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【Month Productions】

Hey! You are welcome to join our server. This is a studio where we commence together as creators. We can showcase and create projects together with all of our talents. Have fun!

What we offer:

- Advertising at level 20+.

- Art contests.

- Silly Questions Of the Day.

- Partnerships.

- Amazing staff.

- Reactions roles.

- Fun emotes. (custom emoji suggestions allowed)

What we disallow:


✘ Toxicity/drama.

✘ Scammers.
Oasis is a fun server for just relaxing and having fun. There is very limited rules so you have as much freedom as possible. We allow reaction roles and nickname changes.
Um servidor dedicado à mentes instáveis procurando um pouco de interação social. Os membros daqui são predominantemente "jovens velhos de alma".

Seguindo as diretrizes do Discord, não aceitamos menores de 13 anos e recomendamos que apenas maiores de 15 anos acessem.

• Ambiente amigável e sem preconceito;
• Mais de 100 emojis;
• Jovens insanos são punidos;
• Shitposting casual com canais dedicados;
• Chats de voz ativos todos os dias;
• Staff ativa, paciente, imparcial e competente, composta apenas por maiores de 18 anos;
• Temos uma banda improvisada que inclui tecladistas, guitarristas e outros (sim, tudo fica maravilhoso com o delay);
• Eventos como karaokê, cinema, campeonatos de games, etc;
• Histórias incríveis e exclusivas sobre os antigos parentes do administrador (Noé, Platão, Nilinho Niilista, etc);
• Diversos bots que a juventude aprecia, como Gartic, Mudae, Tatsumaki, Pokécord, etc;
• Sorteios eventuais para membros ativos;
• Canais adultos restritos aos maiores de idade;
• Sistemas de nivelamento e segurança automatizados;
• Bots que possibilitam feedback e desabafos anônimos;
• Não marcamos com o @everyone, apenas no caso de sorteios ou eventos especiais;
• Não fazemos parcerias ou divulgações, então não se preocupe em ser incomodado com isso;
• Jovens problemáticos;
• Jovens filósofos;
• Jovens tristes;

E muito mais! Ou não. Venha conferir e tire suas conclusões!
Hello, we are welcoming new members to help setup into a amazing server! This will help not us, but you will also enjoy this server with lots of information. This server is really cool to hangout, we have people that are mostly active on this server and we are chill. If you want to hangout with us, join the server and we will get you started!
Welcome to Among Us! We are a PC and mobile friendly server for Among Us. You can find other people to play with here and meet new people.

Mics are preferred.
Welcome to No Impostors Here!

The focus of our server is hosting games of Mafia AKA Werewolf which is similar to Town of Salem but played through Discord!

The game features a large group of townspeople with impostors among them known as the mafia. The innocent townspeople must work together to get rid of all of the mafia members by voting to kill the person they think is the most suspicious each day. At night, the mafia will kill one player and some people are given special abilities such as finding the roles of other players or even preventing someone from dying.

We designed the server to be accessible fun to total beginners as well as experienced players. All the rules are explained in the server and our friendly members will be sure to answer any of your questions.

We also have channels dedicated to general discussion, games and pictures of tortoises. The last one is most important and you should expect to see a lot of tortoises around the server.

If you are interested you can join us to learn more and play or watch games at No Impostors Here!
Did you know the longest ad in history is 14 hours long? Unlike them, I’ll keep this short and sweet. So you’ve got a few quirks, share a love for women, and wish for a warm community to vibe with like-minded peers? I can’t say I blame you! All input will be heard, so if you’re looking to make an impact, welcome to Themyscira.
Hiya!! Welcome to Sakuragaoka High Tea Time!! Don't be shy and come drink tea and eat cake with us! We have tons of fun stuff lying around, so if you're a fan of K-On! or if you just want to hang out with some weebs, then feel free to join us.

This server includes:
-Cute Emojis

-Self Roles

-Classic, fun Mudae

-Flex your Pokemons with Pokemeow

-Music Bot (duh)

-and many many more!!!
Welcome new customer to the; ☕✧KIN CAFÉ✦☕!
(Ages 13-25)
We are a LGBTQ+ & System friendly server, open for everyone — even nonkin who are just curious are welcome!

。・:*:・゚’★ We Offer 。・:*:・゚’☆

°Mudae bot!
°Bongo bot!
°Tupperbox for shifts or other things!
°Pluralkit bot for systems!
°An open hearted and minded server!

★and are open to suggestions!☆

We all hope to see you stop by our simple café!
Tenemos un sistema de niveles basado en rangos militares, tenemos varios canales de conversación y si alguna vez te sientes aburrido, contamos con bots de todo tipo para entretenernos un poco, si gustas pasa y saluda.
Hay veces hacemos eventos como jugar basta o pinturillo.
Contamos con un sistema de economía personalizado en el que puedes comprar Varios objetos.
Lerne die wohl freundlichste LGBTQI+ Community kennen und chatte mit vielen freundlichen Menschen. Und hole dir im #advice Kanal Rat
Bien le bonsoir! J ai créé un serveur qui a pour but principale: être heureux. Plus vous mettez d astuces joie plus vous avez de points pour tenter de gagner à la fin du mois.
Il y a un salon pour se plaindre/s exprimer, un pour des conseils, un pour se motiver, un pour exposer ses œuvres, débattre... si vous avez besoin de vous confier, de vous recentrez sur vous, de voir des bonheurs simples, d écoute, si vous êtes curieux... ou autre raison, venez avec plaisir!
Were the cheapest one on the market right now!
Look here:
Join if youre looking for a server that has the followings:
- Steam & CS:GO shop CHEAP PRICES!
- Invites for rewards FREE!
DevHelp helps developers or new coders, program.
We currently have channels for:
And more soon!

I hope to see anyone join, even if you are not a developer, you are welcome.


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140,081 recensioni

Dirakos Dirakos
Super Serveur
J'ai payer 10e pour le e-whoring et me suis remboursé de presque 20x plus en seulement 1 semaine. C'est vraiment un serveur génial !!
6 giorni fà
polyphloisboisterous polyphloisboisterous
Weird but cool
Weirdest fucking server I've been in but in the best way possible... Good owner and good mods. 69/10 would recommend.
10 giorni fà
eli eli
This server is doing so much giveaways daily and doing different types of events every now and then! I have won around 5 or more giveaways now and its like my second week here!! I definitely recommend this server if you play acnh and want to have fun (:
23 giorni fà
Little Lili Little Lili
Best Animal Crossing Server
Other than the massive animal crossing server like Nookazon, i think Nook foundation is hands down the best community server for animal crossing, the staff team is very proffesionnal and there are many giveaways practically every minute that are legit ! 10/10 honestly didn't think it was possible to get this good with a server
26 giorni fà
7 3
Lettuce Lettuce
Nice review
This server is very nice. The people are very nice. The mods are very nice. Really like the nice atmosphere that this nice server provides. Very nice!
109 giorni fà
Doubee Doubee
Cenário de Amor
Posso dizer em palavras resumidas que o HooneyMoon é um dos grupos de Discord mais incrível que tive a sorte e oportunidade de conhecer. Desde a Administração que é completamente responsável, eficiente e amorosa e que reflete bem o cenário do grupo onde se dar e recebe carinho e amor com igualdade e respeito.
115 giorni fà
Styles21 Styles21
An amazing server
A very robust server with many channels or users to post and interact in.

This server also has a wide variety of content both SFW and NSFW. It’s definitely worth checking out! All of the content sections are regularly updated.
158 giorni fà
BlackHawk414 BlackHawk414
This server is amazing. Everyone is nice and chatty. Everyone is also supportive. Definitely a 10/10
179 giorni fà
2 1
ben. ben.
this server is so scary i pee and i enjoy that a lot thank you totallytubular you should join :)
216 giorni fà
dangitbobby67 dangitbobby67
Great Community
This community is the best community for roleplay out there by far in my opinion.
324 giorni fà
6 3
Leo Kaye Leo Kaye
literally the safest multiple server ive been in
there's no evidence of that stuff happening in the negative reviews ._. usually you can figure out if a mods corrupt by using the search bar and seeing what their interactions are like, but theres literally nothing indicating the mods or owners are remotely abusive. theyre actually pretty good about keeping drama down and members safe. chances are, if you got banned, it was probably for a good reason. i hope i wont have to eat my words, but its looking like i probably wont.
444 giorni fà
Coffee Coffee
Holy Moly!
I'm going to say the elephant in the room. Climax is THE next big thing. Gods? That's cool! And Atlantis! Like it's all that and a bag of chips! xD
508 giorni fà