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Server Status Accessables:
- Self Roles:
- Bots
- Chat Level System
- Community Friendly
- No Toxic Behavior
Server Region: North America
Server Summary:
"PocariSweet!" is a new community server that is growing and willing to abide by the Discord guidelines for people that wish to seek out a fun, and friendly community with everyone else that wish to play games, talk, cooperate in community events, and make new friends with! If any of the following above interests you, this could be your server!
Yours Truly,
- PocariBakari -
This Is A DayZ Server... RP/PVE/PVPZones/NOKOS... Make Sure To Read The Rules... And Jump Through The Rabbit Hole And See Were It Takes You!
-Active admins all around the world
-32 slot server
-Loot is 2x to 3x
-Zombie loot increased Guns, Mags and other loot spawns on them
- you must be invited to enter a base (like a vampire) you cannot enter without permission
- 50% more zombies spawn within towns
This is a Friendly DayZ xbox server. Feel free to join. We have an amazing community who is ready to help out at any given time! We have excellent admins that know what they're doing! If you do wind up joining this server then please read the rules and have a good time!
If your looking for a fun PVP modded loot server with discord currency plenty of pvp and base raiding then feel free to give this discord a join and check out my server

-42 Slot
-Increased Loot
-Town and Millatary player spawns
-Increased Heli crashes
-1p PVP
-Factions Based
-Keyboard and Mouse Enabled
-Discord Currency
-Weekend Raiding ONLY!
-Modded Buildings Added To NWAF
-Safezone in progress off bieng built

DeadOnez | Faction | PVP | PS4 Livonia
*Whitelist only
*Structured Loot Economy
*High Tier Loot drops throughout the week
*Death match nights with NPC Loadouts
*Fortnightly Purges (NO RULES)
*Increased animals
*No offline raiding
*Full cars
*Boosted building supplies
a DayZ on Xbox One Community

*Our Discord is open to the public community of DayZ players, however, our gameservers are exclusive to Xbox One*

☆ The NETWORk* proudly presents PLUM* - a 50 slot PVP/RP Chernarus+ server with NO RULES ☆

》In-Game: 》
▪︎Increased custom loot locations, additional loot spawn for all types of variety and unreleased content.
▪︎Additional building and structure assets added for a truly custom experience across the map
》Discord: 》
▪Open Community Server Channels pertinent to PLUM the multiple internal aspects that make our server great: Trader's Base, Boxing venues, a Community Capital Square for events, Black Market trading, and our Currency system that we have implemented for those seeking a little bit extra immersion for their apocalyptic survival experience.
▪Dedicated Staff Team & Quality Members
▪ NETWORk*Registered Factions for promoting active factions throughout the DayZ Xbox community.
▪**Quality** Territorial Map set for RP+PVP playstyles that enjoy a realistic approach behind their concepts.
▪Outlets for In-Game Media, Trading, + LFG
+ plenty of other original features that you'll find to be essential in helping players socialize & become a part of the community with us.

**While our Xbox server has no rules, our Discord server does enforce community guidelines and rules in accordance to our standards of membership and Discord's TOS.**
✅ 50 SLOT
✅PVP/RP 🔫/🎭
✅WEEKLY EVENTS(Boxing,capture the flag)🏳
✅WEEKLY EVENT DAYS(Bear day,Pvp day)
✅ Nwaf,Tisy and 6 Inland spawns in major citys.
✅unlimited guns 🔫 💪
✅Construction zombies drop building loot 🔨
Fastest growing DayZ + ARK server cluster and community on PS4 and PC SERVER COMING SOON ! 24/7 admin support.

We now offer a roleplay experience 41v41 PVP for DayZ called the BLACKOUT: GROUND WAR Check it out!



Nomads gaming is a server for all players and play styles, want to be a hero, bandit, farmer, cannibal?? The options are yours, Our goal for our server is to have a vanilla feel with a little twist, most of the mods are guns/ clothes. Vanilla cars spawn normally across all of our servers and can also be bought at the trader.

We have a winter cherno server: NOMADS LAND CHERNO (IP- which is rp encouraged but friendly at your own risk which means you can kos.

We have a livonia server: NOMADS LAND LIVONIA (IP- which is organic rp no kos unless at military. Interaction must be made before kos can happen unless at a military area.

We have a expansion server opening soon, and will be starting a server with the new dayz map namalsk when that drops

We have a brand new Xbox server called NOMADS LAND. It has boosted loot, boosted helis, keyboard and mouse enabled and only gate damage, so no more being raided from walls or watch towers. Longer days and shorter nights that get dark, 4 hour resets, added different color varieties of guns that vanilla dayz has to offer.

Custom areas and other things to come in the future.

32 slots can and will boost at a later time. No rules just have fun and happy hunting.

Nomads land-server name

New York hosted(Xbox)

Our cherno server has two safe zone traders and one black market but no banking, so how you store your paper is on you! We also have a in game map but you need to find or buy a map to use it.

Our livonia server has one trader thats at a black market(for now), only items at the trader is some building tools and the landrover. Since this is a organic rp server we want player to player trades :)

Our deathmatch sever has custom load outs that you spawn in with plus a ton of guns-ammo-and medical supplies that spawn in. Custom spawn locations are set to Tisy military and NWAF. (THIS IS A NEW SERVER SO ONCE POPULATION IS UP WE WILL MAKE SPAWNS, LOAD OUTS, AND CUSTOM AREAS THAT WILL CHANGE WEEKLY).

We hope you come over and see what we are about, we take pride in the time and effort that is put into the severs from players to admins.

We also will never wipe the severs unless its a last resort, sometimes dayz is just dayz and things happen.

We strive on communication with our community and staff, so if a issue arises then we will fix it and keep everyone updated on when and what’s going on! We have a very stable dedicated sever that is currently 100 slots for cherno and 100 slots for Livonia and 100 slots for our death match sever. We have friendly and active admins and owners who love playing the game. Come join and see for yourself!


We have a dedicated sever that is hosted in LA, CALI.


Polski serwer dedykowany grze rust! Szukasz znajomych do wspólnej gry czy porad dotyczących na przykład budowania to dobrze trafiłeś.Już teraz dołącz do naszej świetnej społeczności.
We are a server that no matter your player style , there is something out there for you to do.

-RP SECTION(optional)

With role play elements to the categories we have created, to factions and faction wars, KOS and raiding weekends, robbery and safe/KOS zones added for the week days or simply log in with friends and have fun !

DestinationUnknown offers a little bit of everything you could possibly want while maintaining the original intense survival PvE feel.
Looking For New Players To Join Our World In Our PS4 Server Called FullCars10MinNight|PVP|PVE We Have 3 Trader Locations South Mid & North We Have Zones Meaning 3 Different Sections Where PvP & Civilians Live Where There’s No PVP Or Raiding & We Have Discord Currency & Kill Feeds & Heat maps Set Up In Our Discord Currently We Have a 64 Slot Server More Slots Will Be Added If Interested Join Our Discord For Further Information For Our Discord See You Soon Great community, trade market, discord cash where you can do three different job types, aswell as gamble your winnings away with some blackjack or even lil roulette. If your lookin just to pvp there is a server that is included to do so. Want to build a base? Create a faction? We got a server for that to. Feel free to join the discord n get to know the ppl and the few rules we have.
DayZ Humanitarian Project RP (PS4) Livonia

Welcome to one of the best role-playing servers in Dayz for PS4 with over 1200 members! We’re a friendly, welcoming community looking for 16+ players on our newest iteration of the server: 5.0 Livonia.

We have an active UK and US player base.

50 slot server that frequently reaches High Population.

Active Staff both on the Discord, and Server that are always around to help out with any queries, as well as any new suggestions.

5.0 is here join in the fun and prepare for an RP filled Livonia experience!

A completely fresh wipe will kickstart our latest iteration. Added events, completely customized event spawns and a more focused survival aspect will headline our newest iteration. Come join in the fun! Create a bandit group, own a town, become the most well known trader in all of Livonia... the options are endless and are up to you!

Customized loot spawns that add: Cannabis, Different weapon skins, New Clothes, Vodka, New Weapons, and lots lots more.

A clear and distinct list of rules to follow by, and an application process to better ensure player enjoyment.

Role play is encouraged throughout. No KOS'ing or offline raids to improve player enjoyment.

Weekly events that allows players to have some PvP freedom.

Monthly giveaways, such as PSN vouchers, PS plus and gift cards, as well as in game loot.

And much, much, more.

If DayZHP sounds like a server you would be interested in, you can use the links below to check out the server!

DayZHP Discord:

DayZHP Twitter:

Hope to see you soon!
3DM (FREEDOM) server on DayZ (Xbox one)

50 Slots.
Base raiding weekends only,
Increased Loot, Heli and Car spawns
Faction Wars and active community.
Discord with Killfeed, Banking and Traders
Pop always Med-High.
So come join us! Build you perfect base and make your mark.
Outbreak | RP (Chernarus Xbox)

If you’re looking for a laid back role playing server with some chill people come check out Outbreak | RP.

•Normal RP rules to enhance gameplay without being excessive

•Offline Raid Protection

•Redzones for KOS

•Greenzone which is home to the Green Mountain Traders

•Bluezones in Vyshnoye ,Guglovo, and Gvozdno where you can buy housing and live the peaceful life

•Weekly events/challenges with rewards

•Currency system that we use in discord

•Very active staff that don’t abuse and are fair with everything

•We wipe every 3-4 months

•70 slot server

•Elections for BZ Mayors

•Different roles you can apply for: Hitman, Trader, and BZ jobs

•Donator incentives which include NPCs, Pets, and access to special roles and channels

•Can create or join some of the factions we have

•First person perspective only

•Very good place to rp

Come check us out at the discord link above.
NOED [AR] حياكم الله في سيرفر

دسكورد لجميع الالعاب ما يهم اذا هي مشهوره او لا , عنك لعبة مو موجودة بالسيرفر ؟ ؛ تقدر تكلم الامنيه ويضيفونها لك

:محتويات السيرفر

منوع في الالعاب -

منظم مافيه ناس تخرب او تسب والادمنيه متواجدين في اي وقت -

قيف اوي منوع وتوزيع بلس 14 يوم -

فيه رتب واشياء مميزه للأشخاص الي تتفاعل في السيرفر وتسوي بوست للسيرفر -

اذا عندك كلان وودك يكون لكم رتبة خاصة ورومات خاصة يمديك -

الشخص الي يعطي افكار قوية للسيرفر وتخلي السيرفر يشتهر اكثر ويتغير للافضل لهم هدايا -
Dayz Warzone Community

Livonia Server name:
Warzone #1 |PVP+|PVE|C4Raid|Loot+|Airdrop|Drugs+|
Address: (Port:2302)

Chernarus New Server Name:
Warzone #2 | Classic | New! | PVP | C4Raid | High Loot | Drugs+
Address: ( Port: 2302 )

Valning New Server Name:
Warzone #3 | Valning | New! |1PP| PVP | C4Raid | Loot+ | Drugs+
Address: ( Port: 2502 )

- DeerIsle New Server Name:
Warzone #4 | PVP | Loot+ | C4RaidOnly | Airdrop | Drugs |Trader
Address: (Port: 2402)

Search for Community-Servers, make sure they are all load up, and type in :

Check this:

- Active admins , Discord Support ( Русский модератор,English Support, Deutscher Support! ) , active community.
- PvP Servers , PvE+PvP Server.
- Helicoptercrashes with great loot only !
- DayZ Psycho Vehicle Pack Addon 1+2.
- High Military Loot + Basebuildingsupplies , 2-4 Items per room so looting makes fun but still balanced !
- 30+ Mods
windstrideclothingpack, munghardsitempack, black ghillie, MVS_clothing, massmanyitemoverhaul, better suppressors, muchstuffpack,salinebag+, modded medical system you need to sleep, new diseases and more!
- Epic Raiding Experience !
- Custom trader designed to bring people in the middle of the map
( blackmarket, militaryguntrader, maintrader, huntingtrader, scrap metal trader , drugdealer(weedseeds at blackmarket)
- Weekly events with great prices and rare loot !

And much more stuff !

Here is our Discord-Server-Link if anyone want more informations.
Make sure you give it at least a look:)

We actually take care of our players and help them with despawning cars or general issues , because dayz can be a bitch.
Any activity inside the community is highly appreciated, we started building the Community at: 04.05.2020

Hope to meet you soon.
The Awakening is a new DayZ community server on PS4 with a hardcore twist that’ll challenge your survival skills! Our focus is the create a thrilling player vs environment experience as well as encouraging player vs player interactions with many roleplaying activities, weekly PVP events and The Dark Zone!

Join our community now, create your character and your story, meet new players, start a faction or join one, or roam the dangerous wild lands as a lone wolf, the choice is yours.

Chernarus map
52 slots
Base Raiding on raid day
No offline raiding
Custom NWAF
Custom Safe zone
The Dark Zone PVP
DarkDay PVP
Weekly events
Roleplaying community
Job positions available
discord currency
Boosted Building supplies
Slightly boosted high tier loot
Boosted helicopters
Fully built cars (without gas or water to not make it too easy).
New Items in game
New colored weapons
Much more info on discord
The Last Resort is a brand new, Dayz server made by myself, currently It is a 10 Slot server but I will be upping this soon, As its brand new everything is fresh, no Factions or anything, come play on here, make a Faction or go solo and Rule Chernaurus
Nomads Retreat - Xbox - (RP/PVP)

With what we're calling a Vanilla+ approach to loot we keep to the heart of a true DayZ survival experience. Loot isn't handed to you and your knowledge and skills are just as important as your aim. We have:

- 50 Slots.
- A clearly defined set of rules.
- Active Traders.
- A growing factions list.
- Events.
- A truly non-toxic community. No homophobic, sexist or racial slurs are allowed.
- FPP Only.
- M&K Disabled.

With 400+ members already Nomads Retreat is a rapidly growing and active community which offers a hardcore DayZ experience. This is not a sprint to fill the server but a marathon to build a long-term environment for RP and PVP players alike.

Watch our trailer ( and if it feels like a place you’d want to call home follow the link below to join the discord.


Server for all your DayZ server needs.

Currently offering a bot for KillFeed and Server Control.
Nearly 24/7 Support.
Will add anything you might need.
Open to suggestions and new ideas.

Any players and server owners welcome.