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Hey there! This server is pretty pog. You should join if you like Nintendo.

If you join I hope we can be friends and get to play Smash Bros together, and maybe Mario Kart or something. Animal Crossing even. We like Nintendo in general.

Hope to see you soon!

Dies ist ein sehr aktiver Server der sich auf keinen wirklichen Genre bezieht. Es geht um Multigaming, Unterhaltung und Discord Chat Games.

Was wir anbieten:
| Eine täglich wachsende Community
| Beeinflussbare Geschichten, bei denen ihr bestimmen dürft
| viele/gute Bots
| Gewinnspiele
| Ihr könnt bei uns Partner werden
| Discord Chat Games wie one word story oder count
| Verschiedene Seasons wie in Fortnite
| Ein Discord Geld System, womit ihr euch Ränge usw. kaufen könnt

**Wir freuen uns auf jede einzelne Person!**

Das Cosmoia Server Team
🔷️ Ce serveur a été créé dans l'optique de regrouper tous ceux passionnés de Nintendo et son histoire plus particulièrement.

🔷️ Vous pourrez interagir avec d'autres membres en parlant de l'histoire, du lore, des théories et bien d'autres, tout ceci basé bien évidemment sur Nintendo.
Parmi nous, vous remonterez aux origines de Nintendo, son âge d'or, son explosion dans le paysage vidéoludique, les figures, les mascottes et bien d'autres encore.

🔷️ Nintendologie est un projet de longue date fait par des passionnés pour des passionnés!
Rejoignez nous et embarquez pour cette aventure qui débute tout juste!
C'est aussi le discord de la chaine Youtube Nintendologie arrivant en septembre.
Hey toi ! OUI TOI ! Que tu sois un petit pingouin, un joli coquelicot viens te réfugier dans notre cabane ou tu pourras discuter avec pleins de loustiques de différents horizons ! Tu souhaites jouer a des jeux sur switch en plus ? Prend un tabouret et installe toi et rejoins notre famille ! 😉
Willkommen auf æ {user.idname}!
Wir sind ein kleiner aber feiner Server! Du darfst in der Zeit dir in #regeln unser Ranking System und noch einige andere wichtige Regeln durchlesen. In #rollen-vergabe suchst du dir deine passenden Rollen aus, die zu dir passen und ansonsten... Fühl dich wohl und hab Spaß! <3

Bei Hilfe oder Fragen sich bitte an die Queens oder die Emperors wenden, danke!

~ Die Queens & Emperors
Want the latest Nintendo hentai?
Want a friendly Nintendo community to discuss Nintendo news?

Join the family~
A server for Smash fans who want to hang out with a new and welcoming community.

-Special roles
-Smash events
-Great community
-Always changing

Join today for a great time as a smash fan!
The official server for the r/Nintendo Reddit community! A place for all things Nintendo both old and new! Games, news, discussions, community events, and more!
Ich sage mal Hallo :)
Zum größten Teil geht es in unserem Discord um das Thema Spielen (Paladins, Minecraft, Dead by Daylight, Fortnite und vieles mehr), dazu kommt auch noch, dass wir einen eigenen Minecraft Server für die Community besitzen. Zusätzlich streame Ich selbst auf der Streaming-Plattform Twitch.
Von Pc bis zu Nintendo Switch/Handy ist alles vertreten, wir sind derzeitig auch am Planen wie wir vielleicht mal ein Turnier (Rocket League, Rainbow Six: Siege, Mario Kart) veranstalten könnten mit Preisen.
Es sind verschieden Bots auf dem Server Installiert (Nate Bot, Rollenzuteiler, Musikbot, Erisly,...)
Natürlich sind auch viele Anime Liebhaber auf dem Server und auch andere Themen sind immer Willkommen.
Vielleicht klingt das ganze ja ein wenig Interessant und ihr schaut mal vorbei :)
Hello!~ We're Nintendocord! This server has 80+ members and proud of it! We focus on All of the most popular Nintendo games!

~Active Staff!
~Active Members!
~Music Voice Calls!
~SMM2 Channels!
~Animal Crossing New Horizons!
~And So Much More!
We hope you enjoy your stay here! And on behalf of all the staff, we thank you for joining!
《𝓦𝓮𝓵𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓮 𝓽𝓸 𝓢𝓺𝓾𝓲𝓭 𝓒𝓻𝓸𝓼𝓼𝓲𝓷𝓰™!》

Squid Crossing is a welcoming, friendly, and non-toxic gaming community for all gaming fans alike. We are a great place to meet new people, make friends, and safe space for anyone who needs it. Here we value respect and kindness towards one another. If you’re looking to play anything from Animal Crossing to Fortnite or just need people to talk to, our friendly server is the one to fit all of your needs!

We have:
⭐️ Friendly staff working 24/7 for your needs! 🛠
⭐️ An accepting community! 👋
⭐️ Gaming chats tailored specifically for different games! 👾
⭐️ Text channels for socializing! 💬
⭐️ Movie Nights! 🍿
⭐️ Game Nights featuring Jackbox,, and Cards Against Humanity! ✏️
⭐️ Voice and music channels! 🎧
⭐️ Roles earned by chatting! 🏅
⭐️ Self-assignable roles! 🎀
⭐️ Fun bots and commands! 🤖
⭐️ 100+ emotes! 🎉
⭐️ Suggestion boxes so we know what you want! 📢
⭐️And much more!

Current Games:
❤️ Animal Crossing New Horizons
❤️ Fortnite
❤️ Minecraft
❤️ Pokémon
❤️ Smash
❤️ Roblox
❤️ OSU!
❤️ Jackbox Party Games
❤️ Cards Against Humanity

There is so much more about this server that cannot be written down in such a limited space. Instead, why don't you come join and experience it for yourself? We hope you enjoy your time in Squid Crossing!
- Rybo ;)
✨⬇️ᗰᒪᗰ GᗩᗰIᑎG⬇️✨


😎Cool Staff😎

🎮Nintendo game chat🎮

🔴YouTube Channel🔴

🤖Fun bots🤖

🔥Amazing roles🔥

👷Mario Maker Level submissions👷


🎨Amazing art🎨

🎹Good Music🎹

⭐️Pokecord section⭐️
•Level spam
•Pokemon hunting
•Battling arena
•Trading docks

🏵And much, much, More!!🏵

Come join our Animal Crossing Discord server! We have a huge NL and NH community as well as every other AC game!
Here is the link to join our server!: - This is a very active server with 10k+ members and a great community to be apart of. We are planning to throw huge giveaways for in game items, 3ds themes, and artwork! This is a great place where several people help each other out with items, villagers, events, giveaways, bells, and almost anything else AC related! Must be at least 13 (Discord TOS), but there are users of all ages here. When you join you will be given a mayor role to have access to the entire server after posting a short introduction. Thanks guys!
🌸 Welcome to Sakura Squids! 🌸

✧We're a friendly Splatoon 2-based community and casual team! There's no need to try out-- as long as you're an active member of our server, you'll become a Sakura Squids teammate in no time!

✦ What we have to offer: ✦

✧ A welcoming and close-knit community. No matter your identity and/or beliefs, we'll accept you! 💞

✧ Several fun, self assignable roles, and special color roles for active members!

✧ An active Splatoon-playing population, where you're always welcome to request to Turf, Salmon Run, ect.

☆ Extra channels to discuss other games, such as Pokemon, Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart, and much more!

☆ Monthly custom Splatfests, and similar events!

🌸 We hope to see you soon! 🌸
Communauté Ninjala FR est un serveur discord communautaire axé sur le jeu Ninjala.

Ninjala est une exclusivité Switch qui sortira le 24 Juin.

Rejoignez une des premières communautés de ce jeu afin d'en discuter et d'en apprendre un peu plus.
Welcome Wigglytuff's guild, rookie! We're a mystery dungeon/Pokémon themed server. Come hang out!!

You trapped in a dungeon and need someone to help you out? We've got what you need, and a rescue troupe to come and help you out. It's as simple as pinging a role

As well as that, we've got pokecord, custom emojis, assignable roles, color roles, and more to come. So, rookie, what are you waiting for? Come be apart of wigglytuff's guild today!
Hello! Welcome to the ACNH Group! We are passionate about animal crossing and hoping to help people out when playing!
We have:
– Channels for turnip prices and trading items
– accommodating to everyone (Including LGBTQ+ 🏳️‍🌈)
– Subreddit feeds including important AC related subreddits
–A place to plug your own stuff
–Meme chat for all your AC (And not) Related Memes!
–A place to put your friend code (A.K.A more friends)
–A channel for custom designs (made by you or others)
–More coming soon!
If you have any issues PLEASE Contact Alex_Bac#1871 (On discord of course)

(We are a Lv1 nitro boosted server the more boosting we get , the more features!)
This is the #1 Luigi's Mansion prominent Discord server for the discussion of the Luigi's Mansion series. Our goal is to bring together Luigi's Mansion fans in a safe and fun environment to chat and play together.
Join Luigi Gang today, we'll be glad to welcome you!
--- ---
Hello! We are a very friendly animal crossing community server, with active members and a wide selection of bots! We host giveaways, and have many channels available for animal crossing discussions, as well as other fun stuff! We hope to see you in our server! <3
We are a variety server, into Godzilla,Nintendo,Pokémon, and more. Come and Join for a nice community!