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Who we are
San Andreas Department of Justice is a smaller community looking to grow. We were once StateWideRP (SWRP), we changed to SADOJRP then shut down due to IRL stuff and not having the time to commit to SADOJRP. We are back once again.

We need your help in order to strive. Just because we are small doesn’t mean we cannot grow.

Departments we offer
We currently have the following departments available to join.

Los Santos Police Department
Highway Patrol
Sheriff Department
Fire & Rescue
Right now we are mainly looking for civilians.
The departments listed are the only ones we are accepting until we can get more members.

We currently have two servers available for people to play on.
Our first server is a menu based server. This allows for some more freedom to the civilians to create the perfect scenario they want. This also allows for quickly based scenes. This opens the creativity that economy servers may lack because of progression.

Our second server is an economy server. This is for the most strict roleplay that everyone wants to have. You need to get a job and earn money that will allow you to buy cars, apartments, drugs, weapons, etc. This server is in beta and still in-progress.

Both of our servers have a very unique and personal map. This is a customized IAA building from the doomsday heist update. We have only seen 3 other servers with something like this. Here are some screenshots to check out. 26

Want to help out?
We are always looking for people who are wanting to help out. Whether this is in script development, graphics design, web development, etc.

Website - N/A
Discord - 61 or 61 - Whichever decides to work.
TeamSpeak 3 - 5
Rules and Regulations - [Rules And Regulations Are In The Discord ](Rules And Regulations Are In The Discord )

We are doing something new as of today. We will be allowing anyone to join the community without submitting an application. All you have to do is join the TeamSpeak server and do a short “get to know you” interview.
Are you looking for a well put together server? Are you wanting a place to rank up based on performance? I am excited to bring everyone a new and simple to use FiveM server! We are looking for members to join all departments. San Andreas State Troopers, Blaine County Sheriff Department, Local Police Department, San Andreas Fire Department, San Andreas Communications Department, and of course Civilian Department. JOIN TODAY!!!

We have:

- Custom LEO Liveries
- Friendly and helpful staff
- Police ranks
- Custom cars
- and much more


- Working Microphone
- PC
- 16 + Age Limit
- Respect the rules
- Follow Chain of Command

San Andreas State Troopers, BCSO, Police and Civilian needed

What are you waiting for? Join our ever expanding community TODAY!!!!
Just a FiveM/Gta 5 Development server you can share you interrest with others and make friends, relax, do dev stuff or just find some cool cars for your gta5.
Upstate New york state roleplay Fivem roleplay is a New york based roleplay not in New york city but around the albany area, We have custom EUP, Custom liveries!, Menu based Roleplay PGN based Roleplay. Soon to be whitelisted

LSRP is one of many roleplay community's available, but we offer many things other servers do not. We offer the experience of being a cop, a criminal, or a neutral party.

· Be Mature!
· Respect all members
· Have a mic
· Own GTA 5 on xbox


Civilian Jobs:
Gun for Hire
Limo Driver
Taxi Driver
Uber Driver
Bus Driver
Truck Driver
Tow Man
Hitman/Gun for Hire
Store Cashier
Taco Truck Driver and Vendor
Hotdog Vendor
Air Traffic Controller
Commercial Airline Pilot
Private Pilot
Commercial Helicopter Pilot
Private Helicopter Pilot
Gang Leader/Member
Mafia Leader/Member

Police Jobs:
Los Santos Police Department (LSPD)
Blaine County Sheriff's Office (BCSO)
San Andreas Highway Patrol (SAHP)
Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB)
National Office of Security Enforcement (NOOSE)
San Andreas State Trooper (SAST)

We are also open to suggestions for more jobs, so if you have any ideas be sure to let us know!
[En]-We are a small community that helps gta 5 players to make money for more information go to the discord
[Fr]-Nous somme une petite communauté qui aide les joueur gta 5 a se faire de l'argent pour plus d'information rendez-vous sur le discord
This server is for the people who play on PS4 and who are just looking to play some games with some new people. In this server, I hope that you will make new friends to talk to. That is all I’ve got for now. Please join our server
Hello, we are a multi community full of different types of various games. We all play rainbow six siege via PC/Console, we also like to play among us in our spare time, as well as some good old GTA. We're purely a hangout/chill server that enjoys the company of many others in the disboard community, and would like to see some new friendly faces. Feel free to join
Please join my server, I worked really hard on it, and I think you will like it a lot!
Thank you!
Welcome to the King of Money Official server!
Our modding team provides FREE money drops EVERYDAY.
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Upcoming FiveM server! Looking for members! Need LEO/FD/EMS And Staff! Hurry up and get your spot! Active Staff members
Welcome to the UN\\RICED Car Club! Est. Mar 27th 2020

The URCC is a brand-new, active GTA car-meet community that is easily one of the best developed on Discord. Our server is well developed and detailed, and our management system is top-tier.

We host multiple events weekly, including;

-] A number of Car-Meets
-] Racing Series
-] Drift Tandems
-] Regular cruises through LS
-] Offroading
-] The Occasional Air-show
& Much more!

Come and check us out. We promise you won't be disappointed!
-URCC Management Team.
Hello ! 🙋‍♂️
This is a friendly and non toxic Playstation 3 server , if you are looking for an active and chill server to play or talk with people or just use our bots such as dank memer , rythm and many more then this is the server for you ! Everyone is welcome to join !
Have fun and be respectful ! 💙
This Server is Basically the server Of the YouTuber Named (Crouch playzz)
Come and show some support too.
HiLow is a recently new, PC-Only, GTAV car meet server made with community as the center focus. The name, implying all cars from off-roaders to stance builds, is what we live by: A community of all cars regardless of owner and style.

We as a server do not critique on style or modifications. If you’re looking for the cleanest meets or to make fun of ricers, look elsewhere. We value each other as a family most of all, spreading constructiveness and positivity rather than hate and exclusion.

In the end, we’re just here for the cars, so why not enjoy them together?
Hope to see you soon!
- HiLow Staff
Looking to join a brand new FiveM community? Look no further than New Hanover County RP! Based on New Hanover County, NC!

Applications are open in the following departments:
NHC Sheriff
Wilmington PD
NC Highway Patrol
Wilmington Fire Dept.
New Hanover Regional EMS
NHC 91 Communications
Civilian Operations

We are actively looking for staff and members for our development team! Join today and fill out an application!
Hello!! Everyone and welcome to Chills Meet's I @Fatal am the founder of said server.
I made this server because I found joy in hosting meet's, it gets tuff to host sometime.
But the goal is to host 2-3 times a week. I'm constantly looking for host, and sometimes mods.
This is a PC only car meet group

As the name states this is a chill only group. So no extensive use of mod's, no harassment,
no lies, and most importantly read the theme and rules of the meet so you don't have to ask
when you join the game.

Things we offer:
We have a crew, we have a few partnerships that range from Forza to GTA,
a crew color that changes once a month, custom color roles, age roles, car meet pictures,
and a whole bunch more extra content.

Co-owners: @Chill (Ethøs)
About us
We offer the best FiveM Roleplay you'll find out there.

There’s been a countless amount of hours put into our server. It’s all about providing the best experience for our community roleplay experience, we’re always open to suggestions that will make your roleplay experience better.

What do we offer?
★ Active Community
★ Custom Add-ons / Scripts
★ Multiple Departments to apply for such as SAST, LSPD, SAFD and More!
★ Hiring Staff / Developers!
★ Custom CAD/MDT
We are a new growing Server with everything from the tops of the Blaine County Sheriffs Department, To the sores in the sky The Los Santos Military by your side so give them a shoutout and come Be apart Of This City.
Windy Solutions©

🖥 Selling CADs/MDTs, Discord servers, and various other web systems. Owned by Tornado Solutions©, our systems are very cheap, affordable, and most importantly, well-made! We have great ratings from customers! 🖥

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▫️ 10 Codes
▫️ Discord servers like RP Servers and Company Servers
▫️ FTO System, Blacklist System, Report System, Twotter System, Web Application System
▫️ Company Deals
▫️ Custom CADs
▫️ Now hiring for all positions on Staff Team

We have extremely good CADs, at good prices.
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⭐˜”*°•.˜”*°• Moon Rolplay •°*”˜.•°*”⭐`

[💠] Servidor Rolplay Serio! [💠]

[🔴] Le damos a la gran comunidad de PS3 un lugar donde jugar de verdad! Respetandonos y siguiendo las reglas! [🔴]


》🔴] Contamos con:

🔹️Sistema de economia.


🔹️Gran Variedad de trabajo.

🔹️Comunidad en ampliacion y siempre activa!

🔹️Crew del servidor.

🔹️Multiples Horarios de Roleo.

[🔴] Con una administracion abierta a cambios y a mejorar el Rol en PS3! [🔴]

[💠] Estan invitados! [💠]


[About US]

[- Growing Active Community]
[- Friendly Staff]
[- GTAVO Car Community & Enthusiasts]
[- Player Voted Meets]
[- Active Giveaways]


+Earn REAL rewards via completing Tasks, 'exchange fake money for rewards'

"Looking for Newer Meet Hosts & Staff"
"Staff Payment"
"Looking for Video Editors"
"Looking for Photographers"

For more information check out our OFFICIAL WEBSITE: