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Are you Catholic, Christian, Or interested in learning about Christianity? Then Knights of Our Lady is for you. Knights of Our Lady is a state-of-the-art Discord Server with a strong verification system and moderation system to prevent trolls and spammers. We are Bi-Partisan, though Anti-Gay Marriage and Pro-Life.
Knights of Our Lady is an argumentation focused space, with an emphasis on apologetics, well-thought points, and bringing people back to Catholicism.
Join us today and learn about Catholicism, and teach your neighbour about Catholicism.
{ヾ☆*。} No toxicity allowed ~~~
(●♡∀♡)) Age limits: 13 + ~~~
Everyone is welcomed to join this server. This server is a mix of kpop and anime. ☕
: Hot coco town ( weebs only ) ]
: Birthday ( please do it once you enter the server )}
: Kpop town (|
Yargh, ye be seeking an adventure with salty ol pirates eyy. Few important rules ye have to follow. We be pleased if ye would join our crew in our pirate community.
Hello Guys, Gals, and Non-binary pals! Welcome to hangout in the darkness, a casual server where you can chat, share art, make friends, play games, and so, so much more!
We offer plenty of channels, and several bots to use if you get bored. Our admin team is very active, and friendly staff.
We are a 13+ server, seeing as you must be 13 to be on discord, this shouldn't be an issue.
Come join us in the darkness, and hang out with us, make friends, meet people, chat, share your passions, vent, rant, help support other people. We, as the mod team, are always open to suggestion!
We accept and are open to lgbtq+, and support almost everyone!
We do not allow: Pedophilia, homophobia, bigotry of any kind, or racism.
Welcome to the Darkness! Enjoy your stay.....andddd one more thing...POGGERS!
Greetings human!
welcome to the Official Danny Phantom server- a place for fellow phans to unite, chat all things danny phantom, share fanworks and generally have fun!

we offer:
- a warm enviroment for everyone to join about danny phantom, but also their daily life
- rewatching sessions!! watch Danny Phantom in high quality with fellow fans!
- game nights
- roleplaying channels
- rewriting sessions for the original show
- transcribing episodes
- self-assignable roles
- fun bots
- vent channels with people who care and will listen
and much more!

well, what are you waiting for?
🏵️ Welcome to Star Wars: Tragedy Of War ! 🏵️

The Republic... has fallen. It has now been a couple of years since Palpatine took over and transformed it into his Empire. Ever since, he has continued to extend his reach over the Galaxy, growing stronger by the day. But the Emperor has one problem...

Everywhere, thousands of people -- true daughters and sons of the Republic -- have taken up arms in rebellion, refusing to give up their freedom. What was once spontaneous movements sparkling up and dying down has became a meticulous organization, spread all over the Empire

Which will you choose, bringing stability and peace to your people as a loyal servant of the Empire, or regaining your freedom and democracy with the Rebellion ?

*Concretely, what do we offer you ?*

» OOC chats and VCs to discuss and make friends ! 💬
» Over 60 channels to RP in, with new ones added regularly ! 👥
» The opportunity to create your very own character in the Star Wars universe ! 🧶
» Being able to have your character climb the rank of your faction and make a name for themselves ! 🏹
» Regular events, both IRP & OOC ! 🎤
» Having a real voice in Server decisions ! 🖋️

🌟 The only thing we are waiting for is you, so come join us for a fun adventure ! :) 🌟
Behind the sturdy oaken doors that creak, the secrets of the manor lie ahead... In this server based on the heart of Damien from my graphic novel, M.I.A, you'll find activities such as:
*Art sharing and discussion
*Tutorials and classes by trained professionals
*Games and theories
*And the M.I.A. fandom where you can share fanart, theories, cosplay, fanfictions, and everything M.I.A!
The manor is glad to have you for this inside experience of what it's like to create your own series, so let us sip tea as we hang out and make new friends. What a wonderful party this is~!
-LGBT friendly-
Seja bem-vindo(a) ao The Planet X o melhor servidor de entretenimento de todo Discord!

Aqui na TPX queremos que você membro se divirta a cima de qualquer coisa! Saia de seu mundinho quadrado e venha para nosso planeta X, se divertir com as pessoas mais divertidas e loucas de todo Discord!

Teremos diariamente entretenimentos exclusivos para você! Vai perder essa? Então fique ligado, e seja bem vindo(a) ao THE PLANET X!
╭────┈ ↷
│ ✎┊ h e l l o !
♡- today is a good day, smile!
─────────── ·  ·  ·  · ✦

Welcome to 𝙃𝙤𝙣𝙚𝙮 𝙗𝙖𝙠𝙚𝙧𝙮! We are a trading server that provides:
↳around SIXTY colour roles to choose from!(being revamped)

↳ calm, aesthetic layout

↳Giveaways about everything!

↳Polls, reaction roles

↳Kind community and staff
Academic Economics is an online group dedicated to modern economics, be it private, policy, or academic work. We aim to provide a welcoming and open environment to individuals at all stages of education, including next steps, current research, or professional information.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
Welcome to Kenopsia Café
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

We are a brand new server, looking for new members and friends for life! We have tons of bots for your entertainment, along with this comes amazing moderators and owners!

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
What we have to offer
☆ Great moderators
☆ Fun channels for you and your friends
☆ We are semi-active hoping to become fully active!
☆ Gaming Events and other events!
☆ An aesthetic guild to please anyone!
☆ A great levelling system!

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
Well farewell! We hope to see you in our server soon! Thanks for reading this and enjoy your day!
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
Bardzo fajny serwer discord pomocna administracja i helperzy mili ludzie aktywność osób na serwerze ekonomia rangi własny serwer minecraft konkursy itd Serdecznie zapraszamy!
˜”*°•Welcome To Anime Heaven•°*”˜
⁂ Looking for a tight community for anime talk&making friends? We are just the server for you! ⁂
We have:
☆~custom roles&emotes!
☆~a leveled role system, the more you talk, the higher you rank!
☆~music nights/game nights!
☆~anime talk
☆~& lots of very nice people to become friends with!

⁂we are a new server and would love to grow our little community! come join our little club:) ⁂
Do you like aviation? Have you ever just flown on a plane and really enjoyed it? Then this is the perfect place for you. Meet other aviation enthusiasts by joining this server!
Party Animals welcomes you! This is an LGBTQ+, 18+ based server for peeps who just want somewhere cozy to chill!
We're just a friendly bunch of nerds looking for some more friendly nerds to call friends! We hold a zero toxicity policy, and a wide range of interests! From anime, to animal crossing, to apex and horizon zero dawn! Everyone is welcome!
So what's the wait?? Hit that link!
Hey there! We are a fun loving server and we are hoping that you will join, we aren’t toxic and if any toxic people do join, please alert the admin or owner. You do not have to role play, and we have a nsfw channel for all of you hornies. Well anyways, hopefully you join this server and have a wonderful day, we’ll try to make this as fun as possible for you!
Welcome to Soltera!

Soltera is a 15+ semi-lit server. We're dedicated to creating a safe, friendly environment for roleplay.

The genre of this RP is medieval fantasy, however it fits neatly into the ‘magical realism’ subgenre. As defined by Masterclass, "While similar to low fantasy, magical realism characters accept fantastical elements like levitation and telekinesis as a normal part of their otherwise realistic world". The vibe we’re going for can be found in works by Studio Ghibli, in Castlevania and in She-Ra.
> We're mainly character driven with occasional social events.
> Proper punctuation/grammar etc is encouraged but Soltera welcomes people of all literacy rates.

We offer:
- A unique religion.
- An easy magic system with very few limits.
- No character limit.
- A friendly and supportive community :)

If you're interested, come and take a look for yourself!

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fatima97 fatima97
The best server I've ever joined
Very communicative, interactive, and helpful community. They host many giveaways, fun daily games, and other events. Definitely an awesome server to join!
6 dagen
B. B.
Good luck!
People here are pretty welcoming and kind, but society in there can eventually get a bit ruthless. Be prepared, and brace yourself.
13 dagen
see ya, hanji see ya, hanji
Great server!
An amazing, friendly and fun server for all Beatlemaniacs out there <333 Anyone can enjoy their stay here!
39 dagen
BlazedUrethra BlazedUrethra
The Very Best
This server is better than my buddy's grandmother's homemade ribs. I got pulled onto this server by a friend when i started PC gaming and this ragtag band of rats have relly grown on me and their compounded knowledge is impressive.
58 dagen
[ʜʏᴘʜᴇɴ] T̵h̵u̶n̵d̸e̴r̶ [ʜʏᴘʜᴇɴ] T̵h̵u̶n̵d̸e̴r̶
167 dagen
FPSPrussia FPSPrussia
A little this and a little of that
[Written as one of the current developers] If you haven't done a Garry's Mod HL2RP at all before then this server will ruin your experience of future servers to come. It actively encourages me to do my creative ideas without being mean or rude about it. I've come to think of this server as my new Garry's Mod home. While I sometimes go onto other servers, I don't think any can compare to the nice feeling you get when the server staff don't want to waste your time. If you want to do something here they actively encourage it.
218 dagen
cupcake cupcake
This server is pretty cool
So like my buddy ol pals are there and the people there and nice and cool and CHILL unlike all every other server ever and like yeah it's pretty cool there man and it's pretty active and there's art chats and vent chats and all that yeahh also it's pretty cool how there is multiple general and art chats so there's more room to chat and not interrupt people pretty cool man yeah man yeah :)
Also it's not extremely full with people and it is not overwhelming and it is nice there everyone is chill yeah man yeah yeah woo yeah
259 dagen
~Sann Myself~ ~Sann Myself~
Leader is nice
The TDC is full of events/activities to partake in and the leader is very nice. Koko talks to everybody and tries to connect to everybody in the server. So if you're looking for a server with RPs,gaming, and socialize, brought together with a good leader that tries to make connections with everybody in the server then the TDC is for you.
365 dagen
Lumo Lumo
yesyesyesyesNO. Got worse.
When I first joined, I was instantly made part of the conversation, I was included quickly and made cool mates in no time.
Great talks about MBTI, helped me
e x p a n d my k n o w l e d g e.

BUT! It got worse and worse, to a point where it became a corporation rather than a forum. The admins decisions don't make sense. + a growing unease due to toxic people being set free like nothing happened. Still semi active there, but don't want to get into the corporation side of things
370 dagen
Fealy Fealy
Great server!
The server is very unique and has a great community, it is also pretty friendly to new users and explains stuff very good!
452 dagen
⎛⎝Skyy⎠⎞ ⎛⎝Skyy⎠⎞
Un serveur tout frais qui a de l'avenir
Avec un staff a l'écoute, des salon ouvert pour tous et tout genre de personne (gamer ou pas), ce serveur s'adaptera en fonction de ses membres.
Rejoignez nous, venez nombreux, on a hate de vous accueillir !
537 dagen
13 5
◕‿ ◕ mr smol ◕‿ ◕ ◕‿ ◕ mr smol ◕‿ ◕
Honest review and past experiences
The server is great but the owner has flaws for starters she had another server which she because a dictator and stopped following her rules she has admitted to this and states the whole story on her announcement channel. Other than that good server good support but is 13 for some reason
776 dagen