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🤚 Hello, and welcome to the Pokemon Tournament Club. Here we focus on things like Tournaments, draft leagues, and giveaways.

🤝 We also provide help with everything draft league related.

💯 Some notable things about us is that we are working on a custom pokemon showdown client, which we can host tournaments on and such.

🎉 We also host giveaways, one giveaway that we do is a nitro giveaway every 50 new users.

⚔️ 🎁We also give out prizes for our tournaments, some of the prizes for the bigger tournaments like the draft leagues are, gift cards, and nitro. Some of the prizes for the smaller tournaments are things like custom roles, and the choice of global voice, a custom avatar, or a custom room on our showdown client once we get it started in a few weeks or so.

❗️A few more things that I will mention is that we are looking for some staff, if you think you fit the job, please come apply, it would be greatly appreciated. One last thing is that we are a really new server, so feel free to drop any suggestions you have in our server so that your stay and other peoples stay will be better. That’s all for now, we hope to see you here since this will be a lot of fun.
**╔═════ ∘◦ ◓ ◦∘ ══════╗
╚═════ ∘◦ ◓ ◦∘ ══════╝
We Are A Friendly Growing Community Of People Who Loves Pokémon & Games! We've Variety Of Channels & Categories To Accommodate For People's Needs!

Join Us Today & Get Following

- ❅ Friendly & Active Members!
- ❅ Friendly, Experienced & Professional Staffs!
- ❅ Regular Pokécord Giveaways!
- ❅ Exciting Server Games To Earn Pokécord Credits!
- ❅ Fast Pokémon Spawns!
- ❅ Pokémon Tournaments to Win Prizes!
- ❅ And Many More...

All Server Admins Are Active & Trying Their Hard To Maintain & Upgrade This Server Time To Time For Enhanced Your Experience!
We are a simple hangout server filled with middle schoolers, high schoolers, and alumni. On Fridays, we usually do Hunger Games, Pokecord tournaments (ocasionally), and Smash Bros. Fridays. On the weekends, we do Mario Kart Saturdays and Splatoon 2 Sundays. We hope to see you joining soon!

Nintendo Server for Legendary Gamers


Hello! Would you like to visit our lovely gaming server? If not, I will give you some information that might convince you on accepting my invitation!
Here is what we offer! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
↬ Lots of gaming!
↬ Self promotion channel!
↬ Partnerships!
↬ Many fun channels!
↬ Friendly staff!
↬ LGBTQ+ Friendly!
↬ Study help!
↬ Self-Roles!
↬ Fun talks!
↬ Fun bots!
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ˚✩ ⋆。˚ ✩
┊ ┊ ┊ ✫
┊ ┊ ☾⋆
┊ ⊹ ┊
✯ ⋆ ┊ . ˚ ˚✩
So join today! You will not be disappointed! :)
Our Story | The Pokémon Club. We want to provide you a helpful Pokémon community, weekly giveaways, Pokémon raids, Pokémon trades, Pokémon exclusives and more. So we built you a quality server, allowing you to build new friendships, and enjoy the game even more. We hope to see you soon and help us grow our heart-welcoming community!
Hi! Welcome to Pikachu Crossing!!!

We are a Pokemon/Animal crossing server, with interest in a variety of other games too (PS4, PC)

Feel free to join us!!!
PokeMafia is your one stop shop for all things Pokemon. We offer many Pokemon related services including the ability to cater to your wants/needs for Sword/Shield with the help of our genners! We host frequent Sword and Shield Pokemon giveaways, as well have an Elite Four system where you can challenge the best trainers the server has to offer!

This server isn’t only perfect for Pokemon fans however, we also have a very strong anime community, featuring weekly anime reviews and recommendations that lack spoilers! Currently in development, we are creating our very own, sassy, yet fun-packed bot! She's still in very early stages, so look forward to her progression!

Join today!

⭐ Active community
⭐ Pokemon Sword and Shield
⭐ Custom bot
⭐ Friendly staff
⭐ Shop
⭐ Custom Emojis (Coming soon!)
⭐ Server artist and artwork
⭐ Anime
ATENÇÃO IRMÃO: Apesar de pokémon ser direcionado ao público infantil, esse servidor não é muito family friendly.

Seja muito bem-vindo ao Worldmon!

Este é um servidor para todos os fãs de Pokémon do Brasil! Nós nos focamos muito no Pokémon Showdown e também em:

➤ Eles são feitos no Pokémon Showdown toda a semana, os vencedores ganham prêmios de pokémons bons no Pokecord.

➤ Pokecord(morreukk), Mewbot e Myuu (canais individuais)
➤ 2 Bots de Música

➤ 14 Líderes de Ginásio + Insígnias
➤ A própria liga do servidor valendo cargo de Campeão!

➤ O próprio ranked do servidor estilo Battle Maison com batalhas no pokémon showdown!

➤ Canal de divulgação livre
➤ Canal para mostrar seus desenhos/edits
➤ Starboard (Loritta)
➤ Anúncios sobre Nintendo Directs e mais
➤ sinceramente o pior canal do servidor: o de memes.
➤ Cargos com Levels de chat
➤ Cargos de Matchmaking

E muito mais! Junte-se à nossa comunidade, faça novos amigos e rivais, e divirta-se no servidor!

o adm ta de olho
Welcome to Gamers Outpost! We are currently building up this server and are hoping to make it literally just like every other server(it’s gonna be for gaming hence the name). Feel free to join and give us any suggestions you might have in how to build up our sever. Have a good one!
We are Dark City, a small server of anime fans and yugioh players, made to have fun.

We host events for the community and dont spam you with pings. We are a nexus-based server, but are not limited to only nexus. There are currently open positions so if you climb the ladder you can eventually become a mod. Fully open to improvements and suggestions.

• Expert Deckbuilders
• General Anime/Manga Discussions
• Small Tournaments
• Server Rankings
• Exclusive Game Bot (Actively Developing)
• Various Duel Related Bots
Join us today at Latios Kingdom!
Our server mainly focuses on the Myuu bot, but we also have many other bots. We provide gyms and an elite 4 system. Defeat all the gyms, crush the elite 4, and destroy the old champion, to become the NEW champion. Get a chance to have a say in how we modify our server, become a staff member, and rise through the ranks of Latios Kingdom!
Join our server because we have:
⚡️ -daily giveaways
⚡️ -daily rumbles
⚡️ -myuu gyms
⚡️ -an elite 4 system
⚡️ -a champion system
⚡️ -the new pokecord bot
⚡️ -owo bot
⚡️ -dank memer
⚡️ -pokeverse
⚡️ -Epic Rpg bot
And much more! What are you waiting for? Join Now!
Tournaments ◻️ SysBot ◻️ Poketwo & Pokeheart ◻️ Giveaways

Get all your ✨shiny✨ Pokémon here for Sword & Shield!

🎵You've got one ticket to Paradise!🎵
We are an fun loving Anime and Gaming server with some edgy emotes ;) Open community and edgy emotes. We also have mudae open to everyone! Come find new friends with similar interests.
Comunidade LGBT com belo gosto para nsfw de pokemon/furry, venha e se divirta conhecendo várias pessoas incríveis e nosso maravilhoso nsfw =w=


♡Legendary Giveaways Everyday
♡Invite Events
♡Catch Events
♡Spam Channels
♡Private Spam Channels

《Other Bots Like》
♡Pokécord(New one)
♡Dank Memer
♡Virtual Fisher
♡PP Bot
▂▃▅ ᓆ「❄」PokéInfinite「❄」ᓏ ▅▃▂

➥Olá jovem aventureiro(a)! Seja bem-vindo(a) ao Servidor! Espero que tenha uma ótima estadia conosco, ajudaremos no que for necessário! Desde já agradeço sua presença, é muito importante para nós. Não esqueça de passar pelos Chat's - 「⚒」ᖇegras e 「📎」ᕼelpᑕhats para um melhor aproveitamento!
O Servidor conta com: Rotas para captura de Pokémon, Eventos, Sorteios, Torneios, Gym's (com Insígnias), Sistema Daycare, Área VIP, Área YT e muito mais!

➥Obs: O Servidor ta mais morto que minha auto estima, mas entra aí se puder..

☙ ''Pokémon, temos que pegar!'' ❧
Un server que contiene diferentes bots de Pokémon para que encuentres el que más te guste... (No sólo están los de las etiquetas)

A server with differents Pokemon bots, encounter the better for you... (There aren't only the tag bots)
* FuRtivity est un nouveau serveur FURRY francophone pour fans de furry sfw comme nsfw,
* pour les fans de PATTES et de VORE/MAWS
- Vore soft et vore hard
* pour les fans de transformation furry
* Ainsi que pour les fans de POKEMON.

* Petite communauté conviviale, très bonne ambiance.
* Nous possédons également un serveur MINECRAFT avec bientôt une map aventure.
Catch Pokemon, rank up, devastate opponents with items and pokemon attacks! Try your luck with special loot boxes, Legendary Pokemon encounters and faceoffs in intense bids for the top of the Nightly Leaderboards!
¿Te gustan los animes,
o los juegos de Pokémon?
Entonces únete a esta
linda y amigable comunidad.


🌴Rangos por nivel con diversos beneficios.

☔Rangos por invitaciones.

🎢Distintos chat de minijuegos.

🏟️Gimnasios (Ten la oportunidad de
retar a un líder y gana una medalla)


🍓Una interfaz muy rapida y bonita.



🍪Distintos tipos de colores para elegir

🤡Canal de NSFW

🍹Y muchas cosas más.

🎮▁▂▃▅▆▇ GamerSpot ▇▆▅▃▂▁🎮
💎Home of the MineSpot™ Server
🧱Robux Rewards
⚡Pokecord and Much More
👊 CoD Mobile, PUBG, and LoL Teaming
Salutation à toi petit voyageur! Ce serveur est tout nouveau et ne demande qu'à s'agrandir !

Connait tu le fabuleux monde d'animal crossing?
Bien sur! Ce serveur est entièrement dédié a se jeux. Nous ouvrons enfin nos portes !

||C'est a dire : New horizon mais aussi pocket camp. Sans oublier les versions 3ds ^^'||

Nous avons développé un système pour augmenter au fur et à mesure de niveau qui vous servira a accéder a de nouvelle chose sur le serveur.

Tu peux aussi jouer avec quelques bots comme:

▪ isabelle (bot spécial AC)
Entre autre!
Mais aussi des giveaway régulièrement, des events et des concours spécial AC!

Nous n'attendons plus que toi! Rejoins nous!