once every week! Can't wait to see you there!
₊‧✩₊˚ ACNH Discord Server ˚₊✩‧₊
A safe space for all members of the Animal Crossing New Horizons community to socialize and make friends.

Treasure Island Raids
Weekly Events: Movie Night, Cataloging Event, Giveaway, Fashion Week, Themed Nights, Voice Chats, and much more!
4000+ members
LGBT friendly
fun emotes
Other games like Minecraft, Mario Kart, Among Us, Jackbox, and more

Server channels for:
⤏ making friends
⤏ trading: items, villagers, and turnip prices
⤏ sharing: qr codes, wish lists, island inspo, and memes
⤏ 18+ chat and 420 friendly chat
⤏ and more!
Hello and welcome to the neon paradise! We are a small community built around bright colors and even brighter spirits, even if we have a dark sense of humor, in this server we offer:
Music to jam out to

Roles for whatever games you may play

Events for whenever I feel like doing events

Many friends waiting to be made

So come. Stay awhile, enjoy yourself. And make yourself at home here!
We welcome you to the (self proclaimed) ULTIMATE SSB SERVER! There are the following things in this server:
*Chats for casual, team battle, and 1v1 games!
*channels to talk about your favorite games!
*a place for good boys and girls uwu
*mods that assist you and keep you safe from any toxic players
*tournaments where you can win cash prizes and help the server grow more vibrant!
*one cool admin (thats me)
*a friend code chat to find many many people to play with!

This server is growing strong, with competitive and casual players all around! We would love to have you join our server and help it grow even bigger than before! Remember to always be toxic-free and don't insult people just because of a match. Hope you all enjoy and happy gaming!
With an average of 20,000+ messages a day, SD Smash is one of the most active Smash servers on all of Discord. Fun community, regular events, lax and sane moderation. Come for the activity, stay for the lore and memes
Somos una comunidad para compartir entre fans de Sonic the Hedgehog.
Podras hablar tanto de los juegos, de los personajes, asi como de los comics, las series o peliculas en torno al erizo azul. Espero que te guste el servidor!
Have you ever played a refreshing level in Super Mario maker?
If you have, you’ve probably gone
“Ewww what is this garbage... I... I... I think I’m gonna puke“

Want to delete those awful, repetitive, garbage levels from existence? Well boy do we have a server for you!

Boo as many refreshing levels as you can and rise up the leaderboards gaining epic server awards and prizes!

Discuss both good and bad Mario maker levels you’ve found on the servers

Dank Memer, Idle Miner, Rythm, and more different fun bots to use!

All the essential channels every discord server needs such as:
-Server Suggestions
-General ofc



Join now, and we can throw those annoying, unoriginal and epileptic levels in the TRASH!
╔═════════════.·:·.✧ ✦ ✧.·:·.═════════════╗

𝑩𝒊𝒆𝒏𝒗𝒆𝒏𝒖𝒆 𝒔𝒖𝒓 𝑵𝒊𝒏𝒕𝒆𝒏𝒅𝒐𝑫𝒆́𝒕𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒆

-serveur en démarrage, tout nouveau pour vous faire rencontrer des gens ainsi que jouer tous ensemble dans la convivialité et la bonne humeur, viens papoté avec ton p'tit café ou ton thé tout dépend t'es goût aucun jugement sur t'as boisson tant quelle est comestible
-multiplateforme idéals pour les personnes sur iOS/Android/windows...
-les jeux disponible déjà sur le serveur:
-animal crossing
-Mario kart
-Among Us
et plein d'autre qui arriveront par la suite

-nous n'attendons plus que vous! allez à tout de suite :3
╚═════════════.·:·.✧ ✦ ✧.·:·.═════════════╝
Welcome to the Nintendo ERP Server. In this server, you can play as your favorite Nintendo characters. This is a server that mainly consists of Erotic Roleplaying.
You can play as your favorite Nintendo characters from games like:
Super Mario Bros
Legend of Zelda
Donkey Kong Adventures
Star Fox
Animal Crossing
Fire Emblem
Super Smash Bros.
If you want to join, just click the link below.
Hello, and welcome to Poyo Palace! This server is meant to bring all Kirby fans together and to talk about our favorite games within the franchise. Whether you're new to the series, have been playing since 1992, or even just watch the anime, this server is for you! We offer...
- Cute Kirby emotes
- Bots to play with
- Channels for all the mainline games (and an extra channel for the spin-offs/smaller games in the series)
- Very sweet members!
- Partnerships
- A discrimination-free, SFW environment :)
We hope you enjoy your stay!
Welcome to Nintendo Hangout HQ!
ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ Here we have:

♡~Nintendo Game Channels.~♡
✿Many Fun Bots!✿
☼! Partners. ! ☼
♚'Question of The Day.'♚
★ Color roles! ★

。・゚゚・ And Much More!  ・゚゚・。
So join us today!

You're reading an ad for Switch Buddies! A Nintendo Switch Gaming server (Mainly for Splatoon 2).

It includes:
Pingable Roles
Dank Memer
Spyke Bot
An awesome and kind community!
And understanding moderators.

Thanks for reading.
○ Dodo Airlines | an Animal Crossing server dedicated to providing our members with a safe and inviting community


We offer:
》 Daily giveaways.
》 Special rewards/perks for active members and nitro boosters (access to treasure islands, exclusive giveaways, & more)
》 Channels for Pokémon Sword/Shield.
》 Our very own Patreon (with awesome perks) to provide giveaways for YOU! (Nintendo E-Shop cards, nitro, gift cards, etc.)
》 Events such as catalog parties, art contests, island raids, storage wars & more.
》 Scam-free trading and scam reimbursements.
》 Fun roles including a role request service to obtain special roles according to your in-game accomplishments.
》 Tons of different channels for you to interact with other members, share your creations, trade, etc.
》 Fun bots to play with (including Varubot and Unobot)


We hope to see you soon here at Dodo Airlines! Have a safe flight, and remember, what would dodos do?
Hey There! This is a Nintendo Discord Server where we're dedicated on crafting a supportive community revolving around released Switch Titles. We host a variety of Tournaments, Events, and Contests, catering to everyone’s interests. So join if you want to hang out, play games, and overall have a good time!