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This is a new game sharing server that was just made to help protect the accounts of our members instead of giving it to the wrong hands we know how important our accounts are especially during this time of corona virus but we also need new games and want to share it with people for other games but we are scared but in this server you would be safe i promise-the owner
Here we are all one and chill and play games. And music rooms, game bots and more. Come and see and have the best time of your life.
Are you looking for players to start a heist ? Join this server today to find everyone you need ! We support multiple languages and platforms !

Si vous cherchez des joueurs pour un braquage, rejoignez-nous ! Nous utilisons plusieurs plateformes et langues.
Just a new laidback server, join if you wanna make friends, we welcome everyone, we also do weekly giveaways! :) join or be a lame
AfterEarth Gaming Community started back in 2018 , We are a growing community always looking to take the next step. We have a great community members willing to help. We have Zero tolerance for, racial slurs , Piggish / Sexist remarks to our female members ect. Everyone is equal here.
"There are no Strangers here, Only Friends you haven't met yet"

Currently we have over 20 Servers running for games such as
Ark Survival [Ps4] (PvP and PvE Servers)
MineCraft Bedrock
DayZ [Ps4]
Arma 2 DayZ Mod [Pc]

Just Search
On any game
The Awakening is a new DayZ community server on PS4 with a hardcore twist that’ll challenge your survival skills! Our focus is the create a thrilling player vs environment experience as well as encouraging player vs player interactions with many roleplaying activities, weekly PVP events and The Dark Zone!

Join our community now, create your character and your story, meet new players, start a faction or join one, or roam the dangerous wild lands as a lone wolf, the choice is yours.

Chernarus map
52 slots
Base Raiding on raid day
No offline raiding
Custom NWAF
Custom Safe zone
The Dark Zone PVP
DarkDay PVP
Weekly events
Roleplaying community
Job positions available
discord currency
Boosted Building supplies
Slightly boosted high tier loot
Boosted helicopters
Fully built cars (without gas or water to not make it too easy).
New Items in game
New colored weapons
Much more info on discord
┃Serveur Gaming Communautaire Multi-plateformes┃

┃Serveur communautaire┃

┃GTA 5 ┃Rocket League┃Forza┃Minecraft ┃COD┃Among Us┃Fortnite ┃

Partagez les liens de vos réseaux YouTube Twitch …
Trouvez des coéquipiers
Vocaux pour vos parties
Concours sur différents jeux

💸1.000$ INICIALES💸






🛡STAFF 24/7🛡
Want to talk about all things PlayStation? Own any of the consoles and want to find a place to meet people like you? If so, then greatness awaits! This community is an unofficial PlayStation-oriented environment that strives to bring people together to contribute their devotion for all things PlayStation from the comfort of Discord.


PS community offers many features, including:

👋 • Many others to meet & chat with.
✅ • Official PlayStation sources and sites.
🔨 • Tech support assistance.
💭 • LFG Channels.
🔕 • NO mass pings.
🎊 • Events and giveaways.
💸 • Game deals for all platforms.
🤝 Partnership opportunities.
💻 • Rich Presence tips for PSN.
📣 • Voice channels and lobbies.
We are a server where you can find other gamers that play games like Apex legends, Fortnite and lots of others, even if you aren't a gamer you can just chill and talk to some friendly people, if you join I hope you enjoy your stay.
> ⛰️ **-** __**`Endless InJustice Role-Play`**__

> 🗣️ **-** Everyone here would love to see you join this awesome community! Here's some stuff about us:

> ❔**-** __**Why Us?:**__
- Are you looking for a roleplay group that’s seriously, respectful, and fun to play with. Will you come to the right place! Here in **EIJRP** we take every role-plays seriously and we have started off as a small server and as we are growing!!

> 🚨 **-** __**What we have to offer?**__

> 🚔 **-**__** Departments**__
- Los Santos Police Department
- San Andreas Highway Patrol
- Blaine County Sheriffs Office
- San Andreas Fire Department

> 🚒 **-** __**Subdivisions**__
- K9 -Unit
- Drug Unit
- Under-Cover Unit
- Detective
- Dispatcher
- Community Services Unit
- Strategic Response Unit. SRU
- Warrant Services
- Many more to come!!
> 🥺**-** __**Friendly Staff**__
- Here in **EIJRP** All of our staff are trained in using many techniques and also trained and many sort of scenarios.

> 🎉 **-** __**Benefits**__
**~** Friendly Staff Team! 🙏
**~** Long last Role-plays! 🤪
**~** Growing Community 🥳
**~** Interactive Community! 🏌🏾‍♂️
**~** Role-play Commands! 📲

> 🧩 **-** __**Requirements**__
- Must have a copy of GTA.
- Must be able to follow rules.
- Follow server expectations.
- Your required to recruit three people month.
- Have fun!!

> 🐋 **-** __**More**__
**Xbox** - 🎉OPEN🎉.
**PS4** - 🚧Under Construction 🚧
**FiveM** - 🚧Under Construction 🚧
__**🤝Join us now!🤝**__
Welcome to SAHP Roleplay GTA5 Roleplay PS4 and Xbox Friendly We use lines police cad and welcome everyone from age 15+
We welcome you to a very strict on rules so if U have problems with people in rp then talk to me about it do take it into your own hands but plz join today and come have some fun!!!!!!!
Team Hyper is now recruiting for ALL consoles! We are primarily a Warzone clan, but are also accepting trickshotters, feeders, and any other play style! We are also always looking for content creators, editors, GFX Designers, streamers, or any other talent that is gaming related that we may find useful to our team.
We're a Mil-Sim unit, for ages 16 only and above (some exceptions can be made). Every Saturday we host operations where we group up and work together to win.

We are also in close contact with other promenant clans like "GAR" and "Army of Clones Gaming Group" which means we usually team up with or against them.

We only have active players who are friendly and supportive to both old and new members, so you will always feel comfortable both in-game and in our discord server.
❗ Gameshare server for any platform ❗
🎲 Fun games 🎲
🎉Giveaways 🎉
And many more..
𝐉𝐨𝐢𝐧 𝐮𝐬 𝐭𝐨𝐝𝐚𝐲!
We are a family based role-play we are just starting up with loads of friends that started this on 10-6-2020. We are looking forward to meeting you and having a great experience with you in rp. We are a play station 4 community.
Hello we are CSRP [California State RolePlay] We are a amazing rp server filled with over 100+ Roles you can gain. Also tired of RP? Well come listen to music in our music channel chat with other people in general and have a nice time at CSRP
Wanna talk in chat, voice chat, play games with people, self promote, interact with bots, give some of your ideas, and just a chill lounge! Here is a great place to go! See you soon!
✅ 50 SLOT
✅PVP/RP 🔫/🎭
✅WEEKLY EVENTS(Boxing,capture the flag)🏳
✅WEEKLY EVENT DAYS(Bear day,Pvp day)
✅ Nwaf,Tisy and 6 Inland spawns in major citys.
✅unlimited guns 🔫 💪
✅Construction zombies drop building loot 🔨
Some information about the TPAG (The Private Australian Government, PS4)

- What is TPAG?
TPAG stands for “the private Australian government”, it is a government crew for Grand theft auto five (GTA 5).

- What do we offer?
The government has also multiple branches/divisions such as the Secret Service, FBI, the Navy, Airforce, and more. Each one of these with their own specific tasks, features and trainings. If you are looking for diversity inside a PvP and Intelligence group, then TPAG is meant for you.

(e.g. only the secret service is a role-play job where your main goal it to protect any high rank but it’s not all like that, as a secret service there can be a fair bit of combat involved.)

you can also participate in crew vs crew (CVC) the rest of the crew is a CVC type of role so your main purpose is to kill the enemy but also helping people in the crew. There are other roles but they are classified, if you were wondering.


What are you waiting for joining?!
We are open for new members and curious.

We don't mind on your experience in the game, we can always share our knowledge and grow together.
There is no previous requirements on crew experience at all.
A Night To Dismember
Chernarus | Whitelisted

We are a DayZ (PS4) Community. We've recently re-branded our server and are starting from scratch again, pop is currently low but are looking for new and active members who want a new server to call home.

What we have to offer:
> Factions
> Boosted Loot
> Ready to use Car
> Base Raiding
> Unique Events
> Killfeed + Leaderboards
> Unreleased Items
> Firearms w/Attachments+Ammo
> Custom Helicrash Loot
> C130J Dynamic Event
And much more..