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So we like to play TF2 were hoping to do casual games and play the game together join if u like and suggest server events and stuff like that since were quite new thanks doods!
Hello and welcome to Among Us Nation! Among Us Nation is a brand new server to come and play Among Us together and socialize!
Teckno Studio

this server is a new and improve version of the old one this a safe, fun, helpfull, and a chill server, you can suggest enything you whant in the server to improve our server, we love to get idea from the community and if you whant to join you are welcome to join

Our Goal =

> gets 1000 user
> get discord partner
> be a big and fun community
> to improve our community

Improvements =

> improve moderation
> anti swear
> 32 avalible roles [color roles coiming soon]
> special roles for server booster
> improve staff roles
> working events
> improve leveling system
> improve bots
> improve reporting system
> ban appels
> mod application
> 24/7 moderation

What We Provide You =

> a save place
> cool emoji
> fun bots
> a place you can call home
> helpfull tips
> inviteing reward

Members That We Whant =

> eny person can join
> dedicated members
> fun & active members
> streamers & conten creator
> nice people

Bots =

> Carl
> Toasty
> Dishboard
> Pokerealm
> Rythm 1 & 2
> Groovy
> Tatsu
> Countr
> Plasma
> arcane
> Dyno
> Dank memer
> Yaggdrasil

thats all, the server will be updated have fun in the new server
The is the CDE server (conrad doesnt exist). The server for conrdoesntexist. We have our own minecraft server that you can play on with friends or members of the community!
What we offer!
-playing games with people!
-get to play games with YouTubers!
- an active moderator team!
-partners and self promotions
-exclusive access to Conrad's content before it releases!
We are still a pretty small community, so if you join, its greatly appreciated!
Have fun and stay safe!
The Good Roblox UnOfficial Server every popular game in vc and tc so u can play with others and we also have fun bots so come and join
Harry Potter Among Us discord server. Play among us as one of HP character with other people! You also can choose which house you are and talk with people from your house in your common room!
Hey, I see youre scrolling the pages there. Hey y'all . I have 2 tickets for you n me to get into Cookie Town. Its a cool place and we can see the C& factory. C'mon, lets hop in!!!

You heard that right ! This is a brawlhalla server especially for all regions
. If youre interested in joining this server, welp, join the fun and climb the glory tower with us !
We have:
🎞Chat with your friends all day long
🎈Play with them in any gamemode you want !
🎮Get into ranked and learn with our mentors !
🎨Show your art and clips !
✨Want partnership and promotion? Hop in !
🎁Events and tournaments !
Thats pretty much the first of the more stuff about to be witness by your own eyes ! Why not you join n play with us? Hope you will have a great day !
Play Together is a project which brings people together to play games! This server was recently made so it's a W.I.P
Welcome to Among Us! We are a chill, friendly, and non-toxic server. Put game codes, play together, and socialize! A nice and friendly community to play a game with others. :)
This is very cool server. Here we play roblox, mostly Elemental Battlegrounds. Its very cool, cant wait for you to join!
this is a fortnite/among us server where you can find people to talk with and play with. You can play creative/duos/squads/scrims and coaching on fortnite :)
Hey there! We're a relatively new among us server looking for non toxic people so we can schedule and play together at times. We also have memes and anime and youtube section if you'd like to use them, and many more to come! Looking forward to meeting you soon :)
A server about a small YouTuber named Corrupted gamez. We come together to play games of all kinds and have fun. An all around community server.
The server is about building from one building to a gazillion! We focus on building into the infinite world, from great cities in the Overworld , The Nether and The End
English: Hello! This is a cute server! :3 I hope you join, this is where you can play with friends, make more friends also if you want learn more languages! Also have a great day!

Spanish: ¡Hola! ¡Este es un servidor lindo! : 3 Espero que te unas, aquí es donde puedes jugar con amigos, ¡haz más amigos también si quieres aprender más idiomas! ¡Que tengas también un gran día!
in this server you can meet good people , share your gaming story ,get new roles , compete in fun games conducted , participate in giveaway ,play fun games with bots
Welcome in the Combined Forces of Unturned Discord server, we are an active unturned community, in this server we group up and make fun in Unturned.

This server is free and THATS a great price! We'd also have a famous YouTuber in the server!

See you soon!