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Welcome to one of the biggest servers for Pokemon GO raids.
-Active 24/7 raids
-Easy to navigate. (Minimum amount of channels possible)
-PvP IV checker bot.
-Cute emotes
-SFW server.
Welcome to PokeRealm Crystalz!
Here, we grind, duel, trade and more!
We have gyms, many events, and epic stuff!
Join the fun by joining this server! (Make sure to write a comment so we can see what we can improve and show everyone what to expect here!)
💠 Hi there! The Pokémon Wiki server would like to recruit you into our ranks! We would love to have you join our discord server!

🔸Here is where you can converse with our many wiki editors and raise suggestions and queries about the Pokémon fandom site. Of course, there are many channels to discuss Pokémon-related games, anime and manga. But that's not all! There are a plethora of activities you can take part in the server such as:

🔹Pokecord trading and battling
🔹Unique talent role application and level up roles
🔹Upcoming server events such as art contests, movie nights and Pokémon Showdown tournaments
🔹Fun bots such as Nadeko and Mudae
🔹Dedicated music channels and bots to listen to

🔸There will be alot more features we will be introducing in the coming months as we work to improve the server day by day. So do join us by clicking the link below! Thank you!
A family friendly, non-toxic and drama free community with a focus on Nintendo games and general conversations. We are the best Nintendo-centered server on discord and have a lot to offer to Nintendo fans everywhere!

What we've got:

⭐: Welcoming Members!
🍄: 𝐋𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐥 𝟑 𝐍𝐢𝐭𝐫𝐨 𝐛𝐨𝐨𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐝!
⭐: 300 mostly Nintendo emojis!
🍄: Tons of Switch players!
⭐: Active franchise channels!
🍄: Minimize role & opt-in channels!
⭐: Lots of other stuff to do!

& plenty more!

*We try to be a pretty mature server, though we welcome users of all ages (as long as they follow Discord’s TOS)*
We are dedicated to having a public server for spawning Pokémen using the Pokecord Bot (We do not associate ourselves with Official Pokecord). Those Pokémon enthusiasts who Join our server are free to explore all with have available and spam to their hearts content in our committed channels. Whilst spamming you will be able to complete your Pokedex with our spawn zones ready and waiting for you to catch your missing Pokéman's. We have open dueling zones for all users to use whenever they feel like letting some steam out with their Pokéman's. We have some Pokestops you can just sit back and relax in and even chat with other users about what you have caught. Don't be scared to shine your real colors in our music channels by playing your playlists. As a server that wants our users to have the most fun they can we also have small games that can be played in our Miscellaneous Category. Show your Enthusiasm for the adventures of Ash and Pikachu by grabbing a few pokeballs and throwing them towards your favorite Pokéman's.
This server is made of viewers, Streamers, and people just wanting to make friends. Our group is mainly Splatoon 2 but have many interests. There’s things always being added, I want to make this as fun for everyone as possible, gamer or not, you have a place here 😊
Azar Kingdom is dedicated to Pokemon 100%. Our Server is very friendly and offers things such as:

🔥Members so far: 1,200+
🔥Friendly and helpful community
🔥SW:SH Shiny Raids (auto hosted)
🔥Pokémon GO Raids everyday
🔥Max Lair Raids
🔥FREE Cloning Requests
🔥Sysbot (genned Pokémon)
🔥SW:SH Trading Channel
🔥Mini Games inc Varubot
🔥Approachable and friendly staff

Hope to see you soon everyone
We welcome you to Pokémon: Lost☀Paradise!

A SFW 16+ server with canon and Original Characters to roleplay as! People are laid back, respectful, and look forward to roleplay in a casual environment. Not interested in roleplaying? That’s okay, too. There are channels dedicated to gaming, artwork (including ones you may do!), and much more! Pull up a seat at the Java Jolt Café or stay lost at the Game Corner to generate income to buy items for your Pokémon in a unique custom battle system created for just this server. OR buy an egg and raise your very own pokémon!

★ While our main focus are trainers, you can use your pokémon to interact, too.
★ Tupperbox can be used here!
★ This server offers slice of life, but there are ways to collect badges, catch wild pokémon, and form bonds with other trainers of the island!
★ Friendly staff and helpful members looking to assist members to get situated!
★ Potential of hatching shiny Pokémon from eggs.
★ Side-quests for characters to participate in.

The server is dedicated to roleplay, and to apply for a character, one must put in an audition. There’s a roster to see which characters are currently active. The expectancy of the server is semi-literate (we all do our best to improve!) with a minimum of one paragraph per post. Be patient. Be respectful and enjoy, trainers!
The NPC HQ Discord server is a place for fans of Nintendo & Pokémon to come together to play and chat about our favorite video games. The goal of this server is to build and maintain a healthy and welcoming community of members who come to enjoy Nintendo and Pokémon together, where we can help each other in our games and make new friends.
Horizon Starters adalah Discord Server Animal Crossing New Horizon Indonesia yang lebih fokus kepada Giveaways & Events

Horizon Starters mengadakan weekly events seperti weekly TTS, Flash Sale, Jual/Beli Turnip Murah dan masih banyak lainnya. Sampai saat ini Horizon Starters sudah mengadakan lebih dari 50+ events sejak 26 Maret 2020.

Horizon Starters juga sedang berkembang menjadi komunitas yang lebih general! saat ini kami memiliki channel tambahan game lain seperti Pokemon & Genshin Impact!
👋Welcome to the TeamPokeAsh server we are a growing community which focuses on pokémon, pokémon showdown and other animes and games.We have a great and active administration team which is always ready to help.We have a friendly, kind and welcoming community.
⋘ ──── ✧🌀 ⋅◈⋅ 🌀✧ ──── ⋙
💠🏟️|We have pokémon showdown and myuu based gym challenge
💠💞|Active and friendly community
💠🐱|Mewbot battle frontier
💠🏆|Elite four/Champion and showdown tournaments like the Pokemon Championship
💠🌐|Currently we are going to hold one of the biggest showdown tournament (PWC)
💠⚔️|Smash bros tournaments and gyms
💠🖌️|Art room to show your art and also art competitions
💠👍|Self promotion/advertising (servers and all social media accounts are allowed)
💠🔴|self assignable and color roles
💠🙂|Custom emotes (200)
💠😁|Fun and extra activities like QOTD, Quiz and who's that pokémon
💠💸|Custom economy (froakie coins) and a shop with awesome deals
💠🚀|Nitro boosted
💠⚽|Talk about other animes, games and also sports
💠🧭|Next target 900
⋘ ──── ✧🌀 ⋅◈⋅ 🌀✧ ──── ⋙
🤖Pokémon Bots:
Poketwo, pokerealm, pokemeow, mewbot, myuu, pokehunt,varubot, pokeduel, who's that pokémon and onixian
Unbelievable bot, dank Memer, NqN, trivia, plasma, groovy and rythm
🤖Server exclusive bot:
Charizard bot
⋘ ──── ✧🌀 ⋅◈⋅ 🌀✧ ──── ⋙
Another verse server like all the others? NO!

Join this server to have a all-on-one-bot-gaming platform.
If a bot is not right there, you can suggest it and we'lll look up to implement it.

daily giveaways in many bots!

Verse updates - fair and many many dynamax with pings whoever wants to be pinged for it!

Bot Updates: searching for Anigame teammates! <3

Whats right now here:
- Pokeverse
- Anigame
- OwO
- dank memer
- epic rpg
- minecraft bots
- pokemize, pokelusion, pokerealm, ... all the old and new cord copies
- ... much more bots! all bots!

What we offer additionly:
- music bot
- ranking such as weekly with rewards
- giveaways
- teams and events
- self roles for pings
- UNIQUE freespawn ping system (everyone who has that in the future has stolen that idea ;D)
We also search for moderators and Pokemonbot experts. Come and join us! :-)

PS: If you are unsure read the comments! <3
A friendly server to socialize and use bots !

We offer:

>A friendly community
>Kind staff members willing to help you with anything
>Active chat and members
>Server game events like Among Us and
>Pokemon giveaways
>Cafe themed channels and roles
>Drink themed roles
>Poke-bots like PokeMeow and Varubot
>Many other bots like Mudae, Dank Memer and OwO

Thank you for joining in advance, we wish you a great time !

I was just hoping to find others as well, but please don’t expect too much. This server is still new, but please feel free to suggest anything you’d like to be added.

I always try to be nice to others, so please don’t be afraid to join in and hang out with us..! We promise that you won’t get burned when you join in!

But please, no real life profile pics. First, this is not for dating, and I don’t really feel too comfortable with them around yet, but if you do have a good reason for having one, please feel free to send the owner a DM (Twigs) or (SaladBoi).

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Come Join me and the crew on the Pokemon Moon!

Recently Started...
We Have 《Pokecord》《PokeTwo》《Myuu》and more
We are a friendly server no toxic people.
We just want to make a pokemon community and have fun.

🌝Hope to see you on the Moon!🌝
Heya everyone! This is a relatively new server about pokemon and mainly PokeTwo at the moment! (A pokecord clone)! We have friendly staff and great members who’d love to meet you! Thanks for reading hope you join us!
There’s a whole region out there, waiting for trainers like yourself! Sylvheim is full of mystery and pokemon, waiting to be explored and discovered. The region is completely original and we have over 500 different kinds of pokemon to be captured!

This is a literate RP, OCs only and human only. Because of how our system is set up its very easy to learn, and true to the experience of a pokemon journey. You can have your very own rival, companions, face off against the eight gym leaders and then battle the elite four! If you rise to the top you can battle the champion for a chance to become the new champion of Sylvheim. Once you collect all eight badges you can set out on an endeavour to claim and capture your own legendary pokemon.

We have:

🦋 An exceptional moderating team, who makes informed and fair decisions. There’s also a feedback and suggestion channel, in case you disagree with or are confused by a moderator decision.

🦋 Eight original gym leaders, four original elite leaders and an original champion! The towns and region are all brand new to be explored, you have the possibility of even discovering a new place!

🦋 Reward for boosting and activity incentives!

🦋 An easy to understand and fun starter system!

🦋 The chance to earn your very own legendary pokemon!

🦋 A nontoxic friendly environment for noncompetitive folks and newer roleplayers!

🦋 A level 3 boost status! [43 boosts at the peak!]

🦋 The chance to become Champion of Sylvheim!

🦋 Creative and monthly events and contests!

Come and join us, start your pokemon adventure today. Sylvheim is waiting!
✨We are a Pokémon Sword and Shield community that welcomes all!✨

TRADE with others to obtain new pokémon and fill up that pokédex🔄
Find MAX RAID BATTLES to join🛡
- Currently looking for people who can host shiny raid dens
BATTLE others to test your strength🗡
We also have our very own Gym Challenge!
**We also play Among Us, Mario Kart, and Smash Bros**

Come join the Lugia League so we can all enjoy Pokémon together!
Do you want to join Shiny Raids/Giveaways or just wanna chitchat with others?

Then what are you doing? Join

We Have
-Regular Giveaways
-Regular Shiny Raids
-Commandant BOT

And our very own SYSBOT! You can make Pokemons with it and Check your Den Seeds! If one Bot doesn't suffice you, GUESS WE DONT HAVE 1, NOT 2, NOT EVEN 3, BUT 4! SYSBOTS UP AND RUNNING! Stufful, Luana, PikaClown, and Skynet!

Mess With our In House Commandant BOT! Exclusively made for Imperial Forces! You cannot find this BOT anywhere else! Commandant TIE Whisper is exclusive to Imperial Forces Server!

Does that excite you? Does that mean you'll join the server? Of course you'll join! Lets go!

Commandant will be waiting for you!
Welcome to the Raiders Community!
We're a community of different videogames but we mainly focus on Pokemon and other videogames with friends. We also meme around all the time.
You can join with your friends and have fun here!
Everyone is allowed here. Just read the rules and have fun!
Poketwo Server with constant spamming to ensure spawns everyday! Take on our new gym leaders to become the champion!
Server shop for all of your pokeneeds! Active shinyhunters that will help you get your chains up. Many other game bots to contribute to spam. Weekly giveaways!