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My Kind of Lobby
This server serves as a waiting area for clients/customers/people interested in the service of the owner (MrGut#1219) provides. The server has a population of over 600members! The owner sells In-game currencies, profiles, and others~
~Albion Online $.95USD/Mil $5.5USD=50gold
~Hypixel Skyblock = $0.7/mil
For more Info | Price Updates | Stock Updates | and Other Promotions
Join My Discord Server!
Welcome to the Zoᖙɪสc Sɪgήs Sǝℝvǝ͢͢͢ℝ๖ۣ•҉ . This server is a hangout for people who like zodiac signs. You can find people here who have the same zodiac as you, make friends, and other things. ^^
We hope you have a great time in our server.
Hello There!

Do you want to join and awesome community? Well here you go! Canucky Kingdom is the official discord of TheCanucky217 on YT. But the server is for anyone to come and chat!

Hopefully you join us! We have lots of fun channels like one word story and counting!

See you soon!
A chill small server that plays a wide variety of games :)
On occasion, movies are streamed for everyone in the movie channel.
If people have trouble understanding your love for pens, art supplies, paper, notebooks, journaling, or planning, then you're in good company.

Stationery Anonymous is a haven for 18+ stationery lovers to commune over a shared love of analog communication.

The first 50 members will get a limited ⟹founding member⟸ role.
1.5x leveling experience for the first 60 days.

⇒ a ✮:▹brand new◃:✮ community of stationery lovers
⇒ pastel color roles and other self assignable roles
⇒ leveling system based on activity, with bonus xp days
⇒ list and journaling prompts for inspiration
⇒ social media and self-promo channels [unlocked at level 5]
⇒ creative channels to share your art, writing, and crafts
⇒ penpal search and BST channels to use or grow your stash
⇒ special interest channels for other hobbies
⇒ study/journal/plan with me VC channels
⇒ music and game bots to pass the time
A still fairly young Valkyrie Cruade fan server with:

~A pretty chill and fun community
~Free speech
~Helpful members
~News and updates about upcoming events, summons, etc.
~Off-topic channels
~Channels where you can share your in-game IDs, alliances, etc.
~Self-assignable roles
~Your speedy Archmage, Aludra, as the mascot. ...Because why not?
~Suggestions channel so you can help improve the server, because we want you to have the best experience here.
~Server language: English
This is just a overall chill server to vibe in roast, tell jokes, and just overall have fun
જ:: ☕◡̈ ⌗ · meraki cafe ·
~ your local bl hangout
🌿・・・・ ・・・ ・・・・﹆
〃・find fellow bl fans to chat with!!
〃・game & movie nights with themes
〃・anime + manga convos
〃・sfw community with locked nsfw yaoi (and yuri) channels
〃・cafe aes + fun emotes
❝🎬❞ hiring pms!!
This is a small fun little server that has good vibes and fun times<3

-this is still a very small server, but we're growing more and more every day!
-fun bots to use!
-great people to meet and hang with
-a very active chat who is always willing to talk!

All in all this is a server meant for great friends and no toxic vibes.
If you like meeting new peeps (or people) to chat and have fun with, then this server is definitely for you~!
Come join us! Can't wait to see ya there ^^
Welcome to the Mansion. We chat in this server, play games, and watch movies.
Our members are launched into tier 5 and mega raids daily with night/weekend Admin hosted events. Our members post their own raids and also have a very high yield to great raid lobbies and invites when non hosted events are happening 24/7. Lots of bots to help make this an easy and fun experience
◼ Miła Administracja
◼ Szybka Pomoc
◼ Dobre Towarzystko
◼ Sporo kanałów do rozmów
◼ Dużo fajnych rang/botów


Looking for a place to advertise your server in? Or maybe just your youtube? Or maybe, just maybe just looking for a place to talk? AYS is the place for you!

AYS offers anything you need to grow your server:

Discord Growth Experts to give you advice on how to grow your server

International Server Development, they will help you with any of your questions if you aren't English

Different channels for different server categories

Our own custom bump bot

Currently the biggest advertising server on Discord

Ad/Server Reviews

Weekly Podcasts/Blog Posts/YouTube Videos

What are you waiting for? Join now!
soulnovaBumped 2 hours ago
41 reviews


!Octagonal T
!Octagonal T
Great customer service
This is the best and biggest advertising server, single-handedly got my server 50 members. The customer service is fast and impressive, and they have a reasonable ad cooldown!
4 days ago


(Anime is Cool) ItsBoats
(Anime is Cool) ItsBoats
Great Customer Service
I was Struggling By Self Ad Spam and i Contacted the mods and They were SO KIND they dealed with it so fast great place.
10 days ago


So, I really benefit from this server's growth team, they're server and server advertisement reviews are some of the most detailed i've seen so far. They help quite a lot, and since i've joined this server i've noticed a huge increase in members (probably due to all the amazing advice) , and i'm close to hitting my next member milestone. The only small thing I would ask to change if i could, would be to maybe allow you to advertise in more channels, as there's only a few advertising topics for servers, and i've seen other servers with 'unlimited advertising' and 'ad timer', which i quite like as it allows you to advertise a bit more frequently. But that's only a small improvement, and I stil really appreciate the server, so just thanks to all the kind and helpful and patient staff!
19 days ago


#1 Advertising Discord Server
This is the best, the #1 advertising discord server.
43k+ people to advertise to, 8k-10k+ online per day. You can grow your server by joining and advertising in this server! Join AYS now,
35 days ago
====== Hallo Semuanya ======
Mari bergabung bersama kita menjelajahi galaxy Milkyway, mungkin kita bisa menemukan another world dan pindah dari bumi xixixi.

OH ya disini server berbasis Free talk jadi siapa saja boleh join kok.
Dan ni server mungkin bukan server yang spesial dari server lainnya. Tapi kami berusaha lebih INTERAKTIF. Jika kalian suka voice disini sering voice di jam malam.

Fitur :
- chat server
- voice chanel
- voice create
- share content
- bot music
- info free game dari epic games
- leveling
- para crew yang ramah

Dan masih banyak lagi, penasaran ya
Hayuk gabung dan ramaikan server ini.
Welcome to Fox Baby (emote server)
our server is a place to get new fox emotes.
we have new emotes added very often. tons of cute fox emotes, foxgirl emotes, kitsune emotes and more!

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Elmnt_Aqua Jr. Elmnt_Aqua Jr.
Es un buen servidor con buena administración. Staff activo y amable. 10/10 Bastantes amigables todos.
5 gun once
Tasha Tasha
Engaging, Active and Welcoming
I’ve been a part of this server for nearly two years now and have yet to find a better organised, more engaging or friendly storyline. Each day brings new things to write about, regular events and plot-points make it not only easy to stay motivated but enjoyable too.

Given the heavy lore and story-focus, it can seem difficult at first and somewhat daunting, however there is an incredibly active and helpful group of staff that work diligently to make that initial transition as easy as possible. It was one of the the few servers I joined that made me feel not only welcome, but that my involvement would be worthwhile and meaningful.

I’ve seen so much growth in not only my own writing, but that of others too and it’s a perfect environment to improve as RPers and have a fantastic time while doing so!
8 gun once
Polecam WBIĆ
Polecam miła atmosfera jest z kim pogadać na głosowym(ze mną nie bo ja nigdy nie gadam na głosowym :nienosuperkc:)
10 gun once
blisf blisf
Um yes
Very kool aes server with very kool owner yes u nic you so kool 🥺anyways i really recommend joining because it’s a kind community with a very kool beige layout and its own network and everything sob
22 gun once
irene_thefoox13 irene_thefoox13
It’s fun
It’s a server full of JOKES- and I was told to give this a 5 star, I have no clue what to say tbh
24 gun once
yellowledbetter yellowledbetter
I love it here!
I've been on this server for just over a week now, and everyone in here is so sweet and loving. There are plenty of fun bots to play with and there's always someone online to chat with. It's a great place to share your thoughts on haikyu, share memes and art, and make new friends.
51 gun once
This is such a cool server! The source of creaitvity is insane, the rework is cool and everybody who likes STWOR rp should join!
101 gun once
ηista. ηista.
Zayne My Love
Сервер активный, есть множество голосовых каналов, в которых тоже есть актив и система поощрения за этот актив, отзывчивая администрация, правила не сдерживают в общении и много чего интересного:3
183 gun once
cruiser05 cruiser05
its good
Review should contain at least 80 characters Review should contain at least 80 characters Review should contain at least 80 characters Review should contain at least 80 characters Review should contain at least 80 characters Review should contain at least 80 characters Review should contain at least 80 characters
208 gun once
Mango Mango
awesome roll play server
highly recommended nice people and cool plot yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
240 gun once
UrDaddy UrDaddy
Very nice
Server was nice. Nice people, they're not active if you arent. but nice bots in the server (mudae, waifu collecter- my favourite :)
294 gun once
XxGamerxTagxX XxGamerxTagxX
Server still low key kinda sucks tho
I was kicked so I am being forced to write this new review so the server is ok and isn’t for babies and is actually ok
382 gun once